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									                                                                                                                                   October 2006

N ew s l e t t e r : O c t o b e r 2 0 0 6
                                             Head - Line
                                             T     hank you for what has been one of our best ever starts to a
                                                   school year. Students in all years are smart, rising to the
                                             work challenge, and, with the exception of a very small minority,
                                             conducting themselves in a way we can all celebrate. Year 7 in
                                             particular have impressed with their settling in, commitment, and
                                             willingness to join in: they are proving a real credit to themselves
                                             and Ilkley Grammar School.

                                             A    s ever, schools are fronting yet another ‘assault’ of
                                                  government initiatives for 2006 - 2007:
                                                                                                                  We welcomed Mr Adam
                                             ⇒   a new KS4 Science programme                                      Daly, our new deputy
                                                                                                                  headteacher, in September.
                                             ⇒   the new ICT KS3 on-line test
                                                                                                                  Ian Gasper leaves us for
                                             ⇒   revised maths GCSE tiers of entry                                VSO work in Ethiopia in
                                             ⇒   the 14 -19 Curriculum, including new specialised diplomas        December.
                                             ⇒   new statutory powers for teachers to discipline pupils and       Mr Daly has a particular
                                                 combat the ‘You can’t tell me what to do’ culture                brief to manage data and
                                             ⇒   new provisions for parents to take full responsibility for       achievement strategies
                                                 excluded pupils in the first 5 days of exclusion                 across school, and develop
                                             ⇒   further Ofsted inspection revisions                              ICT for learning as well as
                                             ⇒   the new School Profile which replaces the Governors’             across the curriculum.
                                                 Report to Parents and the annual Parents’ Meeting
                                             ⇒   statutory healthy food standards in schools                      We are also revising our
                                             ⇒   the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda                                 Pastoral structure with the
                                             ⇒   extended schools                                                 introduction this year of two
                                                                                                                  non- teac hing Pas tor al
                                             In and amongst, we hope we can still keep learning as our            Support workers: Mrs Anne
                                             priority, seeing every child achieve. We also hope we can            Hodgkiss in Year 11 and
                                             maintain our high level of enrichment opportunities, when so         Mrs Cilla Wood in Year 8.
                                             many schools are seeing the erosion of the extra-curricular.         They will be supporting Mr
                                                                                                                  Swain, Mrs Beaumont and
                                             Our Coutances exchange is entering its 61st Year; we also            Mr Calvert in the year
                                             have the World Cup Caribbean Cricket Tour; USA ski trip;             groups - please contact
                                             Year 7 and 12 Team Challenge; our school production resi-            them where you have any
                                             dential; Year 8 London and Year 9 Ingleborough residentials;         concerns or anything else to
                                             World Challenge to Morocco in 2007 and Botswana 2008, as             share with us.
                                             well as subject coursework, fieldwork, and other visits.

                                             “Grammar School notches up record statistics yet again” Ilkley Gazette
                                             With our best ever A Level results and second best GCSEs, we had much to celebrate in August.
                                             Full details will be on our website, but our A Levels placed us 7th in The Guardian and 8th in The
                                             Independent comprehensives tables nationally. All our Year 11 and 13 students deserve
                                             congratulations. It’s been tough for them, but we recognise and applaud the hard work behind
                                             every result and not just the top marks. We also applaud our staff who continue to make the
                                             significant difference and support students in aiming high.
                                                                                                                                   Gillian James

                                                                                                        October 2006

Nell Bank
As part of their induction into Ilkley Grammar School, Year
7 pupils spend a day at the Nell Bank Outdoor Education
Centre. The three bands have a day in turn, solving
problems and making new acquaintances. The activities
are based around a theme and include:

• skiing down a mountain carrying some very important
    life-saving tablets for an endangered species of frog
    (walking in groups on two planks of wood, carrying
    some airflow balls to put in a frog-shaped waste bin!)
•   collecting different types of wild flowers for scientific
    research (orienteering)
•   escaping from a crashed aircraft in 2s in total darkness
    by sliding down an escape chute and walking through
    the jungle, with only one of the pair being able to see
    through their night seeking goggles (leading your
    partner blind fold round an obstacle course and then
    descending via a slide, only to then guide them through
    an adventure play ground!
•   crossing a piranha-infested river using logs and some
    stones (crossing the car park using planks of wood and
    wooden disks)
•   crossing a mountain range with a limited amount of
    water (crossing an assault course carrying a bowl of
    water with no lid!)

Isn’t imagination a wonderful thing!

Each visit was a huge success and the pupils thoroughly
enjoyed themselves, as well as meeting the objective of
‘bonding’ with new people in their band. Many thanks to
Nell Bank and to those members of staff who accompanied
the visits.
                                            Mr Jennings

                                                                 Are you a spooky stitcher ?
                                                                  This term has seen the start of ‘Spooky Stitchers’
                                                                  where students make their very own Halloween
                                                                  Bean Buddies. It was wonderful to see so many
                                                                  Year 8 pupils interested in joining and
                                                                  enthusiastic about textiles. Over the course of
                                                                  only a few lunchtime sessions these spooky
                                                                bean buddies are now nearly completed. Well done
                                                                to everyone who has made this such a success.
                                                                Be prepared to be scared ! We will show the
                                                                results in the next newsletter.
                                                                                                Mrs Wilkinson

        COUNSELLING DROP-IN SESSIONS: Every Tuesday and Wednesday, 12 - 1pm
                                            In the Medical Room next to B14
                                                               All welcome.
                                                                                                               October 2006

Sixth Form                                                                                   Also in these first few weeks
                                                                                             we have welcomed the parents
                                                                                             of our new students at
S   eptember and October
    have never been busier.
With a Sixth Form of over 310
                                                                                             “Induction Evening”. Parents
                                                                                             had the opportunity to meet
students the common room is                                                                  their son or daughter’s
busy, the pool table packed                                                                  personal tutor and find out
and music on the stereo loud                                                                 exactly what the 6th form at
and varied!                                                                                  IGS is all about.

We were pleased to welcome
twenty external students this                                                                  It’s been a tough term for Year
year, who have settled in well and             Once again intrepid souls are putting   13 as A2 courses have started and
are making an excellent contribution           themselves forward for the 6th Form     the volume of work has increased.
to lessons and our Sixth Form                  student council. Not only do Ellie      Students are also under pressure to
Community.                                     Kitchen; Will Evans ; Rob Hall ; Will   complete their UCAS forms and
                                               Atkinson; Ali Burns; Dan Grant;         think about their futures. As a small
On a more studious note, lessons               Marike Armstrong; Joe Bevan;            recompense we have introduced
are in full swing and students are             Emma Witherspoon; Laura Mitchell ;      “Fun Fridays” – morning slots to
already working hard. Our timetable            Pat Hebbert; Jenny Roe have to run      bring Year 12 and 13 together and
this year has grown to accommodate             a poster and election campaign, they    instil some friendly competition.
some new subjects and our Tutor                also have to stand in front of their
and Pastoral Team has also                     peers and give an election speech!
changed – we welcome Mrs Carey                 Brave students indeed.                  Overall, a good half term – thank you
and Mr Clarke to the team and Jan              Once elected the new Year 12            to all who have contributed to such a
Stewart, KS5 Support Worker. We                council will be aided and abetted by    smooth start.
have a new ICT suite which is                  the Year 13 Council and, I have no
always busy and our personal study             doubt, fun activities, parties and
area supports students who need a              charity events will soon be the order
quiet space to work.                           of the day!                                       Dawn Morgan (Head of 6th)

The Boy Who Cried Fire! A Claymation
Early on this year when I was in
Year 8, I did a short animation
for my class assembly. I am
very interested in claymation,
this is animating figures made
from modelling clay and using a
digital camera and the stop
motion animation technique.

My class all helped to make the
background figures, and we
decided to use the theme of the
boy who cried wolf but give it a different storyline, with the same
moral to the tale. Corey Woodhouse and his dad made a wooden
model of the front of the school building.

I spent the half term holidays making the more detailed main
characters and slowly and painstakingly moving and filming each
scene. I took twelve still photos for every second of animation. I had
to enlist the help of my mum to do some of the voices!

The story is about a pupil who is dared by his friend to run into his
classroom shouting “FIRE!” Unfortunately he cannot resist a dare
and after a while nobody takes any notice of him. He accidentally
sets the Science Lab on fire one day but everyone thought it to be his
usual prank. He gets trapped and thinks his number is up but he is
rescued just in time. He is severely punished and changes his ways
from that day on!

It was a lot of work to make but it was very satisfying seeing it come
together. I have been making simple computer games recently for a
change and have just done a ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ game
that can be used on computers with a Macromedia Flash Player
                                     Kane Griffiths-Stubbs (9MXH)

                                                                                                            October 2006

Languages Festival
Languages Festival ran for 3 weeks from the 13th September and featured many different
activities: Breton Dancers, French Theatre, an Eiffel Tower model competition, an Italian
DVD, X-Factor competition, Food tasting, a Treasure Hunt, and a Continental Café!

Food Tasting
On Tuesday 26th September around 10 people from Year
11 were invited to a French food tasting session with
Veronique and her baby, David. We sampled a selection
of French delicacies from all over the country. We ate:
Petits amuse-gueles, tarte a l’oignon, cassoulet, for
breton, madeleine, and nougat (duck pate, onion tart, a
stew with sausages, beans and meat, prune cake,
sponge cake, and nougat). A certain blonde,
bespectacled boy whose name we won’t mention (Tim
Campbell) seemed to have eyes significantly larger
than his stomach! We rated the dishes out of five, and
gave our appreciation in French. Surtout, we had a
fabulous time and learnt a lot about French culture and
Merci Veronique et David! If you are interested in
French cuisine, you can visit Veronique and her
husband Dicher at Craven Court in Skipton.
                Dan Taylor (11JCW), Matt Hall (11PO),
          Charlie Hodgson (11SB), Jess Smith (11DM),
                               Emma Starling (11EM).

Ilkley-Coutances Exchange
By the time you read this the 60th Diamond Jubilee
Exchange will have taken place and 50 students from
IGS will have spent a fun-packed week in Normandy.
What an achievement! Do you know of any other schools             Treasure Hunt
whose Exchange has lasted so long? I certainly don’t.             As many of you already know on Tuesday September
                                                                  26th there was a very special day ‘European Day of
It all began during the Second World War, when the                Languages’. Different years did different activities to
headmasters of Ilkley Grammar School and the Lycée                celebrate this special day; Year 10 did an exciting
Charles-François Lebrun in Coutances met and decided to           ‘Treasure Hunt’. This treasure hunt covered the whole
set up a link after hostilities were over. The first visit took   school campus, from B-Hall to the basketball courts.
place in 1946, travelling by train and ferry. Imagine             We were placed into groups of four with a piece of
Coutances at this time. It had been badly damaged during          paper with French and Spanish clues written on. We
the war and the Nazi SS had been based just down the              were then sent out of the classroom group by group, in
road.                                                             order to decipher the clues and get letters to spell a
                                                                  special Italian word. Our group got the fastest time in
In the early days the Exchange was three weeks in                 our class but unfortunately not in the Year!
England and three weeks in France. This was reduced to            Thank you MFL for a great afternoon.
two weeks in the Seventies and these days our busy
lifestyles mean that one week seems to work best. The                                                   Ed Haigh (10CW)
Exchange remains very popular. Almost 20% of Year 11
are taking part this time, many for the second time, along
with students from Years 10 and 12.
                                                                  French Theatre Production
                                                                  On Friday 15th September Year 8 spent the afternoon in
During our stay we’ll be visiting the Mont St Michel, the         B Hall watching two men dance around and speak
Bayeux Tapestry, IMAX at Arromanches, the Normandy                French. The performance was different and amusing. It
Landing beaches and the wonderful new Aquarium in                 was quite easy to follow because they repeated,
Cherbourg. Mrs Witham and I will also be attending a 60th         translated and acted out what they were trying to say for
Anniversary dinner and, on behalf of all of you, presenting       most parts. Throughout the performance the men
the Headteacher of the Lycée with an engraved crystal             performed circus acts such as juggling on unicycles,
book, to mark this momentous occasion.                            spinning plates on poles, and making a cup float in thin
Let’s hope that the Exchange continues to flourish                air...or so it seemed. They managed to involve the
and celebrates many more anniversaries.                           audience by asking us to translate, talking to the crowd,
                                                                  and even broke an egg on one boy’s head!
                                                  Mrs Robins                        Tom Forbes and Sophie Campbell (8JCT)

                                                                                                October 2006

Jolaurabi Concert                        Year 11 News
Months of preparation, hours of hard
                                         With only 27 weeks in school, then exams which will shape the rest
work and everything paid off the
second the Kenyan choir took to the      of our students’ lives, Year 11 always tends to be a very busy year.
stage.                                   This year is no exception.

Since September 2005, all Year 11        On 27th September, we welcomed the 25 children and 5 staff of
tutor groups at Ilkley Grammar
School committed to sponsoring           the Jolaurabi school choir in Kenya to Ilkley Grammar School for
individual primary or secondary          the morning. In Year 11 we have been sponsoring children at the
students from Kenya. The money           Jolaurabi school for some time now, and it was a wonderful sight to
generously given, pays for the           see our Year 11 students chatting to them and making them so
children’s education and the building
                                         welcome in the Year 11 centre. The look of disbelief on Randu’s face
of a new school.
                                         was most memorable when he was shown a mobile phone which
Wednesday 27 September 7.30 and          played music. In the evening, the choir sang to a packed house and
the hall was packed. Worried the         entertained us most spectacularly. In all, the concert raised
students wouldn’t sell enough            £1896.25 (and three teeth!) towards the cost of an orphanage for
tickets, last minute advertising had
                                         the village. This was a spectacular figure, and will go a significant
taken place. Come 7.15, we had to
turn people away at the door!            way towards the money needed. Thank you to everyone who
                                         supported the event.
As soon as the Kenyan choir started
singing songs and dancing around, it
brought tears to everyone’s eyes.
Songs such as “You Raise Me Up”
and “This Little Light Of Mine”
echoed around. The applause
received was phenomenal! It went
on and on and the choir looked as
happy as the audience was touched.

In total, £1,896.25 was raised
through ticket sales and donations.
This money will go towards building
a new school which some of the
choir may attend. It seems a small
price to be paid just to see the
smiles on the little children’s faces.
                                         The second landmark for the year group, is the work experience
Sophie Kyriakides (11SB)                 week. We have students going as far afield as Greece, and London,
Sarah Birtwistle (11SB)
                                         not to mention Ilkley Grammar School. I am confident that the
                                         students will return with more focus and purpose to their studies
                                         having experienced what for many of them is their ultimate goal. I
      Accommodation                      would like to thank Mrs Mitchell, Mr Headey and all the staff who
                                         have worked so hard to make this possible.
One of our Year 12 boys whose            By the time the students return from half term, we are hoping to
parents live in Spain is seeking         have a re-decorated, and refurnished Year 11 centre. The tutor
accommodation.                           reps have spent hours poring over furniture brochures and paint
He would like somewhere                  charts to come up with what I think will be a most impressive social
within travelling distance of school.    area for them. If anyone can help us put the finishing touches to
He would need a stable
                                         the centre by donating some striking (but low maintenance) plants,
environment where he could study.
                                         we would be most grateful.
He will obviously pay for his
accommodation and this can be
discussed.                               Finally at a personal level, I would like to thank Mrs Beaumont and
                                         Mrs Hodgkiss who have been able to keep the year in such good
If anyone has a room available would     shape while I look after my terminally ill wife.
they contact Mrs Carey at school.
(01943 608424) Thank you.                                                                           Ian Swain

                                                                                                                  October 2006

Year 11 Cricket Tour - Barbados 2006                                                       Congratulations!
By the time you read this the Year 11
Cricket Team will be in Barbados!                                                          Cross Country
                                                                                           Our Cross Country teams
The party of 15 players, myself, my                                                        did tremendously well at Myrtle
colleagues Peter Blackwell and Saul                                                        Park:
Peltier will be staying for 10 days at                                                     the Senior Team came first;
the Europa Apartments in the Sunset                                                        Eli Kitchen 12LAC, Chloe Haines
Crest resort near Holetown in the St                                                       11BJS, Lottie Driver 11JCW and
James region of Barbados. During                                                           Izzie Creedon 11JCW. The
our stay we will play 5 matches                                                            Intermediate Girls’ Team also
against local clubs and other touring                                                      came first and the Junior Girls’
teams. We will also embark on a                                                            Team came second.
Jeep Safari, attend the Harbour Lights
Beach Party, and take a Catamaran                                                          In the area round of the English
Cruise with the chance to snorkel with                                                     Schools’ Cross Country the Junior
giant turtles. It is hoped that we will                                                    Girls came 2nd; Ellie Taylor 7SCB,
have opportunities to sample the                                                           Brittany Tate 8GS, Holly Medley
culture and lifestyle of this cricket                                                      7HR, Amy Creedon 7JEB,
loving nation.                                                                             Florence Haines 8GS, Abi Kerr
                                                                                           8AJK. In the same round the
This is a first for me and the first of its   The boys have been busy fundraising          Intermediate Girls came 2nd; Jenny
kind at Ilkley Grammar School. The            for some time; bag packing at Booth’s        Dybeck 10TOB, Ruth Kitchen
chance to play in the West Indies, still      and Morrison’s, parking cars at PTA          10TOB, Louisa Clark 9HED,
a setting for all things magical in           Car Boot Sales, a side show at Ilkley        Brittany Dawson 9SHR. Both
cricket, must be the highlight of any         Carnival, and selling raffle tickets for a   teams qualified for the Regional
player’s IGS education.                       Grand Draw. They managed to raise            Final to be held at Shepsted in
                                              over £3000 for the trip.                     Leicestershire. Well done to all of
Yorkshire Post semi-finalists at                                                           you.
Headingley in 2004, Lord Taverners’           On behalf of the boys I would like to
Yorkshire semi-finalists and Bradford         thank everyone who has contributed
Schools Cup winners 2005 –this is not         and helped turn the tour from an idea
only a talented team, but a great
                                              into reality, in particular Dale Eddison,
bunch of lads to spend time with too.         PC Sports, and Peter Williams who            Well done also to the
                                              generously gave us sponsorship.              following girls who have been
The team (pictured below) is:                                                              selected to play for the Bradford
Rob Spivey, Laurie O’Connor, Danny            I am sure this tour will prove to be the     Schools’ Hockey Squad – Hannah
Shiels, Tom Ross, Jack Williams, Jack         experience of a lifetime leaving many        Bradley 10MLB, Danielle Dudley
Marchant, Jack Arundell, Richard              lasting happy memories. I hope it can        11LCM, Hattie Haines 11PH, Lottie
Rhodes, Alex Miller, Matthew Grimes,          be the first of many!                        Driver 11JCW, Hannah
Mark Cooper, Danny Bryan, Joe                                                              Waterhouse 11JCW, Ellie Walton
Ullock, (Saul Peltier, Stewart                                                             9AXL and Sophie Gannon 10JCW.
Goodbold, Peter Blackwell –staff) Joe                               Stewart Goodbold       well done to Amy Haley 11SB,
Taylor, and Danny Kenna.                                               Tour Manager        Hannah Drakard 12PC, Emma
                                                                                           Gannon 13CTB who have been
                                                                                           selected for the U17 and U18 West
                                                                                           Yorkshire Hockey Squads.

                                                                                           Cycling Success
                                                                                           Well done to Year 12 student Tom
                                                                                           Buck, who rides for the British
                                                                                           Cycling Olympic Talent Team, and
                                                                                           competed this summer in the
                                                                                           National Cycling Championships in
                                                                                           Newport. He gained Gold, Silver
                                                                                           and Bronze medals, and now holds
                                                                                           the new British Record in the ‘Flying
                                                                                           200m Time Trial’ (16 and under
                                                                                           category), meaning he is the fastest
                                                                                           in the world so far this year! He is
                                                                                           currently looking for a sponsor to
                                                                                           ensure his success can continue.

                                                                                                           October 2006

THANK YOU!!                                                                         Year 9 Football
                                                                                    The Year 9 Football team are
£1331.75 was raised for Sport Relief by…                                            benefiting once again from
…running, hopping, 3-legged, 6-legged, 3-armed, piggy-backed, rolling, running      professional coaching thanks to
backwards, passing a rugby ball / football, pushing a Tesco’s trolley etc. around   'Gifted and Talented' funding.
the school track!                                                                   Last year this helped them to win the
                                                                                    Airedale league despite competition
Competition Results                                                                 from a number of Specialist Sports
Girls’ Sub-8 Minute Mile                  Boys’ Sub-6 Minute Mile                   Schools. They train every
                                                                                    Wednesday from 3.30-4.30.
Anna Kajda (8PDH)            6:59         Jamie Herbert (9SBR)         5:25
Florence Haines (7GS)        7:02         Matt Dakin (10PO)            5:32
Lucy Mannall (7AXL)          7:51         Laurie O’Connor (10EM)       5:33
                                          Chris Morrow (9SA)           5:34
                                          Ed Haigh (9CW)               5:35
Tutor Group with the fastest three
                                          Ben Rowley (9HD)             5:50
combined times:

1st   8IAG         19mins 23secs
2nd   9HD          19mins 40secs
3rd   7GS          21mins 6secs

                                                                                    Congratulations to
                                                                                    Chloe Hersi 8AJK and
                                                                                    Lucy Smith 10HD who have both
                                                                                    been chosen for the County
                                                                                    Netball Satellite Academy. Also, to
                                                                                    Hannah Hartley 9IAG who has
  Cancer Research Fundraising                                                       been selected to play in the U15
                                                                                    Bradford Netball Squad.
  Year 10MLB raised £70 for Cancer Research through selling buns at
  break. The form donated either money to buy products or baked at home.
  They made a tremendous effort on behalf of the charity.
  The people who ran the event were:
                                                                                    Congratulations to the
  Alice Pike, Lisa Padley, Laura Smith, Hannah Bradley, and Ellie Brown.
                                                                                    girls’ U13 Tennis team: Hannah
  I would also like to give a special thank you to Jess Mitchell and Sally          Pulford, Abi Craig, Caitlin Williams
  Murdoch. Jess is Form Representative and she coordinated the event                and Hannah Bourdon. They won
                                                                                    the Bradford League in the
  with great diligence. Sally Murdoch donated money and spent a great deal
                                                                                    summer and have now reached
  of time making buns to perfection as well as giving up her time on the day.
                                                                                    the knockout stage for the
  This is a fabulous event and the form should be proud of their efforts.           Northern Region beating St
                                                                                    Aidan’s, Harrogate and now going
                                                                Martine Binns       on to face Wakefield Girls – good

                                                                                    Well done also to Maria
                                                                                    Kouvatsos, Year 11, who qualified
                                                                                    for the National Tennis Finals.
For Sale
Lady’s mountain bike, would also suit teenager £10
Man’s mountain bike £10                                                             Congratulations to Hector 13PPB
                                                                                    and Chloe Haines 11BJS who
                                                                                    were selected to run for England in
                                                                                    a Junior Orienteering International
Tel 01943 430706                                                                    (September 23rd and 24th).

                                                                                                    October 2006

                                      Forthcoming Events:                              For Sale:
PTA News
                                      •   The PTA AGM on 18th October at            2 train tickets
As always, the PTA are looking for        7.00pm in the Library
volunteers to help continue to                                               For travel on 8th December
support the school and provide        •   The 400th Anniversary Ball &              (Training Day)
much needed equipment that would          Auction of Promises on May 18th
                                          2007 at The Craiglands.              Depart Leeds 11.05 am
otherwise be difficult to obtain.
Joining the PTA is a good way of      •   The PTA Spring Raffle              Return from London Kings
keeping in touch with school issues   •   Summer Car Boot Sales – dates to              Cross
and making a difference to your           be advised.                         Sunday 10th December
child’s education.                                                                     12.55pm
                                                                                     £30 for both.
Future projects include:              PTA Meetings:
• The Year 11 Centre refurbishment    Thursday 16th November 2006 and        Contact: Mrs Fuller at school
• Improved dining facilities and B    Tuesday 23rd January 2007. Both in
   Hall redecoration.                 the Library at 7.00pm

PTA Fashion Show / Clothes Sale
The PTA is pleased to announce another Fashion Show/Clothes Sale in aid of school funds.
The PTA, in conjunction with Flinch & Funk clothing suppliers, is to hold the sale on Wednesday 15th
November in B Hall.
As before, clothes will be modelled by pupils in an exciting fashion show. This will be followed by a
clothes sale where you will be able to purchase from well known brands such as Bench, Hooch, and Duck And Cover.
Tickets (£1.50) will go on sale from 1st November, more details to follow.

  Gather your friends for a fantastic night at…            Take-A-Break
                                                           Join us across break time just before
   ILKLEY GRAMMER SCHOOL                                   half term on Friday October 20th from
           PARENTS’                                        9.45am in the lower Library.

                                                                   LEADERSHIP TEAM
    FRIDAY 1ST DECEMBER                                              OPEN HOUSE:
  AT THE WINTER GARDENS, ILKLEY                              Wednesday 1st November 4 - 6pm
             8PM 'TIL MIDNIGHT                             Join us, too, for our new termly open
                                                           house sessions where our Leadership
    TICKETS £5.00 Available soon...                        Team will be available to welcome you
                                                           into the school for light refreshments and
                                                           an opportunity to hear your views, share
                                                           your concerns, and develop the
   Organised by Ilkley Grammar School PTA
                                                                                                    Gillian James

                                                                                                          October 2006

Cambodia & Thailand Expedition
This summer saw one of the largest teams from IGS take part in a World Challenge
Expedition to the Far East.
The sights, sounds, smells and          Although it was their school holidays,
cultural experiences of Cambodia        the surrounding villagers brought
and Thailand were overwhelming.         their children for an afternoon of fun
                                        and games; some which they had
Phnom Phen was a busy city, with        never experienced before.
people working in a variety of ways     This also gave us the chance to
to make a living. It was clear,         hand over the 54 kilos of stationery
however, that this is a city still      equipment kindly donated by schools
recovering from the atrocities and      within the Ilkley area. The sports
devastation of Pol Pot and the          equipment was also warmly
Khmer Rouge.                            received; except for the cricket bats
                                        and stumps - this proved to be a         Our final night in the jungle was
                                        game they couldn’t understand.           reached by elephant. A 10km trek
                                                                                 through narrow paths and rivers to a
                                                                                 remote hill tribe really sealed our
                                                                                 time in these two lovely countries.

                                                                                 It is true to say that we were very
                                                                                 much looking forward to our 3 days
                                                                                 ‘Rest and Relaxation’. Our first hotel
                                                                                 was large and spacious and even
                                                                                 had a pool! A buffet breakfast was
Transport around the city was by                                                 included – a welcome change after 4
Tuk Tuk; a half motorbike-half                                                   weeks of rice! Our last night was
rickshaw vehicle. This was also the     The sights of Angkor Wat were            spent in a very luxurious Bangkok
cheapest form of transport,             breathtaking. A full day of ‘Rest and    hotel, which rounded the expedition
averaging £1 for half a day’s travel.   Relaxation’ around these impressive      off nicely.
                                        temples made us realise how
                                        resilient the people have become to      This was a once in a lifetime
                                        their brutal background, and helped      experience that will stay with the
                                        us to appreciate their culture.          team forever.

                                                                                 The teams put in a great deal of hard
                                                                                 work; however the expedition would
                                                                                 not have been possible without the
                                                                                 help of various supporters. We’d like
                                                                                 to thank the following for their

                                                                                 •   ASDA, Morrison's, Sainsbury's and
The Cambodian people are some of                                                     Waitrose.
the warmest and friendliest people                                               •   Stravhaven House
you could come across.                                                           •   Harrogate Spa
                                                                                 •   Hollins Hall
                                        Thailand’s westernised atmosphere
At Chambok we stayed in local                                                    •   Rombalds Hotel
                                        and basic working facilities were a
homes and worked on an eco-project                                               •   Barclays Direct Mortgages
                                        contrast to what we had experienced
erecting a garden at the centre,                                                 •   The Quizmasters at our Christmas
                                        in Cambodia. After a brief stay in
clearing jungle paths, and laying a                                                  Quiz
                                        Bangkok and a visit to the Royal
road for entry to the Eco Park.                                                  •   Year 7 & 8 students who helped
                                        Palace we headed north to
                                                                                     raise funds with their dance night.
                                        Kanchanaburi and onto Chiang Mai.
                                        The occasional bad stomach and a
                                        bout of conjunctivitis were our only
                                                                                 A very big thank you from us all,
                                                                                 and good luck to the next team!

                                        The hill tribes of Akha provided a
                                                                                                            Jeff Pancott
                                        base for trekking. Our guides Co
                                                                                                      Ian & Jan Gasper
                                        and Cill showed us the local flora
                                                                                                     Keith & Jane Shaw
                                        and fauna, and supplied us with rice,
                                                                                                            Jenny White
                                        vegetables and one night, dog.
                                                                                                              October 2006

Geographical                                 To Kill A Mocking Bird
Photography                                  On Wednesday 27th September a group of Year 10 RE students, including
                                             ourselves, went to the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds to see ‘To Kill A
Awards                                       Mockingbird’ by Christopher Sergel (based on the novel by Harper Lee).
                                             We feel that as a group the relevance of prejudice and discrimination was
In association with the Royal                brought to life. Our personal thoughts towards the play were that it
Geographical Society, Ilkley                 contributed to our topic on the issues surrounding prejudice and
Grammar School students were set             discrimination.
the challenge of taking a photograph         We would like to thank the RE teachers for giving us the opportunity to
that ‘tells a geographical story’ over       experience something very interesting and helpful towards our
the summer holidays. Each photo              understanding in RE.
had to be accompanied by a written
description of no more than 150              Sophie Padget 10SRT, Charlotte Johansson 10TOB, Ellie Brown 10MLB,
words. The 3 winning entrants, who           Jodie Batters 10ADM.
all received WH Smith vouchers, will
now be entered into the national
competition. Photographed below
(left – right) with their prizes are:
Edward Brown, 8JP (Austrian Alps)
Billie Bonham, 8JP (Devon)
Neil Treble, 8JP (Menorca)

                                                               The students were delighted with their trophy and with the
Science Communication Award
                                                               opportunity to represent the North West of England in the
                                                               National Final at Sheffield Hallam University on 11th
GCSE students have been making the most of the
opportunities afforded by the school’s status as a             September. Once again the students gave a fantastic

Specialist Science and Humanities school.                      presentation and, although not the national winners, they
                                                               were picked out for special commendation by the judges
Bethany Wilson, Emma Starling, Matthew Hall, James             during the final presentation. In addition at both
Greenfield, Matthew Screeton, Dan Connor (aka The              conferences students were able to listen to and work with
Singing Forensics) have worked with Dr Smith in Science        young PhD scientists and with well established scientists
and Mrs Fielding from English to develop both their public     working in fields like space exploration. Well done The
speaking skills and their scientific knowledge.                Singing Forensics, we are all really proud of you.

On 30th June the students headed off to Salford University                                                          Dr. Smith

and after a ‘series of unfortunate events’ arrived safely at
Salford University to take part in the national programme of
“Express Yourself” science conferences which involved
presenting their work on genetic fingerprinting in a dynamic
way. The students scientific knowledge was outstanding
and when delivered in role play, with a specially written
song, as well as a display of their laboratory know how, it
was no surprise when they rose above the other thirty
seven presentations and swept to victory.

                                                                                                             October 2006

British Food Fortnight                                                         Year 10 English GCSE
              rd   th
September 23 – 8 October was British Food fortnight. Year 7               Coursework Deadlines 2006 – 2007
students were invited to make a crumble using seasonal fruit at
home as part of the initiative to get students and families
cooking.                                                                 Autumn
                                                                         Media w.b. 16/10/06
                                          Well done and
                                          congratulations to             Prose w.b. 11/12/06
                                          Thomas Pratt and Molly
                                          Renwick who rose to            Spring
                                          the challenge. Tom
                                                                         Shakespeare/Drama w.b. 05/02/07 or
                                          sent in a photograph of
                                                                         w.b. 26/03/07
                                          his plum crumble.
                                                                         Original Writing (1) w.b. 05/02/07 or
                                                                         w.b. 26/03/07
The year 10 students also took part in their GCSE lessons and
learnt how to adapt dishes to make them healthier using less
sugar and fat.
                                                                         Shakespeare/Drama w.b 18/06/07 or
Next year we would like to invite a chef into school to work with        w.b. 09/07/07
our students. If anyone knows of a chef who might be able to
help please let Mrs Druett know.                                         Original Writing (2) w.b 18/06/07 or
                                                     Mrs Druett          w.b. 09/07/07
                                      Head of Food and Textiles.

               Gifted & Talented News
As many of you know, IGS has a register of more able or         NAGTY club is starting on 3rd November.
“Gifted and Talented” students. The cohort is identified
by various means, teacher nominations and assessment            This is for students who are members of the National
results.                                                        Academy of Gifted and Talented Youth, run by Warwick
If you are particularly strong in a certain subject but don’t
know if you are on the G&T register, then please check          NAGTY is aimed at the top 5% nationally. They offer
with your teacher.                                              summer schools and weekend events around the country
                                                                for member students. IGS has several hundred members.
Also, parents or guardians, please let us know about            Year 7 students will be hearing shortly if they are eligible
your child’s gifts or talents if you feel that we may not be    for membership.
aware. Drop a note in to me (Mrs Marklew) at school.
                                                                The NAGTY club at IGS will be on Friday lunchtimes,
We have funding available in school to support such             on week B in B13.
students. This is spent in various ways, such as training
for staff, resources, guest speakers, specific activities,      The purpose is for members to get together, look at the
clubs, time for teachers to develop their schemes of            website and see what opportunities are on offer. They
work, study skills sessions. All these things are aimed at      could pair up with friends, and meet older students who
supporting, encouraging and enriching the more able             have been to past events.
                                                                We are developing a portfolio of NAGTY experiences for
Many staff run clubs and societies outside of lesson            students to browse through, and we have some
time; we hope that students who are particularly strong         challenging thinking games for these students to play at
or interested in those subjects will attend clubs and seize     NAGTY club.
the opportunities presented to them.
                                                                All these things help to contribute to the success of
Throughout the year numerous events are organised,              students at Ilkley Grammar School. I hope we can rely on
such as the many sporting opportunities, maths team             your support in encouraging your child to get involved.
challenges, public speaking competitions, Team
Challenge, musical performances, plays and shows and                                         Diana Marklew and Ian Swain
so on.                                                                                                  G&T coordinators

                                                                                                               October 2006

                                           Once in the classroom the laptops are     For presentation, R.E. have created
Lap-rack Success in                        fully connected to the internet and       Buddhist web pages with year groups.
the Humanities                             school curriculum network via a
                                           wireless router box. Staff have used
                                                                                     Staff and pupils alike have really in
                                                                                     enjoyed this fantastic opportunity and
Department                                 the laptops for a number of exercises.
                                           Work can be stored in the shared file
                                                                                     are looking forward to developing our
This year the Humanities faculty have on the curriculum network and
been trialling a set of sixteen laptops in therefore accessed in lessons by          One pupil in year 7 said ‘I enjoy using
lessons. The laptops are stored in a       pupils. This may include an interactive   the laptops in lesson to research and
specially designed cabinet, so that        exercise, such as a simple card sort,     present my ideas. They help you to
they can be wheeled into all               or something as complicated as            present you work in different ways’.
classrooms on M floor. Whilst in the       selecting and highlighting reasons for    Our verdict is that this trial has been a
cabinet the laptops can be charged         an event from a historical extract. The   resounding success. Our only problem
ready for a full day’s use.                laptops are advantageous for this type    now is finding a lesson when they
                                           of activity as they allow pupils to       have not been booked out.
History, Geography and R.E. have           manipulate images and text in a way
found the laptops an excellent             that cannot be achieved through                                    Laura Chandler
resource, despite initial worries over     traditional methods. The shared folder
the organisational constraints of          can also be used to save hyperlinks to
handing out and collecting back in         web pages. This means that the
sixteen laptops. For the first lesson we internet can be used in conjunction
had a wealth of technical support in       with other Microsoft packages;
the classroom with us, but they are        moreover it enables us to control
now used daily by all staff without        pupils’ internet use.
problems. Indeed, in the future we
intend to expand on this venture,          Geography staff have found and used
adding a wireless connected printer to a number of interactive websites such
the lap-rack, in order to overcome the as ‘Global Footprints’, which works out
current problem of not being able to       an individual’s impact of waste
print completed work in the classroom. expenditure.

Every year Ilkley Grammar School students
have an opportunity to set up a real business in
Year 12. The enterprise involves students
experiencing every aspect of business from
planning and production to dealing with
conflicting situations and how to motivate
Due to popularity of the scheme we do not have enough        It is a fabulous experience not only for students but also for
business advisors - this is where you can help.              the advisors seeing how their team develops over the time
Your task will be to guide the students in their business
offering your experience and knowledge whilst allowing       * All advisors will be CRB checked by the LEAP organisation
students to make the final decisions.                        – this gives legal clearance to allow you to work with
The students will be meeting every Monday from 12.10 –
1pm, taking time to make and sell products and finally       If you are interested please contact Martine Binns on either
attend various competitions.                                 01943 608424 or
We would appreciate any time you could offer.      

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