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					 COIN COLLECTORS                         Road Treasures is featured this week:                        MILITARY ITEMS
 Ccollectors are seeking all types of                                                                   Collectors desire vintage military items.
  rare coins and currency. We have         Mon., Tues., Wed.                                           Items from both U.S. and foreign origins
                                                                                                       from the Civil War, World War I, World
 the resources available to pay you
    top prices for all types of rare     December 7th, 8th & 9th                                            War II, Spanish-American War,
                                                                                                         Revolutionary War and Calvary times
 coins or entire collections. We can
 arrange a private discrete meeting
                                            8 a.m. - 6 p.m.                                            have great value. Items such as swords,
                                                                                                      daggers, medals, hardware, bayonets, etc.
 with you at your bank or in one of
 our private suites. Whether you are
      ready to sell your life long
   collection or you are settling an      NO ADMISSION
 estate, we are at your service. We
     are professional, honest and
                                         Hawthorne Suites
                                        101 Trade Center Dr.
                                           Champaign, IL                                                   All types of gold are wanted,
                                           573-822-1126                                                including gold coins, Kregerands,
                                                                                                       Maple Leafs, and other gold bars,
                                                                                                          etc. All gold jewelry, including
                                                                                                            broken jewelry is accepted.

   From a single item to complete
                                        CA$H IN                                                              Anything gold is wanted.
                                                                                                          All silver items, including silver
                                                                                                        coins, bars and American Eagles
  collections, the most sought after
          types of coins are:
                                        WITH THE POWER OF                                                   are accepted. Sterling silver
                                                                                                         items like flatware, tea sets, etc.
  • Any coins dated prior to 1820,      ROAD TREASURES                                                              are welcome.
   especially those dated 1700’s
     • High Grade Early Coins           MILITARY ITEMS, SWORDS
   • Graded Coins • Proof Coins         Civil war, Revolutionary War, WWI, WWII, etc. Items of
 • Gold Coins with C, D, O and CC       interest include swords, badges, clothes, photos, medals,
      mint marks • Rare Dates           knives, gear, letter. The older the swords, the better. All
                                        types wanted.
     • Complete Coin Type sets
       • Rare Paper Currency            COINS
                                        Any and all coins made before 1965. This includes all
                                        silver and gold coins, dollars, half dollars, quarters,
                                        dimes, nickels, and pennies. All conditions wanted!

                                        WATCHES & POCKET WATCHES
                                        Rolex, Tiffany, Hublot, Omega, Chopard, Cartier,
                                        Philippe, Ebel, Waltham, Elgin, Bunn Special, Railroad,
                                        Illinois, Hamilton, English, Swiss
                                        Gold, Silver, Platinum, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and
                                        all types of stones, metals, etc. Rings, bracelets,
                                        necklaces, all others including broken jewelry. Early
                                        costume jewelry wanted.

                                        TOYS, TRAINS, DOLLS
                                        All types of toys made before 1965 including: Buddy L.
                                        Smith Miller, Nylint, Robots, battery toys, Train sets, all
                                        gauges, accessories, individual cars, Marklin, American
                                        Flyer, Lionel, Hafner, all other trains, Shirly Temple,
                                        German, all makers accepted.

                                        ADVERTISING ITEMS

                                        Metal and Porcelain signs, gas companies, beer and
                                        liquor makers, automobile, implements, etc.                    HERE’S WHAT TO DO
                                        GOLD & SILVER

                                                                                                      • Gather items of interest from your
                                        Prices are at a 40 year high! for platinum, gold and silver   attic, garage, basement, etc. There is no
                                        during this event. Broken jewelry, dental gold, old coins,    limit to the amount of items you can bring
                                        pocket watches, Kruggerands, Canadian Maple Leafs,
                                                                                                      • No appointment necessary
Bring everything, we’ll help you
sort for value - Anything unusual                                                                     • If interested in selling, we will buy it

                                                                SILVER AND GOLD                       • The offer is made on the spot
                                                                 COIN PRICES UP
   HIGHEST PRICES                                                 DURING POOR
                                                                                                      •If you decide to accept the offer, we
                                                                                                      will pay you on the spot
      PAID FOR                                                           Got Coin?
                                                                                                      • You get 100% of the offer with no
                                                                                                      hidden fees
  1950’S & 1960’S                                                  It might be the perfect
                                                                      time to cash it in!

  ERA ELECTRIC AND                                                                                          THE ENTIRE PROCESS
                                                                                                               ONLY TAKES A
  ACOUSTIC GUITARS                                     CHECK OUT

                                                                                                               FEW MINUTES
                                                      OTHER ITEMS
                                                                                                          COIN OPERATED
                                                        WE BUY                                              MACHINES
        • DOBRO                                    Sterling All                                           slot • juke box • banks •
                                           ❏ Coin Silver ❏ Flatware
        • FENDER                           ❏ Bowls        ❏ Tea Sets
                                                                                                        gambling devices • saloon items
                                                                                                        RAILROAD ITEMS
        • GIBSON                           ❏ Trays        ❏ Much More
        • MARTIN                           Old Toys
                                           ❏ tin
                                                                    Items                                     DIAMOND
       • GRETSCH                           ❏ cast iron              ❏ Anything with
 • RICKENBACKER                            ❏ windup
                                           ❏ robots
                                                                    advertising on it
                                                                    ❏ signs
      • NATIONAL                           ❏ trains
                                           ❏ dolls
                                                                    ❏ Coca Cola
                                                                    ❏ tins
   • AND OTHERS                            ❏ farming toys           ❏ porcelain
                                           ❏ banks                  ❏ Hummels
                                                                    ❏ Roseville
                                           Purses                   ❏ Meissen
  PAPER MONEY                              ❏ Enameled
          All Large Notes                  ❏ Beaded                 Lodge Items                           ❏   Diamond Baracelets
                                           ❏ Gold                   ❏ Masonic Eagles
            Bank Notes                                                                                    ❏   Diamond Rings
                                           ❏ Silver                 ❏ Odd Fellows
        National Bank Notes                                         ❏ Gar-KKK & more                      ❏   Platinum Diamond Jewelry
        Confederate Money                  Sport-                                                         ❏   Gold Purses
        Old Stock Certificates             Hunting                  Silverplate
                                           ❏ Fishing lures          (Must be ornate)
                                           ❏ Decoys                 ❏ Coffee Tea Sets
                                           ❏ Photos                 ❏ Flatware
                                           ❏ Knives                 ❏ Trays
                                           ❏ Posters                ❏ Bowls
                                                                    ❏ Large Items
                                                                    ❏ Unusual Items                                                                987494

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