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									                                                                           STATE OF MONTANA
                                                                      DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                                   ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING DIVISION
                                                            1520 East Sixth Avenue  P.O. Box 200103  Helena, Montana 59620.0103
                                                                               Phone: 406.444.3104  Fax: 406.444.3399

                                       PRE-CONSTRUCTION MEETING AGENDA

            DATE:          Monday, July 11, 2011
         PROJECT:                                                                                  A & E #:

         Introduction of Personnel

         Communication – Refer to Flow Chart

         Contractor shall have competent Superintendent on site @ all times when work is taking place.

         Use of the Site - Contractor will be in charge of the site inside the project limits.

         Staging Area and Job Site Use
             o Plans & Specs Requirements
             o Site Access - Keys/Passes/Badges
             o Job Signs
             o Job Trailer and parking (personal and company vehicles)
             o Security and temporary fencing
             o Material and/or debris storage & disposal
             o Deliveries & daily access
             o Disposal in accordance with documents
             o Salvage materials
             o Owner-furnished materials - Delivery & Coordination
             o Hazardous materials
             o Existing condition of site
                     Review with Owner & Architect/Engineer before construction
                     Correct and/or restore any damage to original conditions
             o Use of Owner’s property, power, water, telephone & other facilities
                     Notify Owner of any outages

         Job Site Noise & Dust Control
             o Respect users (students, residents, clients, inmates), no loud music or foul language

         Utility locates

         Scheduling / Coordination
            o Construction Duration
            o Contract dates
                      Start date
                      Completion date
            o Hours of operation
                      Agency
                      Contractor
            o Existing facilities – Phasing / Sequencing of work
            o Scheduling of outages

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             o    Moving occupants, materials, equipment, etc
                      Contractor to give Owner ___ days notice to move

         Design Intent / Contract Documents
            o Brief explanation of design & special features by Architect/Engineer
            o Specifications & Drawings
                      Additional sets
            o Addenda
            o Errors, inconsistencies or omissions

         Meetings & Inspections
            o Site Inspections
            o Progress / Coordination Meetings
            o Architect & sub-consultants project visits
            o Pre-installation & start-up meetings

         Quality Control
            o Contractor’s responsibility
            o Owners expects good quality
            o Unacceptable work

         Job Site Record Keeping
             o Contract documents
             o Maintaining as-built conditions
             o RFIs, CCDs, Change Orders, Daily Logs, Submittals, Shop Drawings, etc.

         State Forms
             o Contractor must use
             o Can get off web page, e-mail address is:

         Pre-construction Submittals – Submit before or in conjunction with first pay request
             o Schedule
                     If $ > 1mil then CPM, if $< 1mil then Bar Chart
                     Milestones & critical dates
                     Two / three week look ahead
             o Schedule of Values
                     Breakdown by division – labor & materials at minimum
             o List of Subcontractors & Suppliers

            o Submittal Schedule
            o Long lead / special items
            o # of copies & who gets
            o Response time
            o Substitutions
            o Format

         Request for Payment
            o Number of copies to be submitted.
            o Accompanied by updated schedule if changes.
            o Lien releases
            o Stored materials
                      Must be suitably stored and per manufacturer’s recommendation when applicable
                      Off-site - copy of invoice & applicable insurance.
                      On-site - copy of invoice
            o Review at monthly progress meeting

         Questions & Clarifications

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             o    RFIs
             o    Response time
             o    RFI log

         Modifications and/or Changes
            o Must have prior approval from Architect/Engineer before proceeding with changes
            o Steps
                      RFI
                      Contractor or architect cost proposal
                      Construction Change Directive
                      Change Order
            o Mtg. to discuss CO’s & proposals

         Claims & Delays
             o Process explained in contract documents
             o Liquidated damages

         Construction Methods and Safety Procedures (Comply with OSHA)
            o Means & Methods are the contractor’s sole prerogative
            o Safety is responsibility of the contractor.
            o Safety & construction signs are contractor’s responsibility

         Testing & Inspections
            o Responsibilities & Requirements
            o Types of test
            o Testing consultant
            o Who gets copies of reports?
            o Contractor is responsible for retest $
            o Quality assurance by owner is not substitute for quality control by contractor.


             o Follow outline in specifications
             o Submit agenda and list of attendance

         Substantial Completion
            o Contractual obligations fulfilled
            o Formally notify Architect or Engineer for substantial inspection
                      Include list of incomplete items
            o O&M manuals – Submit as package, not bits & pieces
            o As-Built Drawings

            o Starts at substantial completion and ends one (1) year from final acceptance

         Final Acceptance / Closeout
             o Contractual obligations fulfilled including Consent of Surety and Contractor’s Affidavit
             o Date Architect/Engineer signs final pay request unless otherwise approved in writing
             o Formally notify Architect/Engineer for final inspection
             o Punch-list needs to be signed & returned to Architect/Engineer

         Concerns of the Facility User


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