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                   DIPLOMA EXAMINATION - 2010
                         (PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION)

                                   (PAPER – IV)
                   140. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
May)                                                                          (Time: 3 Hours
                                Maximum: 100 Marks

                           Answer any FIVE questions.
                         All questions carry equal marks.         (5 × 20 = 100)

  1. Discuss the meaning and objectives of Human Resource Management.

  2. Write an essay on Training and Development.

  3. Discuss the need for retirement benefits in Public Services.

  4. Explain the significance of discipline in an organisation.

  5. Bring out the contribution of McGregor to motivation theory.

  6. What is meant by conflict in organization? Explain in detail.

  7. Describe the qualities of leadership.

  8. Examine the channels of communication.

  9. Write an essay on stress management.

 10. Explain the modern theories of collective bargaining.

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                          midj;Jf; tpdhf;fSf;Fk; rk kjp[g;bgz;fs;         (5 × 20 = 100)

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 6. mikg;gpd; nkhjy;fs; vd;why; vd;d? mtw;iw tpsf;Ff.

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 8. jfty; bjhlh;g[ Kiwapd; rhjd';fs; Ma;f.

 9. kd mGj;j nkyhz;ik gw;wp xU fl;Liu tiuf.

10. Tl;Lg;ngu etPd nfhl;ghLfis tpthpf;f.


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