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									 South Holland District Council

Affordable Housing Delivery Plan

         February 2007

1.     POLICY

This is the Affordable Housing Delivery Plan for South Holland District Council. This Plan supports our main priority in the Housing
Strategy and the planning policies on affordable housing. There is a strong emphasis on providing more affordable housing in the
Community Plan, the Council‟s Corporate Plan and the Local Plan. More details on these are included in the Housing Strategy.

The Council‟s Housing Needs Survey Update 2004 shows a need for an additional 269 affordable homes a year to meet present needs.
There is a shortfall in every part of the district. It shows that new low cost housing, unless subsidised in some way, will not meet any part of
that annual need for affordable homes.

Contributing to the provision of affordable housing is a council-wide issue and our top priority. It can be provided for through the planning
process working together with a robust housing strategy. The Council‟s Housing Strategy and Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)
on Affordable Housing are available on the website, The affordable housing planning policy works through a wide
range of measures, including exception sites and provision by developers and was responsible for 28 of the 35 affordable homes delivered
during 2005/06 and all 69 in the nine months April-December 2006.

Unfortunately, it is not physically possible to meet the entire need of 269 additional affordable homes per year, as paragraphs 1.9.3 of the
Housing Needs Survey 2003 and 4.49 of the Local Plan show. The Council has a Local Plan monitoring target of 67 affordable homes a
year, averaged across the period 2004-2021, which is based on sites covered by the Council‟s affordable housing planning policy
containing one-third affordable housing. This does not allow for wholly affordable developments or exception sites. The Council‟s overall
target for affordable housing development is for 100 affordable homes per year, which allows for some wholly affordable developments,
exception sites and some fluctuations due to funding and housing markets. We aim to exceed this target wherever possible to maximise
the amount of housing need which can be met.

Description          Priority   Lead role        Resource            Target           Measurement        Milestones       Progress:

Revise Affordable    Medium     Housing          Production of       31/7/06          Production of                       Achieved
Housing Delivery                Strategy         document will                        document
Plan                            Manager          involve staff
                                                 time. Document                       Document
                                                 Action Plan will                     contains its own
                                                 involve further                      Action Plan
                                                 resources, many
                                                 already included
                                                 in Housing

Description           Priority   Lead role      Resource           Target           Measurement       Milestones       Progress:

Introduce             High       Head of        N/A                Adoption of      Response to       Adoption of      Local Plan
affordable policy                Planning &                        Local Plan in    consultation      Local Plan       policy requiring
within new                       Development                       July 2006.                         under            developers to
Local Plan or                                                                       Outcome of        transitional     provide one-
Local                                                              Consultation     Local Plan        arrangements     third affordable
Development                                                        draft of         Inquiry           – 2006           homes on sites
Framework (LDF)                                                    the Supple-                                         of three or more
                                                                   mentary                                             homes adopted.
                                                                   Document on
                                                                   Housing to be
                                                                   produced by
                                                                   July 2007.


Information identifying the need for affordable housing is gathered from a variety of sources. The Housing Needs Survey 2003 and its 2004
Update are the main source of information on needs in different sub-areas of the District. Sometimes this can be supplemented with other
data, such as the examples below.

        The housing register (waiting list) which can be a useful cross-reference, particularly for smaller villages.
        Information from various agencies on housing for people with special needs.
        The Land Registry data on house prices and local information on private sector rents.
        Information on incomes.
        The Housing Market Assessment (when available).
        The Settlement Services and Sustainability Index provides one way of identifying the communities in which affordable housing
         development is likely to be suitable.
        Information from local village surveys.
        Census data.

The Housing Needs Survey 2003 and its 2004 Update are available on the Council‟s website,        A table showing
housing needs in South Holland is attached in Appendix 1.
Description          Priority   Lead role      Resource           Target           Measurement       Milestones       Progress:

Maintaining robust   High       Proposed       Milestone: only    Full Housing     Progress          Commission       Consultants
and up-to-date                  Peterborough   staff time         Market           toward interim    work by          chosen
needs information               sub-area       Target: needs      Assessment       and final         31/1/07.
                                housing        costing &          for              documents by                       Contracts and
                                market         consideration.     Peterborough     region &                           finance
                                assessment                        sub-region–      proposed                           agreements
                                consortium.    GO-EM to ring-     31/11/07.        consortium,                        being drawn up
                                               fence funding to                    availability of
                                               support                             funding.                           Research
                                               research.                                                              expected to
                                                                                                                      start February
                                               from other
                                               partners not yet

The Council is particularly aware of the need for social rented housing, although it may sometimes be appropriate to provide some
affordable housing through Low Cost Home Ownership (LCHO) initiatives.


The Council‟s priorities for affordable housing development are set out in the table below. These can be provided either as rented or
shared equity housing depending on the local need. Nevertheless, we will look at all proposals and consider them on their merits.

Location and accommodation priorities for Affordable Housing in South Holland

                          Spalding          Holbeach       Long         Crowland     Sutton     Pinchbeck    Sustainable
                                                          Sutton                     Bridge                   Villages
         2 bed flat                                                                            
     2 bed bungalow                                                     
       2 bed house                                                                                          
       3 bed house                                                                                          

The Council‟s planning policies focus development on the larger, more sustainable settlements whilst still enabling affordable housing to be
built in villages where appropriate to meet local needs.

Delivery of housing with support services is covered by the Housing Strategy and the Supporting People Strategy for Lincolnshire.

Description           Priority       Lead role       Resource            Target           Measurement       Milestones       Progress:

Prioritise the new    High           Housing         Primarily           Deliver as       Number of new     31/3 each        Revised policies
build of 2 and 3                     Strategy        Housing             many             affordable        year             in Housing
bedroom general                      Manager         Corporation         affordable       homes             – ensure Hsg     Strategy 2006-
needs housing                                        grant, resources    homes as                           Corp grant for   11 and new
within the                                           from developers     possibly by                        previous year    affordable
Spalding area and                                    and land sales      31/3/09 using                      delivered.       homes shown in
encourage                                            and staff time.     delivery                           Other targets    Section 8.
increased                                                                methods set                        in planning
provision for                                                            out in the                         policy and       On-going work
single persons.                                                          Affordable                         Affordable       on delivery.
                                                                         Housing                            Housing
                                                                         Delivery Plan.                     Delivery Plan.


The Council has an exceptions policy for affordable housing. This is used:
    to allow appropriate development of affordable housing outside the defined settlement limits of sustainable communities (usually
    to allow affordable housing to be developed on appropriate sites within sustainable villages and small towns, where the sites are
      suitable for housing but would not normally be developed due to the constraint on overall housing numbers.

This policy has allowed for the following village schemes to be completed since January 2006:

Six House Bank, West Pinchbeck                6 RSL houses for rent (outside the defined settlement limit)
High Street, Gosberton                        2 Council houses for rent (greenfield site within village)
Cowley‟s Road, Donington                      14 RSL bungalows and houses for rent (greenfield site within village)
Baulkins Drove, Sutton St. James              8 private houses for sale at 80% market value (outside the defined settlement limit)
TOTAL                                         30

The Council is working pro-actively with a range of organisations and individuals to meet housing need in villages.

        We are working with Parish Councils in Cowbit, Lutton, Moulton, Pinchbeck and Whaplode to bring forward sites.
        We are liaising with Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association and Pinchbeck Parish Council over a project including a local housing
         needs survey by the Community Council of Lincolnshire.
        We are liaising with Moulton Parish Council about using the results from their Parish Plan to inform affordable housing development.
        The Council‟s Housing Strategy Team uses the Housing Needs Survey, housing register applications and Census data for desktop
         assessments of local housing need for other villages.
        We provide planning and affordable housing advice to rural landowners.
        We are proactively identifying potential sites in villages and have recently increased the staff time devoted to this by our Housing
         Strategy team.
        We make use of Council-owned land, including surplus garden land, to increase opportunities in villages.
        A recent change in planning policy means that some affordable housing schemes in villages, on small in-fill brownfield sites within
         the defined settlement limits, can now be developed using „ordinary‟ rather than exceptional planning consents.
        We encourage and support local promotion of affordable housing schemes, including village exhibitions.
        We will, where appropriate, buy land to facilitate affordable housing, to be developed either by the Council or another affordable
         housing provider.

Description            Priority   Lead role       Resource           Target        Measurement        Milestones      Progress:

A pilot rural          Medium     SHDC,           To be confirmed    Compete by    Completion of                      The Community
housing survey                    working with    when project       31 December   survey                             Council of
will be conducted                 partners        scoped             2007                                             Lincolnshire is
in a typical village                                                                                                  conducting a
to establish needs                                                                                                    survey in
Monitor progress       Medium     Housing         No additional      Complete by   Completion of                      Increased
of rural housing                  Strategy team   resources          31 December   examination of                     Housing
survey and                                        needed for         2007          options.                           Strategy team
examine a range                                   monitoring and                                                      time is being
of methods of                                     examination, but                                                    allocated to
enabling rural                                    additional grant                                                    enabling rural
developments.                                     aid or staff                                                        housing.
                                                  likely to be
                                                  required for
Obtain update          High       SHDC,           Wider HMA                        Analysis of data   Draft Stage 1   Consultants
information of                    working with    project will                     collected          HMA report      chosen
rural housing                     partners        receive up to                    extrapolated to    due in Spring
needs from the                                    £50,000 from                     local level.       2007.           Contracts and
Housing Market                                    South Holland,                                                      finance
Assessment                                        including                                                           agreements
(HMA).                                            £25,000 funding                                                     being drawn up
                                                  from GO-EM.
                                                                                                                      expected to
                                                                                                                      start February

Description            Priority   Lead role       Resource           Target          Measurement       Milestones      Progress:

Earmark Council-       Medium     Housing         Staff time,        Earmark one     Land                              Negotiations
owned land for an                 Strategy team   fencing and        site by March   assembled and                     have made
exception site                    and Property    compensation       2007            available for                     good progress
                                  team            payments to any                    use, subject to                   regarding land
                                                  tenants who                        planning and                      in a village.
                                                  agree to smaller                   funding
                                                  gardens.                           constraints.
Aim to have            High       Housing         Officer time,      Two sites to    Grant of          One sites to    Constructive
further two sites                 Strategy team   Fees for           receive         consent           receive         pre-application
outside the                       (development    planning           consent by 31                     consent by 30   discussions on
defined settlement                control         applicant          December                          September       a number of
limit (regardless of              process will                       2007                              2007.           sites.
ownership) to                     be as normal)
receive planning


We have 3,953 council-owned properties in South Holland and 537 rented RSL properties. There were 1,862 people on the housing
register. In 2005/06, there were 312 new lettings.

The Council is using developers‟ contributions through the planning system to provide new Council houses. This is cost-effective because
the Council already owns the land and can obtain competitive prices from contactors for good quality properties on small sites.

The table below provides information on the funding of properties constructed by the Council. More information on construction by the
Council is provided in the „Delivery and Progress‟ section.

                                             2005-06       2006-07       2007-08    2008-09    2009-10       2010-11       2011-12
Funding Available:
HRA land sales (earmarked)
Brought forward                               116,618       180,968       180,968    180,968     47,156                -             -
In year sales (50%)                            64,350             -             -          -          -                -             -
Brought forward                               187,099       183,686       558,018     61,778             -             -             -
Alison Homes - Holbeach Road                   53,709
Alison Homes - Harlequin Drive                 98,664
Lincolnshire Developments – Ayscough Ave       76,000
Cley (Developments) - Park Road                              80,000
Chrysalis Homes - Station Road                               20,000
Wright & Boyden - Crown Hotel                                60,000
McCarthy & Stone - Pinchbeck Road                           380,000
Sovereign Homes - Queens Road                               225,000
Sovereign Homes - Hallgate                                   46,682
Castle Building - Broadgate                                 200,000
Future S.106 agreements                                                    33,410    233,410    233,410       233,410       233,410
Sub-total                                     596,440      1,376,336      772,396    476,156    280,566       233,410       233,410
Gosberton                                    -121,368
Spalding                                     -110,101
Sutton St James - Baulkins Drove                 -317       -180,000
Spalding - Lansdowne Court                                  -198,600
Weston - Delgate Avenue                                      -23,500      -70,500
Pinchbeck - Glen Avenue                                     -212,000     -132,400
Spalding - Thames Road                                       -23,250     -131,750
Future Capital Schemes                                                   -195,000   -429,000   -314,600      -346,060      -380,666
Sub-total                                     364,654       738,986       242,746     47,156    -34,034      -112,650      -147,256
Affordable Housing Reserve                          -             -             -          -     34,034       112,650        98,316
Other sources of funding - RTB receipts?            -             -             -          -          -             -        48,940
Balance Carried Forward                       364,654       738,986       242,746     47,156          -             -             -

Affordable Housing Reserve:
Maintenance                                            -             -     11,000     11,000     11,000        11,000        11,000
Capital                                                -             -     49,000     49,000     49,000        49,000        49,000
Total                                                  -             -     60,000     60,000     60,000        60,000        60,000

Affordable housing reserve-capital balance             -             -     49,000     98,000    112,966        49,316                -

Description          Priority   Lead role     Resource           Target          Measurement      Milestones      Progress:

Strategy for         High       Housing       Production of      March 2006      Production of    Adoption of a   Local Plan and
developing                      Strategy      document is                        document         revised SPG     Supplementary
affordable                      Manager       contained within                                    by Cabinet in   Planning
housing through                               existing                           Document will    September       Guidance
commuted sums                                 budgets.                           set principles   2005            adopted.
from developers                               Document will                      that can
                                              outline key                        themselves be                    Strategy will be
                                              principles for                     monitored                        established by a
                                              capital                                                             capital bid up to
                                              investment                                                          2011/12 in our
                                                                                                                  own Winter
                                                                                                                  2006 budget
Develop              High       Head of       Methodology will   March 2007      Production of                    Prudential
methodology for                 Finance       include costings                   methodology                      borrowing
prudential                                    for                                                                 implications for
borrowing by the                              implementation.                                                     construction
Council to help to                                                                                                from 2008/09
fund new council                                                                                                  onwards
houses                                                                                                            currently being
Building new         High       Head of                          Target:: 4                                       4 properties
council houses for              Housing and                      properties                                       completed, with
homeless                        Property                         erected by                                       18 more starting
households                                                       31/3/06;                                         in 2006/07.
                                                                 target for                                       Future
                                                                 following                                        programme
                                                                 years to be                                      being
                                                                 set during                                       considered as
                                                                 Winter 2006                                      part of Winter
                                                                 budget round.                                    2006 budget


The Council can only provide a limited number of properties through its own new construction. We are keen to work with a range of
partners to maximise the supply of affordable housing. Supply of affordable housing can be subsidised by Housing Corporation grants,
charities, discounted land and through assistance from developers.

The Affordable Housing SPG provides a technical appendix which contains examples of conditions and s106 planning obligations, which
may be useful for all partners. It is available on the Council‟s website,

Information on housing for people with special needs and the Council‟s partnership working in this area is in the Housing Strategy and the
Supporting People Strategy for Lincolnshire.

Description         Priority   Lead role       Resource            Target           Measurement       Milestones       Progress:

Develop an Empty    Medium     Head of         Production of       April 2006       Production of                      Achieved
Homes Strategy                 Community       document can                         document
                               and             be incorporated
                               Neighbour-      within existing                      Document will
                               hood Services   budgets –                            contain further
                                               mainly staff time                    targets for
                                               and minor office                     monitoring
                                               and printing

                                               Empty Property
                                               Strategy may
                                               identify further


We will continue to work with registered social landlords (RSLs) to deliver schemes already approved and to work up new schemes using
Housing Corporation or developer funding. We are assisting RSLs with delivery through:

          maintaining up-to-date needs information and lobbying the Housing Corporation regarding high housing need in the south of
          planning policies which encourage affordable housing development
          regular liaison with development staff
          contact with Parish Councils
          sale of land with 100% nomination rights for new tenancies, where the land is not needed by the Council.

More information on RSL development is provided in the „Delivery and Progress‟ section.

Description         Priority   Lead role      Resource             Target         Measurement       Milestones      Progress:

Deliver the         High       SHDC,          SHDC staff time,     Deliver 100%   Delivery of                       Funding
Housing                        working with   capital              of approved    approved                          announced of
Corporation                    partners       resources from       projects       projects                          £3.4 million for
funding                                       RSLs and                                                              93 affordable
programme for                                 Housing                                                               homes
Affordable                                    Corporation
Housing for 2006-


The Council seeks to maximise affordable housing provision through the planning process. The Council negotiates with developers to
reach s106 agreements to provide affordable housing as part of new housing developments.

The Supplementary Planning Guidance provides information on:

          the Council‟s affordable housing requirement
          definitions of key terms, such as „affordable‟
          models of delivery mechanisms for affordable housing.

Developers can provide new homes in a number of ways, and these are the preferred mechanisms:
          Homes for rent to social landlords
           Developers may wish transfer dwellings on new developments to social landlords which may include the Council. The social
           landlords will own these properties and rent them to households on the housing register (waiting list).

          Homes for shared equity – by RSLs
           Developers may wish transfer new dwellings on new developments to RSLs. The RSL will sell part of the equity of these
           properties to eligible applicants.

          Homes for shared equity – by developers
           Developers may wish to have their own shared equity scheme, available to eligible local people. We will continue to lobby the
           Government for a realistic model which enables developers in rural areas to access Social Housing Grant directly from the
           Housing Corporation.

          Discounted housing for sale

           Developers may sell the freehold of properties at 80% of the market value to eligible local people. Each purchaser has to sign
           an agreement directly with the Council stating that they will only sell the property on to someone who is also an eligible local
           person, who in turn must also sign an agreement directly with the Council.

          Homes for rent by the developer
           The developer retains ownership of new homes and rents them to local households at affordable rents, possibly with the Council
           or another social landlord as managing agent. We will continue to lobby the Government for a realistic model which enables
           developers in rural areas to access Social Housing Grant directly from the Housing Corporation.

In 2005/06, 16 of the 35 affordable houses provided were due to the Council requiring private developers to make provision for affordable
housing when open market housing was being developed. In 2006/07, we estimate the figure to be 69 out of 141.

Description          Priority   Lead role       Resource            Target           Measurement        Milestones   Progress:

Completion of the    Medium     SHDC,           Houses sold         Deliver first    Completion of                   9 properties
District‟s first                working with    outright at 80%     properties by    properties                      completed and
discounted                      partners        of market value     31 December                                      3 others under
housing for                                     – no                2007                                             construction.
outright sale                                   contributions
properties.                                     from SHDC.

The private sector can also help to deliver a range of the Affordable Housing Delivery Plan‟s other targets.


Since April 2005, the Council and its partners have been successful with the following:

             producing a revised Housing Strategy, covering the period 2006-11, which has been awarded „fit-for-purpose‟ status
             working with RSLs to bid for funding from the Housing Corporation (which led to the Housing Corporation announcing funding of
              £3.4 million for 93 affordable homes in South Holland during 2006-08)
             producing revised drafts of the Local Plan affordable housing policy
             publishing revised Supplementary Planning Guidance
             participating in the Local Plan Inquiry process
             achieving the adoption of Affordable Housing planning policy with one of the lowest thresholds in the country.

The table below outlines the delivery of affordable housing in recent years.

           Financial year              Number of additional affordable homes provided
                                                                                          RSL-shared       (including
                                           Council properties       RSL-rented                                               TOTAL
                                                                                            equity     open market
           1998/99                     2                        27                    22               0                51
           1999/00                     0                        28                    9                0                37
           2000/01                     0                        36                    8                0                44
           2001/02                     0                        4                     0                1                5
           2002/03                     1                        20                    8                20               49
           2003/04                     0                        27                    0                0                27
           2004/05                     0                        9                     1                1                11
           2005/06                     4                        18                    7                6                35
           2006/7 estimated out-turn   7                        69                    41               24               141
           TOTAL                       14`                      238                   96               52               400

There are currently many schemes under construction, or about to begin construction, around the District. The table below lists the Council
and RSL developments that are due for completion during the two year period 2006-08.

   Developer             Scheme               Location       No. of properties       Type of             Public              Due for
                        Description                                                  property           funding            completion
SHDC                Baulkins Drove        Sutton St James    3 houses            All rented units   s106               March 2007
SHDC                Lansdowne Court       Spalding           6 flats             All rented units   s106               May 2007
SHDC                Delgate Avenue        Weston             2 houses            All rented units   s106               May 2007
SHDC                Glen Avenue           Pinchbeck          4 bungalows         All rented units   s106               March 2007
SHDC                Thames Road           Spalding           3 no. 1½ storey     All rented units   s106               June/July 2007
SHDC                Rear of Prince‟s      Sutton Bridge      3 houses            All rented units   s106/other         2007-2012
                    Street                                                                          receipts
SHDC                St Matthews Drive/    Sutton Bridge      2 non-OAP           All rented units   s106/other         2007-2012
                    Allenby‟s Chase                          bungalows           (housing register) receipts
SHDC                Low carbon            Long Sutton        5 units             All rented units   s106/other         2007-2012
                    demonstration                                                (housing register) receipts
SHDC                Bateman‟s Close       Gedney             3 houses            All rented units    s106/other        2007-2012
SHDC                Fulney Avenue         Spalding           2 houses            All rented units    s106/other        2007-2012
SHDC                Queen‟s Avenue        Spalding           2 houses            All rented units    s106/other        2007-2012
SHDC                Hall Hill Road        Holbeach           2 houses            All rented units    s106/other        2007-2012
SHDC                Delgate Avenue/       Weston             2 non-OAP           All rented units    s106/other        2007-2012
                    Small Drove                              bungalows                               receipts
Muir Group          Willow Close          Tydd St. Mary      11 houses           8 rented units      Hsg Corp 04-      Completed
                                                                                 3 shared equity     06 in-year bid
Boston Mayflower    Cowley‟s Road         Donington          8 bungalows and     All rented units    Hsg Corp 04-      Completed
                                                             6 houses                                06 main round
Boston Mayflower    Taverner‟s Mews       Long Sutton        5 houses            All shared equity   Not applicable    Completed
Longhurst Homes     Wygate Park           Spalding           18 houses           12 rented units     Hsg Corp 04-      Completed
                    (Wintergold Ave.)                                            6 shared equity     06 in-year bid
Longhurst Homes     Wygate Park South     Spalding           16 units            All rented          Hsg Corp 06-      12 units complete,
                    (phase 2)                                                                        08 main round     4 due March 2007

   Developer           Scheme             Location   No. of properties       Type of              Public           Due for
                      Description                                            property            funding         completion
Longhurst Homes    Wygate Park South   Spalding      17 units            14 rented units     Hsg Corp 06-     During 2007/08
                   (phase 3)                                             3 homebuy           08 main round
Longhurst Homes    Pinchbeck Road      Spalding      5 houses            All shared equity   Hsg Corp 04-     Completed
                                                                                             06 in-year bid
Longhurst Homes    St. Thomas‟ Road    Spalding      60 houses           30 rented units     Hsg Corp 04-     March/April 2007
                                                                         30 shared equity    06 main round
Longhurst Homes    Wignal‟s Gate       Holbeach      5 units             3 rented units      Hsg Corp 06-     Complete
                                                                         2 homebuy           08 main round
Longhurst Homes    Double Street       Spalding      8 units             2 rented            Hsg Corp 06-     During 2007/08
                                                                         6 homebuy           08 main round
Longhurst Homes    Hallgate            Holbeach      12 units            8 rented units      Hsg Corp 06-     During 2007/08
                                                                         4 homebuy           08 main round
Eastern Shires     Flaxmill Lane       Pinchbeck     26 houses           16 rented units     Hsg Corp 06-     During 2007/08
Group                                                                    10 homebuy          08 main round
Boston Mayflower   Trafalgar Square    Long Sutton   4 houses            2 rented            Hsg Corp 06-     Completed
                                                                         2 homebuy           08 main round
S&S                St Thomas Road      Spalding      2 Flats             All Discounted      Private          March 2007
Developments                                                             for Sale            developer
Broadgate          West End Cold       Spalding      24 units            8 rented, 10        Private          8 rented
                   Stores                                                shared equity, 6    developer        completed, 3
                                                                         low cost market                      shared ownership
                                                                                                              complete, 7 nearing
                                                                                                              6 low cost market
                                                                                                              due 2007/8

Description        Priority   Lead role   Resource         Target           Measurement    Milestones   Progress:

Number of          High       Housing     Shown in the     Achieve          Counting of                 69 completed
affordable homes              Strategy    “Resources”      estimate of      properties                  up to quarter 3,
completed during              Manager     section of the   105 affordable   completed in                another 72
the year                                  Housing          homes during     2006/07                     excepted in
                                          Strategy         2006/07                                      quarter 4, total
                                                                                                        for the year
                                                                                                        06/07 141
                                                                                                        (estimated out-


Overall delivery of affordable housing
The overall delivery of affordable housing is monitored through the Corporate Health Performance Indicator CHPI 25. This is reported
quarterly to Councillors. It is monitored monthly by the Affordable Housing Working Group and the Leaders‟ briefings on affordable housing.

The Action Plan of the Affordable Housing Delivery Plan is monitored by the Affordable Housing Working Group.

Monitoring delivery through planning policy
This is monitored through regular progress reports on section 106 funding to the Corporate Management Team with designated Officers
responsible for collection of funds and project delivery. Overall delivery through planning policy is monitored through the Annual
Monitoring Report on planning delivery which is approved by Cabinet and the monthly reports on affordable housing made to the Leader.

Use of the Council’s assets
The Asset Management Group assesses the use of the Council‟s land and buildings, regardless of whether they are held in the Housing
Revenue Account or the General Fund. It aims to ensure that our assets are used in the most effective way, which may include the use of
surplus land for new affordable housing. The Affordable Housing Working Group moves forward proposals for development on the
Council‟s own land. The Capital Programme Group prioritises the capital resources available. It ensures that affordable housing
proposals are compared on a rational basis with other areas of potential capital expenditure. The Capital Programme Group and Cabinet
both monitor delivery on a regular basis.

The Affordable Housing Delivery Plan will be reviewed regularly by the Affordable Housing Working Group.

We look forward to a Community Housing Inspection by the Audit Commission, scheduled for Spring 2007.

                                                                                                                           APPENDIX 1

                                                                                                                Total        Total
                                                                                                              shortfall   affordable
                                                                   2 bed      2 bed     2 bed    3 bed         before          –
                                                                    flat    bungalow    house    house          new       estimated
                                                                                                             provisions   provision
Spalding (main town)                                                346       208        334      259          1147           191
Holbeach (area centre)                                              93        88         74       101          356             24
Long Sutton (area centre) (also includes Lutton, Tydd St Mary
                                                                    31         82        133       80           326          35
and South Holland part of Tydd Gote)
Crowland (area centre)                                              27        40          36        8           111           1
Sutton Bridge (area centre)                                          8        29*         42       22           101           9
Pinchbeck East (group centre prioritised for affordable housing)
Deeping St Nicholas (group centre)                                      8      35        121       50           214           6
(also includes West Pinchbeck and Tongue End)
Moulton Chapel (group centre)
                                                                    13        12*         22       15           52            0
Cowbit (group centre) (also includes Weston Hills)
Whaplode Village (group centre prioritised for affordable
Weston Village (group centre)                                       28        46*         47       32           153           2
Moulton Village (group centre) (also includes Moulton Seas
End, Saracen‟s Head, Holbeach Clough and Holbeach Bank)
Sutton St James (group centre) (also includes Holbeach St
                                                                        3      8*         1         7           19            8
Fleet Hargate (group centre) (also includes Fleet Church End,
                                                                        3     27*         1        10           41            0
Gedney Church End, Gedney Black Lion & Gedney Dyke)
Gedney Hill (group centre) (also includes Sutton St Edmund,
Throckenholt, Shepeau Stow, Whaplode Drove & Holbeach                   5     12*         2        14           33            0
Donington (area centre) (including Quadring Parish, Gosberton
Parish & Surfleet Parish)                                           49         31         60       40           180          19
Gosberton Village (group centre)
Other rural settlements not included above (provision only on
                                                                              Varies according to location                    0
an exceptional basis and if sustainable)

Figures are derived from the Supply/Demand Analysis of our Housing Need Survey 2003 and the 2004 update, except:
        figures marked with an asterisk (*) from the Council‟s housing register (waiting list) have been used to demonstrate localised
           need in some cases
        the shortfall for 1 bed flats, 1 bed houses and 2 bed flats have been aggregated, as the Council‟s Housing Strategy states that
           the sustainable way to meet these needs is through the provision of 2 bed flats.


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