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									School of Business OIP TRIP TIMELINE

                     WHAT IS TO BE DONE                                                               BY WHOM IT IS TO BE DONE

PRIOR TO             Complete course registration form for travel study courses, get proper
TRAVEL               signatures, and turn in to Julie Beall-Marshall's office.                        OIP Director and Cyndi Peterson

TRAVEL               Recruit faculty trip leaders.                                                    OIP Director
                     Confirm faculty appointments with Dean.                                          OIP Director

                     Decide basic itinerary, find basic costs to set course fee. (Please note that
                     the trip leader is responsible for the trip budget throughout the preparations
                     for the trip, the trip itself, and reconciliation of accounts after the trip.)   Trip Leader
                                                                                                      Trip Leader (confirm appropriate room availability
                     Select a room and time for pretrip class sessions.                               with Norris Manning)

TRAVEL               Ask Cyndi to post the student coordinator job.                                   Trip Leader
                     Post student coordinator job.                                                    Cyndi Peterson
                     Recruit student coordinator.                                                     Trip Leader
                     Decide when the pre-trip meetings/classes will be held.                          Trip Leader
                     Course will be listed in catalogue.                                              Norris Manning
                     Prepare handouts and PPT for class presentations.                                Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                     Create schedule, visit classes, and hold info sessions.                          Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                     Complete syllabus and trip schedule.                                             Trip Leader
                     Contact alumni at travel site for meeting.                                       Trip Leader
                     Promote trip and collect applications. If any checks are received, take them
                     to the International Programs Office within 24 to 48 hours of receipt.(Bursar
                     regulations state that checks must be cashed at the Bursar within a day of
                     being written.)                                                                  Trip Leader/Student Coordinator

7/11/2011, 9:38 AM                                                            Page 1                                              Office of International Programs
ABOUT 5              Preferred deadline for financial aid applications if students are applying for
MONTHS               government loans. In order to get any government loan, the student must
PRIOR TO             have a FAFSA on file, which is a process that takes about two months.
TRAVEL               Following completion of the FAFSA                                                No action needed --just FYI

PRIOR TO             Verify if visa is needed for the country of travel, and if so, the necessary
TRAVEL               steps to obtain the visa in sufficient time before trip departure.               All internationals who participate in travel study

                     Close applications for both the travel study course and the competitive travel
                     award -- application deadlines for both should be on the same day.             Trip Leader
                     Instruct students to apply for their passport at least 15 weeks before trip
                     departure.                                                                     Trip Leader and Student Coordinator

TRAVEL               Decide whether trip will go.                                                     Trip Leader and OIP Director
                     Tell Dawn Munsey if trip will go.                                                Cyndi Peterson
                     Be sure all deposits are submitted and turned in to OIP upon receipt.            Trip Leader
                     Choose successful applicants.                                                    Trip Leader
                     Create a spreadsheet of participants and send to Cyndi and to Trip Leader.       Student Coordinator
                     Give original trip applications to Julie in MUC 2053. Keep a copy for trip
                     leader records.                                                                  Student Coordinator
                     Notify Trip Leader if potential participants have any violations of the
                     conduct code on record with Student Affairs.                                     Julie Beall-Marshall
                     Final deadline for students to apply for government loans through financial
                     aid.                                                                             no action needed -- just FYI

AFTER         Send spreadsheet of selected participants to Diane Schaefer, indicating the
APPLIC. CLOSE course/semester students should be registered for.                                      Trip Leader
              Register students for the class.                                                        Diane Schaefer
              Return deposit to applicants not accepted.                                              OIP and Rose

7/11/2011, 9:38 AM                                                            Page 2                                                 Office of International Programs
                     Notify accounting GA to set up a payment spreadsheet with names of the
                     students enrolled in the course.                                                Cyndi Peterson
                                                                                                     Should happen automatically - please let us know if it
                     Process fee waiver for all enrolled students.                                   does not.
                     Complete form requesting $200 in assistance from Nobby's office for each
                     participating student, with the exception of the Student Coordinator. Submit
                     the request to Julie.                                                           Cyndi Peterson
                     Meet with Cyndi to discuss paperwork students must turn in prior to
                     departure. (Paperwork must be turned in 6 weeks prior to departure and is
                     normally done at first pret-tip class session.)                                 Student Coordinator
                     As soon as Julie approves students for $200 from Nobby's office, notify
                     qualified students and the accounting GA that their payments will be
                     reduced by $200.                                                                Cyndi Peterson/Trip Leader
                     Notify Tracy Wall in financial aid of the $200 received from Nobby's office
                     for qualifying students.                                                        Cyndi Peterson

DECIDED              Choose successful travel award applicants.                                      Trip Leader and OIP
                     Notify accounting GA of travel award recipients and amounts so the
                     payment spreadsheet can be updated. Also, notify students who are
                     receiving awards that the amount they should pay for the trip has been
                     reduced                                                                         Cyndi Peterson
                     Notify Tracy Wall in financial aid of the CTA amounts for qualifying
                     students.                                                                       Cyndi Peterson
                     If it is necessary to issue any refund checks for CTAs (a situation we try to
                     avoid), notify Rose McNaughton and give her each recipient's name and
                     address so that she can process awards.                                         Cyndi Peterson
                     Apply for passport (if necessary).                                              Trip Leader and students
                     Ask students to confirm the date on which they applied for passport.            Student Coordinator or Trip Leader
                     Book flights and make hotel reservations.                                       Trip Leader
                     Purchase any pre-purchasable tickets - i.e. for museums, theaters.              Trip Leader
                     Check participant schedules and adjust pretrip class meeting times, if
                     desired.                                                                        Student Coordinator/Trip Leader
                     Confirm suitable room availability with Norris Manning, if you have not
                     done so already.                                                                Trip Leader
                     Confirm location, date, and time for pretrip class meetings with all trip
                     participants.                                                                   Trip Leader

7/11/2011, 9:38 AM                                                           Page 3                                               Office of International Programs
                     Notify Dawn Munsey of the location, date, and time of pretrip class
                     meetings.                                                                       Trip Leader
                                                                                                     For most trips -- Any internationals who are going
                                                                                                     on trips. (Both Trip Leader and OIP should remind
                                                                                                     international students.) For China -- Tom Lavallee
                     Apply for a visa, if necessary.                                                 handles visa applications for everyone.
                     Collect balance payments. (Please turn in payments as soon as they are
                     received.)                                                                      Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                     Students who need to drop off checks in the Dean's suite can be instructed to
                     give them to Cheryl Watson at the front desk.                                   Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                     Finish course packs, order/purchase gifts, assign roommates.                    Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                     Inform Cyndi of any new information that should be posted on the course
                     website.                                                                        Trip Leader
                     Update OIP/course web site.                                                     OIP Grad Asst

2 MONTHS to 1
TO            Recommended for first class session: Hold travel info/health info session.
DEPARTURE     Julie may be invited to explain ISIC info to your group.                               Trip Leader

                     Recommended for first class session: Have students sign a participation
                     agreement, medical info form, and photo release. Check forms for                Normally handled by Student Coordinator and/or OIP
                     completeness and turn in to Cyndi at least 6 weeks prior to travel.             in a pretrip class session.
                     Collect copies of passports and ISIC from all participants.                     Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                                                                                                     Cyndi -- get tickets which can be purchased with a
                                                                                                     credit card. Rose-- if tickets must be purchased by
                     Send official passport names and payment to travel agent or airline.            check.
                     Confirm field-trip visits and meeting with alumni.                              Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                     Notify the US Dept of State of where the group will be and who will be on
                     the trip (This must be done AFTER all trip participants have submitted their
                     passports.)                                                                  Student Coordinator
                     Verify health issues with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
                     website: www.cdc.gov. Keep Trip Leader informed of any findings.             Student Coordinator
                     Notify students going on trips that they can get information regarding the
                     country they are visiting from the US Department of State Country Notes,
                     the Centers for Disease Control, and executiveplanet.com.                    Trip Leader

7/11/2011, 9:38 AM                                                          Page 4                                               Office of International Programs
                     Give all students the SIUE safety information for OC Travel and discuss it

                     with them. (Cyndi Peterson can forward you this info.)                            Trip Leader
                     Have students sign an emergency medical information sheet. The trip leader
                     keeps the original and should carry it on the trip, and copies are given to
                     Cyndi and Julie for their files.                                                  Student Coordinator
                     Check first aid kit and ask Cyndi to purchase additional supplies, if
                     necessary.                                                                        Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                     Order cell phone if neccesary.                                                    Trip Leader and Student Coordinator

WORKING              Students can apply for parent or private loans: If students do not want
WEEKS PRIOR          government loans, but are interested in private or parent loans, both of
TO                   which are likely to carry a higher interest rate than government loans, the
DEPARTURE            deadline for application may be mo

DEPARTURE            Prepare travel logistics plan for distribution.                                   Student Coordinator
                     Prepare course eval form for last day of trip.                                    Student Coordinator
                     Re-confirm field trip visits and meeting with alumni.                             Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                     Distribute emergency phone numbers to students. Prepare list of emergency
                     phone numbers to take on trip.                                                    Trip Leader/Cyndi Peterson
                     Verify that all students have their passports, and if not, instruct them to
                     contact the Department of State and check on their application immediately.       Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                     Post-Trip evaluations can be found at the following link:
                     oc It can be useful to ask students to review the evaluations prior to the trip
                     so they can make mental notes of things they                                      Trip Leader

                     Be sure to take a lot of photos and video (if possible). This can be used to
DURING TRIP          market future trips.                                                              Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                     Carry first aid kit, as well as photocopies of the emergency medical
                     information sheets and passports.                                                 Student Coordinator

7/11/2011, 9:38 AM                                                           Page 5                                                 Office of International Programs
                     Those students receiving $200 from Nobby should be encouraged to send
                     him a thank-you post card from the site of travel.                            Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
                     Nobby's Address: Narbeth Emmanuel, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs         all students who received money from the VCSA's
                     at SIUE; Campus Box 1058; Edwardsville, Illinois 62026 -- 1058                office
                     Some trip leaders prefer to ask students to complete post trip evaluations
                     during the flight home. This is not required, just a suggestion. ( Evaluations
                     must be completed within three weeks of return, as noted below.)               Trip Leader

RETURN      Process receipts from trip.                                                            Trip Leader, Rose, and OIP Director
            Hold follow-up class, as scheduled.                                                    Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
            Have students complete standard post-travel study course evaluation, which
            is available on the OIP website. Analyze course evals and communicate to
            OIP.                                                                                   Trip Leader and Student Coordinator
            Finish and balance trip sub-account in 4-account.                                      OIP Grad Asst and OIP Director
            Write thank you notes and/or follow up letters to any personal contacts that
            will be used again.                                                                    Trip Leader, Student Coordinator, and/or Students
            Send an email to personal contacts who will be used again just to keep in
            touch and make sure there have been no changes in the contacts' job status.            Trip Leader

AID NOTES:           *No FAFSA is available for private or parent loans.
                     *A better rate and a possibility of getting a loan is better with FAFSA.
                     *In order to receive financial aid in the summer, students must be enrolled
                     in a minimum of 6 credit hours.
                     *Contact Tracy Wall at 650-3890 for more information.

FORMS from
Ron Schaefer's       *Please see the website www.siue.edu/international/octravel/forms.shtml to
office ONLINE        view necessary documents online.

7/11/2011, 9:38 AM                                                          Page 6                                             Office of International Programs
INFO from OIP        http://www.siue.edu/BUSINESS/internationalprograms/resourcesforfaculty.h
ONLINE               tm

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