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									                                   Tiny Toes Childcare
                                           Accepting children between the ages:
                                                        0 – 9 years

                                              Updated: August 08, 2009

        Tiny Toes Childcare is dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, and educational experience
during your child’s stay. Activities are planned throughout the day to be mentally and physically
stimulating through interaction between other children in play and cooperation. This interaction will
teach them invaluable lessons in teamwork, actively caring for others, and socialization. Children
enrolled in our childcare program will be challenged through an age-appropriate curriculum to gear
them towards success when starting school. Examples are listed at the end of this packet.

Business Hours
        Tiny Toes Childcare’s doors are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM, a
holiday closing list is enclosed in your Parent Information folder. Your child must be picked up on time
every day; however, special conditions can be worked out with advance notice. If you have state
vouchers, they will list the hours of care which are covered under the subsidized plan. Any additional
time not covered by these vouchers will have to be paid by the parent and has to be approved of prior
to enrollment. Please refer to the payment schedule enclosed in your Parent Information folder.

Safe Arrival and Departure Procedures
        We ask that you bring your child into our home everyday so that any notices and the day’s
events can be discussed at will. If you have any questions, no matter how busy it may seem, we will take
the time to answer any you have. Please do not allow your child to enter or exit our home alone, even
school age children need to understand that proper supervision is key to everyone’s safety.

         If you want someone to pick up your child besides yourself, they must be on the emergency
THEMSELVES AND MATCHING IT TO THE RELEASE LIST. Proper identification is a photo state-issued ID,
your child will not be released without it. In the event of an emergency, we need advance notice of
whoever is coming to pick up your child with the above mentioned identification.

      1                              Tiny Toes Childcare - Policies
Registration and Fees
         We wish to sit down and have a meeting with you regarding all policies and fees to clarify any
and all questions. The contract and other papers we ask you to sign must be completed and in our
possession prior to your child starting in Tiny Toes Childcare. The only exception to this rule is the
notarized medical statement (which must be signed by child’s doctor), and immunization record must be
on file within ten (10) days of enrollment. Your child’s slot in Tiny Toes Childcare could be lost without
these important documents properly filled out and in our possession. Our policies on discipline will be in
your possession before enrollment. If there are any changes in our policy, you will receive a copy of the
new policy with thirty (30) days notice.

         All fees are due the Monday before child care is provided (Example 1). There will be no credits or
refunds given for any paid days your child does not attend or partially attend Tiny Toes Childcare. There
will be a late fee of $10.00 added to the total fee each day after payment was expected until all fees are
paid in full (Example 2). There is a non-refundable registration fee of $35.00 which is required on the day
your child is enrolled. The above registration fee also applies to the waiting list, should you wish to be
placed on it. If you wish to have your slot held for your child, the $35.00 registration fee and one (1)
weeks of fees are to be paid (Example 3) for in advance and your slot will be held for two (2) weeks. You
must give a written notice that you wish to withdraw your child from Tiny Toes Childcare; we must
receive this written notice two (2) weeks in advance of your withdraw date. There may be additional
fees, please review the fee schedule in your Parent Information folder.

Holiday and Vacations
      Tiny Toes Childcare will have all holiday and vacation closings posted in advance. Here is a
summarized list of holidays we will be closed for:

    •   New Years                                           •   Veteran’s Day
    •   Memorial Day                                        •   Thanksgiving
    •   Independence Day                                    •   Christmas Eve
    •   Labor Day                                           •   Christmas

        A detailed list with dates is in your Parent Information folder and will be posted inside the home
and on the website for your planning. Please ask any questions you may have.

         If severe weather is encountered during the operating hours, you may be called to pick up
children earlier if Tiny Toes Childcare closes early. This is for you, your child, and our safety. You will be
given ample time to make arrangements, through warnings of closure or childcare closure. If you are not
picking the child up yourself, the person picking up the child is required to be on the emergency release
list with proper identification.

        2                              Tiny Toes Childcare - Policies
Health and Safety
        To protect other children and ourselves in Tiny Toes Childcare, you must keep your child at
home if he / she shows any of these symptoms:

            •   Over a 100˚F temperature axillary, and/or 101˚ F orally
            •   Diarrhea
            •   Vomiting
            •   Unexplained rash
            •   Colored nasal discharge
            •   Conjunctivitis or discharge from eyes

        These conditions listed below are categorized as “Highly Contagious”, and should be reported as
soon as possible:

            •   Strep Throat
            •   Pin Worms
            •   Viral Infections
            •   Measles, Mumps, or Chicken Pox
            •   Scarlet Fever
            •   Head Lice

       A doctor’s note (with a valid phone number for verification) is required that states your child has
been symptom free for twenty-four (24) hours prior to the child’s return to Tiny Toes Childcare.

        Any child that becomes sick while in our care will be tended to in the utmost care. You, or in
case you cannot be reached, anyone on your emergency contact list will be notified and your child will
be expected to be picked up in a reasonable amount of time. This is for everyone’s safety and health in
Tiny Toes Childcare. If an emergency occurs regarding your child, please refer to our emergency
procedure list in your Parent Information folder. Since any children that are awake will be visually
supervised at all times, children cannot be left alone in bedrooms or other rooms unless they are

         If I become sick while caring for the children, my substitute will be called in for emergency care.
If no substitute is available for the next day, you will be notified as soon as possible so that you can
make alternate arrangements. There are five (5) sick days through the year that Tiny Toes Childcare can
be closed. These days will only be used in emergency situations.

        There will be monthly scheduled fire drills, so the children will be familiar with procedures in
case of an emergency. I am CPR and First Aid certified, if you wish for verification of these, please ask.

        Our emergency numbers and emergency procedures are posted in the home and are available
for your review at any time.

       3                              Tiny Toes Childcare - Policies
          Medications to be given to the child are to be in the original container, clearly labeled as to what
it is and where it was dispensed. Medicine should be in a plastic zip-top bag and given directly to me.
Any loose pills or unlabeled / unreadable bottles will not be accepted and not given to any child. DO
above, and we cannot stress this enough, any medication will only be accepted in original clearly labeled
bottles in a sealed plastic zip-top bag handed directly to me. Medications shall be given to the child as
authorized in writing by the child’s parent(s), not to exceed any amount not specifically printed on
instructions listed with accompanied medication. Dosage instructions must include the age of the child
and should be verified by you that it is appropriate for your child in your written authorization.

         For certain medication(s), a doctor’s note may be necessary. Prescription medication must be
prescribed specifically for the child it is to be administered, and as stated above, in the original
container. Give notice if the medication needs to be refrigerated. All medication must be picked up after
the course of treatment. Any medications that have not been picked up and listed dates have expired,
will be thrown away. Medication forms are needed for the following applications, however, they are
good for six (6) months to one (1) year: (Listed expirations are valid, unless an earlier expiration listed on
the medication shows differently.)

    •   Diaper Cream – One (1) Year Expiration
    •   Sunscreen – One (1) Year Expiration
    •   Baby Powder – One (1) Year Expiration
    •   Asthma Inhalers / Treatments – Six (6) Months Expiration
    •   Epi-pens – Six (6) Months Expiration

   All other medications must have written permission for the course of treatment only, normally, a
weekly basis.

        Included in your Parent Information folder is a copy of our discipline policy. We will utilize
positive reinforcement, redirection, and time-outs (for extreme situations). We will attempt to use any
effort necessary to avoid using any disciplinary actions. Time-out is defined as “the removal of a child for
a short period of time (usually three [3] to five [5] minutes) from a situation in which the child is acting
inappropriately and has not responded to other disciplinary techniques.”

         Any changes in our discipline policies will be written and given to you thirty (30) days prior to
shifting to the updated policies and procedures. We will discuss any behavioral problems that occur
during your child’s stay with us, and during this time we wish to discuss any needs you would like to be

        4                              Tiny Toes Childcare - Policies
         Spanking, physical punishment, or food / rest denial will not be allowed. Even if requested, we
will not follow through. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

       Eventually, especially when infants / toddlers are around each other, children are going to bite
one another. Here are a few reasons why children bite each other:

    •    Some toddlers bite when they are teething because it feels good.
    •    Toddlers become frustrated, and biting often fills the gaps when words are not easily expressed.
    •    Sometimes anger is expressed by biting by children who do not speak well yet.
    •    Children may not understand that biting is destructive and can hurt others.
    •    It can be a form of exploration for the child, they often put things in their mouth and may get
         carried away by the sensation.

What can be done to help prevent and treat bite incidents?

    •    Provide tension releasing activities and outlets to release any anger or frustrations.
    •    Keep the children busy with activities and move them around if any tension is noticed between
         the children.
    •    Teach the children that biting is not acceptable by explaining that “biting hurts” and “we cannot
         bite each other”.
    •    If necessary, take the child out of the group to release tension elsewhere while explaining that it
         is ok to feel angry, but not OK to bite.
    •    Provide any objects that can be bitten, in accordance to the child’s age, allowing them to release
         those strong emotions.
    •    Console the child that had been bitten. We will clean the bite with soap and water, and may use
         ice to reduce swelling and bruising.
    •    We will notify you immediately so we can discuss any further medical attention, if needed.
    •    We will watch the child who is biting closer to try to understand specific causes that start the
         child biting.

We will never under any circumstance:

    •    Have the child bitten as a form of revenge.
    •    Will never “expel” or socially isolate the child. If the child reaches an age where biting is not
         developmentally common, a careful evaluation of the situation is needed to determine causes of
         the child’s frustrations and need to bite.

        5                             Tiny Toes Childcare - Policies
Abuse and Neglect
    In accordance with North Carolina law, Tiny Toes Childcare is required to report any suspected
cases of child abuse and neglect. This is nothing personal and will never be used as any form of
punishment for non-payment or late payment(s). We will do so to the Henderson County
Department of Social Services. If you suspect abuse of your child at Tiny Toes Childcare or any other
day care facilities you may call social services or the Raleigh Office of the Division of Child
Development at 1-800-859-0829. All calls can be made anonymously.

    For more information about this facility, or any other facility, you may call the Raleigh office at
1-800-859-0829 or go to http://www.ncchildcare.net.

    Tiny Toes Childcare will post a weekly menu with breakfast, lunch, and snack. Children who can
eat solid food will have nutritious meals and snacks provided for them. If your child is aged fifteen
(15) months and under, we will need a feeding schedule from you. Please notify us if your child has
specific needs or is allergic to any food items.

    You are always welcome to send special treats for birthdays or special activities, however, any
foods will need to be purchased from an approved source.

     Meals and snacks shall comply with meal patterns for children in childcare standards, which are
based on the recommended nutrient intake judged by the Nation Research Council to be adequate
for maintaining good nutrition. The type of food, number, and size of servings shall be appropriate
for the age and development levels of the children in care. The meal patterns for children in
childcare include subsequent amendments. A copy of these standards is available at your request.

    A variety of foods shall be included in meals and snacks. Any substitution will be of comparable
food value and will be recorded on the menu. Drinking water will be freely available to the children
of all ages and offered at frequent intervals during the day. Children’s special diets or food allergies
shall be posted in the food preparation area.

    Food and beverages of little or no nutritional value served as snack, such as sweets, fruit drinks,
soft drinks, etc., will be available only for special occasions.

Items You Must Provide
    Each parent will be responsible for providing extra clothing for their children. Please, do not
bring the children in their “Sunday best”, as art projects and outdoor play are a regular part of our
routine. If your child is in diapers, please ensure there are enough diapers to fully cover your child

  6                               Tiny Toes Childcare - Policies
    for each day. It is recommended to send us a full box of diapers to keep here when you can. There
    may be an additional fee for diapers Tiny Toes Childcare has to provide. We will inform you when
    the diaper supply you have provided is running low. Any bottles and/or sippy cups brought from
    your home must be labeled and dated. If we provide any baby food / formula it will be labeled and
    dated as well. No open baby food will be kept more than 48 hours (two [2] days) after opening. If
    you wish to provide breast milk, precautions will be taken when preparing bottles as well as when
    feeding children.

    Parent Involvement
        Tiny Toes Childcare welcomes you to come and visit with your child if at all possible. On the first
    day, we would like the parents to spend a little time in the morning with their child to make the
    transition a little easier for all of us. We encourage any suggestions regarding activities or projects
    you may have in mind, so please do not hesitate to share.

        You are always encouraged to make plans to spend time with the children. Read a short story,
    do an art project, or spend lunch with them. Any activity with the children is always welcome.

        Here are a few ideas where you can help:

        •   Help your child to attend on a regular basis, except when illness occurs
        •   Be sure your child is well rested prior to arrival; this will ensure the child’s eagerness to
            learn and participate.
        •   Please, no toys from home. We are not responsible for lost or damaged toys.
        •   If there are any changes in marital status, address(s), phone number(s), and / or
            employment, please update us so that the proper emergency forms can be updated.
        •   You are responsible for providing any special legal documentation for custody, guardianship,
            and / or restraining orders which could affect your child.
        •   Call ahead if your child will not be attending that day if no prior notice is given.
        •   Keep all information for health, immunizations, allergies, and medications current.

         Again, we want your questions, our door is open. You can call or text us, as unanswered
questions lead to misunderstandings. You are paying for our services to you and your child, no question
is too small.

Daily Schedule
        Due to changes in weather and any child problems, this schedule may change to accommodate
such interruptions. However, this schedule will attempt to be adhered to as close as possible.

      7                               Tiny Toes Childcare - Policies
  •   7:30 AM         -        8:30 AM          Children arrival, Quiet activities, Breakfast
  •   9:00 AM         -        9:15 AM          Breakfast clean-up, Bathroom break
  •   9:15 AM         -        9:30 AM          Circle time: Small book, discuss planned activities
  •   9:30 AM         -        10:30 AM         Free play: All centers open
  •   10:30 AM        -        11:15 AM         Outside play (Weather permitting)
  •   11:15 AM        -        11:30 AM         Bathroom break, Hand washing
  •   11:30 AM        -        12:30 PM         Lunch
  •   12:30 PM        -        2:30 PM          Nap time
  •   2:30 PM         -        3:00 PM          Bathroom break, Cot clean-up
  •   3:00 PM         -        3:45 PM          Outside play (Weather permitting)
  •   3:45 PM         -        4:00 PM          Free play
  •   4:00 PM         -        5:30 PM          Child departure, Free play

  Given for clarification, figures given are for instructional purposes only.

  1. Monday, August 3, is paying for childcare starting the week of August 10.
  2. $125.00 (Weekly childcare) Due on Monday, August 3, not paid until Thursday, August 6. Late
     fee is $10.00 a day, totaling $30.00 in late fees, $155.00 in total due Thursday. If only $125.00 is
     paid on Thursday, $30.00 is still due in late fees. If the $30.00 late fee isn’t paid until Friday,
     August 7, 2009, total late fees due are $40.00 (Previous $30.00 plus another $10.00 for late
  3. $125.00 (Weekly childcare) Plus $35.00 registration fee, $160.00 is due. If registering on August
     3, but you do not wish to start care until August 17 (two [2] weeks later), the above $160.00 is
     due at time of registration and your slot is held. If you chose to cancel prior to August 17, the
     $125.00 fee will be refunded, but the $35.00 registration fee is non-refundable.

      8                             Tiny Toes Childcare - Policies
                                                                       Policy Declaration
        I have received a copy of Tiny Toes Childcare’s policy handbook and have had an opportunity to
ask questions regarding said policies. I agree to pay the following fees on the due dates. I understand
this page will be maintained in my child’s folder.

                                                                        Fee Schedule
                                                                      Updated: August 08, 2009

           Fee                                                         Fee Description                Charge
Infant Childcare                                     Weekly - Two (2) Years and Below                 $135.00
Toddler Childcare                                    Weekly - Three (3) to Five (5) Years             $125.00
School Age Childcare                                 Weekly - After School Care                        $50.00
School Age Childcare                                 Weekly - Full Day Care                            $75.00
School Age Childcare                                 Daily - Full Day Care                             $15.00
Late Payment Fee                                     Daily - Late Payment Fee                          $10.00
Diaper Use Fee                                       Per Diaper                                         $2.50

Base Fee: $_________
(Not including any future late payment fees, diaper use fee, etc.)

Due Date: Every Monday that childcare is provided.

Child’s First Name   M.I.        Child’s Last Name

Parent’s Name (Print)      Parent’s Signature         Date (MM/DD/YYYY)

Provider’s Name (Print)    Provider’s Signature        Date (MM/DD/YYYY)

            9                                                        Tiny Toes Childcare - Policies

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