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									Strategic Human Resource Management
An Experience-Based Approach in Managing Human Resources in alignment with the
Business Strategy

16 – 18 Mar 2011 | Jakarta
13 – 15 Jul 2011 | Bandung

Course Objectives

At the end of the program, each participant is expected to do the followings:

   identify the various models for HR and indicate which of these models is most appropriate
    for use in their Company.
   distinguish between the task and process elements in Human Resource System and
    indicate why it is necessary to consider both these elements in understanding a
    company-wide HRD system
   better assist the Company in implementing its functions in the areas of human resources
    management in order align with the business strategy
   prepare an action plan in which they identify how they will become more actively involved
    in improving the human resource system in their company and the specific steps they will
    take to implement this plan

Who Should Attend?

Managers, Supervisors, and other Staff

Course Content

Understanding Human Resources Management
    What is Human Resources Development/Management?
    Roles Performed by Human Resource Personnel
    Human Resource Models for Organizing the HRD/M Function

The Role of Non-HR Personnel and HR Implementation
    Why Non-HR Personnel are Important for HR Implementation in their companies.
    What Inputs can these personnel have in Human Resources activities?
    Where have their contributions been ignored?
    How can HR and Non-HR Personnel work in better relationship which will result in
       more relevant and reliable HR activities and improved organizational performance

Human Resource Interventions
    How to Conduct Manpower Planning, Localization, and Succession Planning:
    Why Performance Appraisal is important and How Can Performance Criteria be
    Performance Appraisal and Its Linkage to Career Planning and Career Development
    What is the difference between Career Planning and Career Development
    How Non-HR Personnel Can Participate in the Training and Staff Development

HRD Benefits: Financial Implication
    Human Resource Accounting, Human Value Management, and How to Determine the
      Financial Return of HRD activities
    How Senior Managers and Line Managers often make decisions based upon the
      financial return on investment of specific activities.
Developing HR Action Plans
    Action Plans and Why They are Important
    A Mechanism for Translating Models, theories and ideas into specific company

Course Leader

Drs. Kunkun Sudaryat, MHRM

For more information please call

Indonesia Professional Development Center (IPDC)

Rasuna Office Park II,Unit QO-08
Komplek Apartemen Taman Rasuna, Jakarta 12960
Phone (62-21) 837 86465 / 837 86477 Fax: (62-21) 837 86478
E-mail; training@ipdc.co.id; registration@ipdc.co.id

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