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The wedding ring by shuifanglj


									                             The Wedding Ring!!
One hot summer, at the start of time, the handsome god Rometheus and beautiful
goddess Sandora fell in love! Soon after they decided to get married. The couple were
determined to make this the best wedding ever so started to plan their special day
straight away.

But then out of the blue Aphrodite the goddess of love appeared. “I am pleased to
hear of your news, but do not dare to get a diamond wedding ring, for I am the only
person in the world to have a special ring like that!” she said with a smug look on her
face. Then she vanished into thin air!

Unfortunately, they did not want any other ring, just a diamond ring – which of course
they were not allowed. “What is the harm in having one more diamond ring in the
world?” asked Sandora. After weeks of thoughts and discussion, they decided that
they would have a diamond wedding ring. No one could persuade them otherwise.

Finally the grand day arrived, everyone was there and everyone was excited. The
shimmering ring slid on to Sandora’s finger and everyone cheered! But suddenly
Aphrodite appeared, yet again. “You will pay for this!” she screamed, outraged.
Seconds after, the ring was pulling at Sandora, getting stronger and stronger until she
shot across the sky, diamond sparkling on her finger. Down on Earth, this was seen as
a shooting star. Every one turned silent! Rometheus had lost his loved one, and they
had both learnt their lesson!

So the next time you see a shooting star, you know someone has dared to wear a
diamond ring and angered Aphrodite! That is how shooting stars are made and that is
how the story ends!

By Angharad Bell

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