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Review Sheet Chapter 19


									                               Review Sheet Chapter 19
1. Know the different shapes of bacteria cells.

2. How are bacteria (prokaryotes) identified?

3. How do bacteria cause disease? What do they break down?

4. Explain how bacteria are involved in nitrogen fixation.What plant structures are used?

5. What are decomposers?

6. Describe the roles that bacteria can play in the environment.

7. What is gram staining? What is it used for?

8. Why are bacteria called prokaryotes? Bacteria are mostly what?

9. How can bacteria cause food poisoning?

10. What are disinfectants used for?

11. List different types of sterilization.

12. Why is high temperature a good way to control bacteria?

13. How does refrigeration control the growth of bacteria?

14. What types of foods are made with bacteria?

15. List diseases caused by bacteria.

16. When does a bacterial infection occur?

17. What are pathogens?

18. How do viruses cause infection?

19. What is a lytic infection? List the steps.

20. Explain the steps in a lysogenic infection? What is meant by Lyse?

21. List the structures of a virus.

22. What are viruses made up of?
23. What type of nucleic acid is in a virus?

24. What are photoautotrophs? Where would you find them?

25. What are chemoautotrophs?

26. List some members of the Kingdom Archaebacteria. How do they differ from

27. Study the picture on page 472.

28. What is the function of a capsid?

29. What is a prophage?

30. What is a bacteriophage?

31. What are retroviruses?

32. Study the Deadly diseases worksheet.

33. Study the HIV notes.

34. Study all notes and all of chapter 19.

35. Who was Edward Jenner?

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