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									                                                 To: The Advertising & Promotions Manager

                                       A LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE
                                        DOCTORS & DENTISTS


Sensory reaches out to the doctors and dentists who are members of the Singapore Medical
Association and the Singapore Dental Association. With a circulation of 6,000 and readership of
18,000, Sensory provides quality exposure to advertisers whose target market lies within this high-
income group.

The lifestyle features in the magazine provide perfect opportunities for lifestyle-oriented products
and services. The comprehensive features include travel, cars, the arts and entertainment, spas
as well as finance and property. The objective of this magazine is to provide people in the medical
and dentistry profession with quality material to sit back and unwind with.

Clean, elegant lines and simple layouts dominate the pages of Sensory, for that relaxed feel. This
is the perfect medium to grab the attention of the crème de la crème of consumers.

SCRIBBLES Sampler of doctors’ contribution revealing a lighter side of the medical profession

TALK OF THE TOWN               Latest events and happenings in the arts, theatre and performing

IN STYLE What’s hot on the fashion plate

FAST LANE For the car enthusiasts

MONEY MATTERS Financial planning

TECH TALK Electronic essentials

TRAVELLER’S LOG Travel Stories

SAVOIR FAIRE Guide to food and wine

                                          1x                   3x (consecutive)   6x (consecutive)
Outside Back Cover                        5,580                5,300              5,035
Inside Front Cover                        4,650                4,410              4,180
Inside Back Cover                         3,880                3,680              3,490
Double Page Spread                        4,680                4,440              4,210
Page Facing Content                       2,990                2,840              2,690
Full Page                                 2,600                2,470              2,340

All rates are quoted in Singapore Dollars.

All prices exclude 3% prevailing government tax.

Specified premium positions shall include an
additional 15% loading.

Some of our past and current advertisers include Daimler Chrysler (Mercedes-Benz), Lexus
(Borneo Motors), SAAB, Mini Cooper, MeesPierson, Australia New Zealand Bank, ABN-AMRO
Bank, UBS Private Banking, SC Global Developments, City Development, and Pfizer.

For any enquiries relating to ad placements and advertorials, please contact:

Ms Regina Chin                                          Ms Krysania Tan
Business Development, SMA                               Business Development, SMA
Tel: 6223 1264, ext. 20                                 Tel: 6223 1264, ext. 25
Email:                                Email:

Or, you may fax in this reply slip to us and we will get in touch with you.

                                                                         Fax to SMA: 6224 7827

 YES! We are interested in advertising in Sensory! Please contact us.
 Name of Company: __________________________________________________
 Contact Person(s): __________________________________________________
 Contact Numbers: _____________ (o) _____________ (pgr) ____________ (hp)
 Fax: __________________            Email: _____________________________________


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