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Subject                Topic                                                                         Description                                                          ELO #
                                              In this activity, students will practice making change from various amounts of money. They will use the "counting
                   Making Change                                                                                                                                        ELO1142700
                                                                                    up" strategy to ensure that they are accurate.
                                               This activity allows students to consolidate their understanding of perimeter, volume and area in a fun, Jeopardy-
                      Jeopardy                                                                                                                                          ELO1142740
                                                                                                      style game.
                                                In this unit students will learn to read, write and understand money values using words, symbols, and numbers.
          MAT1L (Catholic): Unit 1 – Entire    They will use estimation strategies to estimate amounts of money, and how much change they will get when they
               Unit: Money Sense                   buy something. They will learn and practice a method for making change. Finally, they will learn to solve
                                                             problems involving money by estimating and calculating the total cost of several items.
                                                  In this unit, you will use your skills to accurately measure and estimate lengths, mass and capacity using the
          MAT1L (Catholic): Unit 2 – Entire
                                                Metric system. You will use tape measures, rulers, web – sites and calculators to aid you in your measurement
          Unit: Understanding and Using the                                                                                                                             ELO1144800
                                                    calculations. This unit will require you to complete assignments in both the workplace and everyday-life
                   Metric System
          MAT1L (Catholic): Unit 3 – Entire
                                                In this unit, you will use your skills to accurately measure and estimate lengths using the Imperial system. You
          Unit: Measurement of Length using                                                                                                                             ELO1143770
                                                           will use tape measures, rulers and calculators to aid you in your measurement calculations.
                 the Imperial System
          MAT1L (Catholic): Unit 4 – Entire
                                                 In this unit, you will use your skills to accurately measure and estimate perimeter, area and volume using the
          Unit: Understanding and Applying                                                                                                                              ELO1144990
                                                                                                   Metric system.
            Perimeter, Area, and Volume
MAT 1L                                            In this unit students will develop their understanding of fractions through the use of diagrams and interactive
          MAT1L (Catholic): Unit 5 – Entire    elements. They will learn to add and subtract fractions using real-life models such as a clock, a ruler, and money
            Unit: Fractions and Percent          values. They will explore the relationship between fractions and decimals, which will lead into learning about
                                                           percent. In the final activity they will solve real life problems using fractions and percentages.
                                                   In this unit, you will learn to identify and use ratios and rates found in your everyday experiences. You will
          MAT1L (Catholic): Unit 6 – Entire    develop skills in identifying and calculating equivalent ratios and use these skills to solve real-life problems. You
              Unit: Ratio and Rate               will learn to calculate important rates such as heart rate, speed, rate of pay and unit costs and use rates to solve
                                                                                                    real-life problems.
                                              In this unit, you will complete the Culminating Activity for this course. You will design, decorate and furnish your
                                                    dream bedroom. This project will include lots of choice in terms of choosing flooring, paint and bedroom
          MAT1L (Catholic): Unit 7 – Entire
                                               furniture. Along the way, you will determine the total cost for each item and keep track of it using a spreadsheet.      ELO1144480
            Unit: Culminating Activity
                                               When your dream bedroom is complete, you will have a chance to reflect on your work and the amount of money
                                                                                                        you “spent”!
                                               In the culminating activity for this course, students pretend that they are entrepreneurs going through the process
                                                of setting up a small business. This resource has also been developed for Grade 8 Mathematics. To make things
           MAT1L: Unit 6 - Entire Unit:
                                                  more manageable, the assignment is broken up into the five parts: research involving what it means to be an
          Culminating Activity - You be the                                                                                                                             ELO1145840
                                               entrepreneur, writing an application for a small business grant, creating and costing out a list of inventory for the
                                                business, drawing to scale a floor plan of the business space that they have been awarded, and the calculation of
                                                                                     the total cost of renovating the business space.

Subject                Topic                                                                   Description                                                                ELO #
                                                    A math jeopardy-style quiz testing students on their knowledge regarding linear and non-linear
                   Math Jeopardy                                                                                                                                        ELO1002842
                                                 relationships, problem solving model, and statistics/sampling methods and terms. For 1 to 4 players.
                                              Simulators that allow students to collect data for graphing and determining relationships without having to
                    Footprints                                                                                                                                          ELO1002550
                                              use the actual objects. Great for students who might have missed data collection in class with their peers as
                  Basketball Drop                                                                                                                                       ELO1002555
                                                   Unit for Number Sense and Algebra strand, contains 16 activities which develop skills in Proportional
                                                  Reasoning and Algebraic modelling. Activity 16 is the culminating activity which gives the students an
                                                 opportunity the apply all their learning in planning a 'virtual vacation.' A unit test also is included. among
         MFM1P (Catholic): Unit 1 - Entire       other things, students should be encouraged to think reflectively and creatively to evaluate situations and
         Unit: Number Sense and Algebra         solve problems. Teachers using this resource are advised to ascertain the availability and suitability of the
                                                recommended website(s)/hyperlink(s) beforehand. Teachers using this resource are advised to set up an e-
                                                discussion board in advance to substitute for the defunct drop-box feature in activities 6,8, and 11; should
                                                       they wish to administer these portions of these activities in an electronic learning environment.
                                                This unit contains 24 activities and a unit test which collectively, develop the following set of expectations
                                               for the Linear Relations strand: apply data-management techniques to investigate relationships between two
         MFM1P (Catholic): Unit 2 - Entire     variables; determine the characteristics of linear relations; demonstrate an understanding of constant rate of
         Unit: Linear Relations Introduction    change and its connection to linear relations; connect various representations of a linear relation, and solve
                                                problems sing the representations. TEMP EDIT NOTE: This resource may possibly need to be called back
                                                                from the repository, because of problems with hyperlinks in some activities.
                                                  This unit covers the following activities: Geometer's Sketch Pad, Greatest Area with a Fixed Perimeter,
                                                  Minimum Perimeter for a Given Area, Pythagorean Theorem, Perimeter and ARea of Composite Plane
            MFM1P (Catholic): Unit 3:            Figures, Volume of Prisms, Volume of Cylinders, Volume of Pyramids and Cones, Volume of a Sphere,
            Measurement and Geometry:             Review of Geometric Concepts, Investigating Geometric Relationships, Interior and Exterior Angles of            ELO1011720
                   Introduction                   Triangles, Interior and Exterior Angles of Quadrilaterals, Interior and Exterior Angles of Parallel Lines,
MFM 1P                                              Diagonals Teachers using this resource are advised to ascertain the availability and suitability of the
                                                                             recommended website(s)/hyperlink(s) beforehand.
                                               Students collect data to determine if there is a relationship between the height of a player and the number of
                                                 successful free throw shots out of a possible 10. There are 10 pictures different basketball players whose
                 Basketball Throw               individual heights are revealed to the students. When they click on the picture of a particular player, there     ELO1030410
                                                   will be an animation of a basketball being shot by that player, towards a basket quickly 10 times. The
                                               number of successful throws is shown in the table of values. -solving, time and resource management skills.
                                                    Interactive matching game with a cryptogram puzzle. Reviews expanded and simplified polynomial
                      Pizzazz!                   expressions. Students match each simplified expression with its expanded counterpart. Once this stage is         ELO1030620
                                                            successfully completed, they solve a cryptogram based on the results of the matches.
                                                    A matching game where students solve equations and match the correct solution with the matching
                 Solve the Equation                                                                                                                               ELO1084730
                                                This multimedia interactive learning object is a game in which students must determine the location of the
                     Battleship                                                                                                                                   ELO1241280
                                                                                               all the battleships.

                                               Developed for use in MFM1P (Catholic). This resource is a computer activity that allows students to change
                  Changing Lines               the slope (pitch) of a line that is drawn on a set of axes. Students should be encouraged to think reflectively
                                                                                    and creatively in their problem solving.
                                                 Students will be able to know what happens to the linear equations when different initial conditions and
                 Create a Formula                                                                                                                                 ELO1002646
                                                                                                rates of change.
           Solving the World’s Problems                                         Create and use a graph to solve a real problem.                                   ELO1002706
                                               Developed for use in MFM1P (Catholic). In this activity you will learn to describe trends and relationships
               MFM 1P (Catholic)
                                                observed in data, make inferences from data, compare the inferences with hypotheses about the data, and
                Unit 2: Activity 6:                                                                                                                               ELO1012370
                                               explain the differences between the inferences and the hypotheses. You are encouraged to think reflectively
             Trends and Relationships
                                                                          and creatively to evaluate situations and solve problems.

                                                  Students will identify the point of intersection of two linear relations in the context of various real-life
           Are You Ready to Explain My
                                                  applications. Students will answer multiple choice questions about each application in this interactive         ELO1241270
                 Point!: MFM1P
                                                                                                learning object.

Subject               Topic                                                               Description                                               ELO #
                                            An interactive activity in which the user can input a value for the slope (rate of change) in order
                We're Going Batty                  to see what happens to 1.finite differences in a table of values 2.the slope of the line       ELO1002655
                                                                    3.algebraically as the coefficient of x in the equation
                                              This unit is meant to ease students back into mathematics. It is also meant to introduce extra-
                                             curricular opportunities within the high school. Students will complete an introductory quiz to
                                              see what they remember and what they need to refresh! Students will learn how to work with
                                             integers as well as apply them to real life situations. They will learn the exponent laws, review
           MPM1D (Catholic): Unit 1 -
                                             percents, ratios, and rates. There are two quizzes and one assignment to solidify their learning.
          Entire Unit: Recap and Number                                                                                                           ELO1105800
                                                 Students are able to explore all of these concepts using Algebra tiles and various links.
                                            Opportunities for individual learning and group interaction through discussions are provided, so
                                           that by the end of the unit, the students are prepared to complete both a formative and Summative
                                                assessment on integers. Users should be aware that expectations.html may contain some
                                           In these activities, students will learn new algebra terminology. They will learn how to recognize
           MPM1D (Catholic): Unit 2 -       as well as manipulate different types of polynomials. Furthermore, students will delve into more
             Entire Unit: Algebra            complex problem-solving situations involving real-life scenarios. Note: Users should be aware
                                                                   that expectations.html may contain some inaccuracies.
                                            Students gather, analyze, manipulate and display data to explore the characteristics of lines and
           MPM1D (Catholic): Unit 3 -
                                            their corresponding equations. They make conjectures, conduct investigations based on realistic       ELO1106050
           Entire Unit: Linear Relations
                                                  situations and communicate their findings using a variety of technologies and models.
           MPM1D (Catholic): Unit 4 -
                                           In this unit, students will continue work with linear relations. They will recognize how the degree
             Entire Unit: Analytical                                                                                                              ELO1106350
                                                           of the equation relates to whether a relationship is linear or non-linear.
           MPM1D (Catholic): Unit 5 -            In this unit, students are reintroduced to area, perimeter, surface area and volume. The
            Entire Unit: Measurement                                      Pythagorean Theorem is also reviewed.
                                            In this unit, students will investigate, discover and apply geometric relationships. Students will
           MPM1D (Catholic): Unit 6 -
                                            examine properties of triangles and quadrilaterals and look for patterns that can be generalized      ELO1107280
             Entire Unit: Geometry
                                                 for all polygons. Students will use dynamic geometry software in their investigations.
                                            This unit is the summative assessment for MPM1D. This assessment is worth 30% 0f the final
           MPM1D (Catholic): Unit 7 -
                                            mark of the course. The assessment is divided into two parts: a performance task and a written        ELO1107360
          Entire Unit: Culminating Task
                                           This secondary level resource can be used to help students understand the elements of exponents.
               Multiplying Powers            Students learn to add the exponents of like bases so as to express the base number as a single       ELO1027570
                                                                       power. Replay option calls up a new question.

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