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									Lead Management the Secret to Lead Buying
by Bill Rice

When you hear or think about lead buying your mind often drifts to marketing. But really the
advantage of buying leads is that the marketing is already done for you. Sure there are some
differences based on lead generation methods, but really the secret to successfully buying and
converting leads come down to your sales process.

Lead management is the secret to making that sales process disciplined and consistent. All
things being equal, any lead generation or lead buying will significantly improve it’s ROI with
lead management.

Lead Management Improves Lead Buying ROI

The most intuitive of lead management advantages is the ability to increase your lead
conversion. So many lead buyers buy leads and simply email them out to their sales teams.
There is no guarantee of even the first follow-up much less a consistent process of calling,
emailing, and maybe even a direct mail piece or two.

Lead management can allow you to set a minimum baseline of lead follow-up and nurturing
process--setting an acceptable level of sales follow-up on virtual auto-pilot. Building automated
emails and follow-up call reminders is a snap with lead management. It also establishes a
consistent baseline for your measurement and analytics.

Lead Management Improves Long-term Sales Performance

Another advantage of lead management is the ability to build a large database of long-term
prospects. Adding and tracking all of your leads into a lead management system allows you to
continue branching and nurturing your leads over weeks, months, and years.

You will be amazed at how many of your leads will fail to convert initially, but will become active
again later--some months later. What’s even more valuable is how many of these leads will
convert more than once over the years. Using lead management can assist you in building
hundreds of long-term client relationships out of anonymous Internet customers.

Lead Management Improves Lead Buying Decisions

Finally, and probably one of the most powerful advantages of lead management, is the ease
of measuring and comparing your lead buys. You can simply look at your lead management
reports and tell which lead providers are giving you the best results. This kind of data can
make you are smarter lead buyer, quickly identifying the studs from the duds and giving you
negotiating leverage.

Do you have a lead management system? Are you serious about getting the most out of your
lead buying? Why wouldn’t you use a lead management system if you are buying leads?


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