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					   The Greenest Gift Ideas
  for 2008 from Grassroots
   Environmental Products
     Pioneer Green Retailer Encourages
      Holiday based on Eco-Mindfulness
Green — so says popular culture — is the new black. This year has
been an exciting year for the planet, as taking care of the earth has
become a priority for today’s consumers.

With the dramatic rise in eco products across all markets, what’s
followed has been a slew of unfortunate ‘greenwashing’. This holiday
season, Grassroots Environmental Products, the go-to eco experts
for nearly 15 years, has put together an earth-friendly gift guide
to help consumers navigate through an increasingly complex
green marketplace by taking out the guesswork. All our products
are rigorously researched and guaranteed to be safe for the
   family, home and environment.

           With hundreds of products to choose from, this annual
             gift guide offers a sampling for everyone on your list,
               regardless of their particular shade of green. Rather
                 than madly careening around the malls and plazas,
                  consumers across North America can shop from the
                  comfort of home at

                    So as the year draws to a close and we are all
                            thinking about how to express our fond-
                                  ness and gratitude for the ones
                                     we love, Grassroots is here
                                       to help us match our senti-
                                         ments with meaningful and
                                         sustainable gift ideas – all
                                         with a great story. The
                                        options are endless!

                                        Your eco store since 1994

Green Techie
     Portable Light
     Ah, sunshine – our greatest renewable resource! A traditional
     mason jar is repurposed as a low-energy garden or night light.
     Place the watertight jar in sunlight to charge the solar cell
     battery. The stored energy is then used at night to power
     three LED lamps inside the jar. A perfect garden light or
     night light for a kids’ bedroom. $49.99 CDN.

     Freeplay Lantern
     Like the idea of 100,000 hours of ultra-bright, renewable light?
     This LED Lantern is the most dependable lantern on the
     market with no bulbs to burn out, nor disposable batteries to
     replace. The rechargeable battery means that there is no use
     of disposable batteries that are harmful to the environment. A
     quick 60-second wind provides up to two hours of light. With
     this lantern, you’ve got light anytime, anywhere. Available in
     green or yellow. $49.99 CDN.

     HYmini Battery Charger
     Green power is in your hand! A revolutionary way to capture
     renewable power for your iPod, mobile phones, PDA, mp3, and
     digital camera. Designed to harness wind power at speeds
     between 9–40 mph. Attach HYmini to arm band or bicycle
     for active wind charging. Available in green, black and white.
     $59.99 CDN.

     USB Stick
     Juxtapose the high-tech world of computers and offices
     with the low-tech natural world! Transfer files from computer
     to computer with these unique 1GB USB sticks. Picked from
     the woods and professionally handmade into unique and
     personal USB memory sticks. $160 CDN.

     Freeplay Companion
     The name of this compact gadget could not be better
     because it’s a great companion to have wherever you are! The
     Companion is a radio, flashlight and a cellphone charger. It
     has a solar panel and a crank so you’ll never run out of power.
     A 1-minute wind gives you 20 minutes of radio listening or
     30 minutes of light. Ready when you need it! Make this your
     constant companion. $39.99 CDN.

Home Décor
  Monkey Pod Stool
  Funky monkey! The modern design of this twisted stool is
  hand carved from monkey pod wood (sustainably harvested
  wood from Thailand, similar to bamboo). A very hard, durable
  wood that is surprisingly lightweight. Stunning as a side table,
  stool, or simply as a piece of art. Size 12”L x 12”W x 17.5”H.
  $190 CDN.

  Recycled Plastic Rugs
  Wipe your shoes the eco way with this fair-trade woven rug
  made from 100% recycled plastic. Created from plastic bottles
  and other recyclable waste collected in Vietnam and spun
  into fibre for weaving. Available in two chic designs: Wave
  and Branch. Dimensions: 72” x 42”. $39.99 CDN.

  Magazine Racks
  Magazines have never looked so well-displayed! Inspired by
  classic modern forms, these magazine racks are constructed
  from just two pieces of FSC wood (Forest Stewardship Coun-
  cil). Environmentally responsible forestry is just part of what
  makes this rack green – it requires no hardware (screws,
  bolts, glue, etc.) to assemble, allowing it to remain totally
  eco-friendly! Four modern styles. $70 CDN.

  Wineplank Candle Holder
  Dinner parties are about to get more interesting. A great con-
  versation piece, this candle holder is made from part of an old
  red wine cask from the Niagara Region. Fits tea lites or votive
  candles. Candlelight and wine take on a whole new meaning!
  Small $26; Large $32 CDN.

  Hemp Table Linens
  Chic: the new contemporary look of hemp! Adorn your table
  with these beautiful table linens made from 100% hemp (high
  quality 10oz hemp!). Available in three earthy tones: cranberry,
  sage, and natural. Napkins (two for $24.99 CDN), placemats
  (two for $29.99 CDN); and tablecloths (54”X54” – $45 CDN;
  70”X90” – $85.99 CDN).

  Eco Tots
  Organic Monkeys
  What child, at some point, hasn’t dreamt of owning a monkey?
  This sweet monkey has an embroidered face and is firmly
  stuffed with organic cotton so there is no fluff to inhale! Made
  with the finest 100% organic Egyptian cotton. $29.99 CDN.

  Recycled Cardboard Play Structures
  We all know kids have more fun playing with the packaging
  than the gift inside. Now there are corrugated cardboard
  structures that won’t fall apart after 15 minutes of rigorous
  playtime! Engineered to be sturdy and robust, these card-
  board structures are easy to assemble and fold down after
  use. Excellent for children’s parties! They are a blank canvas
  and can be decorated using paint, collage, pens and crayons.
  Manufactured in Canada. Play House and Rocket Ship
  available. $70 CDN each.

  Earth-Friendly Infant Shoes
  Little Piggies went to market and found the eco-friendliest
  shoes on the planet! Every step that went into making these
  shoes are green, green, green! Made from hemp, organic
  cotton, recycled plastic bottles, latex elastic, 100% post-con-
  sumer paper pulp, and wool felt. Bonus: comes in a playful
  post-consumer box that looks like a truck! Sizing available
  from newborn to 18 months. Various colours. $29.99 CDN.

  Organic Cotton Kids Bedding
  Whoever says the colour palette for organic cotton bedding
  is neutral and boring can prepare themselves for a wake-up
  call! This organic cotton bedding for children is bright, whimsi-
  cal and downright irresistible! Made in North America. Various
  prints. $60 – $240 CDN.

  Eco Kids Game
  Children will be challenged as they discover the fascinating
  facts about some of the world’s endangered animals! Fun,
  original and informative, this game is a terrific way to inspire
  children to learn more about our environment and how their
  actions can make a difference. Requires 2 or more players.
  Ages 3+. Game uses recycled materials and contains: 36 en-
  dangered animal cards (x2) and information cards with facts
  on each animal. The company gives back as part of 1% For
  the Planet. $30 CDN.

  Eco Mama
     Eco Diaper Bag
     Now here’s a planet-conscious diaper bag! Made out of recy-
     cled plastic bottles, every one of these diaper bags keeps ten
     600ml plastic water bottles out of landfill. Teflon and PVC-free!
     Spacious and lightweight, this diaper bag is super-stylish and
     comfortable to wear. Comes with adjustable strap, change
     pad, see-thru wipe case, key clip, and multiple elastic-topped
     pockets. Each bag exterior comes in various colours and is
     silk-screened with a beautiful botanical print. $110 CDN.

     Glass Baby Bottles
     Parents are going old school with glass baby bottles to avoid
     the issue of leaching toxins (Bisphenol-A) from plastic bottles
     into their baby’s fragile bodies. Babies are especially vulner-
     able as the amount of toxins ingested is large compared
     to their body weight. Read a recent study about leaching
     Bisphenol-A at Glass baby bottles
     available in two sizes: 4oz (120ml) $5.99 and 8oz (240ml) $6.99 CDN.

     Eco Journal
     Every new mother wants to forever capture details of their
     own parenting experience as well as their baby’s. Scribe these
     moments into a journal that is made from 100% post-consum-
     er paper and uses only vegetable-based inks. Small (5’ x 7’)
     $8.99 CDN and Large (6’ x 9’) $16.99 CDN.

     Simply Body Butter
     A must-have before, during and after pregnancy, this body
     butter is made with a blend of certified fair trade Shea and
     Cocoa Butter, Safflower Oil, and Vitamin E. A non-greasy,
     deeply penetrating moisturizer with a naturally occurring
     chocolatey scent! Mmmm! A lifesaver to have while nursing.
     Two sizes: 2oz $9.99 and 6oz $24.99 CDN.

     Organic Cotton Ring Slings
     This Ring Sling is made from 100% certified organic cotton
     fabric with just a touch of padding in the shoulder and rails
     for added comfort. Fully adjustable, this sling is designed to
     cup the shoulder and spread naturally over the back, keep-
     ing baby secure and close to your center of gravity. Great for
     newborns, nursing moms, and heavy toddlers! Available in a
     selection of stylish colours and prints. $110 CDN.
   TO P 5 G I F T I D E A S FO R

Stocking Stuffers
     Organic Fair-Trade Chocolate
     Take our word for it, this organic, fair trade chocolate can
     bring a tear of joy to any chocoholic! And it’s a feel good story
     all ‘round: you benefit because you get a high quality, healthy
     chocolate and cocoa farmers benefit because buying a fair
     trade product means you are also helping them sustain their
     crops and their business with more human dignity. The milk
     chocolate bars with rice puffs and dark chocolate bars with
     kamut puffs are simply divine! Other festive designs available
     in dark and milk chocolate. Priced from $2.99 – $9.99 CDN.

     Greenpeace Calendar
     It’s something we may not rush out to buy for ourselves, but
     love it when we’re given one. Support the important work of
     Greenpeace by purchasing their 2009 calendar. Featuring
     oversized images of the drama and beauty of planet earth.
     $16.95 CDN.

     Travel Mug
     Show some eco spunk by toting this indestructible French
     Press Double-Shot travel mug with you on your morning
     commute! Takes java-on-the-go to new heights with its hidden
     storage compartment in the base for additional coffee
     grounds or tea leaves. Features double-walled stainless steel
     (so no leaching!), scratch-resistant, baked-enamel finish. This
     mug will help keep disposable cups out of landfill. Hot new
     black and chrome mug available. Other colours include pink,
     black, and wasabi. $30 CDN.

     Daily Planners
     Start the year off right with an indispensable agenda made
     from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Uses harmless
     vegetable-based inks. An assortment of geometric and
     natural prints. $16.99 CDN.

     Green DVDs
     Expand your environmental education with a documentary
     focused on various topics affecting the health of our planet,
     such as Garbage Warrior, A Crude Awakening, Manufactured
     Landscapes, The Refugees of the Blue Planet, etc. Every
     stocking should be stuffed with at least one! Prices from
     $9.99 – $35.99 CDN.

  Eco Pets
  Hemp Leash & Collar
  We all know how dogs love to showcase their personality.
  This hemp leash and star-studded hemp collar will help them
  get their “bitch on” while minding the earth at the same time.
  Comfortable for your four-legged friend. Strong hemp fibres
  ensure a long life. Leash $25 – $30; Collar $20 – $25 CDN.

  Cat Grass
  Every indoor feline deserves a little chomp on some cat grass.
  And when it’s organic – even better! This cat grass is easy
  to grow right in the leak-proof bag! Simply mix the enclosed
  seeds and soil, add water and watch it grow! Grow them any
  time of year. $12.99 CDN.

  2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo for Pets
  Give your pet the eco-treatment with this 2-in-1 formula that
  is 100% biodegradable and made from certified organic,
  all-natural ingredients. Good for dogs, cats, horses and small
  animals with normal to dry coats. Contains Canadian-grown
  hemp! $10.99 CDN.

  Organic Pet Clothing
  Dogs will no longer walk, but rather strut their stuff while wear-
  ing these designer dog clothes made out of 100% certified
  organic cotton. Stylish, soft and colourful, these cool doggie
  threads are good for your pet and safe for the environment.
  Available in pink and blue. $29.99 CDN.

  Holistic Dog Biscuits
  Get ready to see your dog drool! These holistic gourmet
  munchies are nature’s tasty boost for your dog’s good health.
  A nutrition powerhouse, they contain Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential
  fatty acids, as well as hemp meal! All-natural, human-grade
  ingredients go into these biscuits that are hand-cut and
  oven-baked. Various flavours. $6.99 CDN.

     Eco Man
     Simply Shaving Kit
     Long gone are the days of Aqua Velva. For a satisfying, natural
     shaving experience, lather with organic peppermint soap,
     which is a natural astringent that cools the skin and reduces
     razor burn. This kit also includes a shaving brush made from
     natural wood and bristles. Packaged in an unbleached muslin
     bag. $15 CDN.

     Earth-friendly Shoes
     Walk toward greener pastures in these shoes that are truly
     environmentally friendly! These men’s shoes are made with
     hemp or cotton uppers, bamboo linings, removable natural
     latex insoles, recycled car tire outsoles, recycled pop bottle
     elastics, water-based glues, and 100% post-consumer paper
     pulp foot forms. Various styles and sizes. From $90 – $150 CDN.

     Organic Cotton Underwear
     Treat the man in your life to a pair of 100% organic cotton knit
     boxers. These undies are incredibly soft and well constructed
     with a short fly and covered elastic. Men love that the “tag”
     is screen printed onto the fabric, so no itchy tag feeling!
     Available in natural and black. $24.99 CDN.

     Hemp Fedora Hat
     The ultimate accessory of cool, this fedora hat is made from
     hemp and recycled poly twill. Perfect for fall and winter, this
     Italian-paneled hat is lined with hemp fur to keep things cosy.
     Available in medium (58cm) and Large (60cm). Available in
     rust and grey. $40 CDN.

     Eco Wallet
     Say goodbye to the stodgy outdated leather wallet…and hello
     to this eco wallet made from 100% recycled/recyclable materi-
     als. Compact, colourful, and water resistant, this wallet holds
     everything you need: five cards, a few bills, and even has a
     detachable money clip if you need to go super slim. Bonus
     feature: it actually fits in your front pocket. Available in orange,
     black, red, purple and clear. $15 CDN.
    TO P 5 G I F T I D E A S FO R

Holiday Entertaining
      Recycled Scrap Metal Ornaments
      Greenies simply can’t resist one of these totally eco orna-
      ments! Welcome holiday revellers with a recycled ornament
      hung on the front door or the tree this holiday season. Made
      completely out of scrap metal and salvaged materials. Two
      available styles: Star and Pine Tree. Approximately 7”. Makes
      a great hosting gift! $9.99 CDN.

      Stainless Steel Containers
      We all know about the mountain of leftovers that come with
      holiday entertaining. Pack next-day edibles into a non-plastic
      alternative — stainless steel containers — to avoid leaching
      toxins into our food and drink. Makes for easy reheating the next
      day and works wonderfully as a convenient lunch box. Stackable,
      water-tight, and regular containers available. Dishwasher and
      toaster oven safe. Prices range from $10 – $27.99 CDN.

      Guilt-free Gift Wrap
      Lighten your holiday footprint by using this gift wrap made of
      hemp blended with 100% post-consumer recycled paper and
      printed with vegetable-based inks. Each oversized sheet is
      22” x 34” with a smooth satin finish. Various holiday designs
      available. $6.95 – $7.50 CDN.

      Bamboo Collection
      Food seems much more festive when served in one of these
      colourful bamboo lacquerware pieces. Hand-coiled, shaped
      and finished with food-safe natural lacquer, this bamboo
      collection is a must-have for entertaining during the holidays
      or for everyday! One of the earth’s fastest growing plants,
      bamboo is a highly renewable material, reducing the pressure
      on our forests. Suitable for both hot and cold foods. Various
      colours. Available in serving and tableware sizes. Priced from
      $17.99 – $65.99 CDN.

      Vintage Fabric Coasters
      Set your vegan eggnog down on these charming coasters
      made with repurposed vintage fabrics. Each set of coasters
      is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Makes a great hostess gift or
      anytime gift! Machine washable. Available in set of two ($9.99)
      or four ($16.99) CDN.
  TO P 5 G I F T I D E A S TO

Pamper Thyself
   Organic Cotton Sheets
   If we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, shouldn’t our sleeping
   environment be free from harmful toxins? Slip into heavenly
   dreams with these 100% organic cotton sheets. At a 280-
   thread count, these sheets are simply luxurious. Available
   in an array of rich colours using eco-dyes. Solid or damask.
   $39.99 – $209.99 CDN.

   Cervical Neck Pillow
   These cervical neck pillows are not just for airplanes! Designed
   to be used anytime relaxation and therapeutic support is
   needed, these pillows are made from 100% natural buck-
   wheat, which allows air to circulate freely through the pillow.
   This results in a thermodynamic sleeping surface — warm
   in the winter and cool in the summer. Features a removable,
   washable cover. $44.99 CDN.

   Organic Cotton Bath Robe
   Great for lounging or after the bath, this heavenly bath robe is
   made from 100% organic cotton. The lightweight waffle-weave
   fabric makes it easy to wear and provides a flattering fit. One
   word of caution: you will want to hang out in your bath robe all
   day! Pre-shrunk and machine washable. Available in natural
   colour. $69.99 CDN.

   Bath Ball Filter
   Did you know that you absorb more chlorine from your bath
   and shower than your drinking water? If you are filtering your
   drinking water to get the chlorine out, you should be filtering
   your shower and bath water as well. This bath ball, which is
   compact and hangs from your tub spout, is for people who
   want a quick, easy way to fill their bath with clean, filtered
   water. Easy refill replacement filters available. $79.99 CDN.

   Tip-to-Toe Organic Home Spa Gift Basket
   Who couldn’t use some TLC after the hustle and bustle of the
   holiday season? Treat someone you love to this ultra-eco gift
   basket of goodies for the body! Everything you put on your
   skin gets absorbed into your body, so consider personal care
   products that are all-natural, certified organic and/or wildcraft-
   ed. Gift basket includes: Sugar Body Polish, Organic Soap,
   Body Butter, and an organic cotton face cloth. $49.99 CDN.
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