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									                     COACHING YOUR HOSTESS

Mary Kay has always said that, "a class worth booking is a class worth
coaching!" By choosing not to coach your hostess, you risk having at least
50% of your Skin Care Classes postpone, cancel, or no show!! Coaching your
hostess not only can help make the skin care class more profitable; it may
also result in a new team member!

Initial Coaching

   •   Hostess Packet. When you book your class at a class, you can give
       the packet to your future hostess on the spot. If time does not allow
       for you to go through it, set a time within 24 hrs. to call her and go
       through it over the phone. When booking your class over the phone,
       ask her when you can stop by and deliver her packet. Include in the
       packet: The Hostess brochure, a Look Book or a Beauty Book, outside
       order form, a Choices C.D. or company C.D. (Offer something FREE if
       she will listen before you come back for her class). This could be an
       eye shadow or $5.00 additional hostess credit. By listening to the
       C.D. she will have a better understanding of our company and will be a
       better hostess. You could also include a product sampler such as the
       travel-size hand cream. Explain the contents of the packet,
       emphasizing the ways she can earn either free product or the hostess
       gift. I personally prefer giving product as hostess credit.
   •   Stress commitment. Let her know that you value her time and that
       your time is limited and she can count on you to be there!!
   •   Ask her for a guest list. Remind your hostess that you will call the
       guests three days before to complete their skin care profiles. Tell
       her you will do everything you can to help build her guests' enthusiasm
       about the class.
   •   Find out what your hostess wants for FREE. If you know what she
       is working for, you can keep her excited about her class. A rule of
       thumb is: take the retail price of the product/set she wants to win
       and times it times 5. This will give you a retail amount with two
       bookings she will be aiming for. For example, if she wants her
       Day/Night set, you take the $60.00 x 5 = $300.00. So, her class
       needs to be $300.00 with two bookings. That is equivalent to 20%
       hostess credit.
Telephone Coaching

  •   Practice your script before you call your hostess. This will increase
      your confidence when you talk with her over the phone.
  •   Call your hostess three days before the class. Make it a quick and an
      excited call. Let her know how many people you have contacted and
      who will be coming. You may want to get additional names to fill in for
      those who cannot attend.
  •   Re excite her about the products she will be winning!
  •   Get any outside orders she has received so you can have them sacked
      and ready to deliver when you arrive for her class.
  •   Confirm the time you will be arriving. Always arrive at least 30
      minutes before the skin care class begins. or earlier if you plan on
      doing a color consultation for your hostess.

Pre-class Coaching

  •   When you arrive to set up for your class, greet your hostess with a
      smile and a sincere compliment.
  •   Briefly review the hostess program. Take any additional outside
      orders and re enthuse her about getting her products FREE!
  •   You may want to present her with a special hostess gift during your
      opening remarks so other guests can see what they can receive by
      holding a class. It can be a small gift wrapped very beautifully. A
      great hostess gift is always PCP gifts from past promotions.
  •   Personalize your hostess' facial. You may want to let her select a
      Color 101 look while you set up.
  •   Now is the time to "plant some seeds" for future team members.
      (This is the first point in the four point recruiting plan). Ask her to
      watch you today to see if she might like doing what you do. Ask her
      what she liked best about the C.D. you gave her in her hostess packet.
      Ask her which of her guests might be needing additional income and
      might be interested in something part time that could work around
      their family activities. Offer her a small gift for any person she
      suggests who becomes an Independent Beauty Consultant.
Don't Forget To

   •   Secure a guest list. Guest lists make the class happen. Without it you
       can't call to pre-profile, you can't confirm, and you'll probably have a
       disappointed hostess.
   •   Keep in touch. Regular contact with your hostess is essential. If you
       express little interest in holding the class, she may cancel. Make her
       feel so special she can't possibly cancel. Use your guest list as an
       excuse to keep in touch with her during the time between her booking
       and her class.
   •   Plant seeds each time you talk with her that will peak her interest in
       the opportunity. What if someone hadn't taken the time to share the
       opportunity with you?


If you are not pre-profiling every guest that's scheduled to attend a skin
care class, you are choosing not to have a full class of six guests, says
Independent Elite Executive Senior Sales Director Vicki Auth from Austin,
Texas. To help ensure a full class, Vicki offers the following script:

"Hi________, this is ____________ and I'm a Mary Kay Independent
Beauty Consultant. Do you have a moment? Great! I'm double-checking the
attendance for_____'s skin care class next Wednesday. I know you
received your invitation and I'm putting together the goodie bags for all of
the guests who are attending.

______, I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask you about your skin

Ask the questions from the customer profile and fill out the guest's card as
you talk to her over the phone. This creates less paper work at the class.
If for any reason, the guest is unable to attend, you have the information
and can follow up with her at a later time. You also are establishing a
relationship with her prior to the class. She will be more inclined to make a
special effort to be at the class.
"O.K., I have all your information and I really look forward to meeting you.
______, because this is more of a personalized, hands-on demonstration,
_____ was only able to invite six women to attend, so can we count on you
to be there? Great!!

One last thing, if I could help you with one concern or something you're
experiencing with your skin, what would that be?"

This helps to reassure the guest that you are a professional Beauty
Consultant and that the class will be as educational as it is fun. Whatever
her answer, let the guest know that you have a great product that you can't
wait to share with her at the class.

"If for some reason something comes up, will you please let ______know at
least 24 hours in advance so she can give someone else your spot?"

Use this phrase because you know that most women hate to give up their

"OK, thanks _____, Have a great week and I will see YOU next Wednesday
at 7:00."

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