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                                     NEWSLETTER FOR
                                    HIGHWORTH SCHOOL
                                                         DECEMBER 2010

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MESSAGE FROM THE HEADTEACHER                                              MESSAGE FROM STUDENT VOICE
In a strange way this version of Highways is a particularly special       Season‟s Greetings from Student Voice, who despite the snow,
one as it will be the last version where we are formally known as         has persevered this term, remaining just as productive and com-
Highworth Grammar School for Girls. It is very pleasing to report         mitted as ever. The key things we have discussed of late have
                                                                          been the new installation of Costa Coffee in the canteen, debates
that we will convert to academy status on January 1 st and our offi-      over uniform and keen enthusiasm for more recycling in class-
cial name will be Highworth Grammar School, which we have                 rooms. Our main project for the beginning of next term is a spoof
been using for the last few years since allowing boys into the sixth      documentary which will hopefully be shown in assemblies in the
form. I am particularly looking forward to the challenges and re-         New Year to let the whole school know just how amazing we
sponsibilities of academy status and sincerely hope this will give        are… So watch this space!
us the opportunity to become an even better school. We have al-
ways worked very closely with the local authority and we will              Olympic Flags Will Fly!
continue to work with them, particularly in helping others where           On Wednesday 5 January, mentor groups
we have the capacity to do so. Our links with the other local              will find out which country they will be in our
schools will also remain positive ones and there is a strong desire        Olympics in July. All students are required
to ensure that we will continue with our collaborative work.               to be in school until 3.35pm on the first
In November I was fortunate enough to be asked to go to a presen-          Wednesday in the new year while the draw takes place during enrich-
tation, by the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street, for new acad-          ment time.
emy headteachers and potential convertors. Although the speech             An exciting afternoon is planned with mentor groups collecting the flag
was very interesting, the highlight was knocking on the number             for their nation. Groups will complete a whole host of fun tasks over the
10 door and being led up the staircase which displays portraits of         months in preparation for the big day at the Julie Rose Stadium. Mas-
all the previous Prime Ministers – a very special moment.                  cots, fact files, posters and bunting are some of the activities which will
I believe there are some very interesting opportunities for High-          enable mentor groups to put on dazzling displays about their Olympic
worth in the recent White Paper, „The Importance of Teaching‟. In          country.
particular, I can see us strengthening our offer of triple science         We look forward to a memorable afternoon during which the Olympic
and languages and making sure that all students gain the English           motto of ‗Citius, Altius, Fortius‘ (Swifter, Higher, Stronger) will start to
Baccalaureate at age 16. This is currently proposed as a combina-          flourish!
tion of five GCSE passes in English, mathematics, science, lan-
                                                                           Sunday Telegraph Star
guage and humanity such as geography or history. This still leaves
                                                                           Those of you who read the Sunday Tele-
plenty of choices for other subjects and currently the vast majority       graph may have noticed in a recent issue
of our students would gain this qualification.                             the name of ex-Highworth student
It is also pleasing to note that Rebecca Dale has got through to the       Rebecca Dale. Rebecca, who completed
final round in an international art competition that attracted over        her A Levels last year, was one of our
19,000 entries worldwide. Hopefully she will win one of the                best young artists. As a result, her work
prizes in the Saatchi and Saatchi competition.                             was entered for the current Daily Tele-
Finally may I wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous              graph Schools Art Competition hosted by
New Year.                                                                  Saatchi and Saatchi online. This is a
                                                                           prestigious competition/exhibition and this year there were close
                                                                           to 19,000 entries from schools across the UK and Europe. The
 Spots and Dots                                                            judges are well known and respected artists and include Andrew
 Congratulations to the whole school                                       Graham-Dixon art critic and writer for the Telegraph. Needless to
                                                                           say, we were very pleased for Rebecca when her oil painting,
 for raising £666.43 for Children in
                                                                           which was one of five images chosen to promote the exhibition,
 Need. A special well done to our                                          appeared in a colour article in the Sunday edition. A shortlist of 20
 six spottiest students: Sophie Albin                                      students has just been announced and Rebecca‟s work will be on
 7VM, Paige Pope 7AB, Jessica                                              show at the gallery from the 12th January for about two weeks.
 Donnelly 9JP, Ella Bradfield 8NS,                                         From this shortlist, the winner and two runners up will be selected.
 T.J. Caton 7CS and Indigo Germain                                         Good luck, Rebecca.
 -Shaw 8KK. And our spottiest
 staff? - Mrs Poore, Mrs Bradfield,                                         Th e Fr ien d s wou ld lik e t o t h a n k ever yon e
 Mrs Bradley, Mrs Jensen, Mrs Smith and Mrs                                 wh o h elp ed t o m a k e t h e Gift a n d Cr a ft Fa ir
 Brobyn! Finally, a special thank you to all the students
 (and mums!) who baked fantastic cakes for the day. They                    s u ch a s u cces s . Over £ 4 ,0 0 0 wa s r a is ed -
 looked wonderful and were delicious!                                       fa n t a s t ic!!
                                         PERFORMING ARTS
Ashford Photographic Society Competition                                                   MUSIC NOTES
Three Highworth photography students were awarded prizes in                ♪ Concert in aid of the Friends of the William Harvey Hospi-
the recent Ashford Photographic Society Competition. Congratu-               tal – On the evening of Thursday 11th November, in the Hall,
lations go to Maisie Russell (Yr 13) who won second place for                many different Highworth musical ensembles performed, in-
Portraiture, Jasmine Marsh (Yr 12) who won second place for                  cluding the Jazz Orchestra, the Gospel, 789 and Chamber
Artistic Interpretation, and a special mention goes to Alex Hes-             Choirs, Guitar Ensemble and Orchestra. There was also an ap-
keth-Wells (Yr 13) who scooped two prizes, second place for                  pearance from our Community Choir and solo performances
Natural History and third place for Photo Journalism respec-                 from Evie O‟Driscoll (voice), Naomi Hogben (violin) and Cae-
tively. Well done girls! The awards evening is planned to take               cilia Dance (piano). £700 was raised for the Friends of the Wil-
place at Homewood School in early spring.                                    liam Harvey Hospital.
                                                                           ♪ Year 7 Christmas Concert – postponed by the snow. On
                                                                             Thursday 9th December Year 7 put on an evening of singing,
                                                                             ensemble and solo music, pantomime and dance, with art-work,
                                                                             as a culmination of their hard work in enrichment sessions since
                                            Photo Journalism
                                                                             September. Talented soloists included Susannah Holland
               Artistic Interpretation                                       (piano), Annabelle Trew (violin), Maddie Rogers (recorder),
                                          by Alex Hesketh-Wells
                by Jasmine Marsh
                                                                             Catrina Bowen (flute) and Kayleigh Owens (saxophone). Clos-
                                                                             ing the show was Annie-Anne Allen and the whole company
                                                                             with a rendition of All I want for Christmas.
                                                                           ♪ Christmas Music – Several groups have been performing in the
                                                                             community this month. 9VM devised their own programme of
                                                                             Christmas music and sang to the residents at Hothfield Manor
                    Portraiture              Natural History                 Acquired Brain Injury Centre. The 789 Choir sang Christmas
                 by Maisie Russell        by Alex Hesketh-Wells              Carols in County Square Shopping Centre. The Folk Band per-
                                                                             formed to the residents of Ashminster House Care Home and
                                                                             the Chamber Choir sang to patients in the Arundel Unit at the
              Don‟t miss the fantastic                                       William Harvey Hospital.
    Defining Theories Dance Show                                           ♪ The Carol Service on Tuesday 14th December, this year at St
      with the renowned Breakin‟ Hearts and                                  Teresa‟s church, next door to Highworth, was a great way for
       other wonderful dance performances.                                   the school to begin the festive season. This was a joint event
        Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 February                                      with Norton Knatchbull School, with readings, carols and vari-
                                                                             ous choirs performing.
               at 7.30pm in the Hall.                                      ♪ Coming up...
        Tickets: £5 and £3.50 concessions.                                 We are planning a multi- cultural musical celebration to launch
                                                                           Highworth‟s Olympic project on 5th January.
                                                                           Several of our musical groups are preparing to enter the National
Rising to the Maths Challenge                                              Festival of Music for Youth in February.
On 25th November, a team of A level Maths students - Rosanna Nich-         Our next major concert, and a date for your diary, is our Spring
ols, Leena Kang, Fern Lai and Grace McMullon - took the Senior Maths       Concert on 28th March.
Challenge. We arrived at the Octagon at Queen Mary, University of
London to be given the table number of 13 - typically unlucky - but
Leena exclaimed, ―That‘s fine, it‘s a prime number!‖ and that set the
tone from then onwards. The challenge itself was made up of three                                 Robin Hood Magic
rounds: the first being a set of 10 tricky questions. The next was the          We realise that Highworth (or Miss Greensmith)
Cross number, which is based on the same idea as a cross word, using            does not do things by halves. The planned trip to
mathematical clues to fill in the spaces with numbers. The final round -        the panto was not organised for two communities
the relay – demanded speed and teamwork. In the intervals between               to go at the same time, no – that would be the eas-
each round we found it difficult to integrate into the maths geek crowd,        ier option. Instead the entire school was to go! And
but this just encouraged our competitiveness for the following rounds.          this was no mean feat; 900+ of us required 20
Overall we came 6th out of the 37 schools represented in the region,            coaches! During the performance a few of our stu-
which technically is 1st out of 6, our maths powers combined to 0, as           dents and staff were used as props and stooges
we all worked as one. We would like to thank Mr Wibberley for coming            for gags: Mr Niles as Harry Potter at fifty; Nelly‟s
along on this fantastic maths trip.                                             new fancy was Mr Cameron; two girls hit gongs
                                                                                and hooters; then there was the knock-knock joke.
 All Years - Homework Club will be starting from Monday                         This panto was something to remember, even
 10 January 2011.                                                               though some of the jokes were rather, well, un-
 Would you like to stay in school and do your homework or re-                   funny! But we shall all remember poor Haki and his
 vise for your exams?                                                           phone – even though he did not speak that much
 The library will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays                    English! We hope this becomes
 from 3.35 until 4.30pm.                                                        a new Highworth tradition as we
 There will be staff available if you would like help with your                 thoroughly enjoyed it and it was
 homework.                                                                      all organised by the quite fantas-
 Please sign up on the Extended Service noticeboard by main                     tic Miss Greensmith to whom we
 reception or just turn up on the night.                                        are all eternally grateful!
Spanish Exchange                                                                     Fabulous Fashion
On Monday 8th November, a                                                                                   On a very cold and frosty morning, far too early,
group of 31 Spanish students                                                                                Year 10, 11 and Year 12 students headed off to
from Oviedo, a vibrant town in the                                                                          Birmingham NEC to visit the Clothes Show.
north of Spain, came to stay with
our Highworth students for one
                                                                                                            Upon arrival the students were in awe of the size
week. Our girls from Years 10                                                                               of the venue and the wealth of activities for them
and 12 (and their parents!) did a                                                                           to observe and participate in. There were catwalk
brilliant job by entertaining them,                                                                         shows with models wearing the designs made by
showing them the Kentish coun-                                                                              college students and professional designers. The
tryside and little villages and                                                                             main event was a fantastic multi media produc-
being really good hosts, while                                                                              tion presented by George Lamb and Caroline
teaching them good quality English. Katie Dolman, one of our expert Year 13                                 Franklin with professional dancers and the pres-
students acted as a guide on their visit to Canterbury where they enjoyed a                                 entation of clothing on many different themes
guided audio-tour of Canterbury Cathedral and The Canterbury Tales. They also
visited Maidstone Museum and spent a fantastic long day in London, where they
                                                                                     including movie night and wild, Wild West. Workshops were run to try
got the opportunity to watch the student demonstrations from the London Eye!         out sewing machines and make decorative products. New boy groups
They enjoyed being formally welcomed by the Mayor of Ashford and also by Mr          were also performing and there was the opportunity to purchase the lat-
Smith but left a little bewildered as to why the latter was wearing huge fluffly     est fashions.
slippers... they then found out all about the numerous charity events organised at   A very enjoyable day for the fantastic Highworth Textile and Creative
Highworth. Interestingly enough, another highlight was their trip to the Outlet      Media students.
where they stocked up so high on presents that they then had to squeeze their
suitcases really tight and keep their fingers crossed at the airport. We are now     A Tasty Trip
looking forward to our visit to Oviedo from 19-26 March in Spring... We‘re all       On 12 November Year 12 Foodies made a return trip to the Lon-
longing for some glorious weather and sunny beaches in Asturias!                     don Good Food Show. The selection of food samples to try were
                                                                                     just as good as ever with sausages and cheeses vying with cup
                                                                                     cakes for the best bites. Celebrity chef spotting was rewarded with
 Do you want to go to China??? Are you in Years 9, 10 or 11??                        sights of the Masterchef team and some of the contestants who
 There is no Mediterranean Cruise during the October 2012                            had won recently. The little companies were also well represented
 holiday and so Highworth is planning a trip to China, visit-                        with local Kentish foods on the scene. We hope to see the crea-
 ing Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. Cost is approximately £1590                         tions of Highworth food students at future events as they take up
 for eight days including all travel, accommodation and excur-                       the challenges of working in an ever growing world food market.
 sions. After Christmas a letter with full details will be available
 from Student Reception and on the school website.                                   Gothic Delight
                                                                                     On the evening of the 4th November in the falling twilight, an anxious
TLC Update                                                                           group of students and staff left familiarity and safety behind at Highworth
Sadly, it‘s time to say goodbye to our current TLC team at the end of this term.     and ventured into the gothic world of Crythin Gifford and the clutches of
The girls have worked hard this year running drop-in sessions and a variety of       the woman in black! This sense of anticipation was heightened further on
events. They have focused on specific issues such as body image, transition          arrival at the theatre by a talk from one of the actors who warned us that
from primary to secondary school and most recently anti-bullying. A very big         we would be so scared we had to remember not to squeal too loudly or
thank you to you all!                                                                we would miss parts of the play... So with knees knocking and our hearts
TLC organised a fourth Strictly Salsa Evening of Entertainment and despite the       beating fast, we settled down to be terrified. We were not disappointed as
unexpected and unfortunate circumstances we raised a fantastic total of £265.                                  this long running play pulls out all the stops in a
The money raised will go towards purchasing new equipment and resources for
                                                                                                               brilliant tour de force of acting, use of gothic set-
TLC to hold further workshops and events for the younger and perhaps more
vulnerable students in school. Many thanks to all of you who supported TLC in                                  ting and action. Even the boys in the group ad-
attending this Salsa Evening and we hope you enjoyed it.                                                       mitted later that they were scared at the sudden
The new TLC team have completed one day of their training. Unfortunately the                                   eruptions of evil depicted! It certainly made for an
second day was cancelled because of snow. The new team will be trained and                                     interesting return journey as we eagerly debated
ready to take over from February 2011.                                                                         the merits of time shifts, use of ghosts and the
                                                                                                               impact on audiences of being transported to a
 CONGRATULATIONS TO..                                                                                          different world. Thanks to the English department
                                                                                                               for organising such a brilliant trip....may we go
  Emma Kingston (8JP), Zipporah Santer (10JP) and Sophie Major                                                 again? We love to be scared!
  (12JP) for completing their 25,000m rowing awards and Lucy Ibbotson
  (8AB) for completing 50,000m. They have received gifts from Con-
  cept 2 to mark their achievement.                                                  Anyone for Austen?
  All students who took part in the District Cross Country a few weeks               On 20th October, 50 Year 9 students, Mrs Richardson and Mrs
  ago. The Year 7 team came 2nd - Maddie Rogers came 2nd overall                     Murray travelled into the past to the world of Jane „Austen‟s
  with all our 7 girls coming in the top 20 out of 50.                               Women‟, a one woman show at the Gulbenkian Theatre. Part of
  The Year 8 and 9 team who came first with an excellent run from                    the Canterbury Festival, the show had also been a sell out at the
  Charlie Wise in 9AB; the Senior team who also came first.                          Edinburgh Festival in 2009.
  Maddie Rogers (7CS) in the Biathlon competition and Subhadra Jivan                 In a bold revisiting using nothing but the words of Austen herself,
  -Frier (7KK) who came 17th out of 45 competitors in the 12 year old                the souls of Emma Woodhouse, Lizzy Bennet, Mrs Norris, Miss
  girls category with a points tally of 2072. This was a personal best of            Bates and many more were brilliantly illuminated. Taken out of
  38.56 seconds for 50m free style and 1 minute 49 seconds for 500m                  context (and in the absence of the men!) these characters spoke
  run.                                                                               volumes for their sex and their standing constrained by the strin-
  U13 Football team for taking part in the NPower Football cup and                   gent societal code of their time.
  finishing in 6th place out of 12 schools.                                          Having received such reviews as “Dynamic, engaging and moving,
  U14 Football team who took part in the Ashford Tournament and fin-                 Austen's Women is superb theatre” expectations were high, and
  ished in first place. They have now qualified for the county football              we weren‟t disappointed in Rebecca Vaughan‟s outstanding por-
  tournament in January 2011. All girls have done exceptionally well,                trayal of 14 key characters from Austen‟s fiction alone on stage for
  but Poppy Winch (7NS) in particular has scored all the goals for High-             over hour! Both the teachers and the students were suitably im-
  worth in this tournament. Well done!                                               pressed and are looking forward to the next theatre trip!
                     LEARNING COMMUNITY NEWS
THE BEST OF BEACH                                                                           KIRI TE KANAWA
As the lights came up on the stage of High-                                                 This term has proved both hard work, but also re-
worth Grammar School, the cast of AB were                                                   warding for Kiri Te Kanawa with the main focus on
revealed. Dressed in school uniforms with a
                                                                                            the Community Performing Arts Competition. After
hint of punk, they were a pleasure to the eye.
Guitars and pianos scattered around the                                                     much lunch time and after school rehearsal, the
stage, the audience held their breath. Based                                                performance began to take shape and our slightly
on the hit film, „School of Rock‟, Joanna                                                   modernised version of ‗Beauty And The Beast‘ came
Turner and Grace Kingsbury set out to bring                                                 closer to completion. After two students going home
a little rock to the Highworth Community                                                    ill the day before the performance, drastic cast
Performing Arts. With the enthusiasm of the                                                 changes were made, and songs chopped from the
                                   crowd, a live band, and the excellent per-               script. Nevertheless, no fear struck the hearts of
                                   formers such as Sequana Mallison and Dia
                                                                                            KK‘s cast - rather excitement and a sense of respon-
                                   Karios, the show was a hit and „best dra-
                                   matic piece‟ was rightly awarded to us. One              sibility, following their win the previous year! With massive help from all the stu-
                                   particular cast member said, “The show was               dents at mentor time, making props, costumes and teapots, a strong performance
                                   amazing. It was so much fun to be in!”                   was essential! The result came in, and it is official, we are now the Community
                                   Thank you to all that performed in School of             Performing Arts winners for 2 consecutive years. Well done to everyone who took
                                   Rock,. You really „stuck it to the man‟ and              part, along with all the mentors and staff who helped out. Special mention to
                                   showed Highworth that Amy Beach can put                  Hattie Washer (12KK) for her ongoing drive and fabulous dance routine and for
                                   on a psychedelic show!                                   Miss Simpson‘s useful advice. Can KK pull it off for the third year running? I won‘t
                                                                                            doubt it! Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us here at the
CLARA SCHUMANN                                                                              KK HQ!
Once upon a time, a young boy named Gareth had an idea inspired by
his voyage to Disneyland. Despite initial reservations, his dream of pro-                   NINA SIMONE
ducing and directing Little Mermaid alongside Amy Cooper came true on
Highworth‟s School stage.
                                                                                            Tension was high as the cast members of Nina Simone‟s version of
With all the effort from his fairy prefects and the creative CS, the audi-                  “Mamma Mia” waited to go on stage, the last group to perform in
ence was whisked deep under the sea to witness the events of Ariel,                         Community Music. Then Ali (Sienna) and Lisa (Megan) ran squeal-
played by Marie Kemp, on her course to true love. With a fabulous star                      ing down the aisle to meet Sophie (Jordan) – and the action began!
studded cast, the show was soon to be a hit! Sebastian, played by our                       There were too many highlights in this performance than can be
very own Peta Stamper was awarded Best Performer - Ever!                                    mentioned in this short space; it was wonderful to see so many
Schumann‟s creative team, led by Maisie Russell and Hannah Whitlock,                        members of Years 7 and 8 taking part in this team effort – and we
helped realise the magical kingdom and resulted in the success of the                       will all remember the double act of Tanya (Rhiannon) and Rosie
best props and scenery award.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved and
                                                                                            (Anna) and the comedy threesome of Sam, Bill and Harry (Jess,
hope they will continue to support Schumann throughout their school                         Sophie and Josie). The costumes were great – yes, it did take too
years.                                                                                      long to lace up those platform boots, but they were quite some-
                                                                                            thing! – and our musicians did us proud. However, Laine‟s perform-
JACQUELINE DU PRE                                                                           ance as Donna has to be given a special mention; her beautiful
The Community Performing Arts for Jacqueline Du Pre was the ‗Wizard of Oz‘ this year.       singing absolutely stole the show and she thoroughly deserved to
The cast consisted of students from all ages and Mentor groups. Hannah Knight, Natalie      collect the award for Best Song. “It was really good to hear my
Hoare, Natasha Asteraki-Spear, Charlotte Wakelin, and Katherine Fodor - the JP Pre-
fect team were fantastic in organising the sets, rehearsals and music for the perform-
                                                                                            name read out as Best Performer,” commented Laine, “but when I
ance.                                                                                       was asked to collect the award for Best Song, I was absolutely
Jess McClean (Yr7) stole the show as Dorothy with her amazing voice and confident           thrilled!” Community Captain Kelly paid tribute to the efforts of the
performance. Scarecrow - Hannah Alleyne (Yr7), Tin man - Leah Isteed (Yr9), Lion -          whole cast, including the Prefect Team who have been so suppor-
Amelia Edge (Yr7) accompanied Dorothy along the way to Emerald City with the help of        tive. “Although preparing for Community Music has been very
Glinda, the pretty witch - Eleanor Brewster (Yr9) to meet the timid Wizard - Ebony          stressful at times,” she said, “it has also been a real pleasure to
Brown (Yr8) and Doorman (Yr7) Catrina Bowen. On their journey they encountered the          work so closely with so many members of Simone. They were all
Munchkins (Yr7s) - Emily Wood, Ashwini Desai, Chloe Powell, Tabitha Lofts, Gabriella        brilliant!”
Fasoli, Jessica Headech, Rachel Hayes, Nicole Brockies, Indigo O‘Clee and Katie
They were scared by the wicked witch of the west, the frightening but hilarious Katherine   VANESSA MAE
Fodor (Yr13), shaded by the quivering trees - Chloe Howes, Leena Kang, Chloe                On 23 November VMs actors, dancers and singers did the Community
Fletcher, Jasmine Ash and Emily Heath (Yr12) and transported through time and space         proud with a magical performance of the musical „Hairspray‟. With the
with thunder and lightning by the whirling dancers (Yr8s) - Harriet Russell, Abi Smith,     youngest cast, VM produced the most energetic and colourful act with
Charlotte Corden, Lili Mutyambizi and Courtney Fox.                                         plenty of glitter and tinsel. After months of intensive rehearsals, the cast
The show finale was an all singing and                                                      burst onto the stage with their opening number „Nicest Kids in Town‟
dancing production with Katherine on                                                        beautifully sung by Eunice Oyedeji who held the cast and chorus together
drums and Caecilia Dance (Yr13) on
                                                                                            despite technical difficulties. Our leads Kayleigh Shephard and Nina
piano—no wonder we won Best Dance
Performance. In the background but very                                                     Finch took the lead for the rest of the performance, entertaining the audi-
important were Ellen Cherry, Mickey                                                         ence with their humour and outstanding talent. Our programme, covered
Zeller, Lesley Waters, Gabriella Ferris,                                                    in nearly as many sequins as the cast, won us a prize and will be treasured
Johanna Forssen, Alex Hesketh-Wells,                                                        by the VM Community for years to come. The prefect team would like to
Sarah Packham, Zoe Allen, Ruby Gretton                                                      thank everyone for their hard work over the past few months and hope
and Emma Ledger.                                                                            you all had as much fun as we did!
Well done to all!

Nina Simone’s Non-uniform Day on Friday 10 December – postponed for a week owing to snow! – was again a great success, with
Years 7 and 8 in particular wearing a range of Christmas accessories and costumes, from a Christmas tree to a snowman, in keeping
with the Christmas theme. Some brave Year 12 and 13 students also came dressed up, supposedly in the outfit which symbolised what
they “wished they were”, although whether those dressed as a super-hero, Frenchman or giant banana really wanted to be those things
is debatable! As always, the cake stall at break time proved very popular, as did the Winter Wonderland in the Hall at lunchtime, com-
plete with Christmas music and a beautifully decorated tree. Many thanks to everyone who supported this day; the money raised has
brought our total so far up to an amazing £1300!

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