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november newsletter by wpr1947


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               Soc Inc                                       Secretary /Editor
     Colin Smith                                             Kerry Dodunski
     06 3292887                                              06 3238339                          

     Colleen Roskruge

                             NOVEMBER 2009
                                    (chirp chirp chirp!!)


Apologies were received from Dennis and Patsy Inkpen and John and Carol Smyth
A beautiful day embraced us with 40 members turning out at the Esplanade Education
Centre. Peter Russell took us through photos and of his holiday through Africa, Nigeria
and Botswana. Wonderfully coloured birds with fantastic wildlife, (I think Peter was
tempted to bring a particular baby elephant back with him). Thank you Peter for your
enlightening commentary to the wildlife in these countries.
Everyone then gathered for afternoon tea at Esplanade Cafe for a catch up, conversation
was buzzing, fantastic to see so many members.


Members, this is your last chance to register for the Christmas Lunch on 22
November, 2009 at Club Palmerston, Linton Street, Palmerston North. This
function is to be subsidised by the society by $10.00 for a single member with a
maximum of $20.00 for family membership. This will make the lunch very
affordable when the subsidy is taken off the cost of $25.00 per person. Children
are charged $1.00 per year up to 12 years of age.
 Final numbers must be in by Monday 16th November at the latest. Please
contact Colleen - phone (06) 354 9765 or email or
Kerry - phone (067) 323 8339 evenings or email
Also, please note that if you register and have not cancelled before the
20/11/09 you will be charged, as the society will be invoiced for the total
Colleen and Kerry are available to take your calls, so check your diaries and
let us know ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you.
Updated Newsletters are available to members only


If members require a significant numbers of Rings for the upcoming breeding season,
please contact Maurice (Services Officer) on 06 3549765 or email
so orders can be arranged.


We have had news that the Canterbury Club had its last club meeting on 5th October
2009 and being wound up, maybe becoming just a social club, this being due to lack of
people getting behind the club and becoming involved, they have no one volunteering
to be a Treasurer or Secretary.
Food for thought: getting involved, being part of makes it happen, our responsibility in
wanting to learn is to be part of , takes about a hour or two a month at the most and
rewarding giving back to what we enjoy!


Anyone that is just starting out with their birds, if you have any queries or would like to
know anything about your birds, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to ask, we’ve all
been there and still learning ourselves, we’ll help you find someone that may know. It’s
what the club is all about. Aviculture: the keeping, knowledge & rearing of birds.


"HAND FEEDING AND RAISING BABY BIRDS" by Matthew M Vriends, Ph.D. All the
information you need to know regarding hand feeding. Warren will have the book
available to members at the monthly meetings.


Not only is it spring, the weather is fining up and the sun is slowly coming out from
behind those dark clouds that have greeted us each morning for months on end.
Not one to enjoy climbing out of bed each morning, I find it exciting to see what life is
about to greet us in our own back yard. With all the work we all put in to our birds,
building aviaries, feeding, growing bird vege’s, cleaning, trying to give them best we
possibly can. The rewards come with that simple egg that is laid. (Hopefully the cock bird
hasn't broken the egg again, grrr) On the calendar it goes, to wait out for incubation to start,
waiting for the surprise of the eggs hatching. Precious little birds, wonderful rewards
seeing mum and dad feeding each other, healthy fat little chicks that slowly start
chirping away, success! We got it right, fed them well, kept them warm and they are
happy, they had babies! Then you tell everyone around excitingly and they refer to you
as “The Crazy Birdlady”, (anyone else got this reputation?) it’s awesome! Then it’s back to the
worry, why haven't BulnBuln's layed? Why aren’t the others mating up? The puzzle is
not ours to unfold but we do our best to try to find the answers. “Oh no” the ringneck
cock has died, why, how is the hen going to manage all those chicks on her own? Yes we
love our bird’s, it’s what it is all about!
Updated Newsletters are available to members only

(Please feel free to advertise here)
2 Cinnamon doves (cock birds) $20.00 ea ph
                                        Russell on 06 3238343
2 Female Lutino Ringnecks $80ea, 1 Lutino Breeding pair                $160pr
                                          Donald or Sheryl Oliver ph 04 938 1313
Blue faced parrot finch cocks x2, Plum head hen, Pair orange breasts, Jacarini cock
                                          Carol 06 323 5456 or 0274 998540
1 Male Rockpebbler,1 Male California Quail or Breeding pair, Fisher Lovebird, 1 Pair
Bobwhite Quail                           Donald or Sheryl Oliver ph 04 938 1313

Egg incubator and chick brooder with humidity controls               Kerry ph 06 3238339

Beak “n” Claw – Birds & Seed Supplies –
                                                 Ph/Fax Jeff (06) 3273726.

                           86 South Street, Feilding – Phone (06) 323 3361
                              Fax: (06) 323 3371 – Mobile 0274 472 467

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    Call in and view our               BEST PRICES             large range of our seed

Don’t forget to show your membership card it will be recorded on the Loyalty sheet and your
                                  Society will benefit
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                                                                             it is.
                                                                             DNAsolutions. 4
                                                                             Eastgate Crt.,
                                                                              Wantirna, Victoria.
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                                                                             tel 1800-000-362
                                                                             1550 web
$2-$3 Dollar shop, Broadtop ,Terrace End
Looking for those bits and pieces for the finishing touches or refurbishing of your aviaries,
this is a great place to go, there’s stainless bowls(large & small), bird nets, D cup feeders,
quality 4 & 6 inch bolts & padlocks for aviary doors along with door handles. There’s plenty
of good quality stuff here for the aviary, as well as lots of bird cage accessories, you will be
pleasantly surprised as well come out with money still in your pocket.
Updated Newsletters are available to members only


With a slow start to the list , many members have now given Richard their details,
where a good data base is starting to happen, well done everyone and anyone that
hasn't yet sent their details in as yet, please do, this is available to be updated at anytime
for everyone.
 (A couple of phone calls already has led to a couple of members now having a waiting list for their
soon to hatch chicks, as well as someone managed to find the cock bird they were searching for and
                                  better still it was local, well done!)

The club has alot of enquiry with several phone calls a week with people looking for
certain birds and breeders.
This list would entail one person holding an inventory, who will hold sole responsibility
and access to different breeds/species of birds and owners. This enabling people either
ringing/emailing our club, looking for birds able to locate breeders. This list will be
confidential and held by one person only. Beneficial, an asset to everyone, selling or
buying birds. Confidentiality assured.

There are two options on how you can join this list:
1. Your First name and email -phone number can be given out to anyone calling looking
for birds
2. The list holder will personally contact you with the phone number and name of the
person enquiring allowing you to make that contact if you wish.

You can fill out the form below and post or email Richard Dodunski, (emailing your details above without the actual form is ok!)

Name                         ph                        email.
(First name basis)
Contact by (please circle one of the following)
* List keeper to contact me with enquirers details     * Email me enquirers details
               * Pass on my first name and ph no. to enquirer

Birds that I have:__________________________________________________________

Richard Dodunski, 1565 St Hwy 3, RD 6, Palmerston North,

   The next newsletter due out will be in late January 2010, with details of the
   meeting for February. (Cutoff date for Newsletters is 20th of each month, if you have any
          articles, experiences you wish to share with the club, please ring or email me)

               YES Christmas is coming, start filling those stockings.
   Good luck with your breeding everyone. Have a wonderfully Safe and Happy
             Christmas Holiday period and we’ll catch up next year!
Updated Newsletters are available to members only

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