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					       Things Found in             Games:                                   More Games:                                     Things Found in
      Department Stores                                                                                                    Department Stores
                                   Go Fish: (2-4 players) Every player      STRAWS: (4 players) Each player
1. perfume / cologne - perfume /   gets 7 cards. Place the remaining        gets four cards, and everyone sits in    1. perfume / cologne - perfume /
colonia                            deck of cards face-down. Player 1        a circle around the remaining face-      colonia
2. jewelry - joyería               asks player 2 if he has a certain        down deck and 3 plastic straws.          2. jewelry - joyería
                                   card. If has the card he must give it    Player 1 picks up a card from the
3. cosmetics - cosméticos          up, but if he does not, he says “Go      deck. If he wants the card, he can
                                                                                                                     3. cosmetics - cosméticos
4. toys - juguetes                 Fish!” Then the player draws from        keep it, but must pass on one of his     4. toys - juguetes
5. bicycles - bicicletas           the deck. See who can get the most       other cards to the player to his right   5. bicycles - bicicletas
6. party supplies - fuentes del    matching pairs. Say the English and      who does the same thing. The first       6. party supplies - fuentes del
partido                            Spanish words when you ask               player continues picking a card from     partido
7. furniture - muebles             another player if they have a specific   the deck and passing it on. Play         7. furniture - muebles
8. small appliances -              card.                                    continues around the circle getting      8. small appliances -
aplicaciones pequeñas                                                       faster and faster. The first player to   aplicaciones pequeñas
9. curtains - cortinas             2 of a Kind or 4 of a Kind: (2-4         get all four cards to a set must grab    9. curtains - cortinas
                                   players) Each player gets 4 cards,       one of the straws. Other players
10. rugs - mantas                  and four cards are placed face-up on     grab for straws too, but the last
                                                                                                                     10. rugs - mantas
11. luggage - equipaje             the table. Each player takes a turn      player to grab a straw is eliminated     11. luggage - equipaje
12. food - comida                  exchanging one of his cards for one      and one straw is removed from the        12. food - comida
13. gifts – regalos                of the four face-up cards. When          pile. Play continues until only one      13. gifts – regalos
                                   players complete a matching pair,        player remains – the winner!
    Cosas Encontraron en           they select two new cards from the                                                    Cosas Encontraron en
  Departamentos de Tiendas         deck of face-down cards.                                                            Departamentos de Tiendas

    perfume / colonia                   perfume / colonia                        perfume / colonia                      perfume / cologne

   perfume / cologne                   perfume / cologne                         perfume / colonia                      perfume / cologne
  joyería      joyería      joyería    jewelry

  jewelry      jewelry      joyería     jewelry

cosméticos   cosméticos   cosméticos   cosmetics

cosmetics    cosmetics    cosméticos   cosmetics
juguetes     juguetes     juguetes       toys

  toys         toys       juguetes       toys

bicicletas   bicicletas   bicicletas   bicycles

bicycles     bicycles     bicicletas   bicycles
fuentes del partido   fuentes del partido   fuentes del partido   party supplies

  party supplies        party supplies      fuentes del partido   party supplies

     muebels               muebles               muebles            furniture

     furniture             furniture             muebles             furniture
 aplicaciones        aplicaciones     aplicaciones       small
  pequeñas            pequeñas         pequeñas        appliances

small appliances   small appliances    pequeñas      small appliances

    cortinas           cortinas         cortinas        curtains

    curtains           curtains         cortinas         curtains
mantas     mantas     mantas      rugs

 rugs       rugs      mantas       rugs

equipaje   equipaje   equipaje   luggage

luggage    luggage    equipaje   luggage
comida    comida    comida    food

 food      food     comida    food

regalos   regalos   regalos   gifts

  gifts    gifts    regalos   gifts
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Fold on the lines and insert in the case.

        Things Found in Department Stores

       Cosas Encontraron en Departamentos
                  de Tiendas

           Things Found in Department Stores
     Cosas Encontraron en Departamentos de Tiendas

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