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Disabled Living

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									                                                                                Rivermead Leisure Complex,
                                                                                 Richfield Avenue, Reading,
     WiN                                                                                 Berkshire RG1 8EQ
         TH Of
 £100 wOR ERS!                                                                    Convenient to London and the
ARgOS VOu wls Hall
                in the Bo
                                                                                                 M4 motorway
V isit stand G2      information
                 r full
    See page 5 fo and features                                                   Thursday, 24th June 2010
     on competitio ce
             taking pla                                                                  9.30am – 4.30pm

                                                                                           Organiser: Disabled Living,
                                                                                   Redbank House, 4 St Chad’s Street,

      Disabled Living
                                                                                     Cheetham, Manchester, M8 8QA.
                                                                                            Tel: 0161 214 5959/5962
                                                                lder people
        al sol   utions supporting disabled adults, children & o                      Registered Charity No: 224742
                                                        Kidz is a Trademark registered to Disabled Living, Manchester.
       Dates for your diary 2010/2011:
                                                                ber 2010
                           • Kidz Up North Thursday, 25th Novem
                             Reebok Stadium, Bolton

                                                                 rch 2011
                           • Kidz in the Middle Thursday, 10th Ma
                             Ricoh Arena, Coventry

                            • Kidz South Thursday, 9th June 2011
                              Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading

                                       z events please contact the organiser:
For more information on any of our Kid
                                                                                               M8 8QA.
                                                          Street, Cheetham, Manchester,
      Disabled Livi ng, Redbank House, 4 St Chad’s                            
                                                   0161 835 3591 Email: info@disa
             Tel: 0161 214 5959/5962 Fax:                                     Web:
  Welcome to Kidz South 2010
                         Disabled Living, the charity who        the assessment process. Therefore, having the opportunity
                         organises ‘Kidz South’ is delighted     to view and try out a range of equipment in one setting can
                         to be back at the Rivermead Leisure     ensure that costly mistakes are not made, and the children
                         Centre for our fourth year. The         and other family members are aware of a range of options.
                         ‘Kidz’ events are unique, they are      Disabled Living has a dedicated ‘Kidz’ Information Co-
                         the largest FREE exhibitions totally    ordinator who will be pleased to point you in the direction
                         dedicated to disabled children, their   of equipment and services during and after this event.
                         parents and the professionals who       I welcome and encourage feedback to enable the ‘Kidz’
                         support them.                           team to develop all our events including ‘Kidz up North’
With many of the companies choosing the ‘Kidz’ exhibitions       and ‘Kidz in the Middle’ around your requirements.
to launch new products and equipment you can be sure             Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have
of the most up to date information and advice. This year,        any comments or suggestions. In addition, if you find a
not only do we have new exhibitors at Kidz South, but also       company who does not already exhibit at the ‘Kidz’ events,
companies new to this ever expanding market.                     please make us aware, as their equipment or services may
We know from experience, having the right equipment can          just be what other parents are looking for!
make a tremendous difference not only to the children,           I hope you have an enjoyable and informative day and look
but to family life in general. The way in which children are     forward to seeing you next year.
supplied with equipment varies from area to area. Currently
there are a number of pilot projects relating to the provision                                                  Debra Evans
of children’s equipment to allow choice and a bigger say in                                                Chief Executive

                   Note: Date for your diary – Kidz South – Thursday, 9th June 2011
                Organiser: Disabled Living, Redbank House, 4 St Chad’s Street, Cheetham, Manchester, M8 8QA.
                        Tel: 0161-214-5959/5962 Email

Supported by:
  Important Event Information
Accessible Toilets                                      Disabled Living Help and information point
Situated in the main reception area of the complex      Located at the main registration area. We can
and in the Bowls Hall, and are clearly signposted       help with finding companies, equipment, details
on the floor plan (see centre pages).                   on seminars and any information on the event.
Changing facilities
There is a private area with adjustable changing
table and hoist (slings will not be supplied)
located in the Bowls Hall which is off the main
corridor to the left as you go through the
registration area, and is clearly marked on the
floor plan (see centre page).
First Aid
First Aiders are present at the event. If you require
first aid or medical assistance please report to
the organiser’s office which is located through the
registration area to the left, or speak to one of the
organisers/staff who will be clearly recognisable
by their Kidz South tee shirts.
 Free Seminars
               Seminars are presentations on a wide range of issues and interests to families with disabled children and those who work
               with them, ending with questions and answer sessions. Entry is FREE on a first come first serve basis. The seminar rooms
               are located in the Thames Suite which is through the main registration area to the right and is clearly marked on the floor plan
               on the centre pages. Many of the seminars are of particular interest to parents, carers and professionals. Children welcome.

Seminar Room 1                                                             Seminar Room 2
10.30am-11.15am                                                            10.30am-11.15am
Sound Foundations                                                          Is it time for a mould? How KIT maybe the answer
Presenting a unique programme to support toilet training                   Teenagers and adults can present some of the most challenging
for children with special needs. Good auditory and sensory                 postures for seating, and often a mould seems the only
processing skills are a foundation for development of activities           solution. KIT is a new modular seating system. The seminar
such as communication, listening, attention, memory and                    will demonstrate the clinical challenges faced, and how KIT
learning. This innovative study explores the effects of the listening      successfully met these needs.
programme on toilet training.                                              Clare Wright, MClinRes, BSc (Hons) OT,
Alan Heath, Educational Consultant Trainer, Learning Solutions             Clinical Research Manager in Special Seating
11.30am-12.15pm                                                            11.30am-12.15pm
Presenting the ‘Every Step’ tool to chart development in play.             Let the children have their say: Experiences of children with
It can be hard to chart the importance of play for children with           Disabilities in PE and Sport
multiple and complex needs through traditional development tools.          This seminar session will share some recent consultative work
Scope will be highlighting the ‘Every Step’ web tool which can help        on hearing the views of disabled children in relation to their views
parents and practitioners track and share progress, however small.         and experiences of PE and sport. This will then be followed by an
Lindsay Brewis, Scope                                                      examination of strategies to support engagement and participation
                                                                           in physical activity.
                                                                           Milly Blundell, LJMU Research Support Officer in Sport and PE
Is it time for a mould? How KIT maybe the answer
Teenagers and adults can present some of the most challenging              12.30pm-1.15pm
postures for seating, and often a mould seems the only                     Creative Learning Technology: Music, Image and Movement
solution. KIT is a new modular seating system. The seminar                 When it comes to embracing creative learning technology, the
will demonstrate the clinical challenges faced, and how KIT                Dame Hannah Rogers School has been leading the way for some
                                                                           time. The school recently teamed up with Sensory Guru Ltd to
successfully met these needs.
                                                                           trial and develop some very exciting new software; listen as
Clare Wright, MClinRes, BSc (Hons) OT,
                                                                           Brian Carlyon, Headteacher, assisted by Lee Blemings, Managing
Clinical Research Manager in Special Seating
                                                                           Director of Sensory Guru, explain how this creative technology is
1.30pm-2.15pm                                                              helping to enhance and extend the creative learning potential of
DMO’s bespoke orthoses for neurological conditions                         students at Dame Hannah Rogers School.
Individually designed fabric orthoses, used to influence tone              Brian Carlyon, Headteacher, Dame Hannah Rogers School - Lee
and symmetry of posture, to promote improved co-ordination of              Blemings, Managing Director, Sensory Guru Ltd.
movements.                                                                 1.30pm-2.15pm
Lynda Burgess BSc (Hons) BA(Hons) PGCE MCSP                                Toilet Training Issues
- Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist for DM Orthotics Ltd                 An opportunity to look at those difficult toileting situations, and
2.30pm-3.15pm                                                              explore a range of solutions.
Management of the wheelchair using child                                   Charlotte Mawby - Independent Paediatric Continence Advisor
History of AWC, Go Kids Go                                                 2.30pm-3.15pm
What is the problem of the wheelchair using child? - Identify and          DMO’s bespoke orthoses for neurological conditions
highlight the various problems faced by wheelchair using children.         Individually designed fabric orthoses, used to influence tone
Demonstration of correct use of a wheelchair outdoors. Identify            and symmetry of posture, to promote improved co-ordination of
good and bad wheelchair structure. Demonstrate how to train                movements.
someone. How we help solve the problem and Q&A.                            Lynda Burgess BSc (Hons) BA(Hons) PGCE MCSP - Clinical
Seb Francis, Mobility Trainer – Association of Wheelchair Children         Specialist Physiotherapist for DM Orthotics Ltd

     For healthcare professionals certificates of attendance will be available to collect on the day to boost your CPD portfolio.
  Fun and Features
Voluntary and support service                               CultureMix Art Ltd is a company aiming
organisations are located in the Bowls Hall,                to widen accessibility to steel pan music
offering a range of specialist support and                  and carnival arts. Located in the Bowls
advice to help disabled children and their                  Halls, they will be providing instrumental
families including:                                         demonstrations, live performances and
• Family Resource Centre UK                                 audience participation.
  - a free information service for families                 CultureMix Arts Ltd., PO Box 2766,
  with children aged from birth – 19 years                  Reading, Berkshire RG30 1RF.
  old (up to 25 years old for children with                 Email:
  Special Needs/Learning Difficulties and                   Association of wheelchair Children,
  Disabilities (LDD) living in Reading.                     located in the Bowls Hall,
• PromoCon – providing information and                      will be providing various
    advice about products relating to all                   activities throughout the
    toileting needs.                                        day including
...and many more.                                           wheelchair skills,
                                                            wheelchair games
The full list of exhibitors can be found on the             and more.
centre pages in this guide.

  Thank you to friends and supporters
  Kidz South could not happen without our valuable supporters. We would particularly like to thank Disabled Living
  staff and volunteers, the staff at the Rivermead Leisure Complex and our exhibitors for their continued support.

                              Enter our Prize Draw
        wiN TH
                              We value your feedback on how you found your visit to Kidz South, and
     £100 wgOS
          R O
                              your views on what you would like to see more of. To be entered in to
                              the prize draw, visit stand G2 to the rear of the bowls hall and complete
          Of A
          VOuCHERS            a questionnaire. All completed forms will be entered into the prize draw.
                              The draw will close at 4pm when the winner will be announced.

   The charity that custom-makes equipment for disabled youngsters,
   is developing a new range of fun and funky wheelchair knobs.
   Why not design your own wheelchair knob in their fun competition?                            MERU
   The winner could have their design made for real!                                         Competition
   Visit Meru on stand F6 in the Bowls Hall
   for more information.
ABiLiTy NEEDS MAGAziNE                                 RECEPTioN        ALLiED MoBiLiTy                                         207-210
Ability Needs Magazine - One of Britain’s premier on-sale disability    Offer a wide range of wheelchair accessible vehicles, MPVs
magazine. A quarterly publication with news on Britain’s main           and minibuses and will be showcasing the best selling Peugeot
disability groups and information on the products available in the      Horizon, with its unique FlexFold™ ramp.
mobility marketplace. Get your FREE copy at today’s event.              230 Balmore Road, Glasgow G22 6LJ.
Tel: 01457 560 177. Email:                        Tel: 0800 916 3018. Email:
ABiLiTy woRLD LTD                                                 A15   APCP                                                            F10
Preview the new Uni-tech V Pen, an ultra-high-tech, simple to use
                                                                        (ASSoCiATioN oF PAEDiATRiC
hand-held communication aid. Add words and music to your
communication pages, then touch the paper to talk or play.              CHARTERED PHySioTHERAPiSTS)
43 Svenskaby, orton wistow, Peterborough PE2 6yz.                       Is a clinical interest group of the Chartered Society of
Tel: 0845 4747245. Email:                   Physiotherapy (CSP). APCP aims to bring together the skills,
                                                                        knowledge, research and innotative developments of paediatric
ABLE MAGAziNE                                                     507
UK’s leading disability lifestyle publication and every issue           physiotherapists for the benefit of its members, the profession, and
includes accessible holiday ideas, product reviews, competitions        the wider health community.
and much more! Get your free copy today!                                Po Box 610, Huntingdon PE29 9FJ. Tel: 0151 474 6548.
Unit 4, 15-39 Durham Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow G1 1BS.              Email:
Tel: 0141 419 0044. Fax: 0141 419 0077.                                 ASBAH                                                          A3
Email:                                 For information on every aspect of living with spina bifida or
ACTioN FoR CHiLDREN - PENHURST SCHooL                              G1   hydrocephalus for parents and professionals visit ASBAH’S stand.
Penhurst School educates and cares for children and young               Pick up free information leaflets and meet ASBAH staff.
people (5–25 years) with PMLD, including complex health needs.          209 Crescent Road, New Barnet, Herts EN4 8SB.
A non-maintained residential special school and care home for           Tel: 0208 440 6168. Email
children and young adults, we provide an individualised, enriched
curriculum through sensory programmes, integrated therapy and           ASHFiELD SPECiAL NEEDS LTD                                        405
year-round care packages.                                               Cycling and sensory are the two branches of the company
New Street, Chipping Norton, oxfordshire oX7 5LN.                       tree. Family inclusive options for people of all ages and abilities.
Tel: 01608 642 559.                                                     Sensory corners to calm, relax and focus.
Email:                             Ashfield House, School Road, St Johns Fen End, Wisbech,
ACTiVATE                                                          513   Cambs PE14 7SJ. Tel: 01945 880178.
Will be showing new products at Kidz South - the tandem buggy           Email:
with its sibling seat and the 3 wheel Phoenix join our other buggies,   ASToR-BANNERMAN (MEDiCAL) LTD                                 605
powerchairs and indoor seating.                                         Have designed and manufactured the brand new Syncra seated
Unit 2, Watt Road, Churchfields Industrial Estate, Salisbury,           height-adjustable bath, shown here today, along with a wide range
wiltshire SP2 7UD. Tel: 01722 340 600.                                  of patient handling and care equipment.
Email:                                        Unit 11F, Coln Park industrial Estate, Andoversford,
ACTiVE DESiGN LTD                                                 604   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL54 4HJ.
Develops and manufactures equipment for a twenty-four hour              Tel: 01242 820820. Email:
approach to postural management based upon the well-
established and ongoing research programme at Chailey                   ATTENDS LTD                                                       B2
Heritage Clinical Services. The design of the equipment is based        Exhibit will feature a full range of incontinence and continence care
on a thorough understanding of the theoretical and practical            related products available for children of all ages and conditions,
requirements of the management of posture for people with               offering information, advice and free samples to try.
moderate to severe motor impairment. This unique approach to            Third Floor, The Old Post Office, St Nicholas Street,
solving postural equipment problems ensures functional ability is       Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1RH. Tel: 0845 601 3272.
maximised.                                                              Email:
Active Design Ltd, 68K wyrley Road, Birmingham B6 7BN.                  BAKARE BEDS LTD                                               802
Tel: 0121 326 7506. Email:                 Supply bespoke real wood height adjustable cots with profiling
AGiNCARE LiVE-iN CARE SERViCES LTD                                B12   surfaces. We also supply the unique Klearside™ range with
Provide qualified Care Workers and Personal Assistants to people        transparant vinyl sides. Bakare are BHTA members and abide by
of all ages with a wide range of dependency, in their own homes.        BHTA/OFT code of conduct.
7/7a Salisbury Street, Blandford, Dorset DT11 7AU.                      Unit 1A, ERC, Bell Close, Plympton, Devon PL7 4JH.
Tel: 01258 489480. Email:
                                                                        Tel: 01752 512222. Email:
AiDiS TRUST                                                        A1   BAMBACH SADDLE SEAT (EURoPE) LTD                               600
Is a charity offering free services including:- courses outlining       Bambach Saddle Seat has helped many children lead more
computer access options for disabled people, their carers and           normal lives, providing them with hitherto unrealised freedom of
local disability, support and parent groups.                            movement and enjoy a better quality of life.
3 Gunthorpe Street, London E1 7RQ.                                      Phoenix House, Unit 6, Prospect Business Park,
Tel: 020 7426 2130. Local-rate helpline: 0845 120 3719.                 Langston Road, Loughton, Essex iG10 3TR.
Email: website:                            Tel: 020 8532 5100. Email:
    Maps & Exhibitor Stands
    Exhibitors	Main	Hall
	   Stand	Number	   Exhibitor
	      106/107	     Smirthwaite	Ltd	
	      108/109	     Chunc	Posture	and	Mobility
	        110	       Rainbow	Mobility
	        111	       Symmetrikit
	      200-204	     James	Leckey	Design	
	        205	       Tomcat	Ltd
	        206	       R82	UK	Ltd
	      207-210	     Allied	Mobility	
	        213	       Carebase
	        300	       Jenx
	      306-308	     JCM	Seating	Solutions	Ltd	
	        309	       Revelo	Ltd                                                                  Exhibitors	Bowls	Hall
	        310	       Toby	Churchill	Ltd	                                                     	   Stand	Number	   Exhibitor	
	        311	       Etac	UK	Ltd	                                                                     A1		       Aidis	Trust	
	        313	       Kinderkey	Healthcare	Ltd	                                               	        A2	        Newlife	Foundation	for	Disabled	Children	
	        400	       DM	Orthotics	Ltd	                                                       	        A3		       ASBAH	
	      401-403	     DCS	Joncare	Ltd	                                                        	       A5-A4	      Scope	
	        402	       Care	Choices	Ltd/Progress	Magazine                                      	        A6	        Cerebra	
	        404	       Darby	Solicitors	                                                       	        A8	        Whizz	Kidz	
	        405	       Ashfield	Special	Needs	Ltd                                              	        A9	        Cool2Care
	      406-408	     Specialised	Orthotic	Services	Ltd	                                      	        A10		      Disabled	Living	Foundation
	        407	       Credo	Care	Ltd                                                          	        A11	       St	Rose’s	School	
	        409	       Soundbeam	Ltd	                                                          	        A15		      Ability	World	Ltd
	       409a	       Incy	Wincy	                                                             	        B1		       Seenin	
	        410	       Disability	&	Carers	Service	                                            	        B2	        Attends	Health	Care
	        413	       QED	                                                                    	       B3/B5	      Pearce	Bros	Mobility
	        500	       Tendercare	Ltd	                                                         	        B4	        Sensory	Guru	Ltd
	      501-503	     Motability	                                                             	        B6	        Dragon	Mobility	Ltd	
	      502/504	     Kingkraft	Ltd	                                                          	        B8	        Treloar	Trust
	        505	       Theraplay	Ltd	                                                          	        B9		       Children’s	Information	Centre	
	        506	       Theraposture	Ltd	                                                       	        B10	       Treloar	Enterprises	Ltd	(SWDC)	
	        507	       Able	Magazine	                                                          	        B11	       Prism	UK	Medical	Ltd	
	        508	       PromoCon                                                                	        B12	       Agincare	Live-in	Care	Services	Ltd	
	      509/511	     Seating	Matters	Ltd                                                     	        C1	        Quest	88	Ltd	
	     510	-	512	    Lisclare	Ltd	                                                           	         E1	       Chailey	Heritage	School	
	        513	       Activate                                                                	         F1	       Family	Fund	
	        600	       Bambach	Saddle	Seat	(Europe)	Ltd                                        	         F2	       Brainwave	
	        601	       Consolor	Ltd                                                            	         F3		      Childhood	Epilepsy	Information	Service	
	        602	       Southern	Care	Systems	Ltd                                               	         F4	       RNIB	Rushton	School	and	Children’s	Home
	        602	       Care	&	Independence	Systems	Ltd                                         	         F5		      Dame	Hannah	Rogers	Trust
	        603	       Get	Back	Supplies	Ltd                       Outside	display	vehicles	   	         F6	       MERU	
	        604	       Active	Design	                                                          	         F7		      The	Children’s	Trust
	        605	       Astorbannerman                                                          	         F8		      Vitalise	
	        606	       Smile	Rehab	Ltd                           Renault	Slough                	         F9	       Care	Co-ordination	Network	UK	(CCNUK)	
	        607	       Total	Hygiene/Clos-o-mat                                                	        F10	       APCP	(Association	of	Paediatric		
	        705	       Core	Childrens	Services                                                 	          	        Chartered	Physiotherapists)
	        706	       Careflex	Ltd	                                                           	        G1		       Action	for	Children	-	Penhurst	School	
	        707	       Centromed	UK	Ltd	                                                       	        G2		       Win	£100	Vouchers
	        800	       Delichon	Ltd                                                            	        G4		       Contact	a	Family	
	        801	       Cerebral	Palsy	Physiotherapy	Centre	Ltd                                 	     Reception		   Ability	Needs	Magazine	
	        802	       Bakare	Beds	Ltd
BRAiNwAVE CENTRE                                                      F2   CHiLDHooD EPiLEPSy iNFoRMATioN SERViCE                              F3
Works with families to deliver individual home based therapy               (NCYPE) supports young people with epilepsy, their parents
and exercise programmes that help children with brain injury,              and families, as well as the professionals in health, education
disabilities and Developmental Delay achieve their potential.              and care who work with them. We provide a professional and
                                                                           comprehensive information service and our enquiry service offers
Huntworth Gate, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6LQ.
                                                                           people the chance to speak confidentially with trained staff that
Tel: 01278 429 089. Email:
                                                                           have knowledge and understanding of childhood epilepsy. Part of
CARE & iNDEPENDENCE SySTEMS LTD                                     602    our role is to educate others about epilepsy and issues associated
PRESENT GLoVE SLiNGS                                                       with the condition, which we do through a series of study days,
Present Glove Slings, acknowledged by professionals to be the              tailor made training delivered offsite and conferences for parents
most comfortable slings available providing clinical benefits over         and families.
ordinary slings in attractive child friendly materials. Also present       St Piers Lane, Lingfield, Surrey RH7 6PW. Tel: 01342 832
showering and bathing, hoisting and moving and handling                    243. Email:
equipment for children. Contact us on 01869 327999                         CHUNC PoSTURE AND MoBiLiTy                                  108/109
CAREBASE                                                            213    will be exhibiting the Chunc 45 Recline Tilt, Chunc 45 Power Assist,
Unit 1 Plews way, Leeming Bar industrial Estate,                           Chunc Adapt, Chunc Spica. Other products include Sun Canopy/
Northallerton, North yorkshire DL7 9UL. Tel: 01677 425 600.                Raincover, Equipment Tray and New Thoracic supports.
CAREFLEX LTD                                                        706    Tarsmill Court, Rotherwas, Hereford HR2 6Jz.
Stylish, new paediatric chairs from Careflex - at home and after           Tel: 01432 377 512.
school, the Huggle range of chairs provide simple posture                  CoNSoLoR LTD                                                       601
management, full support and a high level of comfort to                    Is proud to introduce Anatomic Sitt seating systems. The Delphi Pro
encourage relaxation.                                                      is the new and improved, paediatric dynamic seating stystem. With
Unit 1, Templer House, King Charles Business Park,                         true anatomic adjustment, including ischial shelf depth adjustability,
Old Newton Road, Heathfield, Newton Abbot TQ12 6UT.                        and a dynamic back support to absorb extension spasticity.
Tel: 01626 836 440. Email:                     Unit A3, The Forelle Centre, Ebblake industrial Estate,
CCNUK                                                                 F9   Verwood, Dorset BH31 6BB. Tel: 01202 827 650.
The key working charity. Working in partnership with parents, local        Email:
authorities and health authorites, delivering free training, visit our     CoNTACT A FAMiLy                                                    G4
stand today, find out more about how to improve services.                  Is a national UK charity providing advice, information and support
Tower House, Fishergate, york yo10 4UA.                                    for any family with a disabled child, whatever the child’s condition.
Tel: 01904 567 303. Email:                            209-211 City Road, London EC1V 1JN.
CENTRoMED UK LTD                                                    707    Tel: Admin 020 7608 8700. Helpline 0808 808 3555.
Design and manufacture bespoke beds promoting independence,                Email:
dignity and comfort. Our ranges include paediatric beds and cots           CooL2CARE                                                           A9
that are built to suit your clients’ needs.                                Recruit, screen, train and place care-workers and PAs with families
Anglo House, wotton Road, Kingsnorth industrial Estate,                    of disabled children, for support at home or in the community.
Ashford, Kent TN23 6LN. Tel: 01233 635353.                                 We also offer Workforce Development Training and Volunteer
Email:                                                 Befriending projects.
CEREBRA                                                              A6    woodbury, Littleford Lane, Shamley Green, Surrey GU5 0RH.
Cerebra is a unique charity set up to help improve the lives               Tel 0845 123 5484. Email
of children with brain related conditions through researching,             CoRE DiSABiLiTy SERViCES                                           705
educating and directly supporting children and their carers.               Offers a variety of specialist short breaks and domiciliary care
Second Floor Offices, The Lyric Building, King Street,                     services, ranging from home based support, or in the homes of
Carmarthen SA31 1BD. Tel: 0800 328 1159.                                   approved carers to accessing community activities.
Email:                                                 Malvern View, Saxon Business Park, Hanbury Road,
CEREBRAL PALSy PHySioTHERAPy CENTRE LTD 801                                Bromsgrove, worcestershire B60 4AD.
Physiotherapy methodologies for neurological conditions in                 Tel: 01527 556 480. Email:
children. Free assessment and full reporting system. Unique                CREDo CARE                                                         407
equipment and methods from Poland in addition to NDT Bobath.               Is a fostering agency specialising in care for children who have
Equipment and orthopaedic shoes for sale.                                  autism, medical needs, physical disabilities or learning difficulties.
CPPC House, 1 Kings Road, Flitwick, Bedfordshire MK45                      Earn up to £78,000 when you foster with us!
1ED. Tel: 01525 718 581. Emal:                          12 High Street, Lydd, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 9AJ.
CHAiLEy HERiTAGE SCHooL                                              E1    Tel: 01797 322226 Email:
Nationally acclaimed special school for complex physical, health,          DAME HANNAH RoGERS TRUST                                            F5
communication, dual sensory and learning difficulties. Ages 3-19.          With its school, FE Unit, respite centre and ground breaking adult
Limited 19-25 places. Up to 52 weeks care. Education, residential,         provision, Dame Hannah’s is one of the UK’s leading providers of
NHS services and therapy on one site. Ofsted outstanding.                  education, therapy and care for physically disabled young people.
Haywards Heath Road, North Chailey, Lewes, East Sussex                     woodland Road, ivybridge, Devon PL21 9HQ.
BN8 4EF. Tel: 01825 724 444. Email:                Tel: 01752 892 461. Email:
DARBy SoLiCiToRS LLP                                              404   FAMiLy RESoURCE CENTRE UK                                            B9
Purple/support is a free legal and information resource available to    Will be at the event with its Learning Difficulty and Disability (LDD)
disabled people, their families or carers. Purple/support provides      Information Officer, providing information and advice to families
information and advice on day-to-day issues affecting anybody           along with information on our projects for LDD children, Children’s
living with a disability.                                               Opportunities Group and Go!
52 New inn Hall Street, oxford oX1 2DN. Tel: 01865 811 700.             Tel: 0800 328 9148. Email:
Email:                     GET BACK SUPPLiES LTD                                               603
DELiCHoN LTD                                                      800   Vela Chairs for kids, adolescents and adults. Manual lift &
Specialists in all-terrain buggies for children and adults. The         electric lift with various postural supports available offering user
rugged lightweight Delta for parks, woodlands and trails and the        independence in any situation.View one of the models at
unique Hippocampe beach wheelchair. Also on display Foam-     
Karve custom seating and Shuttle and Gro-Plus early intervention        583 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham NG5 2JN.
system.                                                                 Tel: 0800 243 469. Email:
Kings yard, Martin, Fordingbridge SP6 3LB.                              iNCy wiNCy                                                        409A
Tel: 01725 519 405. Email:                          Specialise in Swimming Products for babies and toddlers as well
DiSABiLiTy AND CARERS SERViCE                                     410   as Flotation Aids and Incontinence Swimwear for all ages. From
Promotes equal opportunity for both disabled people and carers.         Armbands to Swim jackets and Swim Nappy to Sun Protection
We offer a range of information and financial support to help           swimwear. We sell quality products at a reasonable price.
towards leading an independent life.                                    9 Trafford Road, Reading RG1 8JP.
warbreck House, warbreck Hill,                                          Tel: 0844 875 4645. Email:
Blackpool Fy2 0yE. Tel: 0845 712 3456.                                  JAMES LECKEy DESiGN                                           200-204
Email:                            24 hours postural care for babies, kids and adults. Exhibiting the
DiSABLED LiViNG FoUNDATioN                                        A10   Kit, Mygo and Squiggles seats, Pal Classroom Seat, a range of
                                                                        standers, walkers, the Early Activity System and Sleepform.
DLF is a national charity that provides impartial advice, information
                                                                        Kilwee Business Park, Dunmurry, Co Antrim BT17 0HD.
and training on daily living equipment. DLF will be showcasing
                                                                        Tel: 0289 602 277. Email
its groundbreaking advice and information website for children’s
daily living equipment, ‘Living made easy for children’. (www.          JCM SEATiNG SoLUTioNS LTD                                     306-308                                        JCM, specialised equipment manufacturers; providing systems
380-384 Harrow Road, London w9 2HU.                                     for individuals of all ages and varying degrees of disability are
Helpline: 0845 130 9177. Textphone: 020 7432 8009.                      exhibiting a selection of products including their versatile Triton™
                                                                        seating range which offers customisable postural support for ages
DM oRTHoTiCS LTD                                                  400   6 months - adult.
is renouwed for its manufacture and supply of Dynamic Movement          15-18 Maxwell Road, woodston industrail Estate,
Orthosis (DMO) - lycra based orthosis used in the treatment of          Peterborough PE2 7HU. Tel: 01733 405 830.
neuromuscular and orthopeadic considitions. Specialist products         Email:
include bespoke, made to measure garments such as gloves,
                                                                        JENX LTD                                                            300
socks and suits.
                                                                        Will be providing: an information point for servicing and inspecting
Unit 2, Cardrew way, Cardrew industrial Estate, Redruth,
                                                                        existing Jenx products for re-issue, a new range of soft play
Cornwall TR15 1SH. Tel: 01209 219 205.
                                                                        equipment and full range of positioning for seating, standing,
                                                                        sleeping and mobility.
DRAGoN MoBiLiTy LTD                                                B6   Wardsend Road, Sheffield S6 1RQ.
Dragonmobility’s distinctive range of floor to eye-level elevating      Tel: 0114 285 3376. Email:
powerchairs can accommodate people from 1 year to 12 stones in          JoNCARE                                                       401-403
weight. Every chair includes unique bespoke seating and standing        Will be presenting not only a selection of our popular products, but
options.                                                                also the relatively new KIDDO profiling bed; new SLEEP SYSTEM
Unit 1, 149b Histon Road, Cambridge CB4 3JD.                            and an exciting addition to the BREEZI chairs!
Tel: 01223 464460. Email:                      7/8 Radley Place, Radley Road industrial Estate, Abingdon,
ETAC UK LTD                                                       311   oxon oX14 3Ry. Tel: 01235 523353. Email:
Exhibiting selected models from the Finesse and Liberty range           KiNDERKEy HEALTHCARE LTD                                            313
of powerchairs. These include the F290 which raise the user to a        Kinderkey Healthcare Ltd are exhibiting the CosySafe Cot and the
standing position and the F280 which feature a 45° ‘tilt in space’      Bearsnoozzze Bed. These are two safe sleep solutions that are
movement.                                                               height adjustable, profiling and can be made with safe sides to
29 Murrell Green Business Park, London Road, Hook,                      your requirements.
Hampshire RG27 9GR. Tel: 01256 767 181.                                 Unit B, Advance Park, Park Road, Rhosymedre,
Email:                                                  wrexham LL14 3yR. Tel: 01978 820714.
FAMiLy FUND                                                        F1   Email:
Gives grants that relate to the additional needs of severely disabled   KiNGKRAFT LTD                                                 502/504
children and young people up to the age of 18 in England,               With over 25 years experience, Kingkraft manufacture and supply a
Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If you would like to see if       high quality range of products aimed at providing solutions for the
the Family Fund can consider a grant application, please visit our      paediatric market enabling them to live inclusively and independently.
Family Fund website at                            26D orgreave Crescent, Dore House industrial Estate,
4 Alpha Court, Monks Cross Drive, york yo32 9wN.                        Sheffield S13 9NQ. Tel: 01142 690 697.
Tel: 01904 550007. Email:                         Email:
LiSCLARE LTD                                                 510 - 512     QED                                                                  413
A leading supplier of paediatric equipment specialising in beds            QED manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of products
– come and see our Oasis hi/lo profiling cot bed. We also have a           for people with special needs. Visit our stand to see the latest
range of patient lifters including the foldaway Carina together with       switches, mounting solutions and communication aids, plus new
a wide variety of slings including patient specific slings for children.   products.
Unit 11 Heron Business Park, Tan House Lane,                               Unit D16, Heritage Business Park, Heritage way,
widnes wA8 0Sw. Tel: 0870 850 2384.                                        Gosport, Hants Po12 4BG. Tel: 023 9258 0600.
MERU                                                                 F6    Email:
Is a charity that designes and manufactures custom-made                    QUEST 88 LTD                                                          C1
equipment for disabled youngsters, when no suitable readay-made            Design and deliver therapy equipment for children, adults and
product is available. The charity also produces a small range of           therapists, which are accessible in design and practical in
off-the-shelf solutions.                                                   operation. Our equipment is designed to assist children and
Unit 2, Eclipse Estate, 30 west Hill, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8JD.              adults with standing and walking development, independent
Tel: 01372 725 203. Email:                                mobility, cycling and leisure, and gym based therapy.
MoTABiLiTy                                                    501-503      Please visit our website at
Motability provides worry-free motoring to over 530,000 disabled           Aston Street, Shifnal, Shropshire TF11 8Dw. Tel: 01952
people and the families who transfer their Higher Rate Mobility            463050. Fax: 01952 463077. Email:
Component of the Disability Living Allowance, or War Pensioners’
                                                                           R82 UK LTD                                                           206
Mobility Supplement to obtain a car, powered wheelchair or
                                                                           Will be demonstrating the new Stingray buggy, with its uniquely
                                                                           adjustable side supports and innovative swivel system allowing
warwick House, Roydon Road, Harlow, Essex CM19 5PX.
                                                                           rear or forward facing without removing the child. Visit us on stand
Tel: 0800 093 1000.
NEwLiFE FoUNDATioN FoR DiSABLED CHiLDREN A2                                Unit D4A Coombswood Business Park East,
Is the UK’s leading children’s disability charity, specializing in         Coombswood way B62 8BH.
research and support aids to assist disabled children and their            Tel: 0121 561 2222. Email:
famillies across the country.
Newlife Centre, Hemlock way, Cannock, Staffs wS11 7GF.                     RAiNBow MoBiLiTy AND RMS                                             110
Tel: 01543 468888. Email:                        are once again joining forces at Kidz South to bring you a
                                                                           complete range of childrens equipment - from pushchairs to
PEARCE BRoS MoBiLiTy                                           B3 - B5     walkers we have it on show!
Will be showing the complete range of Permobil’s paediatric                oak Tree Court, Mill Lane, Ness, Neston, wirral CH64 8TP.
mobilty range. We will also be displaying a large range of gel             Tel: 0151 353 1234. Email:
wheelchair accessories designed to reduce pressure and increase
comfort.                                                                   RENAULT SLoUGH/ATLAS VEHiCLE CoNVERSioNS
2 Stover Road, yate, Bristol BS37 5JN.Tel: 01454 323147.                   LTD
Email:                                                                    2X oUTSiDE DiSPLAy VEHiCLES
                                                                           Will display their range of mobility solutions vehicles. It will include
PRiSM MEDiCAL UK LTD                                               B11
                                                                           Kangoo enable to fit a wheelchair and a Grand Scenic.
Where you will discover the range of new innovative products from
                                                                           301 - 311 Bath Road, Slough SL1 5PR. Tel: 01753 779 898.
Prism Medical UK. On show will be the NEW innovative “P200”
Transportable Hoist and NEW “M Series” range of Mobile Hoists.
We shall also be showcasing our Paediatric and “PINK” range of             REVELo LTD                                                           309
slings as well as our range of Paediatric shower chairs.                   Clip the award winning Buggypod onto your pushchair or
Newcombe Street, Elland, west yorkshire HX5 0EG.                           wheelchair to add an extra seat. Buggypod offers flexibility, safety
Tel: 0844 980 2260. Email: Cheryl.murdock@prismmedical.                    and comfort when out and about with the kids.                                                                      Longwall House, Sotwell Street, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell,
                                                                           oxon oX10 0RH. Tel: 05600 752 502. Email: sales@revelo.
PRoGRESS MAGAziNE                                                   402
Is the essential transition guide for 13-25 year olds with special
needs. Progress provides the information needed to make                    RNiB RUSHToN SCHooL AND                                               F4
positive, informed decisions. It is used by young adults, parents,         CHiLDREN’S HoME
carers and professional advisers.                                          Offer specialist education, 52-week residential care, therapies
4 Valley Court, Croydon, Nr Royston, Herts SG8 0HF.                        and healthcare for young people with complex needs from across
Tel: 01223 207770. Email:                      the UK. A major redevelopment, due for completion in 2011, will
PRoMoCoN                                                            508    transform our facilities and enhance our support.
PromoCon (promoting continence and product awareness) is one               wheelwright Lane, Ash Green, Coventry CV7 9RA.
of a number of services offered by Disabled Living. PromoCon               Tel: 024 7636 9531 or 07920 531305.
offers impartial advice about continence products and services             Email:
and has developed a number of booklets and leaflets for children,          SCoPE                                                             A5-A4
their parents and carers to help continence problems.                      Early Years and beyond provide bespoke training, consultancy and
Redbank House, 4 St Chad’s Street, Cheetham,                               products for parents and professionals alike to promote inclusion
Manchester M8 8QA. Tel: 0161 834 2001.                                     for every child and young person.
Email:                                       The wharf, Schooner way, Cardiff CF10 4EU.                                                         Tel: 029 2066 2405. Email:
SEATiNG MATTERS LTD                                         509/511     ST RoSE’S SCHooL                                                     A11
Designed by Martina Tierney OT, Seating Matters comfort and             St Rose’s School, Stratford Lawn, Stroud, Gloucestershire
positioning chairs are made bespoke to your childs’ requirements        GL5 4AP. Tel: 01453 763793. Fax: 01453 752617.
within 3 weeks and can adjust and grow with your child.                 Email:
131 Carnamuff Road, Limavady, Northern ireland BT49 9JG.                ST MARGARET’S SCHooL                                                  F7
Tel: 028 777 666 24. Email:                  St Margaret’s School is a purpose built non-maintained residential
SEENiN                                                             B1   special school for children and young people with profound
Seenin provide stylish solutions for special needs. Their products      and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), many of whom have
include: durable feeding aprons, waterproof wheelchair covers,          associated complex health needs. St Margaret’s is part of national
dribble bibs, seamless socks, changing mats, kerchiefs, side            charity.
opening mittens and continence underwear.                               The Children’s Trust, Tadworth, Tadworth,
Aydon South Farm, Corbridge, Northumberland NE45 5PL.                   Surrey KT20 5RU. Tel: 01737 365 810.
Tel: 01434 634 457. Email:
SENSoRy GURU LTD                                                   B4   SyMMETRiKiT                                                          111
Will be exhibiting their fantastic interactive systems: Magic Carpet    Come see how our brand new Symmetrikit chair range can make
and Magic Mirror. These systems offer huge benefits for people of       even complex seating simpler. See how the Acheeva allows
all ages and abilities, be sure to stop by and experience them first    students with limited sitting ability to be fully involved in the school
hand.                                                                   day. We have also launched the new Symmetrisleep™ range with
The Byre, Hodore Farm, Parrock Lane, Hartfield,                         Safety Sleep.
East Sussex TN7 4AR. Tel: 01892 771381.                                 Bromyard Road, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 1NS.
Email:                                           Tel: 01531 638 007. Email:
SKiLLS FoR woRK wiTH DiSABLED CHiLDREN B10                              TENDERCARE LTD                                                       500
(SwDC) TRAiNiNG PRoViDERS DATABASE                                      The new Snappi Pushchair range will be on show, along with the
Is a groundbreaking tool, and “one stop shop”, to find specialist       excellent Swifty & Jazz Pushchairs. All our pushchairs and chairs
training providers who can deliver in Hampshire.                        combine an unrivalled level of features whilst retaining outstanding
Treloar College, Holybourne, Alton, Hampshire GU34 4EN.                 recreational looks.
Tel: 01420 547720. Email:                    Po Box 3091, Littlehampton, west Sussex BN16 2wF.
SMiLE REHAB LTD                                                   606   Tel: 01903 726 161. Email:
Established mobility and controls company, providing the                THERAPLAy LTD                                                        505
Smartchair and Smile platform along with customised switching           Theraplay Ltd will be featuring several new developments to our
devices including the Genie joystick and Click-to-Go scanner and        range of cycles and hand cycles. These include the introduction
mounting systems and electronic control devices.                        of a Quad cycle for improved stability and the innovative Tricycle/
Ability House, 109 New Greenham Park,
Newbury, Berkshire RG19 6HN.                                            Trailer “Hitch” Combination which gives greater freedom for
Tel: 01635 37550. Email:                            families to cycle together.
                                                                        32 welbeck Road, Darnley industrial Estate, Glasgow G53
SMiRTHwAiTE LTD                                             106/107     7SD. Tel: 0141 876 9177. Email:
Smirthwaite Ltd (G&S Smirthwaite) are market leaders in the
design and manufacture of equipment for disabled children and           THERAPoSTURE LTD                                                     506
young people. Our extensive portfoilo assists children in seating,      Are suppliers of childrens and adult cots and beds. We offer the
standing, changing, toileting, bathing as well as therapy. Visit us     largest range of products in the UK. We provide a full practical
on stand 106/107 to discover our newest and popular products            assessment that is free and there to ensure that the correct
across our range.                                                       solution is found.
17 Wentworth Road, Heathfield, Newton Abbot,                            Kingdom Avenue, Northacre industrial Park,
Devon TQ12 6TL. Tel: 01626 835 552.                                     westbury, wilts BA13 4wE.
Email:                                  Tel: 01373 823 060. Email:
SoUNDBEAM                                                         409   ToBy CHURCHiLL LTD                                                   310
has over the past 20 years grown to be the ‘must have’ equipment        Is the manufacturer of the Lightwriter® communication aid,
for people of all ages and abilities to compose and perform music.      designed to assist people who live with a speech impairment.
Experience Soundbeam 5 firsthand.                                       Come and see our latest products at stand number 310.
Unit 3, Highbury Villas, Kingsdown, Bristol BS2 8By.                    Norman way industrial Estate, over, Cambridge CB24 5QE.
Tel: 0117 974 4142. Email:                       Tel: 01954 281210. Email:-
SoUTHERN CARE SySTEMS LTD                                         602
The Spectra Hoist is fully flexible and comprehensive by design.        ToMCAT                                                               205
Complex requirements in client needs and site restrictions can          Manufacture innovative, custom made trikes, trailers, school chairs
be met by working with professionals to provide solutions in any        and safety beds for children and adults with mild to very special
environment.                                                            needs.
Unit 1a, Hightown industrial Estate, Crow Arch Lane,                    Tomcat SNi Ltd. 13/9 The Gloucester Business Park,
Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 1Nz. Tel: 01425 471522.                        Hucclecote, Gloucester GL3 4AA. Tel: 01452 616 900.
Email:                       Email: website:
SPECiALiSED oRTHoTiC SERViCES                               406-408     ToTAL HyGiENE/CLoS-o-MAT                                             607
Known as SOS, is one of the countries leading companies of              More than 40 years of experience has come together to showcase
specialist seating. SOS will be exhibiting its comprehensive range      the “Complete Bathroom Collection” - a range of height adjustable
of children’s products which are used extensively for both mobility     washroom equipment complementing the Changing Places
and home use.                                                           Changing Lives Campaign (BS:8300). Clos-o-Mat - Hygiene
Unit 127/8 Fauld industrial Park, Tutbury,                              Beyond Expectation!
Staffordshire DE13 9HR. Tel:01283 812 860.                              Bank House, 182/186 washway Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 6RN.
Email:                                       Tel: 0161 969 1199. Email:
TRELoAR TRUST                                                     B8    wHizz KiDz                                                       A8
Provides first-class education, care, therapy and independence          Whizz Kidz gives Disabled Children the chance to lead an
training to young people with physical disabilities aged 9 to 19+.      independent life. Our service meets their individual mobility needs
Come and see us at Kidz South on stand B8, or why not visit our         and ensures they get the right Mobility Equipment, advice and
website;                                             training.
Upper Froyle, Alton, Hampshire GU34 4JX.                                Elliot House, 10-12 Allington Street Sw1E 5EH.
Tel: 01420 526 526. Email:                    Tel: 020 7233 6600. Email:
ViTALiSE CHURCHTowN                                                F8   wiN £100 PoUNDS woRTH oF                                         G2
Is an accessible adventure activity centre located in the beautiful     ARGoS VoUCHERS!
village of Lanlivery, near Bodmin. Our activity breaks are ideal for    We value your feedback, simply complete a questionairre. The
individuals with carers, families and groups.                           draw will close at 4pm on the day of the exhibitions when the
Lanlivery, Bodmin, Cornwall PL30 5BT.                                   winner will be announced.
Tel: 01208 872148. Email:

   Kidz South
                                           Advance Notice

Paediatric Moving & Handling
at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry
Thursday, 10th March 2011
This conference will provide delegates with
the essential update they require to ensure
safe and best practice.
The session, combined with an
opportunity to view the latest moving and
handling equipment at the ‘Kidz in the Middle’ exhibition provides delegates with a
comprehensive CPD update. The ‘Kidz’ exhibitions are now the events of choice to
launch new paediatric equipment into the UK Market.
For more information contact the training department at Disabled Living on
Tel: 0161 214 4592. Email:

                             Dates for your diary:
                             Kidz Up North – Thursday, 25th November 2010,
                             Reebok Stadium, Bolton

                             Kidz in the Middle – Thursday, 10th March 2011,
                             Ricoh Arena, Coventry

                             Kidz South – Thursday, 9th June 2011,
                             Rivermead, Leisure Complex, Reading.

                       Disabled Living
                  Practic                                                 dren   & older peopl
                          al sol   utions supporting disabled adults, chil

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