How to do business with the United States Government Printing Office (A Contractor's Guide ) by GPO


									How to do business
          with the
        United States
     Government Printing

     A Contractor’s Guide

         GPO Publication 1050.1
            February 1998
What Is the                                    How Are Government                                 (b) Publicize appropriate solicitations
                                                                                              and awards in the Commerce Business
Government Printing                            Printing Office                                Daily.
                                                                                                  (c) Publicize solicitations and specifi­
Office?                                        Purchases Made?                                cations to the maximum extent practica­
                                                                                              ble. All GPO printing procurements
The Government Printing Office                 By law, the GPO is required to purchase        shall be posted in the Bid Room located
                                               its needs through the competitive bid-         at each Procurement Office for review by
(GPO) is an agency in the legislative                                                         interested parties. Copies of solicitations
branch of the U.S. Government. Its             ding process. Bids are solicited by tele­
                                               phone, fax, advertisement in the               and specifications shall be made avail-
mission is to produce and distribute in-                                                      able to interested parties, upon request,
                                               Commerce Business Daily, posting, and by
formation products and services using          mail to firms on bidders mailing lists.        on a first-come/first-served basis. When
both traditional printing processes as         Invitations to bid and requests for pro­       GPO’s supply is exhausted, all interested
well as electronic information technolo­       posals are circulated as widely as possible,   parties shall be given an opportunity to
gy. Approximately 70 percent of this           consistent with the nature of the require­     copy the information necessary to bid.
work is purchased from commercial              ment, the time available, and the quanti­          (d) To the maximum extent practica­
sources.                                       ties needed.                                   ble, encourage prime contractors to pro-
                                                                                              vide subcontracts to small and minority
The GPO is headquartered in a large            The only exceptions to the rule are            business concerns and SDB concerns.
four-building complex located near the         materials from contracts established by            (e) In the event of equal low bids,
U.S. Capitol, in Washington, DC. In            the General Services Administration            make awards, first, to small business con­
addition to the main Office complex,           available to all Government agencies;          cerns which are also labor surplus area
GPO operates a field printing plant in         items for which there is a specific justi­     concerns, and, second, to small business
Denver and a number of regional and            fied need, and for which no substitute         concerns which are not also labor surplus
                                               can be accepted; items purchased for           area concerns.
satellite printing procurement offices.        public exigency; items having only one             (f) Provide to any small and minority
These field facilities provide printing and    source of supply; items for which it is        business concern and SDB concern,
printing procurement requirements in           impracticable to secure competition by         upon request, a copy of bid sets and spec­
their respective areas.                        sealed bidding; and small requirements of      ifications with respect to any contract to
                                               shelf items that are available on the mar­     be let, and the name and telephone
The Office is headed by the Public             ket at a modest dollar cost. Even so, sev­     number of a GPO contact to answer
Printer, who is nominated by the Presi­        eral sources of supply, if available, are      questions related to such prospective
dent of the United States and confirmed        checked to ensure that such procure­           contract.
by the U.S. Senate. The Joint Congres­         ments are made on terms beneficial to              (g) Conduct seminars for small and
sional Committee on Printing, which            the Government.                                minority business concerns and SDB con­
includes members from both the Senate                                                         cerns on How To Do Business With the
and House of Representatives, serves as                                                       GPO.
the oversight committee.                       General Policy                                     (h) Participate, to the maximum
                                               Concerning Small,                              extent practicable, in Department of
                                                                                              Commerce Small Business Seminars
What Does the                                  Minority, and Small                            and Conferences.
Government Printing                            Disadvantaged                                  How Can I Bid?
Office Buy?                                    Business Concerns                              Firms interested in supplying any product
The GPO purchases all manner of equip­         The policy of the GPO is to encourage          or service should submit a request to the
ment, materials, supplies, and related         small, minority, and small disadvantaged       Manager, Printing Procurement Depart­
services necessary for the production and      business (SDB) concerns’ participation         ment, or the Director, Materials Manage­
distribution of information in printed         in the Federal Government’s acquisition        ment Service, U.S. Government Printing
                                               process. Therefore, the GPO ensures that       Office, Washington, DC 20401, or to
and electronic formats and for the opera­                                                     any of the regional printing procurement
tion of the Office. The GPO is not             small and minority business concerns and
                                               SDB concerns are afforded an equitable         offices listed in this pamphlet. The
equipped to do certain specialized print­                                                     appropriate forms will be sent to you.
ing and binding jobs. These are best han­      opportunity to compete for all contracts
                                               that they can perform to the extent con­       When properly filled out by you and
dled by firms that have the experience                                                        returned, you will be placed on the bid
                                               sistent with the Government’s interest.
and expertise to perform those jobs.           GPO has also initiated a program for           lists for those items which you are able to
Yours may be such a firm. If so, we would      SDBs to further assist these concerns in       supply. Once this procedure is complet­
like you to do business with us. Printing      winning printing and binding contracts         ed, you will be invited to bid on GPO
requirements purchased include composi­        required for the Department of Defense.        solicitations.
tion; printing by letterpress, offset, silk-   In the acquisition process, the GPO will,
screen, and gravure; binding and finish­
ing; color work; and snapout and margin-
                                               to the extent practicable, take the fol­
                                               lowing steps to encourage maximum par­
                                                                                              What Am I
ally punched continuous forms, labels,         ticipation by small and minority business      Bidding To Do?
etc. Other procured requirements include       concerns and SDB concerns:
                                                                                              Before anything can be done, the Office
the acquisition of microfiche, microfilm,          (a) Ensure that delivery schedules are     prepares a written description of the work
and automatic data processing equipment        established on a realistic basis that will     or services to be performed. This descrip­
and services, such as integration, data        encourage small and minority business          tion, called a specification, is intended to
base composition, data dissemination,          and SDB participation to the extent con­       be sufficiently clear and comprehensive so
and optical media Compact Disc-Read            sistent with the actual requirements of        that anyone qualified to do so can decide
Only Memory (CD-ROM).                          the Government.                                whether or not to submit a bid or proposal.
Specifications cover the descriptions,          your bid or offer is mailed or delivered to
nature, sizes, colors, standards, quantities,   arrive before the exact time set for the      Term Contracts
labels, packaging, delivery schedules, and      receipt of bids or offers contained in the
describe all other materials and services                                                     A large volume of our printing, binding,
                                                invitation or it may not be considered.       and blank bookwork is produced by com­
necessary to completely fulfill the             Unless specifically allowed by the IFB or
requirements. This may include refer­                                                         mercial firms under contracts established
                                                RFP, telegraphic, mailgram, or facsimile      for a specified term. This type of contract
ences to brand names or equal in the            bids or offers will not accepted. When
interest of clarity, or when a patented or                                                    is particularly adaptable for items of a
                                                such bids or offers are authorized, you       repetitive nature, such as recurring issues
proprietary article is required.                must promptly confirm them on fur­            of periodicals, pamphlets, and forms, and
                                                nished bid forms or by letter. You can, of    for printing of a specialty nature, such as
How Do I Enter a                                course, withdraw your bid or offer at any
                                                time before the exact time set for the
                                                                                              snapout forms and marginally punched
                                                                                              continuous forms. Procedures applicable
Bid or Offer?                                   opening of bids or offers; however, we        to one-time contracts apply equally to
                                                must receive your request in writing. If      term contracts.
Invitations for Bid (IFB) and Requests          you do not wish to bid, please tell us
for Proposals (RFP) are sent to qualified       why, so that you will remain on our list      Similarly, a large volume of our blank
contractors on a rotational selection.          of active bidders or offerors. If you wish    paper, envelopes, containers and news-
IFB’s and RFP’s are also solicited via          not to be included on a specific require­     print requirements are purchased under
appropriate advertising in the Commerce         ment list, or, if you wish to have your       term contracts. The current terms for
Business Daily and the posting of specifi­      name removed from our list of bidders or      these items are:
cations in the office originating the IFB       offerors, just let us know.                     Blank Paper—3-month contracts,
or RFP. The Printing Procurement                                                              commencing January 1, April 1, July 1,
Department (PPD) has developed an               Prospective bidders for all printing, bind­
                                                                                              and October 1 of each year.
electronic service on the GPO World             ing, and blank bookwork are furnished
Wide Web site. This service provides            a copy of “GPO Contract Terms” (GPO             Envelopes—6-month contracts, com­
general procurement information. In             Publication 310.2). This document is the      mencing March 1 and October 1 of each
addition, electronic posting of some            basic contract between the Office and its     year.
sealed bid solicitations is available.          contractors. It should be read carefully
Eventually, electronic posting will             and retained by you for future reference.       Containers—6-month contracts, com­
encompass all solicitations from the                                                          mencing April 1 and October 1 of each year.
entire PPD operation nationwide.
The purpose of this on-line system is to
                                                Buy American Act                                 Newsprint—1-year contract with two
                                                                                              1-year options on a calendar year basis.
provide you with quick, easy, and inex­                                                       Standard samples of paper purchased
                                                The Buy American Act requires that the
pensive access to procurement informa­                                                        are available, and supplemental detailed
                                                Government give preference to domestic        specifications are furnished with the IFB.
tion. This effort is our initial step toward    source end products. Generally in evalu­
implementing Electronic Commerce in             ating bids on which both domestic and
Printing Procurement.                           foreign products are offered, 6 percent       Quality Assurance,
To retrieve this information on the web         will be added to the foreign bid prices, or
you must:                                       12 percent if the domestic end product        Inspection, and Testing
                                                bidder is a small business or located in a
   1. Be connected to the Internet. If you      labor surplus area. A domestic end prod­      All work performed under a contract with
have a computer, you can access the             uct is an unmanufactured end product          the Office is subject to inspection and
Internet via (a) an account with an             which has been mined or produced in           testing to insure that all contract terms
online national service provider such as        the United States, or an end product          are fulfilled. Almost all the contracted
CompuServe, America Online, Prodigy,            manufactured in the United States if the      work is procured using the Quality As­
PSINet, etc.; (b) an account with an            cost of its components which are mined,       surance Through Attributes Program
online service provider local to your area      produced, or manufactured in the United       (QATAP). This program provides for the
such as Digital Express, CRL Network                                                          precise expression, prior to production, of
                                                States exceeds 50 percent of the cost of      quality requirements for printing and
Services, Erols, etc., in the Washington,
D.C. area or (c) your company’s local           all its components.                           related products, and for the clear deter­
network that is connected to the                                                              mination, based on objective methods, of
Internet. GPO is not recommending any
one of these providers.
                                                Bid Acceptance and                            conformance to these requirements once
                                                                                              the product has been produced or re­
   2. Have access to a web browser such as
Mosaic or Netscape Navigator. You can
                                                Award of Contracts                            ceived. Items failing inspection and tests
                                                                                              will be rejected, and the contract may be
connect to GPO’s home page at                   In the sealed-bidding process, the respon­    terminated. You may be required to cor­ and Procurement’s            sible bidder submitting the lowest            rect or replace defective items at your own
home page at­            responsive bid is awarded a contract. In      expense, or to reimburse the Office for
curement.                                       competitive negotiation, the lowest price     any additional expenses incurred as a
   3. Have access to a viewer such as           or lowest total cost to the Government is     result of your noncompliance. Prospective
Acrobat Reader. You can download                the deciding factor only if so stated in      bidders are furnished a copy of GPO
Acrobat Reader free from Procurement’s          the solicitation. Generally, source selec­    Contract Terms, Quality Assurance Through
home page.                                      tion on competitively negotiated pro­         Attributes for Printing and Binding (GPO
                                                                                              Publication 310.1). It should be read care-
Questions regarding this system may be          curements is made to the proposal that        fully and retained for future reference.
sent to us via e-mail at     offers the greatest value to the
If you wish to submit a bid or offer, sim­      Government in terms of performance
ply request an IFB or an RFP, in writing,       and other factors. Once the contract is       Defaults
from the originating office. Complete the       entered into, the Office expects the con-
required document and return it to that         tractor to completely conform to its          One element of your performance con­
office in person or by mail. Be sure that       terms and conditions.                         sists of delivering the required articles at
a specified time and place. Your failure to
do so may constitute default. In case of         What Does the                                been made and all contractual require­
                                                                                              ments have been met (e.g., sample
default the contracting officer may, by
written notice, terminate your right to
                                                 Government Printing                          copies, negatives returned, sales copies,
                                                                                              file copies, etc.). In addition, if no sam­
proceed either with the contract as a            Office Sell?                                 ple is required, you may telefax your
                                                                                              invoices (with all pertinent documenta­
whole or with the part which is in
default. After issuing such notice, the          The GPO offers for sale a variety of sur­    tion) to the following numbers: (202)
product may be purchased elsewhere,              plus property and scrap. When equip­         512–0992 or 512–0993. Read your con-
with all additional costs chargeable to          ment is being replaced, bids are invited     tract carefully and ensure that all the
you if the default is found to be not            for both trade-in and outright sale. The     requirements have been met and are sup-
excusable.                                       final disposition is based on the greatest   ported with documentation where
                                                 overall return to the Government.            required.
Remember that a record of your perfor­
mance is a part of the contract file.            Items offered for sale include printing      Under the Debt Collection Improvement
Rejections, late deliveries, and other fail­     and binding equipment, industrial trucks,    Act of 1996 (P.L. 10–134), GPO is
ures of performance are noted in the             warehousing equipment, furniture and         required to pay all contractors, for con-
record, and could have a direct bearing          fixtures, office machines, industrial ma­    tracts entered into after July 26, 1996,
on whether or not you will be considered         chinery, waste paper, scrap iron, metal,     through the Electronic Funds Transfer
for any future awards.                           scrap film, and damaged or surplus print­    (EFT) program unless the contractor cer­
                                                 ing paper.                                   tifies that he/she does not have an
                                                                                              account at a financial institution or an
Equal Low Bids                                   How Are Government
                                                                                              authorized payment agent. The Act pro­
                                                                                              vides even further that all payments
When two or more low bids are equal in                                                        made after January 1, 1999, must be
all respects, the award is made following        Printing Office Sales                        made by EFT. Under EFT, payment is in
                                                                                              your account on the payment date.
these priorities:                                Made?                                        Accounting data is furnished electroni­
   1. To small businesses located in labor                                                    cally to your bank or financial institu­
surplus areas;                                   All such sales are made by competitive       tion. Your bank or financial institution is
   2. To other small businesses                  sealed bids. Solicitations are mailed to     responsible for providing you with the
   3. To businesses in labor surplus areas;      individuals and firms who have asked to      accounting data you need to settle your
and                                              be placed on mailing lists for categories    accounts. To receive payment through
   4. To other businesses.                       in which they are interested.                EFT, contractors must complete an
                                                 The solicitations include the description,   SF–3881, “ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous
If this formula does not break the tie, the
                                                 age and condition, location, date of         Payment Enrollment Form.” If you have
award will be made by drawing lots.
                                                 availability, method of removal, and         any questions concerning EFT, please
                                                 terms of payment.                            call (202) 512–0800.
Safeguarding Bids                                All property is available for inspection,    Feel free to call if you are a first-time con-
                                                 and prospective bidders are encouraged       tractor for GPO, have a new contract that
All sealed bids are kept under lock and                                                       you are not familiar with, or have any
key until the time specified for opening.        to do so.
                                                                                              billing problems you do not understand.
You and your representatives are invited         If you are interested in bidding on any
and encouraged to attend the public              surplus property or equipment, contact       Local: (202) 512–0800.
opening.                                         the Director, Materials Management           Toll free: 1–800–BILLGPO
Proposals in response to an RFP are              Service, U.S. Government Printing
forwarded, unopened, to the Contract­            Office, Washington, DC 20401. You will
                                                 be sent an application, and when proper­
                                                                                              A Final Word of Advice
ing Officer for recording and for safe-
guarding from unauthorized disclosure.           ly completed and returned, your name         The GPO offers fair and equitable treat­
                                                 will be included on the appropriate list.    ment to all suppliers. To this end, our
However, unlike sealed bids, proposals
are not publicly opened, and there is                                                         contracting personnel will give you full
no public disclosure of the offerors’
names and the number of proposals
                                                 Getting Paid                                 support and cooperation in order for us
                                                                                              to obtain an acceptable product from you
received.                                                                                     at a reasonable price and in a timely
                                                 One of GPO’s goals is to pay its bills       manner. The Government is strict in its
                                                 within 30 days after receipt, or within      enforcement of contract terms. So, if you
                                                 the discount date if economically benefi­
Rejection of Bids                                cial. To receive payment, complete your
                                                                                              have any questions or problems, we urge
                                                                                              you to contact us as soon as possible so
                                                 own invoice and send it to the Comp­         that we can answer your questions or, if
If your bid fails to comply with the speci­      troller-FMCE, Office of Financial
fications, it will be rejected as nonre­                                                      feasible, work toward a mutually accept-
                                                 Management, U.S. Government Printing         able solution.
sponsive. Causes for rejection include           Office, Washington, DC 20401. When
any modification or the insertion of             completing your invoice, make sure that      Thousands of small business firms obtain
conditions which might give you an               you include all requested information as     Government contracts and continue to
advantage over other bidders such as             outlined in GPO’s Billing Instructions       seek them because they are profitable.
failure to state price (e.g., “price in effect   (GPO Publication 300.3) or your pay­         We hope that this pamphlet answers
at time of delivery”) or making the              ment could be delayed. Be sure to show       most of your questions about doing busi­
bid conditional upon the award of anoth­         the purchase order and jacket number         ness with the GPO. If not, please contact
er related contract. The Office also             (plus the print order and program num­       any of the GPO organizations listed in
reserves the right to reject any and all         ber on term contracts) on all invoices.      this booklet. They will be glad to help
bids if the prices are determined to be          Invoices for printing work must include      you. Once again, we invite you to
unreasonable.                                    evidence that shipment or delivery has       become one of our contractors.
GPO Central Office                      U.S. Government Printing Office

                                        Satellite Printing Procurement Office

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                                        Moorhead Federal Building, Room 501
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Paper & Specialized
                                        Pittsburgh, PA 15222–4000
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   Procurement & Sales Division
                                        Telephone: 412–395–4858
                      St. Louis, MO 63101–1597
Room A340, Stop MMP
732 North Capitol Street NW                                                           Telephone: 314–241–0349
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General Procurement Division
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Printing Procurement Department
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Contract Management Division
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Bid Section, Room B104, Stop PPSB
      First & N Streets SE. 
                       Door 2, Building 1552 
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Washington, DC 20404
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                                        Region 4
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Government Printing                     U.S. Government Printing Office

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                                                                                                                                   Printing Office
Office Regional                         Regional Printing Procurement Office

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Offices                                 Telephone: 404–605–9160 

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Boston, MA 02108–2504 
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Telephone: 617–720–3680 
               Telephone: 803–723–9379                       Region 8
                                                                                                                                Contractors located in the Denver area and
Region 2                                                                              U.S. Government Printing Office
          wishing to supply material requirements
                                        Region 5                                      Regional Printing Procurement Office
     should contact the field printing manager at
U.S. Government Printing Office
                                                      Denver Federal Center 
                   the above location.
Regional Printing Procurement Office
   U.S. Government Printing Office
              Building 53, Room D–1010 

Southampton Office Park, Suite A–190
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Regional Printing Procurement Office
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Telephone: 212–620–3321 
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                                                         U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1998 180–129 (MAC)

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