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									                    Global Leadership
                  South Bay Organization Development Network
                              December 4, 2006

    Liz Wiseman,
                                                    Dinesh Chandra,
 President, Mindshare
                                                  CEO, Global Citizenship
  Learning Systems                       
             Globalization Painpoints
 Lack of trust and                     Lack of ownership and
  transparency in multi-                    commitment & team
  national teams                            spirit is harder
 Lack of global                        Lack of funds for travel
  product/program                       Difficulty in managing
  management skills                         expectation
 Delay in scheduling                   High Turnover in
  calls/meetings due to                     growing economies
  time difference                       Lack of adaptive
 Cross cultural                            corporate culture

                      Global Leadership Development
                         Business & Leadership
Critical Business Issues           Critically Needed Leadership Skills

Attrition Management /             Change Management
Retention                          Coaching Others
Globalization                      Performance Management
Talent Management &                Collaboration across Multi-national Teams
Leadership                         Facilitation Skills
Managing Growth                    Globalization & Global Perspective
Brand management                   Inquiry and Analysis, Dialogue
                                   Creating Shared Purpose and Vision
                                   Strategic Direction
                                   Cross Cultural Awareness
                                   Systemic Problem Solving
                                   Quality Management
                                   Multi-national Meeting Management
                           Global Leadership Development
                    Trends in Leadership
 Action Learning

 Talent Management

 1-1 Coaching & Mentoring

 Beyond Action Learning -- > Fusion Learning

                    Global Leadership Development
Global Insight Program
       August 6-11, 2006
        Lonavala, India
              Global Insight Program
1) Create a forum to:
   Strengthen global mindset in business
   Build global leadership capabilities
   Encourage a rich exchange of ideas

2) Help sponsoring companies fill the talent
  pipeline for global leaders

                Global Leadership Development
           How we Built Leadership

 We fuse learning and working
   into one seamless process.

Instead of taking leaders away from
      their work for training and
   coaching, we develop leaders by
  engaging them deeply in the most
   challenging work of the business.

    Fusion Learning
                  Global Leadership Development
Approach – Fusion Learning

Open and broaden the thinking

    Consider a real issue

         Get the facts

      Work the problem

      Drive to a solution
         Business Plan
      Integrate, expand,
     & apply the learning

       Global Leadership Development
                   Approach --
           360 degree learning

            Speakers &

               YOU             Exercises
                               & Reading


        Global Leadership Development
                                                          Global Insight
                                                        Program Agenda
                     Monday            Tuesday          Wednesday         Thursday              Friday
                    Managing in a     Leading a High         Business    Business Projects     Integration
                     Changing          Performance         Performance
                    Environment            Team

                   Experiential      Creating         Global          Project Work       Project
Dr. CK Prahalad
                   Learning           Shared Vision     Acquisitions                         Reports
                   Change            Coaching         Project
                   Management         (Prasad Kaipa)    Introductions

                   India Retention   Creating a       Project         Project Work       Group
                   Issues &           Culture of        Planning         Sponsor check-     Learning
                   Practices          Collaboration                      in
                   Global Strategy   Cross Cultural                    Project Work
Peter Block        (CK Prahalad)      Collaboration

                   Dinner            Conversations    Executive       Dinner
                   Grow Talent       (Peter Block)     Speaker          Project Work
                                      Dinner           Dinner

Dr. Prasad Kaipa                         Global Leadership Development
                    Global Leadership Model
Strong Personal Capability and Capacity                       Collaborative Style
   Have strong personal standards                                Influences and accesses (vs. controls and hierarchy)
   Self awareness & confidence
                                                                  Co-creates and drives synergy in organizations
   Actively learns & grows
                                                                  Creates shared purpose across diverse groups and
   Enormous physical energy
   Model the core values of the global/corporate
    organization and ensure the corporate values                  Leverages global diversity
    transcend local culture/values                                Can let go and trust
Broad Perspective                                             Comfort with Ambiguity and Complexity
   Think broadly
                                                                  Understands both global needs as well as local needs
   See beyond themselves                                          and makes appropriate decisions to maintain important
   Look after the well being of the whole                         global standards while maximizing local success
Transformation Orientation                                        Willing to take risks
   Focuses on the future                                         Can operate in real time
   Creates optimism and hope                                     Can scale up and down
   Transforms and improves organizations                         Critical Skills
Engaging Interpersonal Communication                              International exposure
   Tolerant, empathetic, and can listen without judgment         Cultural awareness (of both own and others’ culture)
   Enables teams and ignites the hearts and passions of          Multi-lingual
    others                                                        Collaboration, dialogue
   Can make tough decisions and enroll others in them            Coaching
                                                                  Conversations to engage people and teams

                                             Global Leadership Development
 Identify the leadership skills (or mindsets)
 that truly distinguish global leaders from
 other effective leaders in your ( or your
 client’s) organizational setting

 Select the three skills which require the
 maximum attention in your organization.
 Why those 3?

                Global Leadership Development
               Learnings: Leadership
       Development in a Global Setting

1. Peer learning
2. Learning from outside ones company &
     ones industry
3.   Working on real projects
4.   Working side-by-side expedites
     knowledge of cultural assumptions
5.   Using multiple contributors/presenters to
     appeal to different cultures
6.   Structure in multi-faceted cultural settings

                  Global Leadership Development
              Global mindset
                  Be open and see diversity
                      as a source of creativity
                     Be willing to learn and
                     Be curious about other
                      cultures and reflective
                      about your own
                     Identify as a citizen of
                      the world
                     Care about the triple
                      score card: Economic,
                      Social and Ecological

Global Leadership Development
                           Global Insight II
 Program overview information
    Week of March 19, 2007
    Bay Area
 Focus on cross cultural leadership
    Coaching
    Facilitation
    Communication
 Business Challenge
 Case Studies

                Global Leadership Development
                                        Liz Wiseman
Liz Wiseman is the President of Mindshare Learning Systems, an executive
development firm, devoted to the development of strong, collective leadership in its
client organizations. At Mindshare Learning Systems, she works with clients to
design and deliver workshops and learning systems to build leadership and align
organizations behind key business initiatives. She provides 1-1 coaching to
executives, providing assessment data, feedback and coaching to help clients
strengthen their leadership skills and effectiveness.
Prior to Mindshare, Liz worked at Oracle Corporation for 17 years in various
executive roles in the Education and HR organizations.        Most recently, she worked
as the Vice President of Global Products and Services for Oracle’s $400 million
education business, where she led product management, marketing, pricing,
eLearning, and internal training globally. Prior to this, she worked was Vice
President of Oracle’s Human Resource Development organization, working closely
with Oracle’s top management team to align the organization behind a strategic
direction and build leadership at all levels of the organization. She facilitated the
senior executive team through a strategic planning process, launched and ran the
Oracle Leaders’ Forum -- Oracle’s showcase leadership development and strategic
work process -- and rolled out a corporate wide strategic communication process.
Prior to this, Liz was the Director of Oracle University, starting and leading Oracle
University from a small new-hire training department to a full corporate university
with global scope.
In her various roles at Oracle, she has led several significant globalization and
consolidation initiatives, saving the company over $30 million annually, and has
worked and traveled extensively internationally.
                 Global Leadership Development
                               Dinesh Chandra
         Dinesh Chandra is founder of GlobalCitizenship Inc., that promotes business
between Indo-US companies through strategic partnership. He is considered a
global citizen and works in the field of global leadership development. After
working as Director of Productivity /Quality at Beckman-Coulter, he successfully
launched a management consulting firm and a product management company. This
enabled him to work in the U.S and in fifteen other countries, acquiring a global
skill set and working with leading organizations like American Express,
Cisco,Eicher-Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Harley-Davidson, Larsen & Toubro, Oracle, Port of
Singapore Authority, and Tata Group.
         He is an engineer by training and then gained valuable experience in Six
Sigma, Knowledge Management and the development of Learning Communities. He
has led many workshops in Transformational Leadership, with business leaders
around the globe. During the last few years he has focused on Change
management issues around collaborative technologies with firms like Cisco and
Dinesh has a MS in Industrial engineering and an MBA in Finance. He is a
contributing author to "Learning Organizations: Developing Cultures for Tomorrow's
Workplace" and "Community building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business".
He has co edited a book entitled "What is True Wealth and how do we create
it?" He is the author of numerous articles on global leadership and citizenship.
         In partnership with Mindshare Learning Systems, Dinesh has created a
"Global Leadership Forum," a 5-day workshop which strengthens global mindset
and leadership in business executives from Silicon Valley and Indian firms by
creating a forum for a rich exchange of ideas and an opportunity to build global
                 Global can learn more about
leadership skills. YouLeadership Development his work at

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