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   A Publication of the Millbrook High School Parent-Teacher –Student Association

From the Principal’s Desk:
                                We Made the List
T       his past summer as our school‘s data started coming in there was a buzz around our school.
        We knew our students had done well. Every marker and indicator showed that scores were
        improving and that our teachers‘ hard work was paying off. A goal we set for ourselves
several years ago was to earn the state‘s recognition of a School of Distinction. For the last few
years we have been classified as a School of Progress – nice, but not good enough. For the first time
we have now become a School of Distinction. This means that between 80-90% of our students are
now successful on state tests. We couldn‘t be happier. Another recognition that was achieved was
Newsweek’s Magazine Americas Best High Schools 2010. Each year, Newsweek picks the best
high schools in the country based on how hard school staffs work to challenge students with ad-
vanced placement college-level courses and tests. Just 1600 schools – only six percent of all the
public schools in the U.S. – made the list. WE MADE THE LIST!!
          The National Merit Scholarship Program is an annual academic competition for recogni-
tion and college undergraduate scholarships. Currently, about 1.5 million students in some 22,000
high schools participate in this scholarship program each year. Fifty thousand entrants qualify for
program recognition: Some 16,000 of the high scorers, representing less than one percent of the
nation‘s high school graduating seniors, qualify as semi-finalists annually. Millbrook High School
senior‘s Sarah Friedensen, Joshua McKenney, Laura Owczarski, and Emily White made the list
as 2011 National Merit Scholar semi-finalists. Congratulations on a job well done.
          This year has started out with our enrollment of 2447, nearly two hundred of these magnet
students. Thanks for all you did to make the opening of school a great one.
                                                                      Dana King
                   Staying Involved with Your Student                                                        the
 Y       es, even in high school it is extremely important for parents to stay involved in their
         child‘s education. Here at Millbrook, we have two ways you can stay updated on your
         child directly from your home or work computer. If you have not seen SPAN or
 BLACKBOARD, you need to! It will give you a great deal of insight as to what is happening
 each day at MHS.
            SPAN (Student/Parent Access Network) allows parents to check schedules, grades,
 academic progress reports for current classes, report cards and historical grades, GPA/class rank
 estimates, attendance records, discipline records, fines and fees owed, locker and parking informa-
 tion, textbook information, progress towards graduation, and more. Parents can sign up for access
 to SPAN by stopping by our Student Services office, or by going onto
 span and downloading a form, then following the directions on the form. You should receive
 access to SPAN in approximately 3-5 days after turning in the form.
           BLACKBOARD is our online link for teachers to communicate to their entire class
 what is happening in class and what is upcoming in the curriculum. Each teacher has their own
                                                                                                                                  GO ATS
 BLACKBOARD page, with items such as their weekly syllabus, weekly goals/ objectives, assign-                                          C
 ments, general information, upcoming activities, etc. Parents, students, and other guests can view                                ILD
 the pages without having a password to keep track of current pacing, missed assignments, or what                                W
 happened during an absence. You can go to the Wake County Blackboard site at http://, click on Course Sites, then High Schools, and then Millbrook High School.
 You can find individual teachers by the first letter of their first name and their last name (gdansky,
 for example).
          If you have any questions about SPAN or BLACKBOARD, please contact your teacher
 or guidance counselor.
                                                               Damian Powell
                                                              Assistant Principal
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                       Don't forget to buy your PTSA Raffle Tickets!!!
                              This is our only Fall Fundraiser!!!
                                         Tickets are $2.00 each and you could possibly win:

                                             Magellan 5045 GPS
                      XBox 360 Elite donated by Chris Zellman of Corporate Investors
                     GE Stainless Steel Microwave donated by Garner TV and Appliance
                       Free Chick Fil A Breakfast for a YEAR donated by Chick Fil A
(6) Dinners and movies for two Movies donated by Six Forks Cinema and the dinners are being donated by:
 Rudinos Pizza and Grinders, Sawmill Tap Room, (2) Miltons Pizza (Strickland Road), Buffalos in Stonehenge,
                                       Wildflower Pizza in Stonehenge
                                    Dinner for 4 At Zoe's in North Hills
                                               $100 Gas card
                                         5 Full Service Car washes
    Mini Camcorder with memory card donated by Catseyemedia, Commercial & Residential Virtual Tours
                                                Citipass Book
                                          Miscellaneous gift baskets
   and the BIGGIE! For Jr/Srs ONLY: PROM PACKAGE~~2 Tux Rentals/4 Prom tickets/2 corsages and 2
  bouts/Dinner for 4 at Michael Deans and a gift card to be used toward Prom Transportation donated by
                                Flower City and White Horse Transportation

                   Please contact Jeanna Reeves for more information!!! 919-264-6725 or
                           Tickets will be sold at all home games and in carpool (until last week of October)

                 Drawing will be held on SENIOR NIGHT!!! October 29, 2010....BUY YOUR TICKETS ASAP!

                                                             MHS 2010-2011
                                             PTSA Executive Board and Committee Chairs

President           Lisa Pendergrass/431-0871/     Newsletter Editor        Susan Boone/847-8644/
Pres. Elect          Leslie Koscielniak/878-9084/   Passive Fundraising             Janet Fiest/848-8252/
VP Fundraising Jeanna Reeves/264-6725/                             Ann Rajagopalan/855-8284/
VP Scholarships/Reflections                                              Pictures            Sally Bowman/523-3122/
                            Elizabeth Tew/848-9908/      Publicity            Virginia McAfee/844-6955/
Secretary                   Penny Cobb/877-0893/        Senior Reception/Senior Class
Treasurer                        Karen Meir/848-4055/                       Lisa Pendergrass/431-0871/
Academic Advocates        Mary Reiher/790-1201/                                 Lee Ann Efird/790-3897/
                    Kristen Clapsaddle/870-6532/    Senior Reception/Junior Class
Afghans                           Kim Levy/676-0057/                         Susan Buchenberger/847-5818/
Buildings & Grounds                                                                           Pat Markey/848-1607/
                        Claire Campbell/846-8117/     Senior Reception/Sophomore Class
                     Susan Buchenberger/847-5818/                          Susan Bradshaw/866-1252/
Character Education                                                                          Sally Bowman/523-3122/
                     Denise Kirkland/431-0652/     Senior Reception/Freshman Class
                        Melissa Miller/846-5197/                           Suzy Goldman/325-9639/
Cultural Arts            Maryam Wyss/981-5571/                                                      Sonja Ostendorff/855-8726
District 3 Advisory Council                                              Staff Spotlight    Alma Hoffman/846-7005/
                  Tim Morgan/846-9346/         Volunteers            Randi Williams/844-5657/
Directory Editor        Terry Ward/844-1214/     Website            Nina Honeycutt/676-2905/
Hospitality                 Melanie Abbott/790-1844/     Wildcat Academy            Melissa Reilly/848-9323/
                             Karen Latta/676-3058/   Wildcat Walkway (bricks)
                          Mary Helmink/870-1924/                                  Amy Adcroft/848-0365/
Membership             Amanda Stroup/845-1434/
                              Meg Lavoie/815-3361/
   The Millbrook High Letter                                                                                                     P AGE 3

                                             PTSA President’s Note

I    t is hard to believe that we are already in the second month of school! Once again, the halls of Millbrook are filled with students and
     decorated with posters and banners about the many activities taking place at the school. Fall sports, student government, band, cho-
     rus, theater, newspaper and yearbook staff are in full stride. The Wildcat Maniacs are back in force supporting their team and
spreading that Wildcat Pride. It‘s an exciting time and the Millbrook PTSA is proud to be a part of this wonderful school community!
            Our volunteers have been very busy over the past couple of months. We have had committees putting together mailings, sell-
ing PTSA memberships and raffle tickets, coordinating school pictures, scheduling cultural arts events and much, much more. What an
amazing group of dedicated parents we have at Millbrook! We want to thank each and every volunteer for their support. If you have not
had the chance to become involved, please give one of us a call so we can find a place for you in the MHS family.
            The Millbrook PTSA has always focused on our PTSA membership drive. This is a quick and easy way for parents of all
means to be supportive of our efforts and help raise the funds needed to implement the many PTSA sponsored programs at Millbrook. It
is the largest source of income in our budget. So if you haven‘t done so already, please take a moment to send in your membership dues
today! We promise we‘ll put your money to good use for the benefit of ALL our students with some terrific cultural arts programs,
honor roll and character ed breakfasts, teacher grants, student scholarships and many other vital services and programs. Look for addi-
tional membership information in this newsletter.
            Have you purchased your lucky PTSA raffle ticket yet? Well, it‘s not too late! Tickets will be on sale during lunch times on
Wednesdays and Fridays, at home football games and at other school events. During the last week of October, tickets will be on sale
every day at all lunches. The drawing will be held on October 29 at the last home football game and you do NOT need to be present to
win. This year, we have some fantastic prizes: a complete Prom Package for 4 (Jrs. And Srs. ONLY), an XBOX 360, a Magellan 5045
GPS, a GE stainless steel microwave, free Chick-fil-A breakfast for a year, a $100 gas card, plus many more great prizes. One ticket
gives you over 15 chances to win! This is a great opportunity to support the school and to win BIG!! Look for additional raffle informa-
tion in this newsletter.
            Is your student or family a part of Millbrook‘s ―Walk of Fame‖? Join the others who have a permanent legacy at Millbrook by
purchasing a Wildcat Walkway brick which will be placed in the front courtyard of the school. You can also purchase a Millbrook af-
ghan to keep you warm in the stands or at home on the couch. Both are ways to support Millbrook and buy some ―Wildcat Pride‖. Look
for additional afghan and brick information in this newsletter.
            Does your son run into glitches when trying to use Blackboard? Do you have trouble helping your daughter navigate online
research problems? When your printer breaks, do you know how to help your child turn in her assignment electronically or get it ready
to print at school? On October 4, in the first in our series of Parent Skills Nights, Millbrook Media Specialists, Emma Braaten and Kerri
Brown Parker, will present information on Tech Troubleshooting to Help Your Student be Successful. On November 8, at the second in
our series, a representative from Jordan Driving School will present a program for parents of new drivers and soon-to-be drivers which
offers tips in helping students become safe drivers and gives an overview of the laws regulating teen drivers. Look for additional infor-
mation about Parent Skills Nights in this newsletter.
            There is always a lot of activity on our campus. Please listen closely to Mrs. King‘s weekly announcements and visit the PTSA
page on Millbrook‘s website ( We keep the website updated regularly to include all the latest PTSA news, meet-
ings, board member contacts, quarterly newsletters, membership forms and order forms. If you can‘t find what you are looking for,
please contact us (our phone numbers and email addresses are listed on the website). We invite you to attend our monthly meetings
which are usually held the first Monday of every month (except when there are holidays) at 7pm in the Media Center. Our next two
meetings are October 4 and November 1. We do not have a meeting in December. Meetings last about an hour, and we love to see new
faces and hear new ideas. With your support, we know this will be a great year!                 Lisa Pendergrass, PTSA President
                                                                                              Leslie Koscielniak, PTSA President-Elect

                Principal of the Year

  O         n August 12, WCPSS named the finalists for the 2010-
            11 Principal of the Year. It certainly doesn‘t surprise
            anyone in the Millbrook community that our principal,
                                                                           PTSA Passive Fundraiser Update
                                                                                     Spirit Night

  Dana King, is a finalist for this honor. Dana‘s tireless leader-
  ship is evident in the many successes that Millbrook is experi-                  ur first Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A was on
  encing, from the newly acquired International Baccalaureate                      Thursday Sept. 16. Chick-fil-A will donate
  programmes to our thriving visual and performing arts programs                   $64.13 from the Millbrook sales that night.
  to the numerous athletic accomplishments Millbrook earns each            Thanks to everyone who came out to support our
  year. Dana is usually the first person in the door each morning          school.
  and her light is often the last one on in the building at night. She
  proudly says that both of her daughters graduated from Mill-             The next 4 Spirit Nights will be:
  brook High School and her pride in the accomplishments of                     Milton’s Pizza and Pasta on Tues. Oct. 5
  Millbrook‘s students and teachers can be seen on the doors, walls             Chick-fil-A, Falls Village on Wed. Nov. 3
  and shelves of her office. The Principal of the Year selection
                                                                                Buffalo’s South West Café, on Wed. Dec. 8
  process is arduous and includes an extensive portfolio, a site
  visit, and an intensive interview.                                            Chick-fil-A, Falls Village on Thur. Jan. 13
  Congratulations to our principal, Dana King!                             Check the PTSA Web Site for more information about
                                                                           these events.
                                      Kelly Aman, Assistant Principal
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               School Counselors Helping Students Research Colleges
First steps to finding the perfect fit
      Searching for and applying to colleges is a stressful process. Most students will find decisions easier to make if they have up-
      to-date and thorough information about the colleges they are considering—or ones they may not have considered. Millbrook
      High School Student Services and offer the following suggestions.*
How your school counselor can help
    Counselors can provide students with the tools for researching colleges—books, websites, list of resources.
    Counselors emphasize to students that the first step in researching colleges is to examine their own interests, goals, and plans for the
    Counselors direct students to College Board's online search engine, College Search, to find colleges with the specific characteristics
        they're looking for.
    Counselors communicate often with students and, if possible, with parents through newsletters, emails, and parent nights.
    Counselors advertise and support college fairs by local and national organizations.
    Counselors distribute handouts and calendars that will help guide students during their search.
    Counselors include parents in the college search whenever possible.
    Counselors help students learn as much as they can about the colleges to which many of the students will apply.
Helping Students Learn About Colleges
College tours for students can be arranged by contacting schools in your area or asking college reps if their schools have counselor tour
programs. Visit college/university websites for current information.
Attend college fairs and sit in on visits by college reps to your school. College fairs also offer students the opportunity to talk to several
reps in one night, and school counselors can help students sort out their impressions and differentiate among the colleges.
Researching for Colleges Begins With the Student
Students should take the lead in discovering what special talents they have, what they are looking for in a college experience, and how
they best think and learn.
School counselors will meet with students to discuss goals and interests. School counselors will present students with a list of college-
choice considerations, such as:
    Public versus private
    Two years versus four years
    Single sex versus coed
    Liberal arts and sciences versus comprehensive university
    Size: small, medium, or large
    Location: urban, suburban, small town, rural, out of state, in state, North, South, East, West, Midwest, or international
    Academic offerings
    Faculty, especially in desired field
    Academic skills enhancement
    Residential and social life
    Student organizations and activities
    Athletics and recreational sports (varsity, intramural, club)
    Community service organizations
    Personal and career counseling
    Extracurricular activities
    Personal attention likely
    Diversity of student body
    Religious affiliation
College MatchMaker allows students to explore colleges and manage their college lists online.

Next? Let’s Get the Parents Involved
Millbrook High School offers Senior Parent Night, Financial Aid Night, Junior Parent Night and Sophomore Parent Night that will help
orient parents when looking for colleges that fit their child's academic profile and personality. Senior parents are always welcome to set
up individual conferences as well to ensure the success of their students in the search for their college/university.

Current College Fair Information / Raleigh, NC
National College Fair / March 22, 2011 / 4-9:00pm / Raleigh Convention Center
Check out for online College Fairs
*MHS Student Services / / September 2010
    The Millbrook High Letter                                                                                                    P AGE 5

     Executive Board and Student                                                      Millbrook Art Club
       Government 2010-2011
                                                                      I  would like to welcome all new and returning students to Art

                                                                        Club. We had an amazing turn out, with more than 40 students
         hroughout the history of Millbrook High School, the            attending our first two meetings. Art Club is busy with several
         Student Government Association has been an active part upcoming fall events such as the SparkCon Street Painting Festival,
         of all of the school‘s events—playing a role as the face   The Barnyard Animal Frenzy at the NC State Fair, and painting a
of fundraisers and acting behind the scenes to accomplish service banner for the Millbrook Homecoming football game. Throughout the
                                                                    year we will have guest artists, art shows, and community events.
projects driven by its highly motivated members and advisors.
                                                                               Every student is invited to join Art Club even if they are not
This year, Executive Board is taking the foundation established     enrolled in an art class. Art Club meets
by classes long since graduated and building on it to reach ele-    every other Tuesday, unless an event
vated goals and leave its mark on Millbrook. One of the charities requires more meetings. Art Club
Executive Board is supporting this year is the Juvenile Diabetes    meetings are held from 2:30-3:15 in
Research Foundation. For the past few years, Millbrook has been room 129. I look forward to a fun and
                                                                    creative year with all of my Art Wild-
the top ranked high school in North Carolina for its funding of
                                                                    cats at Millbrook High School. If you
this organization. To maintain this honor and continue its efforts have any questions about Art Club,
for this cause, Millbrook Executive Board is launching a fund-      please feel free to contact me, Ms.
raising campaign that not only reaches the student body, but in-    Moody at
volves the community as well with events such as the Applebee‘s
Breakfast which is planned for October 16th and rewards donors
with a morning meal served by Executive Board members. An-                     CTE DRAFTING NEWS !!!

other organization that this year‘s student government is promot-                  e are off to a great start. Lead holders sharpened and
ing is the Food Bank of North Carolina. By encouraging classes                     ready to roll (Drafting I). Lab software (autocad) is up
to bring in donations of food and other basic necessities with the                 and running with Architectural II and III classes working
incentive of classroom prizes, Executive Board hopes to lead a      on floor plans. Our skills USA Club is fifteen members strong! Chris
successful Food Drive this November that both contributes to-       Fesmire is chapter president. Nick Machak is vice president. Brian
wards the elimination of hunger in the community and educates       Carcaterra is secretary. Charlie Egan is reporter. Bryan Kress is
students about service while cultivating school pride. Millbrook treasurer.
Executive Board is also the organizer of Millbrook‘s Blood
Drive—an event sponsored by the American Red Cross that re-
ceives blood donations for use in hospitals. This year‘s Blood                 Volunteer Opportunity
Drives, which are scheduled to take place on December 17th and
February 25th, hope to continue a long tradition of motivating                 Senior Reception 2011
Millbrook students to get involved and maintain the high turnout             very year since 1980, the PTSA has hosted a senior recep-
that has historically been a key component of this event‘s suc-              tion at MHS for graduates, their families, friends, and teach-
                                                                             ers. The class of 2011 will graduate June 8, 2011 at 8:00 am.
cess. A new program that Executive Board is starting this year is Following tradition, the reception is held immediately following the
―Millbrook Supports Our Troops‖—a way to show our school‘s          graduation ceremony in the cafeteria.
appreciation for soldiers that have ties to Millbrook and are cur-              If you are looking for a way to volunteer at the school, we
rently serving our country overseas. By sending care packages to would love to have your help. Preparation day will be June 7.
soldiers‘ stations, Executive Board hopes to express the gratitude Please help us continue this lovely tradition at Millbrook. For more
our school feels for the sacrifice these individuals are making and information, contact Susan Buchenberger
give them a sense of pride for being related to Millbrook High
School. In addition to coordinating and participating in other
school activities such as Powderpuff, Homecoming, and Winter-
fest, this year‘s Executive Board is pioneering student govern-                           PTSA Meetings

ment-funded tailgating to increase school spirit at sporting                         he Millbrook PTSA Board, including all
events. Together, these efforts of Millbrook Executive Board                         Committee Chairs, meets in the media
combine to make every year at Millbrook a successful, enjoyable,                     center at 7 pm the first Monday of each
and memorable experience while the dedication of its members                 month (except when there is a holiday). We
and passion of its advisors inspire charitable efforts that truly            welcome parents, teachers and students. Please
make a difference in society—a motivation that compels this                  plan to join us!
year‘s students to build on Millbrook Student Government‘s                    PTSA Board meetings are held in the Media
honored past and challenges future generations to perpetuate the                        Center and are open to all.
service that has been such a large part of this organization‘s his-
                                                   By Ioan Bolohan
   PAGE 6                                                                                                                  O CT OBE R 2010

                   PSAT / NMSQT                                represents less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors,

                                                               includes the highest scoring entrants in each state. The
        our students from Millbrook High School were           number of semifinalists in a state is proportional to the
        among the approximately 16,000 semifinalists in the state‘s percentage of the national total of graduating seniors.
        56th annual National Merit Scholarship Program.                 To become a finalist, a semifinalists must have an
          The academically talented high school seniors        outstanding academic record throughout high school, be
have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some endorsed and recommended by the school principal and
8,400 Merit Scholarship awards worth $36 million that will earn SAT scores that confirm the student‘s earlier qualify-
be offered next spring. To be considered for a Merit Schol- ing test performance. The semifinalists and a school official
arship award, semifinalists must advance to the finalist level must submit a detailed scholarship application, which in-
of the competition by fulfilling several requirements. About cludes the students‘ self descriptive essay and information
90 percent of the semifinalists are expected to attain final-  about the semifinalist‘s participation and leadership in
ists standing and approximately half of the finalists will be school and community activities.
selected as Merit Scholarship winners.                                  Approximately 15,000 semifinalists will advance
          The Millbrook High School semifinalists include: to the finalist level and it is from this group that all Merit
          Sarah E. Friedensen, Joshua R. McKenney, Laura Scholarship winners will be chosen. Merit Scholarship des-
E. Owczarski and Emily White                                   ignees are selected on the basis of their skills, accomplish-
          About 1.5 million juniors in nearly 22,000 high      ments and potential for success in rigorous college studies,
schools entered the 2010 National Merit Program by taking without regard to gender, race, ethnic origin or religious
the 2009 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship            preference.                            -Damian Powell
Qualifying Test which served as an initial screen of pro-                                              Assistant Principal
gram entrants. The nationwide pool of semifinalists, which

    STUDENT ATHLETIC TRAINERS                                                          PTSA MEMBERSHIP
                                                                                      hank you to EVERYONE that has joined the MHS

                                                                                      PTSA! We would like to recognize those families and
        here is a very important, though often overlooked, group of                   businesses that have joined our PTSA at Silver, Gold or
        students who help to insure the smooth functioning of our             Platinum levels this school year. Your continued commitment
        athletic programs and safety of our athletes; they are the Mill-      to the students at MHS is greatly appreciated.
brook High School Student Athletic Trainers. Student Athletic Train-
ers are students who are enrolled in one of the six levels of Sports
                                                                              Amy Adcroft                     Sheri Mussler
Medicine taught at MHS and who dedicate hours after school to pro-
                                                                              Jim & Travi Betts               Terri Norby
vide for the care and wellness of our athletic teams.
                                                                              Susan Bradshaw                  Lisa Pendergrass
           Student Athletic Trainers not only set up fields and courts
                                                                              Penny Cobb                      Shrin Rajagopalan
daily with water, bottles, and injury ice, they also provide first aid and
help to evaluate injured student athletes. With over 20 sports at MHS         Kevin & Tracy Colores           Rock It Learning Science
and only two certified athletic trainers on staff, the students provide       Bill & Kathy Egan                 Camp
an invaluable work force to provide for our athletic teams.                   Terri Gardner                   Amy Savage
           These students work long hours in all weather conditions.          Nina Honeycutt                  Timothy Smith
Practices and games continue whether it is blistering hot, freezing           Anne Iannucci                   Richard & Josi Spontak
cold, or raining outside; the Student Athletic Trainers can be counted        Dana King                       Ken Taylor
on to be there helping our athletes and coaches no matter what nature         Jim & Denise Kirkland           Donald Tomlinson
throws our way.                                                               Leslie Mahan                    Andy & Karen Weber
           There is obviously a tremendous amount of dedication re-           Karen Meir                      Tom & Mary Wedgaertner
quired in order to be part of this program. That dedication is exempli-       Tim & Denise Morgan             Maryam Wyss
fied by the fact that the 20 upper level students all voluntarily cut their   Chris & Julie Morris            Donna Wells
summer breaks short and report for athletic practices starting August
1st each year. The students working with football not only give up the
last part of their summer, but have to report to the training room at
6am each day to ready for the 7am practices. Student Athletic Train-
ers assigned to soccer and volleyball must cover two separate prac-
tices a day, one in the early morning, one in the evening.
           As you can see, there are many students providing services
to the student athletes here at MHS, practically year round. Student
Athletic Trainers work behind the scenes and expect little in the way
of thanks. However, each of these students deserves as much credit
and appreciation as anyone in the athletic department for the services
they provide to all our athletes and coaches each and every day.
                                -Shannon T. Poole, MS, LAT, ATC
                                 Head Athletic Trainer
  The Millbrook High Letter                                                                                               P AGE 7

                   Millbrook PTSA No-Fuss Fundraisers
      for Millbrook High School’s Families, Relatives, and Friends…..
                                                Time to re-link!
Be sure to re-link the following cards to Millbrook so that we will continue to receive funds from their "Together in Edu-
cation" program. Instructions for linking via their websites are listed below.
            It’s a great way to earn money for Millbrook on money that you’re already spending anyway.

Target (MHS ID# 81085)
If you have a Target Credit Card, Target Visa or a Target Check Card, please designate Millbrook High School to be the recipient.
Through the Target ―Take Charge of Education‖ Program, Target will donate 1% of your purchases to Millbrook when you shop at
Target and and ½% of purchases made elsewhere when you use your Target ―RedCards‖. Since the program began, we
have received $19,255.66 as a result of those who have designated Millbrook High School as their recipient, and last year alone we
received 1,275.33! Please go online at and designate Millbrook (ID#81085) to participate in this fundraiser, or call
1-800-316-6142. Keep this ―no-fuss‖ fund-raiser in mind when considering which credit card you use and when doing your back to
school shopping!
Harris Teeter (MHS ID# 1502)
Through the Harris Teeter ―Together in Education‖ program, you can link your VIC Card to Millbrook and we‘ll receive money based
on your purchases of Harris Teeter brand products! This has been a very profitable program for Millbrook over the years. We receive
an average of $900.00 each year from this program, so we encourage you to take advantage of it. To link your card, go online at Click on the ―Community‖ tab and then look for ―Together in Education‖ And ―Link to your school‖ (MHS
ID#1502) Please note that you have to re-link each year!
Food Lion (MHS ID#213707)
Food Lion has changed their fundraising program and now everyone has to re-link their MVP card in order for Millbrook
to receive our rewards. Fortunately, this is a VERY easy process: Go to Click on Community Outreach, Click
on MVP Rewards, Click on Register Your MVP Card, Enter the required information, Enter the Millbrook High school code of
213707 when prompted. Thanks for your support!! Please note that you have to re-link each year!
Kroger (MHS #90236)
With the ―Kroger Plus Card for Education‖, each time a registered supporter shops at a Kroger store using their Kroger Plus Card,
they earn points for our school. Those points are redeemed for educational tools and supplies. The program runs from September to
April. Log onto for program and registration information. (MHS ID# 90236)
Office Depot (MHS#70062217)
Mention Millbrook High School BEFORE you check out at Office Depot and Millbrook HS will get 5% of your total purchase on
select items. You don‘t need to know the school number at check out. (MHS ID# 70062217)
If you have any questions about these programs, or need help with registering your cards, call Janet Fiest at 848-8252.

                                                                                                6” sub + fries + drink for
                                                                                                   students = $ 5.00
                                                                                                 1 free drink with any
  PAGE 8                                                                                                                O CT OBE R 2010

    Millbrook Band Happenings
                                                                                   Parent Skills Night
             Fall 2010

T        he Millbrook Marching Wildcats are off to a busy
                                                                                    Tech Troubleshooting to
         season. They started off their season with Pre-Band                    Help Your Student Be Successful
         Camp at MHS July 26-28, and then travelled to Mars           Does your son run into glitches when trying to use Black-
Hill College for camp through August 2nd. This year‘s show            board? Do you have trouble helping your daughter navigate
is titled X and includes movements X-clamation, X-celeration,         online research projects? When your printer breaks, do you
X-haustion, X-aggeration, X-otic, and X-plosion.                                  know how to help your child turn her assignment
The Marching Wildcats perform at all home varsity football                        in electronically or get it ready to print at school?
games during the season. They all have four competitions                          Come join us and learn how to navigate some of
scheduled. Competition dates and locations are: Sept. 25 at                       the common technology problems that students
Panther Creek High School; October 9 at West Johnston High                        run into at Millbrook as they complete school
School; October 23 at Sanderson High School; October 30 at                        projects and assignments.
Ragsdale High School.                                                         Presented by Millbrook High Media Specialists
The concert ensembles are busy preparing for their fall con-                     Emma Braaten and Kerri Brown Parker
cert. They are currently working on major and minor scales                                  Monday, October 4
as well as the music they will perform at the fall concert.                                    8:00 – 8:30pm
Please come out to our fall events and help support the Mill-                          Millbrook High Media Center
brook Bands! You can find our detailed performance sched-
ule on our website… If you have ques-
tions regarding the band program, please contact the director,                      Supporting Young Drivers
Natalie Kerr, at                                                          Monday, November 8
                                                                                          Millbrook Media Center
    AP Enrollment Continues to
        Grow at Millbrook                                               Millbrook Leadership Academy
O        ver the past few years, the number of AP courses that
         MHS students are enrolling in has grown steadily.
         We‘ve been able to bring back AP Biology, Chemis-
try and Music Theory all of which were not being offered
                                                                   T       he Millbrook Leadership Academy is entering its third year of
                                                                           existence at Millbrook High School. The mission of the Mill-
                                                                           brook Leadership Academy is to develop, challenge, and sup-
                                                                   port Millbrook student-athletes in their quest to become first-class
regularly because of low-student interest. The subjects that       leaders on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. The Mill-
have seen the largest increase include: AP Statistics, Calculus,   brook Leadership Academy will provide leadership training and oppor-
Environmental Science and English Language.                        tunities through student-led workshops, peer mentoring, and service
           As the result of our increased enrollment, in July      projects.
2010, Millbrook was named by Newsweek magazine as one                         The Academy will be undergoing a restructuring this year, as
of the top high schools in the United States. Each year,           we aim to better meet our program goals. This year, members will take
Newsweek picks the best high schools in the country based on       turns leading monthly meetings and will lead discussion and reflection
how hard school staffs work to challenge students with ad-         on a topic of their choice. This monthly exercise will not only engage
vanced placement college-level courses and tests. Just over        our members on important topics, but will give them experience lead-
1600 schools—only six percent of all the public schools in the     ing their peers in a Socratic and problem- solving environment.
U.S.—made the list. We are so proud of our students for con-                  Many of the service projects from last year, including Mill-
tinually striving to challenge themselves academically!            brook Goes Green and the Joy Prom at Providence Church, will be on
                                                                   the docket for members again this year. However, we are always look-
             Millbrook Summitt                                     ing for new experiences, so please feel free to contact us with any op-

                                                                   portunities you come across.
        wice each school year, Millbrook hosts summit
                                                                                         Contact Information
        meetings in order to discuss issues of interest to                               Jason Sinquefield, Director
        our school community. A group of local busi-                           
ness leaders, students, faculty, parents and administra-
tors meet to discuss general school issues; in the past
summit topics have included the transition into IB,
grading policies, technology, and 21st century skills.
Participants learn new perspectives from our discus-
sions and help our leadership team get input from these
various parts of our community. Our next summit meet-
ing will be held on October 19th. If you would like
more information about the summits, you can contact
Nick Rotosky ( or Kerri Brown                              We’re Open!
Parker (                                           S-Th 10am-10pm
                                                                            F/S 10am-11pm
   The Millbrook High Letter                                                                                                   P AGE 9

                                                      Join an outstanding
                                                    MILLBROOK TRADITION
                                  and honor your graduating senior with a personal ad in the yearbook!
                                    SIZE                  COLOR PRICE                 MAXIMUM # PHOTOS
                                 1/8 page                    $50                     1 picture + minimal words
                                 1/4 page                   $100                     1-2 pictures + words
                                 1/2 page                   $200                     1-5 pictures + words
                                 full page                  $300                     1-10 pictures + words
If you would like to purchase a personal ad, collect all the necessary photos, congratulatory words, poems, etc., and look at the size
and cost of each ad to determine what you want to order. Your best resource is an old yearbook. Pack everything together and send it
to the school with a check payable to Millbrook High School in the care of Mrs. Putnam or the yearbook staff. Follow all of the
guidelines below so that we can insure a quality ad for you.
Guidelines to follow:
 1. We do not reserve space due to plant deadlines. Compile everything at the same time and send to the school with payment to
 purchase your ad.
 2. Put your child's name on the back of each photo with an ink that will not bleed onto the photos.
 3. If you want your photos returned, send a self-addressed stamped envelope that will cover the postage. Please do not send
 irreplaceable photos. Occasionally pictures get lost at the plant, and I would hate for you to lose something that is precious to you.
 4. You may sketch out how you want your ad to look or we will totally create it for you. Please note that some changes to your ideas
 may have to be made due to plant guidelines. Please include your name and how to best reach you in case we have questions regard-
 ing your ad. Please do not tape your pictures to your sketch.
 5. When you write out your remarks, please print neatly or type. We would hate to misspell a name in a personal ad because we
 couldn't read the submitted draft.
 6. We can resize photos to fit the ad space. You do not have to do this. If you want certain photos to be larger than others in the ad,
 please tell us which ones.
 7. We do not do overlapping collages.
 8. Please do not cut or paste the photos.
 9. If you want to submit digital photos on disk or CD, please make sure the resolution is high. A scanned photo for an ad will need a
 minimum resolution of 300. If you print digital photos to submit, make sure they are photo quality. Every pixel that shows in a print
 -out, will be even more evident in the yearbook, giving your ad a blurry or fuzzy look.
 10. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Ad space is limited.. Get your ad together as soon as possible. The deadline for submission is
 November 23, but the ad space could be sold out earlier than that. Space is available on a first come, first served basis.
 11. Mail your ad to Millbrook High School Yearbook Staff, 2201 Spring Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27615, leave it with Mrs. Bryant
 in the front office, or bring it directly to Mrs. Putnam in room 1411. To verify that we received your ad materials, you may want to
 send Mrs. Putnam an email
 If you have any questions, you may e-mail Mrs. Putnam at or call 850-8802.

    Wildcat Walkway                                                       * Congratulations *

        urchase a personalized, engraved brick
        to honor or memorialize a student,
        family, classmate, special coach or      I   would like to thank everyone for participating in the fundraiser drawing.
                                                    When you link your rewards cards at participating stores you help earn
                                                    money for the school. Participating in the program is free and the more
                                                 people participating, the more money we will earn.
           Bricks are placed in front of the               Last year Millbrook HS PTSA earned a total of $2,800.00 from Harris
school at the entrance. Support your school
                                                 Teeter, Food lion and Target.
and leave your legacy in stone for years to
come at Millbrook High School. These are
                                                           We received over 125 entry forms for the drawing and
great Christmas and graduation gifts! The                                     Wendy Steigerwalt
cost is $100 for the first brick, $85 for each           is the lucky winner of a Millbrook Afghan, valued at $45.00.
add'l brick in the same order. Print out an      If you have not registered your cards and would like to help, please see the
order form on the school web-                    MHS PTSA web site for information and store codes.              -Janet Fiest,
site: and click on                                                                                    PTSA Fundraising
"PTSA", then scroll down to the brick order
icon. Email Amy Adcroft at wildcatwalk- for more information. Dead-
line to order is Dec. 31st, 2010. Bricks will                             Visit the MHS
be engraved and placed in the Wildcat Walk-
way in the Spring.        GO WILDCATS!!!                             website at
   PAGE 10                                                               O CT OBE R 2010

  Students End Summer Break Early
     to Welcome New Wildcats

S       everal Millbrook students took an early ‗break‘ from their
        summer break to welcome Millbrook‘s newest Wildcats! On
        August 4 and 5, the Class of 2014 participated in the 6th an-
nual C.A.T.S. Camp, Millbrook‘s mini-camp for freshmen. Sopho-
mores Meghan Brooks and Erin Boehlert volunteered time
throughout the summer assisting C.A.T.S. Camp coordinator Ra-
chel Hill prepare materials for the incoming freshmen. These two
10th graders also helped during the 2 day orientation, assisting with
registration and serving as friendly ambassadors for Millbrook‘s
newest students. One week later, Millbrook welcomed 29 new
faculty members to the campus. Seniors Sarah Ward and Joseph
House and junior Keith Marshall took a break from their summer
activities to enjoy lunch with the ‗new to Millbrook‘ teachers. The
students joined teachers Lane Dickens, Jennifer Broadwell, Chris
East and Ronnetta Lyons on a student-teacher panel designed to
give the new faculty members a glimpse into what makes Millbrook
such a special place. Step Inside. Feel the Pride.
                                   Kelly Aman, Assistant Principal

          Sophomore Class Council

T       his year‘s Sophomore class council is the class of 2013‘s
        representatives of the Student Government Association. We
        are looking forward to a wonderful year, full of school spirit
and community involvement. This year we will be participating in
several events at Millbrook. The first of which is Homecoming
2010…Let the Games Begin!! We will also take part in Winterfest,
and in the spring, Millbrook Goes Green, and our annual Powderpuff
Game. The council is also traditionally known to participate in
events in the community. We will raise money and walk for JDRF
and Relay for Life. Our council also plans to do the Millbrook Fam-
ily Adoption in which we raise monies and purchase gifts for a fam-
ily during the holiday season. Sophomore council will have its big
candy sale during the month of March. The money we raise will be
used for the class of 2013‘s prom next year. Please help support the
council and thank you to all who have already helped out. Watch out
for the Class of 2013!!

                Buy a Keepsake
               Millbrook Afghan

T       he Millbrook afghan is made of 100% woven cot-
        ton in the school colors of navy and white with
        accents of pale gray. The custom design includes
the Millbrook Wildcat Mascot Head and Paw Print along
with the school monogram. It‘s just the right size to take
to football games on cold nights or to use as a throw for
the couch or bed at home! It will make a terrific high
school keepsake or holiday gift. For more information
contact Kim Levy at 676-0057 or email at

The Millbrook Afghan Order Form can be found on
the Millbrook website at Under Quick
Links choose PTSA.
    The Millbrook High Letter                                                                                                   P AGE 1 1

                                                 Library Low-Down!
Welcome back to another exciting year in the Millbrook Library Media
Center – this year we started off with a new freshman orientation in the li-
brary. This orientation allowed freshman students in the Wildcat Prep Semi-
nar course an opportunity to learn a bit about the library, get set up in Black-
board, learn how to log on to school computers, practice some brief research
skills and get set up in SPAN. You can see the movie students watched about
our library at
 Library Reminders:
Each morning we open at 6:50
    Monday we close at 2:30 (3:00 if there is no faculty meeting)
    Tuesday-Thursday we close at 3:50
    Friday we close at 3:00                                                           Help with Blackboard          Students review-
                                                                                          at Freshman                ing how to use
                                                                                      Orientation Station 2        books for research
Printing – Black and White $.10 per page                                                                                projects.
               Color $.50 per page

Staff – Kerri Brown Parker (
           Emma Braaten (
           Bill Mulvey (
                                                                                                                    Our new media
Parent Volunteers – if you are interested in volunteering in the media                                              specialist, Bill
center, please email us or call at 850-8794                                                                        Mulvey, helping
                                                                                                                  students get going
Blackboard Help:                                                                                                  on the computers.

           The Path to SAT Success                                    able to skip basic classes in college and complete advanced classes

        very year, roughly two million US students and hundreds                  So, what is the path to SAT success? According to the
        of thousands worldwide take the SAT. It is administered       College Board, the best ways for students to prepare are to take
        seven times a year in the US and six times a year overseas. challenging courses, write as often as possible, and read exten-
The very first SAT was developed in 1901 as a means of deter-         sively. The only way to really become familiar with the questions
mining intelligence. In 2005, the SAT was modified and a new          of the particular sections is by taking multiple practice tests. Mill-
"Writing" section, complete with an essay, was added. Today‘s         brook offers several options for students who need a more in-
test consists of three sections, each scored on a 200-800 point       depth preparation. The SAT Prep course is available as a class
scale.                                                                during the school day and offers nine weeks with an English
           Each of the SAT sections has different types of ques-      teacher and nine weeks with a math teacher. A four-week SAT
tions. The Math section features multiple choice and fill-in-the-     Review Session is available on Sunday evenings several times a
blank geometry, algebra, and math reasoning questions. The Criti- year for a nominal fee. Please contact Student Services for more
cal Reading section features multiple choice sentence completion information on either of these.
and passage-based reading questions. The Writing section features                Visit for testing sites and dates
one essay and multiple choice questions on identifying sentence       and to register to take the SAT.                       - Alyssa Morris
errors and improving sentences and paragraphs.
           There is no one definition of a "good" score on the SAT.
Generally speaking, scoring close to the mean (average) — about                                 Reflections

500 on critical reading, 500 on mathematics and 500 on writing —
shows that a student scored as well as about half of the other stu-          s your student creative? Does your student enjoy writing
dents who took the test. Each college has its own way of using test          short stories, poetry, musical compositions, dance, film, pho-
scores and evaluating applicants. SAT scores are meaningful, but             tography or art? If so, we have a competition for him/her! It
they represent only one component.                                      is called REFLECTIONS. The top 12 submissions will be en-
           In addition to college admissions, there are other reasons tered in the district competition. Any winners from the district
for students to do their best on the SAT. Scoring well on the SAT       then move on to the state competition. It is a great opportunity
can balance the effect of a bad GPA. Many scholarships are avail-       for students to show off their talents. The theme for this year is
able based solely on the SAT score, and a vast number of scholar-       "Together We Can". Any student is eligible to enter. There are
ships require an SAT score in addition to other requirements such       specific guidelines that each creative masterpiece must adhere to
as an essay. Students who get high scores on the SAT are often          for submission so please contact Elizabeth Tew at
                                                               if you are interested in more information.
   PAGE 12                                                                                                           O CT OBE R 2010


Name:_______________________________________               E-mail:_____________________________________

Home Phone:_________________________________               Work Phone: ________________________________

Thank you for supporting Millbrook High School by volunteering your time. Please check those tasks that are of interest to you, and
please specify times available (we can use your help on a weekly, monthly or occasional event basis). These positions are well estab-
lished and organized. If you have any questions, please contact: Randi Williams (PTSA Volunteer Coordinator) at 844-5657, email or Lisa Pendergrass (PTSA President) at 431-0871, email

Volunteer Position                                      Description                                  Days/Times Available

Academic Advocates                 Recognition of academic achievement—set-up &
                                   serve for Honor Roll breakfasts twice a year; assist
                                   with academic letter and Honor Cards (fall & spring)

Buildings & Grounds                Assist with the beautification and improvements on
                                   the Millbrook High campus grounds and buildings

Character Education                Assist with set-up/serve at breakfasts given in recog-
                                   nition of outstanding character twice a year (fall &
Directory                          Assist with directory sales and distribution

Fundraising                        Assist with PTSA fundraising activities such as sell-
                                   ing raffle tickets at various events and handing out
Hospitality                        Prepare/send in food or items for teacher/staff appre-
                                   ciation luncheons. Assist with serving if available.

Media Center                       Help process new books & other misc. tasks and jobs.
                                   Check passes/supervise students during lunch –10:35
                                   AM-12:50 PM at least one day/month
Proctor                            Proctor exams given throughout the year—normally
                                   2 hours shifts.
                                        ***MANY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED***
School Picture Days                Help organize students at picture days. Several dates
                                   throughout the year—morning or afternoon shifts
Senior Reception                   Post-graduation reception for grads & families: set-
                                   up & service (June)

Wildcat Academy                    Freshman parents needed to assist with Wildcat
                                   Academy activities during the year …(Freshman

                     Drop this form by the front office in an envelope marked “PTSA” or

                     MAIL COMPLETED FORM TO:                Millbrook High School PTSA
                                                            Attn: Volunteer Coordinator
                                                            2201 Spring Forest Road
                                                            Raleigh, NC 27615
    The Millbrook High Letter                                                                                                P AGE 1 3

                                             Athletic Director Report
                                          Millbrook Starts Women’s Lacrosse

            omen‘s Lacrosse will be an official varsity sport at Millbrook High School this spring 2011. Twenty young
            ladies at Millbrook practiced diligently last spring for 2 months to get the momentum and lacrosse buzz
            going. This summer we hired Lacrosse Coach, Matt Cope. Coach Cope started a Women‘s Lacrosse pro-
gram in Louisville, Kentucky from scratch. He coached ten All-State Lacrosse players and seven Academic All-
           Coach Cope is very excited about starting the program at Millbrook. We are very fortunate to have such an
enthusiastic, experienced and passionate coach. Two lacrosse moms, Susan Boone and Amy Dixon, were very instru-
mental in starting up our program. Coach Cope and our new Lacrosse student-athletes…welcome to Wildcat Country!
                                                                                       -Scott McInnes, AD

             Varsity Soccer Outlook                                                         VOLLEYBALL

W          ith a very strong and deep senior class, we have our sites
           set on the playoffs and solid finish toward the top of the
           Cap 8 conference standings. Our new additions from our
JV team will prove to add great depth and energy to support our ex-
perienced players going forward.
                                                                        W            e look forward to an exciting year with Millbrook
                                                                                     Volleyball. We have already started the season off
                                                                                     with a Varsity 5-0 record and winning a Silver Divi-
                                                                        sion Plaque at the Davidson College Tournament in August. We
                                                                        expect to face tough conference play but we trust that the Cap 8
Varsity Captains: Austin Dietz, Conner Dingman, Spencer LaCivita        conference sees a strong and active Millbrook team this season
Senior Bios:                                                            with the following team members.
    Antonio Aldama: 2 yr letterman, Midfielder                          Captains : Senior Pam Kass and Senior Lauren Brand (both out-
    Michael Costa: 3 yr letterman, Defender                             side hitters and all around players)
    Austin Dietz: 3 yr letterman, 2 time all-region 3,                  Seniors: Amanda Damiano (setter) and Cat Cox (right side)
       2-time all-cap 7. Team‘s leading scorer 2008 and                 Jrs: Awele Nwaeze (middle hitter), Jessi Atallah, Sarah Ander-
       2009.                                                            son, Jaime Mesencik, (all defensive specialists), Allison Mims
    Conner Dingman: 3 yr letterman, 3 yr starter, Defender              (setter)
    Dalton Hays: 2 yr letterman, Striker                                Freshman: Stephanie Steiber (setter and right side), Tara Dot-
    John Kennamer: 2 yr letterman, Defender                             zauer (middle hitter)
    Spencer LaCivita: 3 yr letterman(‘07 at Wakefield), 2 time all-                We have worked hard for the entire program to have
       state, all-region 3, and all cap 7. Attending NCAA Div. 1        strong, unified teams with athletes that have great potential to be
       defending national champion Univ. of Virginia in 2011.           a star team both on the court and in the classroom and commu-
    Cody Woodlief: 2 yr letterman, returning starter, Defender          nity. We have worked with our JV program to increase aware-
    On Ya: 1 yr letterman, returning starter, Midfielder                ness/skill/court play by offering both spring clinics and summer
                                                                        training time to enhance their overall abilities and performances.
Coaching staff:
                                                                        We also offer a spring intramural session in order to give all po-
Head Coach: Matt Edwards-In his 9th year at Millbrook High, he is       tential players a chance to improve their skills.
currently the head men‘s and women‘s soccer coach. He teaches                      The following are the JV team members:
math and is a graduate of East Carolina University.                     Madison Boone, Lilia Loukili, Michelle Anderson, Jessica McAf-
JV Head Coach: Austin James-In his 3rd year at MHS, he is cur-          fee, Eliza Grunwald, Erin Harris, Jalean Jones, Morgan Dean,
rently the JV head coach for both the boys soccer team and baseball     Brittany Tart, Jenny Damiano, Sophia Marchington, Helen Shup-
team. Coach James teaches math here at Millbrook and is a graduate      ing.
of North Carolina State and Wake Forest University.                                We look forward to both the staff , students and com-
                                                                        munity supporting our program.
Assistant Coaches:                                                                 The JV Volleyball team has started the season off with
Derek Blackwelder- This is Derek‘s 2nd year at Millbrook High. He       a bang. As of September 2, 2010, our Super Sophomores and
is a member of the Math department, and he is an assistant coach for    Fantastic Freshmen have advanced to a 4-2 record. Leading the
both the boys‘ and girls‘ soccer teams. Derek is a graduate of NC       team are Sophomore captains Jessica McAfee (outside hitter) and
State.                                                                  Michelle Anderson (middle blocker). Two notable Freshmen are
                                                                        Eliza Grunwald (setter) and Morgan Dean (outside hitter). We
Jason Schmieg- Jason is a graduate of MHS and member of two con-        expect to be a competitive force in the CAP-8 conference and we
ference championship squads. He is a graduate of Barton College.        predict a very successful 2010 season.

                                                                                                                    Congratulations to the
                                                                                                                    Millbrook Volleyball
                                                                                                                    team for winning the
                                                                                                                    Silver Division at the
                                                                                                                    Davidson University

            Austin Dietz attacks the Middle Creek Goal!
   PAGE 14                                                                                                              O CT OBE R 2010

                                   HEALTHFUL LIVING DEPARTMENT

T        he Healthful Living Department looks forward to a successful year with many new outlooks and with the integrating of the IB
         concept to the curriculum. We would like to welcome our newest members: Lauren Murvine, moving to Raleigh from Ohio and
         newly married, with a degree in Physical Education and Fitness. We also welcome Sgt. Alfred Penny to our JROTC division with
21 years of experience in the military and 5 years in the high school JROTC programs.
           Our department is reaching new heights with some of these new exciting concepts: We are collaborating as a team on common
exercises each and every day with an emphasis on properly warming up our bodies and caring about fitness. Student leaders are taking
turns leading an entire department in these warm-ups. In addition, our department is coming together every other Friday and participating
together in an entire block of personal fitness. We will offer incentives and post achievements for outstanding student accomplishments in
their fitness concerns.
           Our department continues to offer specialties with Pepi, Lifetime Sports, Weight Training, Sports Med and Team Sports. In the
area of Health, our teachers are implementing more and more time with computers and in the media center with students doing projects
that allow them to gain information through new and innovative methods. One of the specialties the students enjoy is a project with Photo
Story with an emphasis on positive relationships at school, home and in the neighborhood and workplace. If you have a chance to come
by, enjoy all the activity you will see in the gym, on the field, on the track and in the classroom. Our teachers this year are: Julee Dick-
ens, Clarence Inscore, Sylvia Jones, Scott Saby, Ralph Robinson, Lauren Murvine, Shannon Poole, Sgt. Alfred Penny, Colonel Darrell

       Sports Medicine Takes the                                            Staff Spotlight - Steven Wolf

            Spotlight at the                                                    hat is time? What is space? How do we humans fit into
          2010 Shrine Bowl                                                      the scheme of the universe?‖ These are the questions

                                                                                that Steven Wolf works to get his students to think about
            illbrook parents, coaches and athletes are accus-        and discuss during AP Environmental Science and Astronomy.
            tomed to seeing Shannon Poole, LAT, run onto the
                                                                                 Mr. Wolf is starting his fifth year teaching at Millbrook
            field in response to a player down. Ms. Poole
                                                                     High School and he loves it. He especially loves watching, teaching
serves as the Head Athletic Trainer for Millbrook High School
                                                                     and coaching the light-hearted freshmen as they grow into serious –
athletics, providing first response and immediate care as well
                                                                     minded juniors and seniors. Mr. Wolf grew up in Michigan running
as rehabilitation to athletes in all sports. Additionally, Ms.
                                                                     and jumping his way to a track scholarship at
Poole teaches Sports Medicine I - IV and supervises a highly
                                                                     Central Michigan University. He was an All
trained cadre of Sports Medicine V students who provide
                                                                     -American high jumper his senior year of
emergency responder services during the school day. Ms.
                                                                     college and he was ranked 3rd in the USA.
Poole will represent North Carolina in the 2010 Shrine Bowl
                                                                     He had the chance to pursue Olympic possi-
of the Carolinas this December. Athletic trainers from North
                                                                     bilities, but he decided to start teaching and
Carolina voted to select Poole. "It's a tremendous honor to
                                                                     coaching kids. And he hasn‘t looked back.
have been nominated and chosen by my peers to be the North
Carolina team athletic trainer at the Shrine Bowl," Poole said                   As the Men‘s Head Track Coach,
during an interview with reporter Nick Stevens. On September         Mr. Wolf knows the impact that teachers and
24, prior to the Millbrook vs. Broughton varsity football game,      coaches can have on students because they
Mac Macalister from the NC Shrine Bowl Committee pre-                had been such a strong influence on him as a
sented Ms. Poole with her official Shrine Bowl blazer during a       youth. At Millbrook, Mr. Wolf loves getting
mid-field pregame ceremony.                                          to know his students through teaching and coaching. He came to
           A 1995 graduate of Appalachian State, Ms. Poole           Raleigh from Michigan because teaching jobs are hard to keep there
has a degree in athletic training and a master's degree in kinesi-   in a slowing economy. North Carolina offers him everything he
ology from Penn State. She has been a certified athletic trainer     loves for an outdoor, active lifestyle. From the beaches to the moun-
since 1995, and has been at Millbrook High School since 2003.        tains, you can find him and his wife of two years, biking, camping
           The Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas will be held on          and enjoying the outdoors.
Dec. 18, in Spartanburg, S.C.                 -Kelly Aman                        Currently, Mr. Wolf is also pursuing a graduate degree at
                                            Assistant Principal      NCSU in School Administration. Within the education environ-
                                                                        ment, he loves to see the ―big picture‖ and discuss big ideas. He
                                                                        doesn‘t know where this degree will take him professionally, but
                                                                        being the open-minded, deep thinker he is, he‘s looking forward
                                                                        to the ride!

                                                                                   SENIOR PICTURES FOR
                                                                          The last day to be photographed by Prestige and be in the year-
                                                                          book is October 14. Call 571-0075 or go to
                                                                 to schedule your appointment.
                                                                          These appointments fill up fast, so schedule today!!! This is the
                                                                          only way for a senior to be in the senior section of the yearbook,
                                                                          so don‘t delay!!!
   The Millbrook High Letter                                                                                                 P AGE 1 5

                   New Year, New Name, New Language, New Faces!

A        s the school year begins, there is a lot of "news" around MHS. For the department formerly known as "Foreign Languages" or
         "Second Languages", we have a new name thanks to our conversion to IB: Language B. In addition, we have added Chinese to
         the languages we offer, in addition to Spanish, French, and German. With these changes, we have also added some new tal-
ented members to our departmental staff. Allow me to introduce:
           Sam Brewer: Mr. Brewer has taught Spanish at elementary, middle, and high schools in Wake county and is incredibly
pleased to be starting this year at Millbrook. He is a long-time resident of the area and looks forward to being part of a school commu-
nity so close to home. Mr. Brewer has a wife and two sons who often join him at games and other after school activities where he en-
joys supporting his students and their interests outside the Spanish classroom.
           Liz Grundstein: Ms. Grundstein was born in New York, but grew up near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She attended Davidson
College, just outside of Charlotte, NC where, in addition to her studies, she was also involved in two student choirs, voice lessons and
the Dance Ensemble. She studied abroad during her junior year in Madrid, Spain. She enjoys traveling, music, reading, swimming and
dancing salsa, ballroom and flamenco.
           Jing Shen: Mrs. Shen was born and raised in China. She worked as a software engineer for an IT company in China before
moving to the US with her husband. She attended NC State University where she earned her B.A. of Mathematics Education. She is
licensed to teach High School Math and Chinese from K-12. In her spare time, Mrs. Shen enjoys traveling, reading, cooking and singing
Karaoke with her friends.
           Joe Crain: Originally from Western NC, and a 2000 Graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Mr. Crain
comes to Millbrook with 10 years of teaching experience in both rural and urban school systems through eastern NC. In addition to his
teaching responsibilities, Mr. Crain also enjoys planning and leading student trips abroad having taken students to Costa Rica, Mexico,
Spain (twice), Italy, and France. He is a true believer that the WORLD is his classroom. In his "spare time," he is also working on his
Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from NC State University. He hopes to some day complete his Ph.D. and work with
Beginning Teachers and University level TAs throughout the country helping to create an easy transition from college student to teach-
ing professional.
           Shawna Guikema: Mrs. Guikema is in her 9th year of teaching French. She grew up in Michigan and obtained her Master's in
French Language from Eastern Michigan University. She has been married for 11 years and just recently moved to the area. She has a
dalmatian named Spot and loves to run, read, and watch films.
          We're glad to have them here!
           Each year, parents ask us how they can help their children with another language when they themselves don't speak it. One of
the best ways for the lower level classes is through using flash cards. Show your child the English side of the card, and ask him to
*spell* it to you. If he can, good! If he can't, mark that card as needing further study and go on. Work on flash cards for short chunks
of time--10 minutes or so, then have him go on to something else... and then return to them later. Repeated practice is more effective for
long-term learning than just "long" practice.
           In closing, here are the Super Seven from my classes--the seven most crucial steps to success in Spanish class:
1. Make flash cards for new vocabulary on the day it's assigned.
2. Know all words from Spanish to English on the day after new vocabulary is introduced.
3. Come to class on time, prepared with all necessary resources, including assignments.
4. Know all current vocabulary words from English to Spanish on the third day after they're assigned.
5. Review the notes you take on the same day that you take them.
6. Study some every day, even if you don't have homework.
7. Actively engage in class, especially by trying your best on every activity and asking questions to clarify what we're studying.
                                                                                 -Bethanie Carlson, NBCT, Spanish Language and Culture

                                                                           Mums for Millbrook

                                                              or Homecoming, the PTSA and FFA will be selling beautiful large mums
                                                              in 8in pots from Homewood Nursery for homecoming. We will create a
                                                              large M out of white mums by the clock tower. You can also order mums
                                                      for your home and pick them up from school on Friday Oct.8.
                                                                         Please help continue this tradition.
                                                      Mums are only $5 each. To order, email Susan Buchenberger at
                                             by Oct 6. Please specify color, quantity, and whether your
                                                      plant can help create the mum. You can take your mum home after the game.
                                                      Colors available - purple, yellow, burgundy, and white.
                                                                                                              -Susan Buchenberger
  PAGE 16                                                                                                            O CT OBE R 2010

                                                 Let’s Get It Started!

W            ith the beginning of the new school year, the Career and Technical Student Organizations have been busy preparing for a
             great year! Be a part of something great and join us!
             DECA-DECA is a student organization that prepares students to become the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.
Students who have taken a marketing class or who are enrolled in one are encouraged to join. Starting the year with a new image and a
new attitude, DECA has already done a lot of work to kick-off this new school year with plans for participating in Homecoming, orga-
nizing fall semester community service events and preparing for our first competition in November. Meetings are the second and fourth
Wednesdays of the month. Watch for advertisements on MTV and flyers around the school. DECA can enrich your life and help build
your future. DECA can help you create ‗your‘ story and expand your network. DECA students are thinkers, trend setters, marketers,
entrepreneurs and the next generation of leaders. Aren‘t you ready to be a part of DECA? Join us!
           FFA-Joining the FFA is your chance to gain leadership and community service while having a ton of fun! The FFA here at
Millbrook has just been recognized as the 2nd place FFA chapter in the state. We participate in activities throughout the school and in
our community. FFA dues for the entire year are $15. In order to join the FFA or to get more information, please stop by rooms 100 or
1803 and see Mr. Dickens or Mrs. Broadwell or e-mail
           FCCLA-FCCLA is the Family and Consumer Science student organization at Millbrook. Our club stands for Family, Ca-
reers, and Community Leaders of America. FCCLA promotes personal growth and leadership. It helps students develop life skills and
prepares them for the future. We are kicking off our club by creating a Homecoming Banner-Let the Games Begin, and are planning to
attend a Leadership Conference in October. We are planning for a packed, full year of school awareness projects, community service,
and fundraisers like our Halloween ―Boo Bags‖ and Valentines "I Have a Crush on You". Come Be a Part!!
           Skills USA - We are currently organizing our Skills USA student organization at Millbrook. It is open to past and present
Drafting students. Skills USA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry, working together to ensure America has a skilled
work force. Skills USA helps each student excel. Skills USA is a national nonprofit organization serving teachers, high school and
college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations. Skills
USA meets the first and third Thursday of each month in Room 1919.
           FBLA- Future Business Leaders of America is a career and technical student organization that serves students who are or
have been enrolled in a Business Education course. The chapter advisors are Mrs. Licari and Ms. Ausby. Meetings are the first Tues-
day of each month and are announced on MTV and the Blackboard calendar. Plans are to attend the fall Leadership Conference and
Regional Competitive Events.                                                                              -Debbie Robinson, M.Ed.

                                            Welcome to Millbrook’s
                                              Exchange Students

T      his school year, we welcome seven exchange students from around the world:

           Babar Farid
           Renzhi (Nick) Wang
           Charlotte Rabin                       France
           Dayane DaMaia                         Brazil
           Elif Fotocan                          Turkey
           Woon (Jenny) Jeong                    South Korea
           Ayoub Zaimi                           Morocco

          Not only are these students brave to come here on their own, but they are also very bright. Most of them faced rigorous selec-
tion procedures to earn the right to come to the USA for the school year.
          At home, their high schools range in size from 250 to 2,000 students. Here, their favorite classes are: Housing & Interior,
Theater Arts, Geometry, Team Sports, and Honors U.S. History. (The History student commented, ―It is interesting and the teacher is
kind.‖) They‘ve also learned new words such as: fan, nape, Constitution, avocado, porch, austere, ―heads up,‖ and grits.
          More and more, our lives require an understanding of global issues, which is precisely what the International Baccalaureate
(IB) Diploma Programme works to cultivate. These exchange students are a wonderful resource to help all our students gain a global
perspective. They can offer insights into their different countries‘ political, social, and economic structures.
          On the other hand, we at Millbrook also can help the exchange students. We can spend time with them and share perspec-
tives. We can create opportunities for them to get more involved both here at Millbrook and in the community at large. Through day-to
-day contact with Americans, they will return to their nations with firsthand exposure to our way of life. Then they might be able to
shed light on ―the American point of view‖ in their home countries.
  The Millbrook High Letter                                                                                                      P AGE 1 7

                               Celebrating Community and Service

W          hile there is not a single word that can capture the spirit of Millbrook High School, one word that might come close is
           ―community.‖ You can see it on display every Friday evening during football season, during the monthly meetings with the
           Millbrook Business Alliance, and at the Millbrook International Festival. Millbrook is a ―community school.‖
           One of the key features of the IB Middle Years programme that is being introduced to Millbrook is an attention to and a cele-
bration of community. One of the MYP Areas of Interaction, an instructional component that helps students put their learning into con-
text, is ―community and service.‖ The message is clear and simple, that what students learn in the classroom carries over to the commu-
nity and impacts the way communities grow, develop, and interact. Whether it is a math lesson on spatial relations that demonstrates the
strategic planning of a city park, or a band class that prepares for and helps shape the mood of a Friday night football game, what students
are learning will ultimately be reflected in their lives outside of school.
          Community service has been a long standing tradition at Millbrook. Every year we raise thousands of dollars for the Juvenile
Diabetes Research Foundation, we send assistance to needy parts of the world, such as the skirts our students made in class and sent to a
devastated Haiti, and we sponsor families during Christmas to make sure their holidays are warm and cheerful.
          The community service component of the Millbrook MYP is a natural extension of this feeling of connection. It is a reflection
of how Millbrook is tied to its community in productive and caring ways. It is also an opportunity to bring greater awareness of the value
of service to a larger portion of the Millbrook student body. As the IBO states in its MYP guide,

          ―Community and service considers how a student engages with his or her immediate family, classmates and friends in
          the outside world as a member of these communities. Through effective planning and teaching, students can learn
          about their place within communities and be motivated to act in a new context.‖

           The goal of the Millbrook MYP community service program is not simply to see students do their forty hours of community
service over the two years of their Millbrook MYP experience. The goal is to help them make connections between their learning and
their ability to help. It is to expose them to ways they are intertwined with their community, locally and globally. It is to help these stu-
dents develop a perspective of connection to their world that will promote the desire to be involved long after their high school days have
passed.                                                                                 -Loren Baron, Program Coordinator
                                                                                         International Baccalaureate

           Class of 2011 Update
 P      arents of Seniors! This will be an exciting year of high          15 YEARS EXPERIENCE · ALL TECHS ARE LICENSED
        school for your senior and for your family! There are so                                    NO SMELL!
        many activities to keep up with, so it is best to start plan-
 ning now. Together we will make 2010-2011 the best and most
 memorable experience for our students.

 For your calendars:
                                                                             NAIL CARE  “1st Choice in Nail Care”
 College Essay Workshop                           10-5-2010
 Graduation Announcement Info Out
 Spirit Week
 Homecoming Quads/Dance
                                                  10-4 & 10-5
                                                 Week of 10-4-10
 Senior Class Photo                              10-19-2010
 JDRF Walk                                       10-30-2010                                        Middle and
 SGA Food Drive                                  11-3 thru 11-23                             High School Students
 Winterfest Auditions                            12-2-2010                                           $29.99
 Outstanding Seniors                             TBA December                                Manicure & Pedicure
 M‘brook Family Adoption Wrapping                12-17-2010                                          $20.00
 Financial Aid Meeting                           1-20-2011                                    Full Set or Pedicure
 Early Graduation                                1-27-2011
 Cap and Gown Pictures                           2-09-2011
 Winterfest Assembly
 Winterfest Dance
                                                                                   $5.00 off                           $2.00 off
 Cookies on the Run!                             3-19-2011                        Any Full Set                      Manicure &
 Service Club Assembly                           4-24-2011                                                        Classic Pedicure
 Prom                                            5-13-2011
 Senior Night/Senior Yearbooks Out               5-24-2011
 Senior Assembly/Senior Picnic                   5-25-2011                       Bent Tree Plaza • 7901-113 Falls of Neuse Road
 Graduation Practice                             6-9-2011                               (at Strickland & Falls of Neuse)
                                                                                    M-Sat 9:30am-7pm • Walk-Ins Welcome
 Graduation                                      6-10-2011
                                                                                 Accepting Appointments for Groups & Parties
 PAGE 18                                                                                                                       O CT OBE R 2010

      Quiz Bowl Team Recruiting New                                                            After School Bus
                Members                                                                         Transportation

                                                                                Millbrook will now offer after school bus transportation
        he 2009-10 Quiz Bowl Team was on a roll...they won First Place on
                                                                                on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These buses are exclu-
        WRAL's The Brain Game in November, and won a spot in the play-
                                                                                sively for students participating in after school activities
        offs in January. They also won second place in the African-
                                                                                and tutoring. Buses will depart at 5:00 pm sharp! Buses
American Quiz Bowl in February and sold candy and key rings throughout
                                                                                will not go into neighborhoods and will stop only at the
the year to raise money to com-
                                                                                following areas:
pete in statewide competi-
tions. Most of the members of                                                              Green Road Community Center
the Quiz Bowl team last year                                                                 Pleasant Union Elementary
were seniors, so we need lots of
                                                                                                   Durant Middle
students to join this year, so we
may continue our success in                                                                   Harris Creek Elementary
upcoming competitions. We                                                                      East Millbrook Middle
participated in the Activities                                                                Hedingham Golf Course
Fair last week, and had several
students sign up. Our first
competition is scheduled for
                                   Last year‘s winners: Ellen Sanders Duncan,
November 6 on WRAL's Brain             Ioan Bolohan, and Kossy Uzokwe
Game; we will let you know
when the episode airs!! Stay tuned for the results! If you are interested in
joining the Quiz Bowl Team, stop by Room 208 in the Wildcat Academy
Building and see Ms. Ana Cuomo, the team sponsor, to sign up!!

                                                                                    Dine in only. One coupon per table. Not valid with
                                                                                             any other offer. Expires 9/16/11.
 The Millbrook High Letter
                                                                                                                            P AGE 1 9

                           Don’t Wait … Join Your PTSA Now!

        HANKS to all our MHS Faculty and students‘ parents that have already joined PTSA this year! There is still time to join.
        Joining the PTSA is the first step in helping to make this another great year at Millbrook. The income received by your PTSA
        through this membership drive exceeds any other fundraising efforts we do at this school. It is truly a ―no fuss‖ way for par-
 ents and staff at the high school level to contribute to our school. Please call Meg Lavoie at 815-3361 or Amanda Stroup at 845-
 1434 if you have any questions.
                                                ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES

           Student/Staff                           $   6.00                      Single Parent                 $   8.00
           Family/2 Adult Members                  $ 30.00                       SILVER                        $100.00
           GOLD                                    $200.00                       PLATINUM                      $500.00

      Business Opportunity: SILVER $100.00; GOLD $250.00; PLATINUM $500.00

 Mail payment directly to: Millbrook High School,
                           2201 Spring Forest Rd
                           Raleigh, 27615
                           Attn: PTSA Membership
                            Make checks payable to Millbrook PTSA.

                                                                             SIGNING UP TO BE A
Bridges Special Edition 2010                                                     VOLUNTEER
Our 2010 Special Edition is now on the web! Articles in-          All volunteers for WCPSS, former and new, need to register. All
clude: ―History‘s Sacrifices Touch a LOV Generation,‖ ―The        volunteers should go to the WCPSS Intranet, go to Business
Ghost of Vietnam Past,” “Point of View: Options in Afghani-       Applications, scroll down to Volunteer Registration and follow
stan,‖ ―Iran Will Flex Its Nuclear Muscle!,‖ ―Follow Your         the prompts. Do Not go to to register
Dreams,‖ and ―The Healing Wall.‖ The link to the Bridges          as a volunteer. This site will soon be disabled.
Newsletter is

         The Bridges newsletter is written, edited, and pro-
duced each year by students in Ms. Lindy Poling‘s Lessons of               Yearbooks are already
Vietnam class and Mrs. Elizabeth Stevenson‘s Fine Arts
classes.                                                                         on sale!
                                                                               ou may place your order at
                                                                      or by calling 1-866-
                                                                               282-1516. This month you will also begin to
                The Millbrook High Letter                              receive reminders and order forms from Jostens in the
                                                                       mail, but you do not have to wait for those. Go ahead
                 Volume ‗11—Number 1                                   and order today !
                     Published 4 times
                   during the school year,
               by the Millbrook High School                            NEWSLETTER ADVERTISING
                  Parent Teacher Student
                                                                      Parents and friends of Millbrook High School can support
                        Association.                                  this publication through advertisement. The newsletter is
                  Millbrook High School                               published four times a year and is posted on our website.
                 2201 Spring Forest Road                              It reaches over 2400 households. There are several op-
                                                                      tions for you, starting as low as $100 for the entire year!
                    Raleigh, NC 27615
                                                                      If interested, please contact Lisa Pendergrass at 431-0871
                                                                      or at

     Many thanks to our advertisers and their support of MHS. PTSA regulations prohibit endorsement of products and services.
PAGE 20                                                                               O CT OBE R 2010

            2010 - 2011 MHS PTSA EVENT/ MEETING SCHEDULE
  Monday, October 4, 2010       PTSA Board Meeting-7 pm; Exec. Comm 6:30
  Monday, October 4, 2010       Parent Skills Session 8-8:30 pm-Media Spec.
  Tuesday, October 19, 2010     School Picture Makeup Day- Auditorium
  Friday, October 29, 2010      RAFFLE DEADLINE & DRAWING
  Monday, November 1, 2010      PTSA Board Meeting-7pm; Exec. Comm. 6:30
  Monday, November 8, 2010      Parent Skills Jordan Driving School-7 pm
  Thursday, November 18, 2010   Honor Roll Breakfast Grades 9 & 11; hosted by PTSA
  Friday, November 19, 2010     Honor Roll Breakfast Grades 10 &12; hosted by PTSA
  Saturday, November 20, 2010   Newsletter # 2 Deadline

  Tuesday, December 2, 2010     Character Ed Breakfast; hosted by PTSA

  Monday, January 10, 2011      PTSA Board Meeting-7pm; Exec. Comm. 6:30
  Wednesday, January 26, 2011   Parent Skills Drugs Uncovered-7 pm
  Thursday, January 27, 2011    Winter Graduation Ceremony
  Wednesday, February 7, 2011   PTSA Board Meeting-7 pm; Exec. Comm. 6:30
  Wednesday, February 7, 2011   Parent Skills Session 8-8:30 pm-Media Spec.
  Thursday, February 10, 2011   PTSA OPEN HOUSE; General Meeting 6:30 pm
  Sunday, February 20, 2011     Newsletter #3 Deadline
  Saturday, March 5, 2011       Drive One 4 Ur School-9 am-3 pm
  Monday, March 7, 2011         PTSA Board Meeting-7 pm; Exec. Board 6:30
  Monday, April 4, 2011         PTSA Board Meeting-7 pm; Exec. Board 6:30
  Wednesday, April 20, 2011     Newsletter #4 Deadline
  Tuesday, April 26, 2011       Honor Roll Breakfast Grades 9 & 11: hosted by PTSA
  Wednesday, April 27, 2011     Honor Roll Breakfast Grades 10 & 12; hosted by PTSA
  Saturday, April 30, 2011      Millbrook Goes Green

  Monday, May 2, 2011           PTSA Board Meeting-7 pm; Exec. Comm. 6:30
  Wednesday, May 4, 2011        It Won‘t Happen To Me-9 am, 1:30 pm, 6:30 pm
  Thursday, May 5, 2011         Character Ed Breakfast; hosted by PTSA
  Thursday, May 19, 2011        Wildcat Academy Open House 6:30 pm

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