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                                                                                      Carol Clayton
                                                                                    4016 B Elmo Loop
                                                                                   Modesto, Ca 95356
                                                                                      (209) 914-9206


I am seeking an opportunity to teach Social Science in a Single-Subject environment.


Chapman University (Graduated 05/05). I finished my course work for a Multiple-Subject Preliminary Credential and currently hold such a credential. I completed ED 9145 last spring.
Currently, I am in the process of completing ED 9045 for my Multiple-Subject Clear Credential. In addition to submitting the paperwork for my Clear Credential, this summer I
completed EDSU 531 and intend to file for a Preliminary Single-Subject Credential as well.

California State University, Sacramento (09/97 to 09/99). I completed a 33 unit Single-Subject Waiver in Social Science.

California State University, Sacramento (Graduated 05/87). I received a degree in Government with a minor in Psychology, while graduating with honors.

Work Experience:

Jefferson School 7500 W. Linne Rd, Tracy, CA 95304 (209) 835-3053 - Currently employed as a Seventh Grade CORE Teacher. I have taught both eighth and seventh grade. I have also
taught eighth grade in a Self-Contained environment – subjects included teaching Algebra and Physical Science, as well as the CORE curriculum of Language Arts and History. I have
been employed with Jefferson School District since 01/00.

Tracy Unified School District 1875 Lowell Ave, Tracy, CA 95376 (209) 830-3200 - From 09/97 to 06/99, I worked as a substitute teacher at all grade levels. I also taught a GATE Social
Studies class and Animal Science class as a long-term substitute.


Dr. James Bridges -Jefferson School Principal (209) 835-3053
Jane Steinkamp - Asst Superintendent Linden School District (209) 887-3894

Research Interest:

Gender Studies, Educational Technology


I enjoy nature especially the ocean, biking, running, working out, dancing, cooking, traveling, gardening, meditation, yoga, and coaching basketball/volleyball.
 Professional Practice & Productivity
       Teaching with Technology
       Assessment & Evaluation
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Classroom Technology Plan
Assistive Technology
Initial Self-Assessment
Primary Source Websites
Professional Practice & Productivity Reflection

                                         California Level II Technology Standards - Program Standard 16

16(a) Each participating teacher communicates through a variety of electronic media (e.g., presentations incorporating images and sound, web
      pages, and portfolios).

16(b) Each participating teacher interacts and collaborates with others using computer-based collaborative tools (e.g., threaded discussion
      groups, newsgroups, electronic list management applications, online chat, and audio/video conferencing).

Web Site
                                                    My Classroom Technology Plan

Mission Statement:

Technology is an integral part of the learning environment. In every lesson it is my responsibility to include the use of te chnology to
facilitate efficient and effective learning. This includes delivery of subject matter and the student use of technology to create original
work products.


Students will have access to our site Computer Lab once a week which allows student parity on campus. I will ensure that each time
we visit the lab I have a well-thought out lesson that incorporates the use and production of technology in student learning.


          Students will submit typed essays adhering to conventional standards of wording processing, grammar, spelling,
           punctuation, sentence structure, and content.

          Students will create power point presentations (moving from linear to interactive) for each of the eight social studies units
           we study.

          Students will create graphics (such as tables, primary source pictures, word art, etc.) in lieu of hand-drawn pictures as a
           regular course of completing assignments.

          Students will create a cumulative electronic portfolio at the end of each trimester.

          Students will track their Accelerated Reader use/scores via spreadsheet.

Scope and Sequence:

Each seventh grade CORE curriculum area will incorporate technology.

            Writing will focus on word processing skills.
            Reading will emphasize on-line testing and assessment data.
            Social Studies will allow for the most flexibility and creative use of technology.
Obtaining technology skills will be on-going and progressive. Most assignments will be mini-lessons so students will have a finished
product by the end of class. My approach is to take what I done for the last ten years and find ways to incorporate technology in many
lessons throughout the week. Identify the “what and when” will be based on what we are doing at the time, where my students are at,
and what makes the most sense for the lessons. Clearly, a power point presentations (and how complex they are) as well as the
electronic portfolio will occur after some initial skills are developed. Therefore, word processing, taking on-line tests, and developing
skills for graphics use, surfing the Internet for primary sources, etc. will start early in the year and build as the year progresses.


Assessment will include both a weekly usage review as a result of access to the computer lab and the more substantial technology
projects. A rubric for the bigger projects will be developed to aid students and make grading more objective. Minor weekly
assignments will be assessed less formally with many opportunities to rework them to improve student computer skills. As students
polish their work products continued placement in a trimester electronic portfolio with reflection will document their growth.
INITIAL SELF-ASSESSMENT                             (AN EXCERPT)
Computer Skills and Proficiencies

   When it comes to general computer knowledge and skills, I consider myself a

“beginner user” as noted on the self-assessment. More of my proficiency applies to

column one. I can identify components, navigator windows, use a mouse, pull a

document from a disk, create a document, manipulate a document, print, restart, and have

some awareness of technology applications as educational tools. I am deficient in

moving folders, dealing with printer problems, and using technology in connection with

classroom management strategies. There are some things I can do from column two such

as use windows, bring up data from a disk, open multiple applications, choose a printer

location, preview what I am about to print, do some basic checking of connections, and

solve simple printer problems. I know enough to get by but clearly not enough to fully

benefit my students.
                                           Primary Source Lesson Plan
                                                                                                                          Primary Sources Used as Resources:
Subject Area: Social Science - History
                                                                                                                              1. http:/
Grade Level: 8th

Objective: Learners wil act out at least one “checks and balances” enumerated in the Constitution. Learners wil also          2. http:/
retrieve primary source materials related to the three branches of the United States government prior to enhance their
interactive simulation.                                                                                                       3. http:/

Content Standard: 8.2(6) enumerate the powers of government set forth in the Constitution (and the fundamental                4. http:/
liberties ensured by the Bil of Rights).
Technology Standard: 3. Research and Information Fluency – Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use
information. (b) Students locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety
of sources and media.
Professional Practice & Productivity

16(a) deals with communicating in a variety of ways and 16(b) focuses on collaboration. 16(a) will improve
dramatically this year in my classroom. Every lesson will be filtered through a technology len to look for application.
One of my goals is to create at least one power point presentation for each Social Studies unit. In Language Arts power
point presentations will be created for six genres of writings: summary, narrative, response to literature, persuasive,
research, and technical writing. I am upating my web page this year and intent to have all my students create their own
electronic portfolio. These are all major changes for me bringing me more in line with meeting this standard. In
addition, I intend to pursue a certificate in computer graphics or pursue a Master’s degree in Educational Technology.
So I am going from grossly deficient to a semblence of computer literacy with enthusiasm for continued future growth.
As for interacting through discussion groups and on-line chat rooms, I am not as excited about that aspect but maybe if
I set a goal to do so on some small scale and ease into it I will expand my outreach. Time is a real problem here so
maybe something fun outside work where I can have some success then parlay my skills into the classroom.
                                   TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY
Primary Source Power Point
Big 6 Skills Lesson Plan
Graphic Organizer
Curriculum Power Point
Teaching with Technology Reflection

                                                    California Level II Technology Standards - Program Standard 16

16(d)   Each participating teacher optimizes lessons based upon the technological resources available in the classroom, school library media centers, computer labs,
         local and county facilities, and other locations.

16(e)   Each participating teacher designs, adapts, and uses lessons which address the students' needs to develop information literacy and problem solving skills as
         tools for lifelong learning.

16(f)   Each participating teacher uses technology in lessons to increase students’ ability to plan, locate, evaluate, select, and use information to solve problems
         and draw conclusions. He/she creates or makes use of learning environments inside the classroom, as well as in library media centers or computer labs, that
         promote effective use of technology aligned with the curriculum.

Web Site

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                   Thomas                 Primary
                   Jefferson’s            Source
                   Papers                 document

                  Appoints judges
                  Adjourns Congress at times                                   Vetos

                                                                                       Overrides Veto
                                                                                       Withhold funding
                                                                                       Impeach President
Declares E. Order’s unconstitional                                                     Reject appts, treaties

                                               Approves Judges
                                               Impeach Supreme Court Justice

                                                Declares laws unstitutional

                     2basnob: A history of tea timeline (n.d.). Retrieved August 10, 2010, from

                     Age of the sage: Transmitting the wisdom of the ages (n.d.). Retrieved August
                             10, 2010, from http://www.age-of-the-

                     China's science and technology (n.d.). Retrieved August 10, 2010, from

                     Early printing traditions in China. (n.d.). Retrieved August 10, 2010, from

                     Four great inventions of ancient China (2010, July 7). Retrieved August 10,
                            2010, from

                     History of Chinese inventions - inventions of the magnetic compass (n.d.).
   Chinese                  Retrieved August 10, 2010, from
   Terra Cotta              m.

   Warriors          Standards and frameworks. (n.d.). Retrieved August 10, 2010, from

                     Tea and Compass from
Teaching with Technology

I have already made adjustments this year in regard to standards 16 (a, b, & c). Lessons have been
adapted to include technology to more effectively convey information. For example, I used a web site
( to instruct students last week about MLA and APA
citations that was very effective. They will now use this site to input data and learn the proper order
of a citation. I will use the computer lab more effectively this year. I often avoided using the lab
because I was limited in how I could improve upon the assignments we were working on. Next
week during our computer lab time students are creating a table collage for our eight social studies
units. It is just the beginning. I am very excited about using what I know and building on what I
know by consistently offering students opportunitie to use the computer in their daily assignments.
                            ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION
Essential Questions Rubric
Star Testing
Gradebook Spreadsheet
Assessment & Evaluation Reflection

                           California Level II Technology Standards - Program Standard 16

16(c) Each participating teacher demonstrates competence in evaluating the authenticity, reliability and bias of the data
     gathered, determines outcomes, and evaluates the success or effectiveness of the process used. He/she frequently
     monitors and reflects upon the results of using technology in instruction and adapts lessons accordingly.

16(g) Each participating teacher uses technology as a tool for assessing student learning and for providing feedback to
     students and their parents. He/she uses computer applications to manipulate and analyze data (e.g. create, use, and
     report from a database; create charts and reports from a spreadsheet).

Web Site

                   “Technical Document Lesson”

                 Poor 1              Fair 2            Good 3              Excellent 4

  Introduction   Identification of   Identification    Identification,     Identification,
                 “how to”            and purpose       purpose, tools      purpose, tools
                                                       needed              needed,
                                                                           knowledge of
  Body           Numbered steps      Numbered steps    Numbered steps      Numbered steps
                                     with written      with written        with written
                                     explanation       explanation,        explanation,
                                                       elaboration         elaboration, and
  Conclusion     Include tip(s)      Include tip(s),   Include tip(s),     Include tip(s),
                                     use in other      use in other        use in other
                                     application       applications,       applications,
                                                       restate             restate
                                                       importance          importance,
  Graphics       Bullets             Clip Art          Illustration with   Numbered
                 Boldfaced type      Flow Chart        “figure”            Supplemental
                                                       notation            Questions
2009 STAR Test Results for Jefferson School District

                                 Jefferson               Hawkins                 Traina
                                                                                                                                                               English-Language Arts

English-Language Arts                           65.1                    64                   61.2        Hawkins
                                                                                                                                                               2009 STAR Test Results
History                                         62.5                  43.2                   55.1                                                              for Jefferson School

Mathematics                                     54.9                  51.4                   60.2       Jefferson

                                                                                                                      58       60      62     64     66
Science                                         65.7                  60.2                   67.1

                                                                                                     This graphic only compares 2009 scores involving English-Language Arts. Once again
                                                                                                     Jefferson leads the way with a higher percentage.
The table above compares Jefferson School District’s three campuses that accommodate
students through 8th grade. Scores were taken from 2009.


   50                                                                        English-Language Arts      50
   40                                                                        History                                                                                       Hawkins
   30                                                                        Mathematics                                                                                   Traina
   20                                                                        Science
   10                                                                                                   20

          Jefferson               Hawkins                   Traina
                                                                                                         0      English - LA        History   Math   Science

This chart provides the best graphic for viewing all the data from the table: three schools,         This graphic with its vertical plot points allows the viewer to immediately assess which
four subject areas, and percentages. Jefferson has consistently high numbers across the              school scored higher/lower in each subject area category. Overall, there is not a huge
four subject areas in contrast to Hawkins with the lowest numbers across the four subject            disparity among the school with the exception of Hawkins history scores.

                                                 C. Clayton's Multiple Measures Gradebook

                                                             8th Grade Reading

                                                                                           NWEA 8th Year            AR Scores   AR Score    AR Score
Student ID   Last Name   First Name   Star 6th   Star 7th   NWEA 6th   NWEA 7   Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3 Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3

Student 1                                                      158

Student 2                                                      222

Student 3                                                      196
Student 4                                                      187
Student 5                                                      205
Student 6                                                      169
Student 7                                                      215
Student 8                                                      198
Student 9                                                      138
Student 10                                                     217
Student 11                                                     177
Student 12                                                     157
Average                                                        187
Assessment & Evaluation

Standards 16 (c & g) will allow me to monitor students and compile data for appropriate feedback.
Monitoring will be simple in that computer generated assignments will be reviewed for a grade and
feedback. The use of Excel will allow me to record specific data to follow throughout the year. In
fact, as students gain more skills they can track important personal data for self-evlauation. My site
administrator already uses data gathering to aid student interventions so that exposure will continue.
My adjunct duties as CJSF coordinator and athletic coach will give me additional opportunity to use
spreadsheets to track critical statistics and/or manage application submittals.
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