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					Neohumanism and the
 Consumer Culture
Eco-Quiz: What is the Greenhouse
•Warming gases in the earth’s atmosphere
allow sunlight to pass in, but like the glass in a
greenhouse, they block the heat from escaping.
•One such gas is carbon dioxide (CO2)
•Global Warming is caused by the greenhouse
One Example of Effect of Global
Receding Glaciers
Consumer Materialism: An
   Unsustainable Way

   The only thing that continues to
 expand by constantly consuming its
 own resources is cancer cells—until
      they finally kill their host!
 Consumer Motto:
Shop Till You Drop!!!
The Newest Sport:
Simple Living—High
   Principle of Non-Accumulation
• Non accumulation of resources that are
  unnecessary for the preservation of life
 Capitalism: Collective Violation of
   Non Accumulation Principle
• 6% of the people consume 59% of the
  world's resources
            Spiritual Death
• The more I seek happiness in external
  objects the less I realize that lasting
  happiness lies within
Happiness lies not in
what you Have but in
  what you Are!!
  Dual Dangers of Materialism
• Destroys our natural resources (world)
• Kills our spiritual initiative (personal)
 Non-accumulation does not
mean to return to the Stone Age
   or to turn back the clock
  Consumer Power!!
“There is no question that
industrialization has polluted our
But who buys the products? We
do, you and I.
Each of our actions has a global

Jane Goodall
            The 3 R’s
• Reduce
• Reuse
• Recycle
Principle of Mental Contentment
• Being satisfied with income earned from a
  normal day of work
    Violation of Mental Contentment
•   Stress
•   Strained Relationships
•   Personal Burn Out
•   Mental Restlessness
 Eco Quiz: What produces more
greenhouse gas emissions: eating
     meat or driving a car?
Livestock are responsible for 18% of
greenhouse gases that cause global
warming—more than cars, planes and all
other forms of transport put together!
   That is because the methane
produced from animal manure has a
warming effect that is 23 times more
            than carbon
 65% of all nitrous oxide
emissions come from meat,
      dairy and eggs
    Vegetarianism and Sustainability
• "If everyone adopted a vegetarian diet and no
  food were wasted, current [food] production
  would theoretically feed 10 billion people, more
  than the projected population for the year 2050”.
               Population Reference Bureau report
Global Meat Production is expected to
  double in the first 50 years of this
Becoming a vegetarian would reduce
1.4 tons of carbon emissions per year.
     The Environmental Fallout of
          Eating Fast Food

In 1996, U.S. factory farms produced 1.4 billion tons
of animal waste—130 times more than humans did.
 “Livestock grazing has threatened or
eliminated more plant species than any
          other single factor”.
 U.S. Government Accounting Office
     Neo-Humanism -
  “ ever-new humanism ”

-the practice of love for all
       created beings
      of this universe
When love is limited for humanity -
  it is called human sentiment
But this human sentiment has violated the interests
of non-human
The “Control of Nature” is
a dangerous and obsolete
Eco-Quiz: What is the Most Energy
 Efficient Mode of Transportation?
• More energy efficient than walking!
• At 12 km/hour a cyclist uses 100
  BTU’s/passenger mile
• Pedestrian walking at 3 km/hour uses 500
  BTU’s per passenger mile
• 1 BTU= 252 Heat Calories
  •Colombia has 350 kms. of bicycle lanes
          throughout the country
•Copenhagen provides 2,300 bicycles free for
  public use; businesses pay for the bikes
          through advertisements
•Japan has 2,500,000 bicycle storage spaces
               in train depots
Eco-Quiz: How much faster than the
human population is the car
population growing?
The car population is
increasing five times as fast as
the human population!
       Stamp Out Styrofoam
• If you lined up all of the styrofoam cups
  made in one day they would circle around
  the Earth!
• Styrofoam can never become part of the
  Earth again—it is permanent garbage
• The CFC’s in styrofoam contribute to
  opening the ozone layer
       Neohumanism’s Goal
• Effort to achieve a balance between the
  inner pursuit of peace and the outer
  pursuit of harmonious living
  Spiritual Practice: Meditation
• A constant effort to feel the deepest inner
  peace and thereby control the desire to
  run after pleasures associated with
  consumption and waste
  Spiritual Meditation
 does not encourage
     asceticism or
  renunciation of the
basic necessities of life
• Change our energy consumptive lifestyle
• Principle of Non Accumulation
• Principle of Mental Contentment
• Meat Out
• Bicycle
• Turn off unused lights
• Turn off unused equipment
• Hard Plastic Water Bottle

• Cloth Bag instead of plastic bag
     Say NO to Plastic Bags!
•Plastic bags are a by-product of the oil industry—a
non-renewable resource
•A plastic bag may be used for only minutes—
enough to get from the shop to home
•But they take 15 to 1000 years to break down in
the environment!
•Every year plastic bag litter kills 100,000 birds,
seals, turtles and whales!
The Chinese government will ban ultra-thin
plastic bags from June 1, 2008. As a result
China’s largest plastic bag factory has shut

Singapore Today Newspaper, Feb. 27/08
•Since March 2002, Ireland has
reduced its check out bag usage
by 90%
• Re-chargeable Batteries
• Separate Wastes at home: glass, plastic,
  paper and organic
• Organic Waste
  Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
        and Plants (PCAP)
• Prevent cruelty to animals and plants
• Popularize vegetarian diet to save lives of
  innocent animals
• Do afforestation to protect forest and
• Assist tribal and forest dwellers to sustain
  their livelihood and culture while remaining
  in their natural habitat
“Man did not weave the web of life,
    he is merely a strand in it
 Whatever he does to the web, he
         does to himself “

 ( Chief Seattle, Native American)
"Never think that a small group of
highly dedicated people cannot
change the world. In fact, it is the
only thing that ever has."
Anthropologist Margaret Mead
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