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									          Ni hao Namste Namaskaram Halo Salam Zdravo                                       Hola Kia Ora
        Term 2, Week 3                                                              13th May 2009

                    FROM THE PRINCIPAL
ON ...              Warm congratulations to the following teachers who graduated today; Teresa Worthington,
                    Barb Pritchard, Steve Clark, Matthew Bell and Allana Pirie. Enjoy your special day, you
                    have worked hard for it.

                    Art Auction:
                    A big vote of thanks to both the National and ANZ Banks and to Cameron Jewellery for
                    making their premises available for the display of the art works to be auctioned on 22nd
MAY                 There is certainly a variety of different art forms from delicate glass work and bold sculptor
                    to exquisite oil paintings. There is literally something for everybody!
                    Ticket sales at this stage are steady. Anybody wanting more tickets for friends or
                    acquaintances can obtain them from the office.
Junior Assembly
                    Art auction Raffle:
                    The Art Auction raffle tickets are now available from the office. First prize is an 18 carat
15th                gold diamond ring valued at $1,495 so generously donated by Cameron Jewellery. Second
Disco               prize is a Nero Restaurant voucher to the value of $200 (thank you to Scott & Yvette
                    Kennedy) and third prize is four bottles of Gold Medal Saint Clair Wine (thank you to Neal
                    & Judy Ibbotson).
School Cross        Sponsors:
                    There are so many people who have given so generously to the Art Auction next week that
Country Yr3-6       it’s hard to know where to start, and of course there is always the real possibility that when
                    you start mentioning names you will miss somebody out. Hopefully though, over the
                    coming weeks, we will thank everybody who has contributed either through the
                    Wednesday News, on the night of the auction or in some other way. Firstly I would like to
Art Auction         acknowledge the tireless work of the small organising committee made up of;
                                             Sarah Johnston-Ellis (Chairperson)
                                             Anne Rutledge
26th                                         Mitch Murdoch
Junior Cross                                 Warren Bebb
Country                                      Angela Rowan
                                             Paul Leogreen
                                             Sandra Powell
JUNE                                         Pete Frizzell

                    Thank you to Van Uffelen Art for the framing of one of the pieces of Art and for so
10th                generously making available easels for the Auction – Thank you!
McDonalds Lunch     Thank you to Melanie & Quinton Butler for the donation of a wrought-iron magazine rack

Yrs 1-3             New Hall Complex:
                    The Board is currently receiving concept drawings from the three shortlisted companies.
McDonalds Lunch
Yrs 4-6             STAFF
                    Junior Arts Assembly:
17th                    Parents and Caregivers are warmly invited to join the Junior Syndicate at their
PTA Meeting
                                   Where: School Hall
                                   When: Friday 15th May
                                   Time: 2.00pm start
                            See you there!

                          Junior Art Auction Display
                         This Friday (15 May) at 2pm the Junior Syndicate are displaying their wonderful art at
                         the assembly. The art is for sale for $5.00. The red stickers will be for sale at the
                         office or during the assembly. The Senior art work is still available for sale at $5.00.
Ni hao Namste Namaskaram Halo Salam Zdravo                                         Hola Kia Ora
                 If there is anyone available who can assist with setting up the display please come to
                 the hall at 11am on Thursday.

                Junior School Art exhibition and art trail:
                 The Junior School children have been waiting with great anticipation for their turn to
                 share their art work with their families. Only two more sleeps until this Friday’s
                 You will enjoy accompanying your child on a tour to discover their own work and along
                 the way you will find some lovely interpretations of autumn leaves, silvery fish in salty
                 sea, cityscapes, ‘papier mache’ tissue collage, crazy cats and handy butterflies.
                 At assembly we will host Tanzanian artist Jerome Kimaro who is an exponent of
                 Tingatinga art. He will display one of his vibrant paintings and demonstrate to the
                 children how he composes a sketch. While we sing some favourites Jerome will
                 complete his work. The children’s art work will be on sale for $5.00 – you can purchase
                 your red ‘sold’ sticker in the hall. The winning entries from each class will be displayed
                 in the hall.

                      Safety Check:
                       Is there anybody out there who might be able to do the Safety Check service for an
                       hour one morning a week please. Full training given! Please contact the office if
                       you are able to help. Many thanks.

                      School Banking:
                       Well done Room 24 - you are this week’s inter-class banking champions
                       with 5 bankings. Keep up the good work.

                       We could do with help from one more senior parent.

                     Please Phone Danielle on 3572362 ASAP if you can help.

                                            Friday 15th May

                                          Juniors 6:00 till 7:00

                                          Seniors 7:15 till 8:15

                                                $3 Entry

                                 Drinks/Lollies/Chippies for sale $1

                     We also have glow sticks again for sale at 50cents each

We are very conscious about the children’s safety and security at our discos. Please help us by
collecting your children on time. All children must be picked up from inside the hall/foyer area.
                Children will not be let out of the hall under any circumstances.

                        Basketball Draw for Thursday, 14th May

        Year 3 / 4 Cougars        Time:     4:30pm
Ni hao Namste Namaskaram Halo Salam Zdravo                                         Hola Kia Ora
                                  Court:   Ball Room Court 3
                                  Duty:    5.15pm

        Year 5 / 6 Tigers        Time: 3.50pm
                                 Court: B&M Centre Court 3
                                 Duty: no duty this week

        Year 5 / 6 Panthers     Time: 4.30pm
                                Court: B&M Centre Court 4
                                Duty: 3.50pm

      Netball:
       Draw for Monday 18th May

                  Team                              Time                         Court
        CSNS Black Vs Riverdale            4.00pm                     Court 17

      The draw for Saturday netball has not been put out yet. All players will get a note tomorrow.
      Payments still need to come in and on receiving this, uniforms will be issued.

  Saturday Morning Hockey:
   Meet your coach/manager at Manawaroa Park. Meet your coach/manager outside the pavilion at
   Manawaroa Park 15 minutes before your game unless your coach has told you otherwise.
  The draw will be available at www.hockeymanawatu.org.nz Go to competitions, scroll down to
   Junior Draw – available will be the draw and a map of the ground.
  Hockey practises are as follows:
                            CSNS C – Thursday 12.30pm
                            CSNS Mini 1 – Monday 12.30pm
                            CSNS Mini 2 – Wednesday 12.30pm
   Parents please assist coaches & managers in any way you can. If a team has no manager please
   organise yourselves so everyone takes a turn.

      Children, enjoy your game. Any problems see Mrs Elgar, Room 17.

      We have further information at the office on the Community Notices:

     The Phoenix Marching Team is now recruiting for the 2009/2010 season.
      When you join our teams you make new friends, travel, have fun and learn movement and dance.
      We require girls aged from 7 – 15 for our teams. New and ALL experienced marchers are
      welcome. Training will start 14 Jun. If you would like to find out more about joining please phone
      Letitia on 3575144 or Jo on 3567957 or email march2go@hotmail.com
     Amblers’ Market: - 126 Summerhill Drive on Sunday 17th May, from 9am – 2pm (next door to The
      Landscape Yard). Art & Craft, local fresh produce and delicacies. Coffee & food available.
     Helicopter Open Day – Sunday 17th May from 10am – 2pm at the Rescue Helicopter hangar at
      the hospital.

                              Year 3 – 6 CROSS COUNTRY

             WEDNESDAY 20th May, 2009
                   10am – 12pm
                                   (Postponement Thursday 21st May)
 Ni hao Namste Namaskaram Halo Salam Zdravo                                                   Hola Kia Ora
Dear Parents/Caregivers,
The annual College Street Normal School Cross Country will be held at Ongley Park. The event will involve all
children in Years 3 – 6.
All children will walk to the event with their class teacher.
Year 3 & 4 children have a set course but there is a separate race for girls and boys.
Year 5 & 6 children have a choice of running the more challenging competitive event or the short course event.
The short course event may be walked or run.
Please discuss with your child prior to the cross country which event is more suitable for them.
Children who wish to be considered for the interschool team must enter in the competitive event, not the short course
event. The interschool team is selected from both the children’s on-going performance at school and the results of the
competitive races at the School Cross Country. Six boys and six girls from Year 5 & 6 will be selected for the team.
Twenty four children in total.
Medals are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Year 5 & 6 competitive events only. All other Year groups receive
certificates for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.
The events and approximate times are as follows:

Children will run on outside of cones. Cones will be on their left.

Race Number                Race Start Time (approx)          Participants
            1              10am                              Year 5 girls short course & walkers
            2              10.10am                           Year 5 boys short course & walkers
            3              10.20am                           Year 6 girls short course & walkers
            4              10.30am                           Year 6 boys short course & walkers
            5              10.40am                           Year 3 boys
            6              10.50am                           Year 3 girls
            7              11.00am                           Year 4 boys
            8              11.10am                           Year 4 girls
            9              11.20am                           Year 5 girls competitive
           10              11.30am                           Year 6 girls competitive
           11              11.40am                           Year 5 boys competitive
           12              11.50am                           Year 6 boys competitive
Start times are a guide only. Races may run earlier/later than indicated.

Children will require the following:
     A sunhat/sunblock
     A snack
     A large drink
     Warm top and track pants (if cold, for after the race)
     Asthma medication (please see your child’s teacher if asthma will be a problem)

Course for those who wish to practise
Year 3 & 4                           - Around Ongley Park only
Short Course & Walkers             - Completely around Ongley park and through middle
                             of Manawaroa Park.
Competitive                        - Completely around Ongley & Manawaroa park then
                                     around Ongley Park again and run through middle of Manawaroa Park on
                                     second round.

We need parent assistance on the day to help to be out on the course (children’s safety).
Your support would be greatly appreciated to help make this event run smoothly. If you are able to assist please
complete and return the attached slip to Room 4 by Friday 15 th May.

                                            YEAR 3-6 CROSS COUNTRY

I will be able to help at the School Cross Country on Wednesday 20th May.

Name: ____________________________________________________
 Ni hao Namste Namaskaram Halo Salam Zdravo                     Hola Kia Ora

Childs Name ______________________________Room Number: ______

Telephone: _______________________________

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