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									                                                                  RAPID chARgeR

Provide travelers with a quick,
convenient way to charge their
electronic devices.
With more than 70% of travelers carrying cell
phones, PDAs and MP3 players, the need to
recharge batteries at the airport is on the rise.
Available outlets are scarce and not always
in convenient locations, and travelers do not
always have their charging cord with them
when at the airport.

Smarte Carte, the passenger service leader,
has the solution. The Charge Carte® by Smarte
Carte® is a self-serve, rapid charging kiosk
that turns one standard outlet into a charging
station for twelve electronic devices – complete
with charging cords for today’s most popular
cell phones, smartphones and the iPod®.

The rapid charge technology utilized by the
Charge Carte will safely charge a cell phone up
to twice as fast as a standard wall charger.

It is important for travelers to stay connected
to be productive during airport dwell time, and
in a recent survey, 60% of cell phone users
said they would consider paying to charge their
phone at the airport.

The Charge Carte service is managed and
maintained by your on-site Smarte Carte team,
a service provider you know and trust!

   chARge cARte® RAPID chARgeR

    l     Each cycle provides 30 minutes of rapid charge time. Customers can
          choose how long they want to let their device charge. Amount of charge
          received will vary depending upon how long the device is plugged in, the
          specific model and battery quality.

    l     Rapid charge technology provides the fastest possible charge without
          damaging the battery.

    l     Includes 12 connectors for the most popular cell phone, smartphone and
          iPod models from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Kyocera, Blackberry,
          Palm, Siemens, Sony-Ericcson, Nextel, Apple’s iPod and iPhone. The
          device models supported are changed as new models are put into service.

    l     The customer does NOT need to have their charger with them.

    l     Accepts major credit and debit cards. Uses Smarte Carte unattended
          credit card acceptance technology and does not require a telephone line.

    l     Counts down charge time so that the customer can see how much time
          remains before charge cycle is complete.

    l     Small footprint and lightweight design makes it easy to locate charging
          stations anywhere in the terminal where service is needed.                   With the Charge Carte travelers
                                                                                       pay a small fee by credit or debit
    l     Cashless system eliminates the opportunity for theft and ensures accurate    card to get a rapid charge that
          revenue reporting to the airport.                                            will keep them connected with
                                                                                       family or business.
    l     Improves passenger service and provides concession revenue for your

go to our website to see the new
charge carte rapid charger video!



     Height:                      63 inches
     Width:                       21.75 inches
     Depth:                       19 inches
     Power:                       120 VAC 60HZ, 240 50HZ

     Cabinet:                     Constructed of high quality steel, with a
                                  powder coat finish and chrome accents.

                                                                                             4455 White Bear Parkway
PROD-O-Charge-Air-0708                                                                Saint Paul, Minnesota 55110-7641 USA

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