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                    Embassy of Israel
                                        It was a pleasure and a challenge to             The artworks showcased in the exhibition
                                        initiate and organize the “Spirit of Art”        are created in a variety of techniques
                                        International Contemporary Art Exhibition.       and materials from oil, acrylic. mixed
                                                                                         media, collages to bronze sculptures.
                                        The exhibition is organized to tighten the       The artworks of these artists are in private
                                        cultural dialog between visual art artists       collections and museums around the world.
                                        from 13 countries: Norway, Israel, Canada,       One can only admire the richness of the
                                        Germany, Switzerland, Australia, France,         collection.
                                        Italy, U.S.A, Cyprus, Netherlands, Bulgaria
                                        and Great Britain.                               This exhibition represents a typical and
                                                                                         modern visual art approach. Visual art
                                        The “Spirit of Art” presents eighty one of       is universal and this show is an excellent
                                        the finest works (sixty paintings and twenty     example of how art can act as an
                                        one sculptures) of 41 well known artists.        international language, bringing together
                                                                                         different nationalities to share a common
                                        Through their works, each artist shares          vision of promoting and recognizing art.
                                        with his fellow artists and the spectators       Art is a universal language that connects
                                        their personal reflections and interpretation    people from all over the world. Circles of art
                                        of the spirit and culture influences of          do not end in one country, they overlap and
             INTERNATIONAL ART          his country and heritage, creating a             cover the world.
Curator and Organizer of the Project:
                                        unique and multi-culture artistic structure
          Zina Bercovici                with a feast of colors, shapes, styles and       I hope that this event will have an echo and
         972-52-52-62-900               techniques merging into a vibrant artistic       will be the beginning of new friendships,              kaleidoscope. Gathering artists and art works    of new links between different cultures,             from different and diversified countries,        different people, and different artists.
                                        origins and artistic spheres in the cultural
                                        center of London will provide art lovers, art    My warm thanks go to all the artists who
      Graphic Design & Print            dealers, curators, artists, and art collectors   have given the best of themselves for this
       Muky Productions                 a multicultural “corridor”, interacting and      exhibition.
                                        communicating with the different artists,                                                                  Enjoy it!
                                        colors, art facts and images.
      Graphics: Chen Cohen

         Public Relations:
        Eugenie Absalom                                                                                             Zina Bercovici                                                                                    Curator and producer
La Galleria Pall Mall is proud to host the                               Perzuck, Renée Politzer, Liat Polotsky,                                                                                    vw
International Contemporary Art Exhibition                                Barbara Robinsohn, Ruthy Segal, Wilma
“Spirit of Art”, 20 - 26 March, 2011.                                    Veen, Patrizia Viviana De Filippo, Vladin
                                                                         Vladev, Avril Doctor, Batya Bombigher,
Curated by Mrs. Zina Bercovici, the art show                             Sonja Eisenberg.
hosts paintings, collages and sculptures by
41 artists from Europe, Asia as well as from                             The show with its rich mix of forms, colours
North and South America. (Norway, Israel,                                and styles emphasises how visual art
Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Australia,                                 from different cultures can come together
France, Italy, U.S.A, Cyprus, Netherlands,                               and communicate a common theme even
Bulgaria and Great Britain).                                             when the artists interpret the subject from
                                                                         a different perspective, ethnic background
The artists included are Sissel Aurland, Eva                             and age group.
Avi Iona, Zina Bercovici, Therese Boisclair,
Dagmar Calais, Alessia Carrara, Julia                                    In the selection of the works, Mrs. Bercovici
Carter, Leila Chalabi, Cosimo Corola,                                    has fused the individual expression
Randy Covey, Inger Dillan Antonsen,                                      technique and style of each artist together
Nina Dreyer Henjum, Marit Eide Rosendal,                                 in a short but truly international art
Baruch Elron, Maureen Fain, Kiki                                         collaboration project.
Fleming, Karen Frostig, Mina Gampel,
Vera Gelert, Kerry Grøneng, Susan Kerr,                                  The “Spirit of Art” exhibition offers a unique
                                                                                                                                          “In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s
Hilde Klomp, Solomon Leviev, Mais, Idit                                  opportunity for the British public to interact
                                                                                                                                          palette, which provides the meaning of life and art.
Makover, Einat Maor, Yeruham Mezan,                                      with the artists and view original works from
                                                                                                                                          It is the color of love”.
Hanna Oren-Huppert, Bruno Pascal, Nikki                                  13 different countries.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Marc Chagall

                                                                                        Mrs Elizabeth Mitchell D’Anna

La Galleria Pall Mall 30, Royal Opera Arcade London SW1Y 4UY l l Tel +44 207 930 8069 l Open daily from 10.00 -19.00
    Sissel Aurland I Norway I Portrait of Something I Acrylic on Canvas I 50x40 cm   Eva Avi Iona I Israel I Turned Into Owl I Oil on Canvas I 60x50 cm

7                                                                                                                           8
    Alessia Carrara I Switzerland I Nadege I Bronze and Lost Wax Process I 35x26x26 cm   Zina Bercovici I Israel I Red Dancers I Oil on Canvas I 80x60 cm

9                                                                                                   10
     Therese Boisclair I Canada I Nature Unleashed I Mixed Media I 60x60 cm   Batya Bombigher I Israel I Woman Tree I Mixed Media I 70x50 cm

11                                                                                    12
     Dagmar Calais I Germany I Waiting for Amor III I Oil on Canvas I 70x80 cm   Leila Chalabi I France I Pattern and Light I I Mixed Media I 80x80 cm

13                                                                                           14
Julia Carter I Australia I Forever I Acrylic with Gold and Silver Leaf I 80x80 cm   Cosimo Carola I Italy I Medea I Oil on Canvas I 70x50 cm

     Randy Covey I U.S.A I Freedom I Bronze, Stone and Paint I 25.4x50.8x25.4 cm   Inger Dillan Antonsen I Norway I In the Blue I Oil on Canvas I 76x60 cm

17                                                                                                  18
     Nina Dreyer Henjum I Norway I Melancholy I Mixed Media I 60x40 cm   Marit Eide Rosendal I Norway I New York - Skyline I Acrylic on Canvas I 90x130(x3) cm

19                                                                                     20
     Sonja Eisenberg I U.S.A I Just Before I Collage I 28x21 cm   Baruch Elron I Israel I Troubadour I Oil on Canvas I 60x40 cm

21                                                                      22
     Maureen Fain I Israel I Unveiled I Oil on Canvas I 80x80 cm   Kiki Fleming I Italy I Moon Beams I Acrilyc on Canvas I 76x76 cm

23                                                                          24
     Mina Gampel I Germany I Persons in Colour Composition I Oil on Canvas I 80x80 cm   Vera Gelert I Israel I Canary I Bronze I 57x44x37 cm

25                                                                                                                  26
     Karen Frostig I U.S.A I Liquid Memories I Mixed Media I 101.6x55.9 cm   Kerry Grøneng I Norway I Untitled I Monoprint I 65x65 cm

27                                                                          28
     Susan Kerr I Cyprus/U.K. I Star Clouds I Oil on Canvas I 100x80 cm   Hilde Klomp I Netherlands I Maya’s I Bronze I 50x40x14 cm

29                                                                    30
     Idith Makover I Israel I Creation of The Woman I Mixed Media I 80x80 cm   Solomon Leviev I Israel I ‫ ״?״‬I Bronze I 42x38x30 cm

31                                                                        32
     Mais I Netherlands I I’m O So Pretty I Oil and Acrylic on Canvas I 70x70 cm   Einat Maor I Israel I Colors in White I Acrylic on Canvas I 80x80 cm

33                                                                                                   34
     Hanna Oren-Huppert I Netherlands I Thoughtful I Bronze I 40x30x20 cm   Yeruham Mezan I Israel I Grove I Oil on Canvas I 73x55 cm

35                                                                            36
     Nikki Perzuck I Australia I Embracing the Sunset I Acrylic on Canvas I 80x80 cm   Wilma Veen I Netherlands I The Future is Now I Mixed Media I 80x80 cm

37                                                                                            38
     Ruthy Segal I Israel I Sunset I Oil on Canvas I 80x80 cm   Patrizia Viviana De Filippo I Italy I Fiore I Oil on Canvas I 80x100 cm

39                                                                     40
     Bruno Pascal I Israel I The Naked Trurth I Bronze with Black Patin I 80x20x18 cm   Renée Politzer I Germany I Desire for Water I Oil on Canvas I 65x90 cm

41                                                                                                            42
     Edy Snir I Israel I Peace Dance I Bronze I 54x21x10 cm   Liat Polotsky I Israel I Effects of Light I Oil on Canvas I 20x20(x4) cm

43                                                                             44
     Vladin Vladev I Bulgaria I Harbor I Acrylic on Canvas I 80x80 cm   Barbara Robinsohn I Israel I Anita I Bronze I 30x28x22 cm

45                                                                  46
                List of Artists
Sissel     Aurland 
Eva        Avi Iona
Zina       Bercovici
Therese    Boisclair
Batya      Bombigher
Dagmar     Calais   
Alessia    Carrara  
Julia      Carter   
Leila      Chalabi  
Cosimo     Carola   
Randy      Covey    
Inger      Dillan Antonsen
Nina       Dreyer Henjum
Marit      Eide Rosendal
Sonja      Eisenberg
Baruch     Elron    
Maureen    Fain     
Kiki       Fleming  
Karen      Frostig  
Mina       Gampel   
Vera       Gelert   
Kerry      Grøneng  
Susan      Kerr     
Hilde      Klomp    
Solomon    Leviev   
Idit       Makover  
Einat      Maor     
Yeruham    Mezan    
Hanna      Oren-Huppert
Bruno      Pascal   
Nikki      Perzuck  
Renée      Politzer 
Liat       Polotsky 
Barbara    Robinsohn
Ruthy      Segal    
Edy        Snir     
Wilma      Veen     
Patrizia   Viviana De Filippo
Vladin     Vladev