Week 2 term 2 - Gowrie Primary School by wuyunyi


									       Term 2 – Week 2                                                             11th May 2011

                                                                    Jeffries Street GOWRIE ACT 2904
                                                                              Telephone (02) 62057822
Principal: Judy Hamilton
                                                                              Facsimile (02) 62057825
Deputy Principal: Jason Walmsley
Executive: Andrew Jacobson                                                            Visit Gowrie online at:
Board Chair: Jane Dickenson
P & C President: Karen Johnston

                      Important Dates to Remember:
13th        Fri              Gowrie Track and Field Carnival
16th        Mon              5.30pm Gowrie Board Meeting
                             7.00pm Gowrie P&C Meeting
18th        Wed              ACT Rugby League
23rd        Mon              Kindergarten Parent Interviews commence (Week 4)
26th        Thur             Tuggeranong Track and Field Carnival
3rd         Fri              ACT Soccer
                             Tuggeranong Chess Competition
13th        Mon              Public Holiday
4th         Mon         Yrs 1 – 6 Parent Interviews commence (Week 10)
                               2011 TERM DATES
                    Term 2    2nd May to 8th July
                    Term 3    25th July to 30th September
                    Term 4    17th October to 21st December

               AFTER SCHOOL CARE – YMCA Program 3.00pm – 6.00pm daily
                                            Contact Numbers
                  YMCA Office: 62300165         Mobile Contact After 2.30pm: 0404635730

                     ***   We are an Approved Service for Child Care Benefits   ***
                           PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE
Dear Parents and Carers,

I am delighted to be able to finally announce that Jason Walmsley has been
permanently appointed to the Deputy’s position at Gowrie. Jason has been
acting in the position for nearly two years and has provided outstanding
leadership during that time, particularly in the areas of Literacy and
Numeracy. He has been instrumental in formulating and implementing our
Literacy and Numeracy Strategy and is responsible for a great number of
organisational and management roles within the school. His appointment has
also provided the school with much needed stability in the executive
structure. Hopefully by the end of the year we will have finalised all the
executive appointments, with two School Leader C positions to be advertised
and appointed during the remainder of the year.

Kristel Shelly is back with us one day a week providing release across the
school. Emily Huegh who was with us last term has accepted a contract at
Hughes Primary, so Kristel and Gill Duncan will be stepping into her role.

In Week 10 of this term we will be holding parent/ teacher interviews for
students in Years 1-6. More information about this process will be included in
future gazettes. With the earlier than expected release of the PIPS reports
the Kindergarten teachers have decided to hold their interviews in Week 4 of
this term. Accompanying today’s Gazette is a note for Kindy parents
requesting nominations for preferred interview times. Interviews are an
extremely important part of the communication process between school and
home and provide a valuable opportunity for teachers and parents to
exchange information and develop goals and strategies to support their
children’s learning. We hope you will make the time to attend your child’s

Pupil Free Day
All schools, including Government, Catholic and Independent, will be holding a
Pupil Free Day on August 18. The aim of the day is for all teachers to
participate in Professional Learning on the Australian Curriculum and the
assessment and moderation procedures that accompany this important
document. Please mark this date in your diary so that you can organise
alternative care arrangements for your child/ren.
Congratulations to all the students who represented Gowrie at Mondays’
Cross Country Carnival which was held at the Stromlo Running Track. Mr
Jacobson was impressed by all the students’ efforts and their outstanding
behaviour. Well done!

Judy and staff

                    Mrs Hamilton’s Well Done Awards
    Jack Froggatt              Poppy Hancox             Madison Dalton
     Jake Borman                Ruby O’Hart              Jordan Shaw
  Bailey Karjalainen             Angus Long               Alex Gray
   Mitchell Thomas                Kyle Hunt              Griffin Davis
    Lachlan Arnold              Bowen West              Cameron Black
      Rose Davis                Shane Briant             Aaron Evans
  Stephanie Winnett       All of KC (for Fantastic

                           WEEK 3 ASSEMBLY
At next Tuesday’s Assembly the Ribbons for our School Cross Country and
the Tuggeranong Swimming Carnival will be handed out. All parents and
carers are most welcome to attend. The Assembly will commence at 2.15pm in
the new hall.

                   NEEDED URGENTLY – TOMORROW
                    GLASS JARS WITH METAL LIDS
The Yamba Unit will be making Green Tomato Jam tomorrow with the
tomatoes from their garden. They need glass jars for the jam. If you have
any at home could you please drop them off at the front office tomorrow

The Green Tomato Jam will be for sale next week for $4.00 a jar.
                                  MERIT AWARDS
                    Caleb Clark              Jesica-Lea Tarrant-Read
               Stephanie Winnett                 James McNeilly
                    Arnja Hill                    Jasmine Jose
                    Alex Gray                     Ruby O’Hart
              Angus Greene (RAPP)                   Jack Taol
               James Greatbanks
                Joshua Winnett                    Ashley Dunne
                Shianne Fliedner                Jessie McIntosh
                    Holly Hancox                  Nick Lawton
                           ATHLLON UNIT - JUNIOR LSU
                   Cameron Black
                             YAMBA UNIT – SENIOR LSU
                    Saxon Davis               Jack Johnson (RAPP)
                   Jack Froggatt

                                BOOK CLUB
                Book Club is due next Friday 20 May 2011.

Thank you for your support.

Gowrie Book Club

                        GOWRIE GREENIES
Welcome back to a big term! This week we will be starting our
garden projects with the chicken coop and some garden beds.
Bunnings will be in on Thursday morning at about 9am and
anyone wishing to be a part of it is welcome to come down
and lend a hand.
There will be many things happening around the school this term and we would
love your help. We are looking for volunteers to help dig, build and
carry while Bunnings is constructing. Also if there is anyone out
there who is able to help us get some water tanks that would help us
out immensely as we are trying to reduce our use of town water to
help with conservation.

The Greenies are all looking forward to helping the Bunnings people with the
construction of all the gardens.

Donations are greatly appreciated by the Gowrie Greenies no matter how big
or small!

  - Worm farm and supplies – this was donated to the
     school by Lorraine Sheather who is a rep for
     Tumblweed. The website www.tumbleweed.com.au has
     lots of useful information about worm farms and

Enjoy your garden!

The Gowrie Greenies!

                     TUGGERANONG CROSS COUNTRY
Yesterday we sent 41 Gowrie students to the Tuggeranong Cross Country at
Mount Stromlo. It was a very cold and windy day but all the students
represented Gowrie to the best of their abilities and a fun day was had by all.
Thank you to all the parents for transporting students and your support on
the day. Thank you also to our Pre-service Teachers Emily and Annette for
their assistance and braving the cold. Special mention goes to our Year 6
cheer squad for cheering their team mates all day while waiting for their own
race. We had some fantastic results and are now waiting to hear whether any
Gowrie students qualified for ACT Cross Country.

Cross Country Committee
                                  K-2 News

The students of Gulla Gulla have all made a great start to the new term and
programs are already underway. This term, report cards will be going home
for the semester and parent interviews will take place. Kindy interviews
(along with PIPs results) will be conducted before the rest of the school in
Week 4. Please keep an eye out for nominating interview times.

This Friday we will all be participating in our school’s Athletic
Carnival. We are very excited about the carnival! The students are
encouraged to come in their house colours. Adjustments have been made to
our day, as we will be on the large oval for most of the day! Parents and
           families are more than welcome to join us on the day. All
            students will need hats, water bottles and running shoes!
            Students will participate in running races and novelty
            events and of course will be spectators in order to
       cheer on their house team members!!
                 Mirri> Yellow Dyara> Red          Burrai> White
Remember to bring a warm jacket and your track pants to have on when you
are not racing as the weather has been quite cool and windy lately.

Some of our programs wouldn’t run without the support and
volunteered time by our parents! It’s a great opportunity to
support your child in their learning and education. It’s also a
wonderful time to see what takes place in our busy Gulla Gulla
classrooms. If you are able to help out in the classroom
please see the classroom teachers or complete the Parent
Helpers form. We enjoy having parents help out in the classroom.

Friendly Reminder - Please remind students to return their homework and
home readers every WEDNESDAY. It’s imperative that all children read at
home every night. Children may read home readers, books borrowed from
school or public libraries and books from
This term the children will be completing the Integrated Based
Inquiry Unit on Australian Authors. They have been doing a
lovely job engaging in this unit, as we study Margaret Wild,
Mem Fox, Alison Lester and Graeme Base books. Later this
term they will become “experts” on one favourite book from the
unit. They will share their knowledge with other Gulla Gulla students.

As it gets colder please remind children to use tissues to blow their
nose and to wash their hands after doing so. Please ensure that
jumpers, coats and beanies are labelled.

Yours in Education,

Amanda Horne Lyn Cleaver         Kristy McCumiskey      Amy Spence
    K/1H          KC                  1/2M                  2S     Teachers

                               Lambrigg News

3/4 students came back from holidays relaxed and refreshed for another
busy term of learning. This week is especially busy with the Tuggeranong
Cross Country on Monday, NAPLAN testing for Year 3 and 5 students
Tuesday to Thursday and our school Athletics Carnival on Friday. We are
very excited to welcome Mrs Shelley back to Gowrie on Mondays. 3/4W has
the pleasure of 90 minutes with her doing Maths and Spelling each week.

Thank you parent helpers
Last term flew by so quickly we forgot to thank our wonderful
parent helpers for a hard term’s work. Every week Angela Batchelor,
Tabitha Winnett and Nicole Field give up an hour of their time to assist our
Guided Reading Program. Our mornings run so smoothly and quietly thanks to

A new style of homework is going home this week. Homework
consists of reading, a Maths sheet, a Literacy activity. If your
child wants more there is a Multiple Intelligence page for children
to work on. The Multiple Intelligence page is an extra piece of work.
We are still encouraging all children to read each night. Books can be
borrowed from the school and library. It’s great to see the number of
parents who are supporting their child by signing the reading chart
and making positive comments about their child’s reading

Some ideas to help with reading
   Questions-Read with your child asking specific questions
    related to the text.
   Illustrations-Look at the pictures how do they connect with the story?
   Internet search-What other books has this author written?
   Word study-When looking at words in the story ask you child if they
    can think of another word to replace a word.
   Innovation of a story- As a fun activity read the story again now
    change the ending to make a different story.
   Find as many words in the story that end in “ed, ing, etc…

CROSS COUNTRY Congratulations to all the children who participated in the
cross country on Monday 9th May.

EXPOSITIONS - 3/4 students have been learning about expositions. This
exposition was written by 3/4W in small groups. We were focussing on
writing a topic sentence and expanding our paragraphs.

                Should children be allowed to have holidays?

3/4W believes that we should have holidays.

Firstly, children need holidays to relax their brain so their
brain is fresh for the next term. Children need to relax so
they can think about the things they need to, because if you
don’t relax you will have too many things to think about when all
the children do is hard work at school.

Secondly, children should have holidays so they can spend time with their
       family because it is good for children to spend time with their family
              so they become closer. It would be good if your family became
               closer because you can pass it on to friends and family. And
               then the world will become a happy, caring, loving place.
Thirdly, children should be allowed to have holidays because
you get a rest from homework. We do four pages of homework
for eight weeks which is thirty-two pages during the term
and some of the homework is very hard for the children. We
need to have a rest from homework in the holidays and get ready for the
next thirty-two pages of homework.

       Finally, children should be allowed to have holidays because
         you can travel around the world. If you travel during the
          school term you don’t have much time to spend with your
         family and friends. If you travel around the world in the
         holidays you get to see more creatures, countries and people.

3/4W strongly believes that every child in every school should have holidays
because we need to relax our brains, spend time with our families, have a
break from homework and travel.

Sharon Weickhardt and Sharon Donnan

                                Lanyon News

Welcome back to Term 2! Our students have begun the term in a focused and
settled manner. We would like to welcome two Pre service Teachers, Emily
Spratt and Annette Schubert from the University of Canberra who are
currently undertaking their third year practicum. They will be working with
the Lanyon students until 20th May. Our integrated Inquiry unit this term is
Awesome Aussie Authors and will be asking the question: What can we find
out about Australia and its people from Australian authors?

Last week all families should have received a note about our
excursion to the War Memorial on Monday 23rd May. We will
be taking part in two educational programs looking at aspects
of Australian History.

          Homework for the first three weeks is focusing on Rostrum where
          all students are asked to prepare a short speech (maximum 3
          minutes) to present to the class. All students should have received
          a sheet containing all relevant information and tips for presenting.
          The speeches will be presented in week 4.
We would like to congratulate our Year 5 students who are currently in the
middle of the national testing program NAPLAN. They are working hard to do
their best.

A reminder that as the weather turns cooler we have many students arriving
with their jumpers and then removing them throughout the course of the day.
Unfortunately many of these are unlabelled and it makes it difficult to return
them to the correct owners. We already have a huge amount of clothing in
the lost property cupboard outside the canteen. We welcome any parents to
come and have a look through to see if items can be reclaimed.
Renee Broadhurst, Simone Thomas, Emily Spratt, Annette Schubert

An introductory letter from our Pre-Service Teachers
Hi our names are Annette Schubert and Emily Spratt.
We would like to thank Gowrie Primary School; especially the Lanyon Unit for
letting us complete our 3 week prac placement. We are currently in our third
year at the University of Canberra studying Primary Education. We are
looking forward to working along side the staff and working with the students
at Gowrie Primary.

Emily Spratt and Annette Schubert.

                                Yamba News

In Yamba we have had a busy start to Term 2. We are writing a lot in
Literacy and Journal Writing. In Maths we are learning about graphs. In
Circle Time we are learning how to be a good friend. In sport we are getting
ready for the Athletics Carnival on Friday.

We are all doing a fantastic job in class and
we have only FIVE more Class Bonus Banks to
go before we reach our next class reward.

By Griffin Davis
                               From The Board

Your Board Representatives are:
                        Board Chair: Jane Dickenson
                    Parent Representative: Tania Arnold
                    Parent Representative: Kylie Thomas
                    Preschool Representative: Kylie Foley
                   Teacher Representative: Karen Farrell
                  Teacher Representative: Simone Thomas

                                  P&C News

                  Board and P&C Meetings next week:
Meeting arrangements:
                 P&C – ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
          Monday        16th May            6.30pm
          Monday        16 May              5.30pm

                             FRIENDLY REMINDER
The next P&C meeting will be held Monday 16th May starting at 6.30pm in
the staff room. Pizza will be provided for those who are able to join us. All
parents and carers are welcome to attend and we look forward to seeing some
new faces. If you can’t make it at 6.30pm feel free to drop in a bit later and
join in. The meeting will be finished by 8.30pm (allowing time for chewing in-
between discussion).

All welcome- the more input we get the better the outcomes for the children.
If you have any questions about the meeting, or anything you wish to raise,
please contact me on 0412 789949.

Karen Johnston
P&C President
                          FUNDRAISING REPORT
On Sunday the 17th April we held a fundraising BBQ at Harvey Norman
Fyshwick. I would like to especially thank Tabatha and Darren Winnett for
there great help in donating their barbeque equipment, transporting and
setting up and packing down for the BBQ, thanks heaps. I would also like to
thank all parents, friends and family who volunteered their time to make the
day run smoothly. The BBQ was a great success as we made a profit of
$1331.10. Fantastic effort everyone!

Mother’s Day
The Mother’s Day Stall was another great success. I would like to thank
Marianna, Rachel Dunne, Rachel Greene, Melinda and Kristy for their help
selling the gifts. Without your assistance on Thursday and Friday last week
life would not have been as easy. Thanks heaps! The Mother’s Day Stall also
made a profit of $65.00. We sold all the gifts that were available on the day.

Amanda Hentish
Fundraising Coordinator

                         CANTEEN RESCUE UPDATE
Gowrie Primary now has a box at the Customer Service Desk at the
Hyperdome. ANY receipts from the 4th April are able to either be placed in
the box or (if you want to keep your receipt) given to the lady/gent who will
add it for you and give your back your receipts. We may not win the big prize
(who knows!!) but please remember there are weekly prizes and we have as
much chance as any other school to win.

Head lice are back at Gowrie – could all families please check their
children’s heads tonight and treat if necessary. If everyone participates in
this exercise we should be able to get rid of head lice at Gowrie. Thanks for
your support.

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