Quest for the Snow Leopard by fdh56iuoui


									Quest for the                         The magnificent
                                      snow leopard was
                                                                                                                         communicate through the signs
                                                                                                                         they leave in the environment,

Snow Leopard                          lying quietly above                                                                and you will learn about the
                                      his kill, draped like a                                                            Conservancy’s community-based
                                      fur carpet over the                                                                conservation program. If you are
                                      rock. He was so full                                                               very lucky, you will see a snow
Ladakh, Winter ‘09                    of meat he could                                                                   leopard in the wild.
                                      hardly move. As we                                                                      This trip will run for 16 days in
                                      watched, he dozed                                                                  early February. Because this is a
     KarmaQuest and the Snow          off, opening his eyes                                                              strenuous, challenging adventure,
Leopard Conservancy present a         now and again to                                                                   and for the protection of guests
special opportunity for hardy         check us out. He                                                                   as well as KarmaQuest and the
trekkers, intent on seeing a snow     eventually got up,                                                                 Snow Leopard Conservancy, we
leopard in the wild: a mid-winter     moving half a meter                                                                will ask each participant to agree
visit to the heart of India’s snow    and flopping down                                                                  to the following terms:
leopard country.                      again like a sack of heavy potatoes. He blended in immediately — his
                                                                                                                         • Doctor’s health clearance and
     We know that at least 20-30      camouflage was simply perfect.
                                                                                                                         Rx for Diamox (which helps with
snow leopards roam Ladakh’s Hemis         - Brian Keating, Head of Outreach, Calgary Zoo, March 16, 2007                 altitude adjustment);
National Park, site of the Conser-
                                                                                                                         • Self-coverage medical and
vancy’s first camera-trapping
                                                                                this trip is the chance of seeing a      medivac insurance;
census of the cats.                  • adjusting to the altitude gain
                                                                                snow leopard in the wild.                • One month physical training
      Quest participants have seen      from sea level to 11,500 feet
                                                                                     The group will be driven to the     (minimum exercise - 1 hr per day
snow leopard on the past three         in an hour’s flight from Delhi;
                                                                                trail head, 1-2 hrs on a gravel          walking);
winter trips.                        • trekking to the study site
                                                                                road. The trek in to Rumbak takes        • Signed release of liability for
     For the chance to see a wild        (between 12-13,000 feet)
                                                                                about six leisurely hours. You will      KarmaQuest and the SLC.
snow leopard, trip participants         over frozen trails and streams;
must be willing and prepared to      • enduring temperatures that               spend ten days searching for snow
                                                                                leopards. You will sleep in tent-          If you would like more information,
accept some serious challenges:         can drop to -0 F at night;                                                               or to sign up for this trip,
                                     • bathing in a wash-bowl;                  camps and traditional Ladakhi                         please contact
                                     • having a flexible attitude               homes. During the trek days you                KarmaQuest at 650-560-0101
                                        accepting of unusual                    will be accompanied by snow           
                                        experiences and unexpected              leopard expert Rodney Jackson and      
                                         occurrences.                           a member of the SLC-India team,
                                                                                as well as by local nature guides.
                                     There will be opportunities for                You will visit some of the
                                     cultural touring during the accli-         camera trapping sites, learn the
                                     matization in Leh, but the focus of        array of ways that the cats

                                       That was THE trip of a lifetime!
                                                                              -Caroline Gabel, Shared Earth Foundation
                                       Fabulous! Spotting that leopard at the end of our trek was priceless! To be
                                       able to spend an hour in the presence of such a magnificent creature
                                       (on HIS terms) is something we will never forget.”
                                                                                              -Barry and Erin Sharaf
                                      The exceptional people who organized the trip, took care of us, and guided
                                      us, were a real highlight of the trip.
                                                                                            -John and Jilian Lawson

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