Rising Fifth Grade Students by wulinqing


									Rising Fifth Grade Students                                                Summer 2010
Summer Reading and Writing                                                 Book Review

                    Summer Writing Assignment to Accompany Summer Reading

Students will create a book jacket or cover for one of the books that they have read and include a
summary or report of the book on the flap of the book cover. (See illustrations below)

Step 1: Design a book cover or jacket for the book that you read. You may draw a picture or design, or
create a collage of pictures from magazines or newspapers for your cover design. The key to a good book
cover or jacket is creating a cover that catches the attention of a potential reader and also gives a hint
about what the book is all about. There is an expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But in reality
most people do look at the cover when deciding whether or not to read a particular book. So think
carefully about the book before you start your cover design.

Step 2: The back of the book cover or jacket should contain information about the author of the book.
Author information includes: a) Full name of the person who wrote the book, b) any information about
the author – male/female, city that the author lives in, does the author have a family, etc. and c) other
books by the author.

Step 3: On the inside of the book cover you should write a brief summary of the book – write about the
story including the names of the main character(s). Explain the basic plot of the book – what is the
problem in the book/what is the main idea of the book. Don’t give away the ending! Your final sentence
should include whether or not you liked the book and if you would recommend it to a friend.

To create the book cover or jacket, get a large piece of construction paper (11 x 16) or near that size so
that you have plenty of space to write and create your design. A. Place your name, St. Ann’s Academy,
the date and the assignment (5th Grade Book Jacket) on the inside left side of the book jacket. B. Fold the
paper in half (marked by the heavy dashed line). C. Fold the paper inwards on the dotted lines where the
arrows are pointing.

                                                                                                     Step 1:
                                                                                                     Front Cover

          A                      B

                                 Step 2: Author
                                 Back Cover
                                                                       Step 3: Book Summary
                                                                            Inside Flaps

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