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									Home Hubbub is a Social Sales CRM
tool for the Mortgage Originator

                                                              78 Cowing Street
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                     Social Sales CRM for the Mortgage Originators

                                    By Tony Libby, CTO Hubbub Technology

               Contents       Introduction
                              The mortgage lending industry is facing difficult
Introduction              2   times as it struggles through a protracted
                              recovery. Meanwhile, technology advances are
Problem Statement         2   changing the way leads are found and how they
Previous Options          2   are converted to prospects and customers.
Home Hubbub Solution      2
                              Problem Statement
Implementation            3
                              Mortgage Originators are experiencing
Summary                   3   unfavorable market conditions leading to
                              increasing competition for a limited number of
                              qualified buyers.

                              Previous Options
                              Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
                              tools for Mortgage Originators have historically
                              focused on harvesting leads from past customers
                              and current prospects by maintaining telephone
                              and direct mail relationships with them. Email
                              campaigns are also common. Collecting
                              information about the potential borrower,
                              analyzing it for profit/loss and competitiveness
                              was also a major part of the selling process.

                              Periodically reviewing all past customers for
                              new lead potential (refinance and save monthly
                              or significant equity scenarios are low hanging
                              fruit) was done during downtime.

                              Purchasing leads (sometimes at a premium)
                              provided a steady stream of fresh qualified
                              leads, but erodes the bottom line if leads don’t

                              Home Hubbub Solution
                              Home Hubbub provides Social CRM technology
                              to the Mortgage Professional allowing not just
                              past customers or prospects to be tracked, but
                              leveraging the power of your Social Graph to
                              bring, connections, followers and more into your
                              selling pipeline. This is now possible with less
                              effort than prior generation CRM and automated
                              marketing solutions required.
Less work
The Home Hubbub solution makes it easy for you to drive prospects and customers to
their own secure and private profile page where they fill out their own housing and
mortgage information. Allowing customers and potential customers to provide this data
means they are doing the data collection and maintenance work for you. Simply invite
customers to create their own Dashboard, (with your branding and contact information;
much like a Realtor’s private web page) which will allow them to track and compare
rates and payments and easily comprehend their potential savings. Internet self-service is
common practice in today’s world.

More sales
Home Hubbub uses proprietary analytics to discover savings opportunities for your
contacts based on data in their Profile. Combining user profile data with current market
rates and other real-time signals from Social Networks allows Home Hubbub to surface
those most valuable and timely leads quickly.

Better relationships
Surfaced leads are easily contacted using the appropriate communications channel. For
instance, if a Facebook friend becomes a lead, messages to that friend will automatically
go through Facebook. If the lead was imported from LinkedIn, then a LinkedIn
‘InMessage’ is sent. This intelligent choice of communications channel is very important
for maintaining smooth communications with your customers and allows you to send
messages to friends, followers, or connections that you do not have email addresses for.

Today’s client is familiar with and prefers completing online profiles and discovering
information and deals online. Home Hubbub provides each of your contacts a custom
Profile and Dashboard that work in unison to provide you new leads and serves your
customers by tracking their home value, equity, savings scenarios, and credit information.

Customers can visit their Dashboard whenever they are in the market and easily contact
you (the Mortgage Originator) when they are ready to secure a loan or desire more

Every Home Hubbub client can brand their platform with their logo, picture and contact
information reminding customers and prospects who’s providing this excellent service..
As far as any customer will know, the Profiles and Dashboard are an extension of your
existing website. If you do not have an existing website, the Profiles and Dashboard serve
as an excellent and easy to use starting point for online lead generation and selling.
Each Mortgage Originator has administrative rights to see all of their user data,
investigate automatically surfaced leads, full CRM functionality, an email campaign
marketing engine, reporting and more.

A new generation of online marketing, lead generation, and sales tools are becoming
available which bring 21st century selling technology to the masses. These modern day
tools leverage the power of your social network, the friends, connections, followers, and
contacts that make up your Social Graph, to deliver powerful insights into buyer behavior
patterns. Data collection and analytics become easier as crowds provide detailed profile
information in exchange for intelligently selected deals and savings opportunities.

Sales 2.0 states that today’s prospects enter the buying phase more educated than past
generations thanks to the ubiquitous power of the internet. Sales professionals that do not
use 21st century relationship building and selling techniques will be increasingly
marginalized as strong online relationships are built, reinforced, and maintained by their
competitors. Success today means finding prospects early and become a part of their
education process, and not only staying connected but continuously adding value.
Leveraging current technology reduces the risk of being marginalized and out of mind
when the customers are ready to buy

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