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SULLIVAN COUNTY Trail Map by shuifanglj



                 2009 - 2010

1 - 8 0 0 - 8 8 2 - CAT S | w w w. s c v a . n et
 Antiques to Look For....          Sullivan County Antiquing
                                         is Eco-Friendly
                            We have become a very eco-friendly society. What better way to honor
                            our planet than by seeking out something for your home that is old
Shops to try:
                            and treasured. Antiquing, by definition, is an act of recycling. Recycling
                            antiques reduces landfill waste and keeps us connected to the past;
                            teaching us value and care for what we have. Antiques are made better,
                            last longer, have more character, and often cost less than reproductions.
                            We welcome you to navigate through the antiques shops on this map.
                            Think of how good it will make you feel to help our environment.
Shops to try:

                                  check out our many shops
                                 and chart your trail today!
What:                       ANTIQUES OF 10
                            THE ANTIQUE PALACE 3
Shops to try:
                            ARTISANS 4
                            AUNT BERTI’S 5
                            CALLICOON FLEA 10
Shops to try:
                            THE COUNTRY BUM’KIN, 12

Shops to try:               THE CUTTING 8
                            EARTHGIRL’S 9
                            FERNDALE ANTIQUES 5
                            FORGET-ME-NOT 13
                            GLOBAL 8
Shops to try:               HAMILTON’S ANTIQUE 3
                            IN 2 COLLECTING GLASS & 2

What:                       LEE HARTWELL 11
Shops to try:
                            MONTICELLO PHARMACY & 12
                            OLD NORTH BRANCH 10
                            SHANDELEE BROOK QUILT 3
What:                       SLEEPY BEAR 9
                            TOWN & COUNTRY 4
Shops to try:
                            TUSTEN MT. 13
                            UNTIL NEXT TIME ANTIQUES & 13
                            WHITE BARN 11
                                                                                                                                                            SH 1
                                                                                                                                                              O -5
                                                                                 3   SHANDELEE BROOK QUILT SHED
                                                                                           446 Shandelee RD. (County Rd 149)
                                                                                               Livingston Mannor 12758
                                                                                                   tel: (845) 439-3567

                                                                                          Open Year Round: Weekends or By Appointment
                                                                                 Country Shed filled to the rafters with unique one of a kind
                                                                                 handmade quilts. Many newly restored pre 1940’s. Quilted items
                                                                                 as well from pillows, aprons, tablecloths, jackets, vests, Xmas items
                                                                                 and handcrafted beaded jewelry, modest prices for treasures.
                                                                                 Directions: Main Street Livingston Manor heading south
                                                                                 becomes Cty Rd 149 or Shandelee Road. About 2 miles beyond
1       IN 2 COLLECTING GLASS & MORE                                             LM Firehouse on right side look for Quilt Sign.
         511 Hazel RD., Livingston Manor 12758
                   tel: (845) 439-3925                                           4   HAMILTON’S ANTIQUE SHOPPE
                                                                                      State Rte 55, Main ST., Neversink 12765
                     Memorial Day to Labor Day:                                                 tel: (845) 985-2671
                 Weekends 9-4, Weekdays by appointment                                      email:
                   Sept to May: Call for appointment
    Specializing in Depression Era glassware, our shop is overflowing                            April to Oct 31: 10-5 (closed Wed)
    with glassware from the 1880’s to the present. Beautiful displays                     Nov 1 to Dec:10-5 (closed Wed) Please call ahead
    of crystal & colored patterns of Depression glass, elegant glass,                                   Jan to Mar 30: Closed
    Victorian pressed glass and kitchenware. Other antiques and                  Large antique shop loaded with ready for your home antiques. We carry
    collectibles include decorative items, breweriana and furniture.             oak, cherry, pine, and walnut furniture, dressers, tables, chairs, washstands,
    Directions: Located between Livingston Manor and Roscoe.                     desks & more. Glassware, china, pottery, depression glass, antique gold &
    Turn off of Old Route 17 onto Hazel Road, go 1 mile.                         silver jewelry to glitz - rhinestones and costume jewelry. Also a roomful of
                                                                                 vintage clothes, linens, lace, quilts & more. Dealer of Canal Street Cutlery
                                                                                 Custom Knives. Credit cards: MC, V
2                            MEMORIES                                            Directions: From Rte 17 to Exit 100A make right onto Rte 55 – 7 miles
             Route 17 - Between Exits 98 & 97,                                   shop on left opposite school bus garage.
                     Parksville 12768
            tel: (845) 292-4270 (800) 222-8463                                   5
                    fax: (845) 292-0262
                                                                                     THE ANTIQUE PALACE EMPORIUM
                                                   300 Chestnut ST./Rte 52 West, Liberty 12754
            email:                                                  tel: (845) 292-2270
                       Open All Year: 7 Days, 10-5pm                               email:
    Memories - Step back in time to the largest, most unique shop of its
                                                                                                     Open Year Round: Daily 10-5
    kind on the east coast. Six large showrooms (over 30,000 sq. ft.) filled
    with over 27, 112 large and small items - all this at prices less than you   We would like to invite you to furnish your home with American Restored
    would expect. Come to Memories - furniture, lighting, accessories and        Antique and Collectible Furniture specializing in Dining Room & Bed-
    memorabilia dating from 1820 to the present. Something to sell? Call         room sets. Two floors of Decorative pieces, Upholstered pieces, mirrors,
    us, we’ll go anywhere (800) 222-8463. Wholesale by appointment only.         jewelry, lighting, paintings, glassware, formal, country and more. Located in
    Credit cards: MC, V, Discover                                                the same location over 25 years. Professional Restoration and Upholstery
                                                                                 available. Credit cards: MC, V
    Directions: On Route 17 Quickway (between exits 98 & 97) 6 miles
    west of Liberty, NY.                                                         Directions: 3/4 mile from light on Main Street – 300 Chestnut St. /
                                                                                 Route 52 West.
    2                                                                                                                                                        3
                                                                                                                                                                     SH 6
                                                                                                                                                                       O -9
                                                                                      8                 FERNDALE ANTIQUES
                                                                                                      52 Ferndale RD. (Rte 17, Exit 101)
                                                                                                              Ferndale 12734
                                                                                                            tel: (845) 292-8701
                                                                                                          July 1st to Labor Day: Daily 10-5
                                                                                              Sept to Dec & Apr to June: Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun & Holiday
                                                                                                          Mondays 10-5; Closed Jan to Mar
                                                                                          Specializing in fine and vintage furniture, decorations, lighting
                                                                                          and paintings for nearly 20 years. If you’re searching for the perfect
                                                                                          decor or antiques for your home, Ferndale Antiques is the shop for
                                                                                          you. We are quality dealers displaying an array of pieces representing
                                                                                          a wide diversity of periods and styles. Customers comment on the
                                                                                          unique atmosphere and attractive way our marketplace is designed.
6         TOWN & COUNTRY ANTIQUES                                                         Step into “The Boutique” with a stunning selection of vintage
                 1 North Main ST., Liberty 12754                                          costume jewelry and designer accessories. Our promise to
                       tel: (845) 292-1363                                                you is a different kind of shopping experience with excellent
                                                      customer services that will bring you back time and again.
                                 Open All Year                                            Credit cards: AE, MC, V, Discover, Debit Cards
                        Sept to June: Thurs – Sun 10-5                                    Directions: Rte. 17 West to exit 101 then 2 rights. From Rte. 17
                         July & Aug: Everyday 10-5                                        East: take exit 101. Right at end of ramp to shop. From Route 52:
    Housed in the historic Town & Country building in the heart of                        turn onto Ferndale-Loomis Road at BOCES in Liberty, turn into
    downtown Liberty, our shop offers a diverse inventory of antiques,                    parking lot at the 2nd stop sign. Look for the large white building
    collectibles and decorator items presented by several seasoned                        with the red roof near the Exxon station in Ferndale.
    buyers who are dedicated to bringing you interesting pieces at
    competitive prices. You’ll find ample municipal parking in the rear,
    as well as other unique shops and eateries within a short walking
    distance. Credit cards: AE, MC, V, Discover

7                   ARTISANS GALLERY
                110 Mill ST., Liberty 12754
                    tel: (845) 295-9278
                                                 9         AUNT BERTI’S COLLECTIONZ
        email:                                               542 White Sulphur RD. (County Road 143)
                                                                                                   White Sulphur Springs 12787
                   Memorial Day to Labor Day: Daily 9-5
                                                                                                         tel: (845) 292-6510
                   Sept to Year End: Daily 9-5 (closed Tue)
                       Jan to May: Fri, Sat & Sun 9-5
                                                                                                        Open year round by appointment.
    A unique and eclectic sole proprietor shoppe. Victorian to 50’s and
                                                                                                       Open Memorial Day to Labor Day:
    modern. We feature oak, mahogany, pine and walnut furniture. Collectible
                                                                                             Most weekends (Fri-Mon) 10-5; Other weekdays by chance.
    china, artwork, elegant crystal, glassware, pottery, lighting and mirrors. Also
                                                                                                           Call for hours and directions.
    garden, patio and porch decor. One of a kind handmade mosaic tables, lamps,
    mirrors and picture frames. Ample parking — Dealers Welcome — Local                   Accumulations from A-Z: Antiques, ABC plates, baskets, bone dishes,
    and Manhattan Delivery Available! Credit cards: AE, MC, V, Discover                   books...ducks...footed bowls, glassware, hair receivers, hats....knife rests...
                                                                                          vintage furniture... Zane Grey. An Alphabetique Experience.
    4                                                                                                                                                                 5



                                                                                      10           9                      5         7

                                                                             11                                                 8

                        16 17

                                                                 18                                    19       21

                                              24                      23

          All Locations are approximate, please call shops for detailed directions.

Shop Legend by Number                                                                                  Shop Legend by Alphabetical Name
 1. In 2 ColleCtIng glass & More                   13.    sleepy Bear antIQues                         15. antIQues oF CallICoon            1. In 2 ColleCtIng glass & More
2. MeMorIes                                        14.    old north BranCh Inn                          5. the antIQue palaCe eMporIuM     19. In2retro
3. shandelee Brook QuIlt shed                      15.    antIQues oF CallICoon                         7. artIsans gallery                17. lee hartwell antIQues
4. haMIlton’s antIQue shoppe                       16.    CallICoon Flea Market                         9. aunt BertI’s ColleCtIonz         2. MeMorIes
5. the antIQue palaCe eMporIuM                     17.    lee hartwell antIQues                        16. CallICoon Flea Market           21. MontICello pharMaCy & antIQues
6. town & Country antIQues                         18.    whIte Barn antIQues                          20. the Country BuM’kIn, llC        14. old north BranCh Inn
 7. artIsans gallery                               19.    In2retro                                     10. the CuttIng garden               3. shandelee Brook QuIlt shed
8. Ferndale antIQues MarketplaCe                  20.     the Country BuM’kIn, llC                     12. earthgIrl’s Closet              13. sleepy Bear antIQues
9. aunt BertI’s ColleCtIonz                        21.    MontICello pharMaCy & antIQues                8. Ferndale antIQues MarketplaCe    6. town & Country antIQues
10. the CuttIng garden                            22.     untIl next tIMe antIQues & ColleCtIBles      24. Forget-Me-not antIQues          23. tusten Mtn. antIQues
11. gloBal hoMe                                   23.     tusten Mtn. antIQues                          11. gloBal hoMe                    22. untIl next tIMe antIQues & ColleCtIBles
12. earthgIrl’s Closet                            24.     Forget-Me-not antIQues                        4. haMIlton’s antIQue shoppe       18. whIte Barn antIQues

  6                                                                                                                                                                             7
                                                                                                                                               SH 0
                                                                                                                                                 O - 13
10              THE CUTTING GARDEN
            4055 State Rte 52, Youngsville 12791
                      tel: (845) 482-3333
         Memorial Day to Columbus Day: Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon 10-6
                 Oct 15 to May 30: Sat 10-5 & Sun 11-4
                      & By chance or appointment
                                                                           12              EARTHGIRL’S CLOSET
     The year round shop features an eclectic mix of antiques, vintage
                                                                                     92 Bayer RD., Callicoon Center 12724
     furniture, kitchenware, collectibles, textiles, ephemera and old
                                                                                               tel: (845) 482-4976
     tools. The barn is full of treasures & the garden features 100+
     varieties of flowers and vegetables available for picking. Credit
     cards: AE, MC, V, Discover
                                                                                                  May to Sept: Fri – Sun 11-5
     Directions: On State Rte 52, we are 3 miles east of Jeffersonville,
                                                                                            Rest of Year: By chance or appointment.
     or 8 miles west of Liberty. From Livingston Manor take Rte 149
     10 miles to Youngsville & make a right onto Rte 52.                        Decorate your home and your body with one-stop shopping at the
                                                                                Earthgirl Studio. For the home - whimsical, unique, handmade, folk
                                                                                art pottery alongside linens from the 40s-70s. For the body
                                                                                – one-of-a-kind vintage treasures include clothing, scarves,
                                                                                handbags, costume jewelry, mod baubles, sunglasses, belts,
                                                                                specialty knits, country outerwear and all things retro. Browse
                                                                                thru Earthgirl’s Closet, try out a new look, and walk away
                                                                                inspired. Earthgirl’s Closet is housed alongside Earthgirl
                                                                                Pottery. Visit the restored 19th century barn surrounded by lush
                                                                                gardens and a dream of a pond while you enjoy hand picked
                                                                                selections to make every day special. Credit cards: MC,V
11                     GLOBAL HOME
          4929 State Rte 52, Jeffersonville 12748                               Directions: From Rt. 52 Jeffersonville. Take Willy Ave (Rt. 127)
                  tel/fax: (845) 482-3652                                       5 miles to Callicoon Center (follow the double yellow lines). Make
                                                      a left at stop sign onto The Gulf Road. Travel 1 mile to make right
              email:                                      onto Bayer Road – up hill to #92. Driveway is long – studio / shop
                                                                                is located in the Old Barn behind the house.
                Open Year Round: Wed – Sun from 11am
                   Jan to Mar: Fri – Sun from 11am
                  Thanksgiving to Dec 24: 7 days/week
     Inspired by world travels, we have curated an exotic and modern       13            SLEEPY BEAR ANTIQUES
     collection of the finest furniture, decor and lifestyle gifts for             County Route 94, Fremont Center 12736
     discriminating tastes. Enjoy a unique shopping experience                              tel: (845) 887-4996
     through our Craftsman style house where everything from
                                                                                                 June to Oct: Sat & Sun 11-4
     the lighting fixtures to the clothes in the closets are for sale.
                                                                                               Oct to May: By appointment only
     Discover top designer lamps, rugs, dishware, linens, spa items,
     small kitchen appliances, audio equipment, cd’s, top quality           Established 1989 in the Fremont Center General Store, Sleepy Bear An-
     books, toys, nursery furniture, apparel, jewelry and cosmetics and     tiques is a stand-out among country antiques stores. We feature museum
     more — all along side our exquisite furniture. Design services         quality objects in many disciplines; Pre-Columbian Pottery, Inuit Stone
     available. Credit cards: AE, MC, V, Discover                           Carvings, Tramp Art, American Quilts, Native American Jewelry, Pottery,
                                                                            Beadwork and Baskets, Mission Furniture, Tribal Masks, Paintings and
     Directions: From Route 17B: West through White Lake and
                                                                            Prints. Credit cards: AE
     Bethel to Fosterdale stoplight. Right onto 52B to State Route
     52 to Jeffersonville. From Route 17: Exit 100. Follow 52 West          Directions: On Hankins/Roscoe Road, 10 miles from Roscoe, 5 miles
     through Liberty. 10-15 minutes to Jeffersonville.                      from Hankins.
     8                                                                                                                                           9
                                                                                                                                                           O 19
14             OLD NORTH BRANCH INN                                               17         LEE HARTWELL ANTIQUES

              869 North Branch/Hortonville Rd.                                              25 Lower Main ST., Callicoon 12764
                     North Branch 12766                                                  tel/fax: (845) 887-6727 (call first for fax)
                      tel: (845) 482-5925                                                   
                                                                                              Open All Year: Fri - Wed 11-5pm (closed Thurs)
               The Inn is Open Through Most of the Year:
                                                                                   An eclectic shop featuring a wide array of time-honored furniture
                See website for expanded Summer Hours
                                                                                   and home accessories from the Victorian, Art Deco, Arts and Crafts,
     The Restaurant is Open: Weekends for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
                                                                                   and Mid-Century Modern Eras including fine vintage estate and
                       (Reservations Recommended)
                                                                                   costume jewelry. We also offer Custom Framing and carry an extensive
     Old Country Inn & Guest House decorated & stocked with                        collection of antique frames. Credit cards: MC, V, Discover
     antique furnishings, pottery & art. Wine Bar & Fine Food.
                                                                                   Directions: Route 17B west to Callicoon’s Lower Main Street, turn
     Roseville, antique art, majolica, transferware & special exhibits in
                                                                                   right. Located on left side of street.
     the Vintage Bowling lanes. Credit cards: MC, V

             26 Upper Main St., Callicoon 12723                                   18           WHITE BARN ANTIQUES
          tel: (845) 887-5918 office: (718) 634-5968                               1040 County RD. 115, Cochecton Center 12727
                    email:                                                     tel: (845) 252-7533
                   Sept - Dec: Sat 10-4, Sun, please call first                              email:
                        Apr to Jun: Sat 10-4, Sun 11-3                                                 April to Nov: Thurs-Sun 10-5
     July & Aug: Thur, Fri, Sat & Mon 10-4, Sun 11-3 (closed Tue & Wed)
                                                                                  A three story barn full of French, Asian and Country Antiques. Voted
     Three stories in restored 1880’s wood frame building located across          “Best Antiques Store” by the River Reporter for the last four years.
     from railroad station in hamlet of Callicoon on the Delaware.                Credit cards: MC, V
     Featuring country antiques, lighting, linens, jewelry, clothing,
     vintage prints, stained glass, outdoor furniture and much more.              Directions: Located one mile east of Heinle’s General Store or from 17B
     Credit cards: AE, MC, V, Discover                                            take County Rd. 115 toward Narrowsburg. We’re just 5 miles on the right.

     Directions: Route 17 West to exit 104 to 17B West into town.
     Route 17 East to exit 87 to 97 South to town.

                                                                                  19                        IN2RETRO
              43 Lower Main ST., Callicoon 12723
                       tel: (845) 887-5411                                         1163 State Route 17B, Mongaup Valley 12762
                                                               tel: (845) 707-4766
             email:                                            email:
                          Always closed Tue & Wed                                         Memorial Day to Labor Day: Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon 10-6
             May & June: Fri 10-3, Sat 10-5, Sun 10-4, Mon 10-3                        Sept 1 to May 30: By chance or appointment (please call ahead)
          July & Aug: Thu & Fri 10-3, Sat 10-5, Sun 10-4, Mon 10-3
                                                                                  Want to take a break from the ordinary and have some fun? Be sure to
                Sep – Nov: Fri 11-4, Sat 10-5, Sun & Mon 11-4
                                                                                  visit us for a great selection of vintage, mid century, contemporary and
     Wide variety of antiques, furniture, depression glass, collectibles,         boutique. Featuring 4 rooms of fabulously chic and funky jewelry., hand-
     jewelry, toys, army surplus, camping, fishing, inflatable tubes and boats,   bags, clothing, furniture, lighting and decorative accessories displayed in
     and much, much more... Merchandise constantly arriving. Over 7,000           an 1890’s farmhouse. Come in and browse, and share the passion of those
     sq. feet of floor space. Closed Dec to Mar, Apr by chance or appoint-        who are - in2retro! Credit cards: AE, MC, V, Discover
     ment. Open rain or shine. Credit cards: MC, V and Debit cards
                                                                                  Directions: Our shop is centrally located between Monticello Raceway
     Directions: Route 17B West then follow signs to Callicoon.                   and Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. We are on Route 17B, just 5 miles
     Right turn to Lower Main Street. Shop at end of Main Street                  from Exit 104 (off Route 17), and 4 miles east of Bethel Woods Center
     on left side.                                                                For The Arts.
     10                                                                                                                                                   11
                                                                                                                                                       SH 0
                                                                                                                                                          O - 24
                                                                                   22    UNTIL NEXT TIME ANTIQUES
                                                                                              & COLLECTIBLES
                                                                                               12 River RD., Barryville 12719
                                                                                                     tel: (845) 557-0597
                                                                                    March & April: Sat & Sun 11-5; May to Oct: Fri, Sat & Sun 11-5
20                                                                                   Nov & Dec: Sat & Sun 11-5; Jan & Feb: by appt or by chance
      1040 State Route 17B, Mongaup Valley 12762                                   Three showrooms of Furniture, Antiques & Collectibles that range
         tel: (845) 583-7937 fax: (845) 583-3046                                   from Primitive, Arts & Crafts to Modern. Choose from a wide
                                                        selection of stoneware, artwork, glassware, toys, linens, jewelry,
          email:                                       pottery, tools and so much more. Located along the Beautiful
                                                                                   Delaware River, where Route 55 meets the Scenic Byway Route
     Memorial Day to Labor Day: Wed 10-5, Thurs & Fri 11-6, Sat,                   97. Credit cards: AE, MC, V, Discover
                      Sun, Mon 10-5 (closed Tues)
     Apr 1 to May 1 & Sept 1 to Dec 30:Thurs & Fri 11-6, Sat, Sun,                 Directions: Take Route 97 to Barryville. Turn onto Mail Road
                    Mon 10-5 (closed Tues & Wed)                                   Ext. We are located at the intersection of Mail Road Ext. and
              Jan 1 to Mar 31: Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun 10-5                          River Road.

     The Country Bum’Kin is located in Mongaup Valley, in the
     beautiful town of Bethel, NY, just four miles east of the Bethel              23          TUSTEN MT. ANTIQUES
     Woods Performing Arts Center (Exit 104 off Route 17) We are a                      350 Irishtown RD., Narrowsburgh 12764
     unique shop featuring an abundance of antiques, furniture, vintage                            tel: (845) 252-3379
     items, art and collectibles. Stop by and browse through possessions                      email:
     from rustic to formal, representing many different styles and
                                                                                                     Open All Year: Sat & Sun 11-5
     periods. Credit cards: AE, MC, V, Discover, Checks
                                                                                                 (other times by chance or appointment))
     Directions: From Route 17 (Quickway) take Route 17B west
                                                                                   Two large showrooms filled with antique furniture, glassware, art,
     approx. 4 miles. Shop is located on the right hand side.
                                                                                   accessories, records, and more.
21            MONTICELLO PHARMACY                                                  Directions: From Monticello, Route 17B to 55W to 97 North
                                                                                   (Barryville) then 7 miles (up 97 North) to Lackawaxen Road,
                   & ANTIQUES
                                                                                   follow signs 2 miles to shop. From Narrowsburg, 97 South for 8 miles to
            41 Jefferson ST., Monticello 12701                                     Lackawaxen Road, follow yellow signs. From Yulan, take lrishtown Road,
          tel: (845) 796-3600 fax: (845) 796-3601                                  follow yellow signs.
              July 1 to Sept 4th: Mon–Fri 8-6, Sat & Sun 9-4                       24      FORGET-ME-NOT ANTIQUES
            Sept 5 to Jun 30: Mon-Fri 8-6, Sat 9-4 (closed Sun)
                                                                                             1923 Rt. 97, Narrowsburgh 12764
     This shop contains greeting cards, gifts, antiques, unusual jewelry                              tel: (845) 252-6711
     boxes, atomizers, armoires, glassware, cutlery, all displayed in classical-              email:
     ly lit cabinets with a chandelier handing above. The gift shop occupies
     two floors and contains eclectic collectibles, antique jewelry, figurines,                    Apr to Oct: Thurs, Fri & Sat 10-5
     furnishings, handmade quilts, textiles, antique clocks, and other items.                     Other days by chance or appointment.
     Credit cards: AE, MC, V, Discover, Debit Cards                                 Located close to downtown Narrowsburg our charming shop is
     Directions: From White Lake: Head East on Rt. 17B for approx.                  sure to inspire you. You’ll be sure to find something for everyone in
     7 miles then make a right on Jefferson St. Store is approx 0.6 miles           our two showrooms featuring furniture, pottery, art, lamps, garden,
     on right. From NYC: Take Rt. 17 West to Exit 104, bear left to-                stained glass, linens, jewelry, tools and more. Also visit our soon to
     wards Rt. 17B and go to the first light ( Jefferson St.). Make a left          be arriving Book Nook, Flower Bed Shop along with our Bargain
     on Jefferson St. Store is approx 0.6 miles on right. From Liberty:             Barn, filled with other unique treasures.
     Take Rt. 17 East to Exit 104. Go straight across Rt. 17B as road               Directions: 2 miles South of Narrowsburg on Rte 97, 1/2 mile
     turns into Jefferson St. Store is approx 0.6 miles on the right.               South of intersection where Rte. 52 splits from Rte 97.
 12                                                                                                                                                    13
                       PO BOX 248
              FERNDALE, NY 12734


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         Sullivan County

Sullivan County Antiques Trail Map
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                     Ferndale, NY 12734

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