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					               Washington State Community and Technical Colleges
                        Library Media Directors Council
                       Summer Meeting - July 28-29, 2005
                         Whatcom Community College

Thursday, July 28, 2005

PRESENT - Jane Blume (Bellingham Technical College), Mary Carr (Spokane
Community College), Stephanie Carter (Centralia College); Mindy Coslor (Skagit
Valley College), Charlie Crawford (Tacoma Community College), Roxanne Dimyan
(Clark College), Paula Doherty (Peninsula College), Jennifer Dysart (Green River
Community College), Cynthia Fugate (Cascadia Community College), Tim
Fuhrman (Big Bend Community College),Debra Gilchrist (Pierce College), Mary
Ann Goodwin (Spokane Falls Community College), Lauri Kram (Edmonds
Community College), Linda Lambert (Whatcom Community College), Wai Fong
Lee (Seattle Central Community College), Monica Luce (Highline Community
College), Marji MacKenzie (College Librarians and Media Specialists/ GRCC),
Lynn Olson (Pierce College), Eric Palo (Renton Technical College), Sue Schub
(Bates Technical College), Myra Van Vactor (Bellevue Community College), Joan
Weber (Yakima Valley Community College), Loretta Seppanen (State Board for
Community and Technical Colleges), Rand Simmons (Washington State Library),
Jan Walsh (Washington State Library).

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m. by Chair, Mindy Coslor.

Introductions and News

Skagit - Mindy announced that today is her last day as Interim Dean.

Edmonds – The Library is beginning preliminary planning for collaborating with
Academic Computing to create an Information Commons in the Library.

Big Bend - Tim announced that he was made the new Dean of Information Resources
several weeks ago. Big Bend has joined the ORCA Consortium.

Yakima Valley – The Library has been funded to remodel of both floors of the library
and will also gain an extension to the building. The project will begin soon.

Peninsula - The Library has been funded for a remodel but will instead be building a
new library.

Pierce – Since the July 1 change in their district structure, Pierce College will now have
a Chancellor and two Presidents. Michele Johnson is the new Chancellor,
Tanna Hasser was hired as President of Pierce, Puyallup, and a President for Fort
Steilacoom is being recruited for a September 1 hire date.

The Library has been funded for renovation. Based on pre-design information the library
may expand from 20,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet.

Clark - Leonoor Ingraham-Swets has retired. The College has formed a task force to
survey community colleges about the organizational structure of their libraries. Roxanne
asked LMDC members to please complete the survey. She will share a summary of the
results with LMDC.

Seattle Central – The library front entrance will be closed due to remodeling of Student
Services. The District- wide librarians are continuing to work on their Information
Literacy action plan.

Tacoma – The library had spent the previous two years designing a renovation of the
building in which it was located, but the project was always delayed and under funded.
Since the library and learning labs occupy 2/3 of the space and 1/3 of the space is for
other uses, it was recently decided to change the focus and to renovate the non library
part of the building and move student services to that space. The longer term plan is to
get a new building for the library and learning support services over the next couple of

Whatcom – Linda is working on their library plan and on marketing the plan. The library
is “inching to having archives/special collections.” This has caught the eye of their
President who is looking for furniture.

Bellingham - The library is in the process of expanding its available space, with student
space increasing by 900 square feet.

Washington State Library - WSL funding is stable for the second year.

Bates – Daria Parry has left Bates; they are currently recruiting for a Dean.

Western Washington – The College is talking about upcoming partnerships with 4 year
and 2 year institutions.

Bellevue – The library has been going through remodeling during the past year, and
hopefully will move in to their remodeled space in June 2006. Bellevue is getting ready
for accreditation.

Centralia – The librarians held a retreat in July and are scheduled for another retreat in
August to work on their information literacy plan. Coordination of Distance Learning has
been recently added to Stephanie’s job.

Spokane Falls - Mary Ann has assumed responsibility for Distance Learning as of
July 1.

Spokane - The Library has just finished with the third Russian delegation that came
through Spokane. The delegation was a group of library information technology
specialists. Spokane Cc and Spokane Falls CC will meet for a joint retreat in fall with
Julie Todera as a guest.

Renton – The College is in the last 2 months of a three year Title III grant. Every staff
position funded by the grant will continue being funded after the grant.

Green River – With the College about to celebrate its 40th anniversary, there is renewed
interest in having archives. Marji has archives training and is the point person for this.
The Library has been having a busy summer with the archives, Unicode and Information
Literacy. The College has opened a new technology building, which is an entirely “green”

Highline – The Library is doing a lot of planning for changes for next year. Media
Services and Circulation are being consolidated into one department. The person who
ran Highline’s library technician program for years is possibly retiring. They are
considering tying the program more closely to the library and involving reference

Cascadia – The College’s new President is Bill Christopher. He and the new Interim
Chancellor at UW Bothell did a joint welcome in the Library.


Mindy thanked Mary Ann for all of her efforts last year and presented Mary Ann with a


Minutes of Spring Meeting                           Lauri Kram

Jane moved and Tim seconded. The minutes were approved as written.

Treasurers Report                                   Mary Carr

Balance is $4,977.28. Expenses for the spring meeting were $190.38. Invoices for
LMDC membership will be sent out soon.


CIS                                                 Nancy Peterson

Nancy was not able to attend the meeting and will post a report to the Library Directors

CLAMS                                               Marji MacKenzie

ACTION - Marji requested that we please send her an updated directory of each of our
library staff. CLAMS will be sponsoring activities at Pac Forest. The spring conference
topic may be about archives. The fall conference is tentatively scheduled for October 27
or 28 at Pac Forest.

Information Literacy and ICCL                       Myra Van Vactor

Myra introduced Jeff Purdue, from Western Washington University, who is attending
today’s meeting to meet the LMDC group and to talk about the possibilities of our
forming partnerships with 4 year institutions.

Jeff briefly described this project from the perspective of ICCL and outlined their
tentative ideas for the project. This project is part of an effort by the ICCL Council of
Chief Librarians. The librarians at the six baccalaureate institutions were charged by the
ICCL Deans to develop sophomore information literacy benchmarks that would
eventually coordinate those developed by the CTCs. The intent is for all Washington
students to be able to have the same level of information literacy proficiency.

A group of fifteen librarians from baccalaureate institutions met in January, 2005 to begin
discussions. The group is developing a position paper, similar to the LMDC Information
Literacy White Paper that will be shared with LMDC once it has been approved by the
ICCL Deans. After completing the position paper, a major project for this fall is to
develop a rubric that will remain as a draft until all Washington public schools can agree
on it. The ICCL Deans have set a project deadline of December 2005. Phase two of this
project will involve collaboration with CTCs.

Wai Fong suggested that if possible, CTCs and ICCL should begin collaborating now on
the basic groundwork. Deb suggested that we all work on the sophomore benchmarks
together if the four year institution librarians are amenable. Deb noted that five library
faculty are on LMDC’s Information Literacy Subcommittee and at least three or four of
them could work with the four year institution librarians.

Washington State Library                             Rand Simmons

Rand distributed bookmarks publicizing wa.lii and a brochure Project Resources
Information for Digital Reference as part of the Statewide Virtual Reference Project.

(WSL Report – Handout)

Statewide Marketing Initiative – WSL will offer three additional Effective Marketing for
Libraries workshops, one of which will be the same as the workshop offered last year
focusing on academic libraries. Karen Goettling would like to know what dates and
locations would work for us. A survey will be sent to the library directors list.

They are also looking to do ca. three workshops on how to work with the media. An
online survey about marketing will be available soon. One survey will be about the
marketing campaign and the second survey will be about the Effective Marketing for
Libraries workshop.

Library Council is moving ahead on the nomination to replace Leonoor Ingraham-Swets,
hopefully Tim will be on the Council for the September 27 meeting.

Washington Preservation workshops on commercial bindings will be offered on August 9
in Seattle and on August 11 in Spokane, see workshop descriptions on the WSL
website. The 2005 Preservation grant recipients will soon be listed on the website

Wa.lii will soon have a new interface and new, improved functionality. WSL will be
recruiting for more contributors. Contact Buff Hirko if you are interested at

Subscribe to WSL weekly email updates at

Washington State Library (continued)                        Jan Walsh

(2 Handouts)

Jan distributed two handouts History Online at the WSL and Letters About Literature, a
National Reading and Writing Promotion program for children and young adults. She
also distributed a bookmark WASHINGTON READS.

WSL has been digitizing Washington history online for about two years and is continuing
to make classics available digitally. This has been useful for schools. They are
collaborating with the Spokane Public Library on WWI Remembers and with a museum
in Sequim that is helping with scanning and indexing. The WSL was invited to participate
with the Library of Congress Center for the Book on a new program Letters About

Statewide Database Licensing                          Jane Blume

The SDL Committee met on July and was also attended by Jan Walsh, Rand Simmons
and Stephanie Carter. Access to the following Proquest databases has now been added
to our license and for half the cost that we paid last year - Culture Grams, Ethnic News
Watch, and Alt Press.

Library Council investigated a proposal from OCLC for their “Group Services” and asked
the SDL Committee to look at the proposal and report back to them at their September

A SWOT analysis about the OCLC proposal was done at the meeting. Our records
could be deep linked by Google and Yahoo if we have the statewide OCLC group
services contract. Group Services is a new way of bundling services. The Group
Catalog is one service, other services include unlimited cataloging, unlimited ILL,
Question Point and 24/7 digital reference (but WSL is approaching this through BCR

The Group Catalog provides unlimited ways of showing holdings, e.g. holdings for only 2
year colleges, or holdings for only Washington public libraries. Rand noted that this is
not a group discount but according to OCLC, it is a better way of controlling our costs
than if we each go it alone. In response to Marji’s question about the number of libraries
OCLC would require for its group services, Rand said that it doesn’t matter how many
libraries are included because it would be a “roll up of total costs.”

Jane will forward a copy of the SWOT analysis to the library directors list and the WSL
will provide a list of projects that are being considered by Library Council.

Stephanie reported that Gale is offering an opportunity to the libraries that purchased the
Gale package last year to upgrade their package. Upgrade decisions must be made by
August 12. Contact Will Stuveigna for information.

Stephanie added that in order to maintain our current pricing for Books 24/7, we need to
bring in additional FTEs. Another option is to license Books 24/7 through BCR which
could be considerably more expensive. Stephanie will keep us informed about this.

ACTION - Mary Carr was asked to join the Proquest Community College Advisory
Board. The Board’s first meeting will be in October. Mary asked that we let her know
what issues we would like brought up and Mary will post all of these to the library
directors list.

LIBRARY DIRECTORS SYMPOSIUM                                 Mary Ann Goodwin

Mary Ann attended an initial planning meeting in Portland at which the question was
raised about whether various groups participating in the symposium would be willing to
provide monetary support for this event. Mary Ann asked LMDC for permission to help
fund this one-day meeting, possibly in spring 2006 held at Portland Community College.
Directors from a variety of academic institutions in Oregon and Washington, private,
public, community, technical, etc. would be invited. Mary Ann suggested that LMDC
contribute ca. $1,000.

The Symposium would be an opportunity to build relationships, trust and understanding
as well as present a compelling topic. Many potential topics were suggested at the
planning meeting, but nothing has been set. Myra suggested information literacy as a
possible topic. Mary Ann noted that a keynote speaker may be brought in followed by
break out sessions. Funding would cover the costs of a guest speaker, lunch, etc.
LMDC would be co-sponsors along with ICCL, ORBIS Cascade, OPAL, etc.

Myra asked if we could apply for a WSL grant for this. Rand replied that individuals could
apply for continuing education funds, or LMDC could apply for a continuing education
institutional grant, i.e. A $1,000 grant with 50% in matching funds.

Motion – Wai Fong moved that LMDC donate $1,000 in matching funds from the LMDC
treasury to help support the Northwest Library Directors Symposium to be held in 2006,
and that LMDC also apply for a Continuing Education Institutional Grant for an additional
$1,000. Jane seconded. The motion was carried by a unanimous vote.

Rand noted that LMDC will need to pay $2,000 and will then be reimbursed by the WSL
for $1,000 of those costs.

Mary Ann said that she will communicate this to the group and will apply for an
institutional CE grant.

DISTRIBUTED LEARNING GRANTS                                 Mary Ann Goodwin

These grants are sponsored by the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges
through the Distance Learning Council. Mary Ann, Stephanie and Jane’s libraries had
applied for these grants, but did not receive them. Stephanie reported that four projects
had been chosen, but she hasn’t seen the list of projects yet. Grant requirements
focused on project proposals that would have a statewide impact that would involve

collaboration among multiple institutions or that included letters indicating that the
product would be used by multiple institutions.

The grant sponsoring group will re-write the RFP to narrow down the types of requests
that they receive in the next round, to make it easier to evaluate the project proposals.
Mary Ann noted that she didn’t think the grant sponsors were prepared for the range and
scope of the proposals that they received, and that there was not widespread agreement
about the evaluation criteria to use or about how the money should be spent. A
teleconference with everyone involved will be scheduled, during which the four project
proposals submitted will be voted on.

Loretta asked what proposals had been submitted by Bellingham, Whatcom and
Centralia. Jane said that the Bellingham proposal was to investigate distance learning in
Professional/Technical programs nationally and their effectiveness. The proposal was
also intended to increase innovation and entrepreneurship at the Professional/Technical
level by developing a distance learning class that would develop entrepreneurial skills.
The response was that this proposal would not have system wide impact.

Mary Ann said that Spokane Falls’ proposal was to develop a science course for WAOL
that would help offer an AA degree online. The proposal was turned down because it
does not have a statewide impact. Another proposal was a collaborative attempt to build
an applied business degree with Peninsula and Skagit or Whatcom. This proposal was
also turned down.

Stephanie said that Centralia’s proposal was to build an online writing and math
research center that institutions could adapt as needed. The product would be scaled so
that it could be burned to a CD so that it could used as a PowerPoint workshop for
inmates. Centralia might still be able to do something like this for library workshops by
bringing in other colleges, but the math and writing proposal won’t go forward without

Stephanie noted that one of the committee members had commented that if the proposal
were submitted by LMDC it may show that this is a collaborative effort. Mary Ann
suggested that LMDC could build on Stephanie’s idea.
ACTION – Please contact Stephanie if your school would be interested in collaborating
on this. Stephanie will send out an email asking who might be interested in this.

Myra noted that publication in journals is often a big requirement for grants and that it
would be a good idea for someone to write articles about this for professional journals.

ACTION - Charlie will send out a revised RFP.

Statewide Digital Resources Project                 Stephanie Carter/ Loretta Seppanen

(Handout distributed of most recent proposal 12/3/04)

Stephanie reported that is not able to continue as Chair of this Subcommittee because of
her other job assignments. Jane agreed to take over as Chair. The Subcommittee also
needs a replacement for Leonoor. Linda agreed to join the Subcommittee.

Loretta encouraged the Subcommittee to work quickly and to lobby key Committee
members, as a decision will be made at the September meeting. It is important for the
College Presidents to know what all of the competing proposals are and how the Digital
Library Resources proposal stacks up. Loretta noted that the Committee membership is
a whole new group so we need to lobby all of the members.

Loretta suggested that we clarify that the list of databases indicates a minimal, base
level that should exist at CTCs and to show how far from the base level we currently are.
We should acknowledge that it’s ok not to have to bite all of this off at one time, i.e. We
could acquire the first third of the titles on the list the first year. We need to justify that
the list takes into consideration all competing interests and that this is the priority order
of the databases that we need. As an aggregate, no CTC has the minimum databases
and acquiring these databases as a package for all the CTCs makes the most sense.
Loretta recommends that we provide this information in convenient sound bites.

Stephanie asked whether it would be more strategic to list a science database first
because of the current demand for baccalaureate degrees in science and math. Loretta
agreed that this would be a good idea, as engineering and science are getting attention
in the press these days. Eric noted that all CTCs now have Ethnic News Watch, number
13 on the list, is a database that we all have now. Wai Fong suggested that a small
group review this list again.

Wai Fong asked whether any of us have been asked about evaluating the success of
transfer students as part of our accreditation. Stephanie added that she thought that the
four year’s articulating Information Literacy outcomes might help us by building a
stronger link between expectations for transfer students to four year institutions.

Charlie suggested using the cornerstones format rather than a linear format.
Marji suggested providing an executive summary – e.g. how this proposal would help
with our accreditation, how it benefits students, etc. things presidents are interested in.

Loretta reminded us that the proposal’s audience is CTC Presidents and that the
proposal should be readable by someone who doesn’t know anything about research
databases. We need to convince the Presidents that this is the right thing to do and way
to go about it. Loretta recommended that all of us should lobby our Vice Presidents on
Instruction Commission and to ask your Vice President if you and they should talk with
your Presidents before the September meeting to remind them of what the Presidents
had supported before.

Stephanie said that charts on the proposal are not correct, e.g. aggregate sources like
Ebsco Premier that may include a health database, are excluded. The chart should
clearly describe what databases we currently have. Wai Fong suggested surveying
LMDC to find out whether any of us have databases in particular subject areas rather
than specific databases. Loretta thought the chart was very helpful to include.
Lauri suggested having a chart that showed database holdings in specific subjects, such
as engineering and science or health? Deb likes the quantitative chart because it may
appeal to the competitiveness of the Presidents. It was suggested that Cascadia’s
database holdings be included on the chart.

ACTION - Linda, Charlie and Mindy offered to help the committee revise the proposal.

Information Literacy Grant Project           Deb Gilchrist, Myra Van Vactor

(Handouts) Mindy distributed the notes that she had prepared from the informal LMDC
meeting on June 9, 2005 at Sleeping Lady. Lynn distributed LSTA Grant – “Information
Literacy in Washington Community and Technical Colleges” Next Two Years – Work of
the Grant)

Lynn Olson reported on Grant activities. This year was year two of the Grant. Before
Immersion, regional workshops were held at which schools each prepared their case
studies and completed readings on information literacy and teaching. The ACRL
Immersion training was held at Sleeping Lady, in June 2005. Attendees included
librarians from 28 schools, a representative from CWU, and two I-School students
funded by CLAMS, totaling 80 librarians and 6 Immersion faculty. Some librarians
participated in the Program Track and others in the Teacher Track. Both groups
completed a product, either a program action plan or a revised instruction scenario.
Feedback from attendees was very positive. There was a collaborative spirit. Immersion
faculty commented that this was one of the best sets of action plans they had seen
because the schools worked together in groups, which enhanced what people could do.
Attendees commented that next time they would like to work on their IL programs with
each other, and would like more tools for collaborating with non library faculty and also a
clearing house of assessment tools.

Joan described the information literacy rubrics that Yakima Valley CC Librarians
developed with Non-library Faculty at Immersion. They are available on the YVCC
Library web page under Information Literacy. These are all linked for faculty with
suggested ways that faculty could measure this in their classrooms. Joan noted that
YVCC Faculty were so impressed with the linking piece at the end that the Faculty want
to do this for all their rubrics. The database will show students when they leave the
college how they rank in various abilities. YVCC will offer Faculty stipends to incorporate
Information Literacy in their classes. The A&S Dean is very supportive and wants IL to
be a part of YVCC culture.

Lynn’s handout gives examples of several of the information literacy action plans to
show the variety of plans developed at Immersion. The handout cover sheet shows the
grant deliverables and outcomes for the next two years.

Members of the Information Literacy Subcommittee include Myra Van Vactor, Wai Fong
Lee, Monica Tobin, Elena Bianco, Lynn Olson, Suzan Parker, Deb Crumb, Sue Kennedy
and Sayumi Irey. The Subcommittee held a teleconference last week to discuss
activities, e.g. providing a time and place by the end of fall quarter to debrief about
Immersion at their schools and to look at action plans, to finalize them and get buy in.
During winter and spring quarters, offer some version of workshops or activities. During
winter quarter focus on assessment; creating, collaborating, and implementing
assessments; and strategies for working with faculty. During spring quarter implement
these and build collaborations with faculty.

The Subcommittee recommended that we have our action plans reviewed by Immersion
faculty, or by other outside reviewers, once our plans are finalized. We should develop
an online information clearing house of tools. We could also use various technologies to
enable us to work over distance, i.e. blogs, ITV, web casting, etc.

Pierce was approached to be a part of the new faculty orientation this fall to be held in
Renton. Pierce agreed but said that they wanted to also involve librarians from other
schools. The focus will be on what our system wants to do for you around Information
Literacy. Someone from TCC and Renton will be a part of that.

Other suggested possible outcomes were creating new grant proposals around
Developmental Education and Information Literacy and possibly a grant for collaborating
on Information Literacy among two year colleges, four year institutions and ICCL.
Another suggestion was for schools or groups to present this spring at teaching and
learning assessment to showcase this work, and how to connect with assessment folks
at each campus.

Deb Gilchrist thanked Rand and Jan for this opportunity and for the funding because the
Grant will create a powerful experience for us and this would have been impossible with
out their support.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Friday, July 29, 2005

PRESENT - Mary Carr (Spokane Community College), Stephanie Carter (Centralia
College); Mindy Coslor (Skagit Valley College), Charlie Crawford (Tacoma
Community College), Paula Doherty (Peninsula College), Jennifer Dysart (Green
River Community College), Debra Gilchrist (Pierce College), Mary Ann Goodwin
(Spokane Falls Community College), Lauri Kram (Edmonds Community College),
Linda Lambert (Whatcom Community College), Wai Fong Lee (Seattle Central
Community College), Monica Luce (Highline Community College), Marji
MacKenzie (College Librarians and Media Specialists/ GRCC), Lynn Olson (Pierce
College), Eric Palo (Renton Technical College), Sue Schub (Bates Technical
College), Myra Van Vactor (Bellevue Community College), Joan Weber (Yakima
Valley Community College), Loretta Seppanen (State Board for Community and
Technical Colleges).

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by Chair, Mindy Coslor.


Distance Learning Council                    Stephanie Carter

There will be another attempt at negotiating a statewide contract for Blackboard.
Each college will be interviewed by telephone to find out their needs. Distance Learning
Coordinators will identify who can best answer the phone survey questions. The
Blackboard contract has a new requirement. If a college’s fte’s exceed a certain amount,
the college is required to buy a Blackboard license. This new requirement is the impetus
for negotiating a statewide contract at a set price.

Tacoma Community College is considering Sakai open source software for their portal
software. Since Tacoma uses WAOL the College does not want to have to pay for a
Blackboard enterprise license.

Information Technology Commission                   Wai Fong

Re-hosting project implementation has been postponed until further notice. Hopefully
within a year the project will be back on track.

Because colleges are going through re-hosting, development has also been postponed.
ITPG developed a long list of things that they might be able to look into; to ensure that
whatever is done locally will be compatible with the whole system.

SBCTC (handouts)                                    Loretta Seppanen

The Executive Committees for all of the Instruction Commission councils will meet on
September 9 at Highline Community College to discuss goals and common issues. Half
of the meeting will focus on the technology visioning document.

Mindy distributed a handout of the status of LMDC goals for 2004-2006 and of the
planned activities for next year to take to the meeting on September 9.

Loretta reported on what the Presidents heard about enrollments at their July 28
meeting. Enrollments are down system wide, with this year’s summer enrollments about
even with those from last year. SBCTC is looking at data and made a presentation to
the Presidents about this issue. Loretta distributed a handout the SBCTC PowerPoint

The system is ca. 2,500 overenrolled above what the system is funded for. We received
another 4,000 fte for the year, so we have to grow fte and we probably will.
Because we have been declining in ABE in particular and ESL as well, demand for these
is growing. It is just a matter of offering classes in these areas.

All colleges will get some new enrollment since they all reached their target to qualify.
Distance Learning had a 13% overall increase everywhere.

The number one explanation for enrollment decline is a decline in Worker Retraining.
There had been an incredible spike after the Boeing situation, but all of those people
have now already worked through the system. There are no more unemployment
benefits available for them, so they need jobs.

Running Start is becoming so successful, with students taking courses earlier in their
junior year and accumulating so many credits, that a greater proportion of them are
heading straight to University than usual, rather than coming to CTCs first. And those
coming to CTCs are coming with more credits so that they attend CTCs for a much
shorter time. While CTCs still get the income from Running Start, it does not help the
college meet its state fte targets.

Expanding CTC Role in Bachelor’s degrees
4 colleges will pilot CTC applied bachelors degrees and 3 colleges will contract with
universities to bring upper division to campuses.
ACTION – Loretta advised that if your institution is going after one of these that you get
funding for a library component for this. Loretta commented that none of us have all of
the needed resources in the library for an associate applied degree so we will need
additional, as well as other, resources for the upper division courses.

Loretta reviewed the colleges listed on the handout and each of their intended applied
bachelor degree plans. The WAC Budget Committee will decide whether to request
funding for these pilot projects. If the pilots are funded, these four pilot projects will be
the only ones for the next three years. Loretta said that she thought these would be

For University Centers located at CTCs, currently the universities have the funding and
the CTCs work out agreements for getting support. A new experiment will be for the CTC
to receive the funding, identify who its partners are, and decide what to do with the
funding. This will be an opportunity to try out new relationships. We already know how it
works the other way, so the intent is to try a different approach with the three pilot
projects in which CTCs contract with universities to bring upper division to the CTC
campuses. CWU and EWU have expressed an interested in this; Loretta was not sure
whether WWU was interested.

Myra asked about CTC librarians needing access to the University Library’s research
databases in order to better help University Center students. Loretta suggested that if we
have the funding and if the CTC agrees with this, that we ask the University to make the
CTC library faculty Adjunct Faculty so that they would be covered by the University’s
database license. Loretta suggests that we work with the three pilots in this area.

Myra added that CTC library faculty also need to be recognized for providing instruction
to the University Center students. Loretta responded that we need to work with the pilot
project if there is one at our institution so that this can be built into the agreement and
the funding.

Transfer status of Information Literacy Courses
Loretta asked whether it still makes sense to have stand alone Information Literacy
classes. Charlie commented that increasingly, these are offered linked to other courses
and it would be helpful to be able to have the library credits also transfer. Loretta noted
that in order to get this approved, we would need to have two colleges in Washington
offering it. EWU does, Loretta asked that we send her an email with the course number
for any others.

Preservation Issues                            Eric Palo and Stephanie Carter

(Handouts with the following Power Point presentations were distributed - Introduction to
Preservation, Preservation Library Mission and Strategic Plan, Preservation Policies and
Guidelines, Preservation Assessment Survey, Disaster Planning.)

See also UW Libraries Preservation Web Resources

Before beginning their PowerPoint presentations, Eric and Stephanie gave a variety of
reasons why we need to care about preservation, e.g. UW earthquake damage at UW,
fires, a flood at the University Hawaii, security, vandalism, mold, bugs, old books falling
apart, converting information to a new format e.g. paper to microfilm.

Stephanie and Eric have recently completed the Northwest Preservation Management
Institute. Stephanie is currently implementing two preservation grants at the Centralia

At the fall LMDC meeting, the next professional development session on preservation
will be about doing a preservation survey. We will each receive a whole book on doing
this. Eric noted that most preservation grants require that you conduct a preservation
survey. We will also each receive a Disaster Wheel about preservation of furniture,
collections, etc. Resources and links will be added to the preservation website that
Stephanie is creating for us . Stephanie will
also post parts of Centralia’s preservation survey to the website.

Review LMDC Technology Plan                            Mary Ann Goodwin

Mary Ann reviewed the draft LMDC Educational Technology Strategic Plan with the
group to make any needed revisions as the plan is due to Anthony Beebe on August 1.

LMDC can use this document as its own internal document. However, the Instruction
Commission will incorporate the LMDC document into a single document with the plans
that have been submitted by the other Councils.

LMDC Strategic Plan – 2005-2006 Initiatives            Mindy Coslor

Mindy distributed the LMDC Goals for 2004-2006 and asked if this document
represented what LMDC wanted the Executive Committee to carry forward to the
September 9 meeting.

Loretta suggested that for the Articulation Initiatives under 05-06 Planned Activities, we
think of the three pilot institutions that will be applying for contracting with a University
and consider applying that rather than just the “white paper.” This is an opportunity to
use those three grants to look at a different relationship between the CTC and a
University in hosting one of these pilot programs. We should evaluate the different

Joan suggested adding the following wording “For hosting baccalaureate degrees at
CTCs and providing appropriate library resources and services.”

Under Access Initiatives, Stephanie suggested rewording this as this is not a cost saving
project. We could broaden this by saying that LMDC will collaborate with the Washington
State Library to pursue database initiatives that could result in lower subscription costs
for CTC libraries.

Loretta suggested that some of what we talked about in the technology visioning
document should be added to this also and that we spell out Baccalaureate Institutions
in full rather than use the initials BI.

Under Assessment Initiatives, 05-06 Planned Activities, add another bullet item for
    Workshops for faculty librarians and discipline faculty.

In the section Other LMDC areas of interest, all of the bullet items need verbs. Under
Professional Development Presentations, in the first bullet item, insert the words
“led a discussion” in the second line after the word University) and also in the third bullet
item, first line insert the words “led discussion” between the words College and

In the Professional Development Presentations section, 05-06 Planned Activity, add an
“s” after the word workshop.

Fall meeting location

The Fall LMDC meeting must be before the November 3-4 Instruction Commission
meeting. It was agreed that the LMDC meeting would be scheduled for October 13-14
and would be held at Pierce Puyallup, which is very close to the airport.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 p.m. so that those who were interested could
attend a presentation on NetLibrary by Cynthia Busse from OCLC.