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War on Hunger - PowerPoint


									Universities Fighting World Hunger

A Human Sustainability Model

          Dr. June Henton

    Dean, College of Human Sciences
           Auburn University
Sustainability is more than “going green”
A Perfect Storm
                                     Increasing population

    Rising food prices

                         Using food for fuel
    There is enough food in the world to
adequately feed every man, woman, and child.

                       Root causes of hunger lie in:

                       • Inequitable distribution of

                       •Lack of access to education

                       •Lack of access to basic resources

                       •Conflict and war

                       •Trade policies

                       •Ethnic and religious discrimination
Auburn University and the World Food Programme

          Auburn University is privileged to have been selected as the first
          university in the world to partner with the United Nations World
          Food Programme in a student-driven “War on Hunger” campaign.
1 billion people around the world experience chronic hunger.

                               1.2 billion people live on less than $1 a day.

      Every six seconds another child dies from hunger.

   Seven out of ten of the world’s hungry are women or girls.

                           Hunger & malnutrition kill more people per year
                           than AIDS, Malaria, and TB combined.
United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)
 is the World’s Largest Humanitarian Agency
         – Budget of $ 6 billion in 2008

                        on average, WFP feeds more than
                        100 million people in 74 countries
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UFWH: A Human Sustainability Model

 Vision:                                      Founding Goal:
     In pursuit of a sustainable future,         UFWH will develop and implement a
     universities will lead a global higher      human sustainability action agenda for
     education movement focused on               students and faculty that encompasses
     eradicating world hunger.
                                                   (1) hunger awareness, consciousness-
                                                       raising, and fundraising;

                                                   (2) advocacy; and
    UFWH will be the catalyst mobilizing           (3) academic initiatives, leading to a
                                                       university community that is fully
    universities to collaborate in the                 committed to and engaged in the
    pursuit of a grassroots student                    effort to eliminate world hunger.
    campaign and an academic agenda
    to end world hunger.
Auburn University Committee of 19

                                     (Student representatives from every college and
                                     major campus organization)

     Auburn’s War on Hunger          College of Agriculture
                                     College of Architecture, Design and Construction
      Leadership Structure           College of Business
                                     College of Education
                                     College of Engineering
                                     School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
                                     College of Human Sciences
                                     College of Liberal Arts
                                     School of Nursing
                                     School of Pharmacy
                                     College of Sciences and Mathematics
                                     College of Veterinary Medicine
                                     Honors College
    Committee of 19 (C19) Advisors   Student Government Association
    Academic Initiatives Committee   Black Student Union
                                     International Student Organization
                                     Student Athletics Council
                                     Graduate Student Organization
                                     Greek Life
                                     University Programs Council                        11
World Hunger is No Game
Uniting the fighting spirit of the eagle
         with the compassion of the human touch
   A Comprehensive Action Agenda

                                                                                                  ACADEMIC INITIATIVES
                                                            ADVOCACY                  TEACHING:
             AWARENESS/FUNDRAISING                                                    •Hunger Studies Minor (approval pending)
                                                •War on Hunger Read into the          •Introductory Course in Hunger Studies
                                                 Congressional Record                 •Food for Thought Course in Agriculture
           •AU Can Design Challenge             •60-Mile March to AL State Capitol    •Hunger-focused Social Policy Course
           •This One's for the Girls                                                  •Social Entrepreneurship and CRM
                                                •Hunger in Alabama Op Ed
           •Fragments: Food Rescue Program                                            •Honors College Hunger Lyceum
                                                •Alabama Governor's Proclamation
           •Beat Bama Food Drive                                                      •Study Abroad in Italy Hunger Module
                                                •Letter Writing Campaign              •WFP Internship in Rome
           •Annual Football Field Recognition
                                                •Washington, DC Lobby Day

           •AU Hunger Awareness Week                                                  •Hunger Studies Learning Community
                                                •UN WFP Humanitarian Award            RESEARCH:
           •I Sacked Hunger
           •Clean Out Your Cupboard             •AU School of Pharmacy Spirit Award   •Business Ethics and Corporate Social
           •Supermarket Food Solicitation       •Electronic and Print Media Feature   Responsibility
           •Kids Summer Feeding Program         •Social Networking                    •Sustainable Human Development
           •Web-Based Hunger Survey             •Distinguished Lecture Series         •Sustainable Agriculture
           •Eat Less, Feed More                 •Community Presentations              •Nutrition and Food Science
           •International Peace Dinner          •National/International Meetings      •Detection and Food Safety
                                                •Member, Alliance to End Hunger       •Wireless Engineering
           •Hunger Banquet
                                                •National Launch of Universities      •Logistics and Transportation
           •Stop Hunger Now Packaging Event
           •Empty Bowls Supper and Auction      Fighting World Hunger                 OUTREACH:
                                                                                      •Nutrition Education Program (NEP)
           •Red Cup Campaign                    •Annual University Hunger Summit
                                                                                      •Alabama 4-H Hunger Initiative

           •Just Skip It                        •European University Hunger Summit    •Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
           •Benefit Concert                     •WFP/YouTube Hungerbytes Winner       •World Food Day Documentary, To a Willing Mind
           •Dancing with the Stars                                                    •AU Fisheries Outreach in 120 Countries
           •Feed the Tiger/Tailgate Coin Drop                                         •Agricultural Extension to Commodity Groups
           •Campaigning on the Concourse                                              OTHER
                                                                                      •WFP Senior Staff on Assignment at AU
                                                                                      •Faculty Field Experience at WFP Feeding Sites

                 Short-Term                                                      Long-Term
Auburn’s War on Hunger Chronology

         WFP/Auburn Partnership

                                      Launch of   •Committee of 19
                                  =   AU War on   • Faculty/Staff Advisory Committee
                                      Hunger      •Academic Initiatives Committee

       •AU hunger model presented at NASULGC
2005   •Co19 visit to United Nations
       •WFP Student Humanitarian Award

2006   •1st University Hunger Summit at AU
       •UFWH National Launch at Georgetown University

2007   •2nd University Hunger Summit at AU
       •First student intern WFP HQ in Rome
       •3rd Summit at George Washington University
       •Introductory Course on Hunger
2008   • Hunger March to AL State Capitol
       • Red Cup Campaign— YUM Partnership
       •WFP Senior Staff Person Assigned to AU

       •4th University Hunger Summit at AU
       •1st European University Hunger Summit in Rome
2009   •Hunger Studies Minor
       •Fragments Food Rescue Program
       •UFWH Management of WFP’s Student Education Website

       Note: A total of 15 national/ international presentations between March 2005 and May 2009
 Universities Fighting World Hunger
    Ain Shams University - Egypt                 Johns Hopkins University                     Tennessee State University
    Alamo Colleges                               Kansas State University                      Texas A&M University
    American University                          Kentucky Christian University                Tuskegee University
    Angelo State University                      Kristal University - Albania                 United States Naval Academy
    Ashland University                           Lehigh University                            Universitat Obertade Catalunya - Spain
    Auburn University                            Liceo James Joyce - Italy                    University at Albany
    Banaras Hindu University - India             Louisiana State University                   University degli Studi Roma Tre - Italy
    Berry College                                McGill University - Canada                   University of Akron Wayne College
    California Polytechnic State University      Miami University                             University of Alabama
    Campbellsville University                    Michigan State University                    University of Arkansas
    Carson-Newman University                     Mississippi State University                 University of California, San Francisco
    Central Michigan University                  Morehouse College                            University of Cape Town, SHAWCO - South Africa
    Charles Sturt University - Australia         Murdoch University - Australia               University of Denver
    Clemson University                           Muskingum College                            University of Florida
    Colorado State University                    North Carolina State University              University of Georgia
    Cornell University                           North Carolina A&T State University          University of Idaho
    Dakota Wesleyan University                   Northeast Mississippi Community College      University of Kentucky
    Davidson College                             Ohio State University                        University of Maryland
    Emory University                             Oklahoma State University                    University of Maryland - Eastern Shore
    Faulkner University                          Oregon State University                      University of Missouri - Columbia
    Federal University of Technology - Nigeria   Polytechnic University                       University of North Carolina - Greensboro
    Florida A&M University                       Princeton University                         University of South Carolina
    Florida State University                     Purdue University                            University of Toronto - Canada
    George Washington University                 Roma Tre - Italy                             University of the Incarnate Word
    Georgetown College                           Rosemont College                             University of the Virgin Islands
    Georgetown University                        Ruaha University College - Tanzania          University of Washington
    Georgia State University                     Samford University                           University of Wisconsin
    Ghana Christian University - Ghana           South Dakota State University                University of Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe
    Goldsmiths College - England                 Southern States University                   Utah State University
    Goucher College                              Southern Methodist University                VIT University - India
    Harvard University                           St. Joseph's University                      Wageningen University - Netherlands
    Howard Community College                     Suffolk University                           Washington & Lee University
    Instituto Politecnico Nacional - Mexico      Symbiosis International University - India   Washington State University
    Iowa State University                        Syracuse University                          Washington Theological Union
                                                 Tarleton State University                    Yale University
(Located in the US unless noted)
                                       More than 100 institutions currently participating as members of UFWH
International Hunger Institute
Multi-Sector Partnership

HUNGER                                                                                      Participatory
• Teaching                                                                                 Infrastructure
• Research/                                                           NGOs /
  Program           Universities
                       Universities                                  Related                 Expertise
  Evaluation                                                         Agencies
• Outreach                                                                                  Conduit to
• Policy                                                                                   Beneficiaries



         New Vision for Domestic and Foreign Assistance;
                                                             Financial and Human Capital
              Capacity Building ; Pursuit of MDGs

 Josette Sheeran
  Executive Director
World Food Programme

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