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                          SOMETHING ELSE TO THINK ABOUT:
Insurance for Hobby Farms

Home and Contents Liability will not cover your Liability from Horse s, Cow s, Goats Etc

To ensure you have the cover you need should your horse or other livestock stray onto the road and
cause an accident, kick a visitor to your property etc you need to ensure you have either Extended your
Home and Contents and paid the extra premium to have this Liability Covered; or take out a Farm Policy
but ensure you only pay for Hobby Farm Liability (if you are on less than 50 acres and the income
generated from your property is under $15,000.) This way you have the insurance you require and also
keep the Price manageable.

Flood insurance - To cover or not!!!
There are two thoughts on this:-

       1.   Have it covered in all policies but then people who live in non-flood areas are paying for
            insurance they will most likely never need - and low income earners may ditch insurance as it
            gets dearer to cover all incidents.
       2.   Have it optional like it is now - Yes flood cover is available and 99% of our clients have Full
            Accidental Damage and Flood Coverage

Listed Events v's Accidental Damage

Remember the old advert on TV 'Oils aint Oils'

Well guess what - There could not be a more perfect phrase for Home and Contents Insurance

There are 3 basic levels of coverage

       1.   Limited Listed Events - Covers the bare essentials, Fire, Storm, Theft and that is about it.
            We choose not to sell this coverage
       2.   Listed Events - An event must happen that is listed in the Policy Wording to trigger a claim
       3.   Accidental Damage - Now this is the Cover we recommend and I personal insist upon for my
            own pers onal ins urance policy

                                               Listed Events

These Policies will have a list of events that must happen to give rise to a claim (Fire, Storm and
Tempest, Lightening, Theft, most automatically cover Glass Breakage and Motor Burnout coverage - but
in some cheaper policies these are optional, etc. A Listed Events Policy can cover Flood if it is on the list
of insurable events) These Policies cost less than Accidental Damage Policies and generally only cover
your contents at your Home Address.

                                            Accidental Damage

These Policies cover events that are sudden and unforseen, provided the event is not listed as exclusions
under the Policy. Most exclusions are for things like, Termit es, War, intentional damage by you or a
person acting under aut hority from you etc. This is the type of Policy we sell the most of at Simplex,
which is probably why 100% of people who made a claim under their Policy last year with Simplex rat ed
our Claims Service as Excellent - Image how great our staff feel when a person calls up and says, I have
done something really silly, I know I am not covered but just thought I should ring and make sure - and we

are able to say, Yes your Policy will respond to such a claim - The Policies also provide a limited amount
of coverage outside the home too.

An example of this is a client who had some pain in their shed and they laid drop sheets over the carpet
in the Rumpus room they were going to paint, they took the lid off the can, gave it a great stir, then lifted it
up to start painting - The bottom had rusted through and dropped out - The client panicked and ran
through the hous e with the paint tin to get it outside on the way spilling paint on the carpet throughout the
house. This would not have been covered under a Listed E vents Policy but was under an Accidental
Damage Policy.

My favourite example that comes to mind was one where I ended up feeling the Silly one - A client came
in and wanted to make a claim, telling me their Son was playing in front of the Plasma TV and the W ii hit
the Plasma and it cracked the screen - I had not heard of a Wii at this stage so I am thinking of Wee - I
said to the client 'Wow I have not heard of that happening before maybe the Plasma Screen was hot and
your son's wee was cold - He looked at me very odd - I asked how old his son was - He said in his 20's,
so then I looked really puzzled and said "wow - He is a bit old to be weeing on the TV !!" The client
finally realised what I was thinking and Explained what a W ii was - I now know as my Son has a Wii and
we have had many claims under Home Policies from clients who gravitate towards the TV whilst playing
Wii Tennis, or Boxing!

But beware always check if you want Flood Coverage as even though you may be paying for
an Accidental Damage Policy Flood is listed as an exclusion in some wordings

My Tip -If you want to save money but still have top coverage see what discount you can get for having a
Higher E xcess. But always insist on an Accidental Damage P olicy that covers FLOOD too.

In Summary when renewing or getting quotes for you Insurance Ask -

                o   Does this cover Flood?
                o   Does the Liability Extend to cover my Horses, Cows, Sheep, Goat etc.
                o   Is this a Full Accidental Damage Policy or a Listed/Defined E vent Policy?
                o   What is the limit on Jewellery It ems/Home Office Equipment/Antiques?
                o   Are my Cont ents covered in the open air? to what limit?
                o   Are my Cont ents covered away from the home? to what limit?

This Article was provided by Kay Jackson – Director of Simplex Insurance Solutions PH:1300 309 237

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                                       Diary Dates:
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Triple Chance Show Jumping Series:
Sunday 30th January 2011  -2 PC rings, 2 Open rings, Topsy and 2 show jumping rings
Saturday 12th March 2011 – Show Jumping - 2 rings & Topsy ring
Saturday 9th April 2011–     Show Jumping – 2 rings and Topsy dressage and Topsy

Freshman’s Jumping – Friends of Ballarat Pony Club
Saturday 12th February - Rounds starting at 45cm. $5 per round. Lolly for clear round

Hickstead Event – Friends of BPC
2 phase – dressage and showjumping out to cross country
Sunday 13th February – at Ballarat Pony club grounds

Friends of Ballarat P.C. - 2 Day Horse Trials
Saturday 7th May and Sunday 8th May

Ballarat Pony Club – 2 Day Horse Trials
Saturday 8th October and Sunday 9th October

Ballarat Area Novelty Series
Best 4 show scores for one rider counted for High Point Horse Award -

Sunday 29th May – Beaufort PC at Raglan
Sunday 24th July – WDARAB Novelty Show at Raglan
Saturday 6th August – Bacchus Marsh PC Show
Sunday 18th September – Ballarat PC Novelty Show
Date TBC – Smythesdale PC Novelty Show
Date TBC – Braybrook & Truginina PC Novelty Show


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