Mondrian Shape Collage

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					                          Mondrian Shape Collage
Supplies: 12 x 12” white construction paper
             9 x 12” piece of yellow, red, blue and black construction paper
             scissors and glue
Directions: Look at these examples of Piet Mondrian’s works. Can you see what they have
in common? Create a Shape Collage made up of the primary colors plus black. A collage is a
work of art made up of pasted pieces of paper and possibly fabric glued to the surface of
canvas, wood or paper. Glue your shapes and strips onto the white 12 x 12” square construc-
tion paper. When you have finished, give it a creative title. Frame it onto a piece of 14 x 14”
black construction paper. We will display our work in the art room gallery.

 ****Try doing this project as a Computer Activity! Create a digital collage by using Paint, or a
 simple similar program. Create squares of various sizes in the Primary colors. Copy and
 paste them onto a square-shaped white background. Organize the stripes, suares and rect-
 angles to create a pleasing composition. Title the work. Print it out and frame. Please hand
 in for Art Gallery display.

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