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									Mia Hamm

 Best Woman Soccer
 Player In The World
    Birthplace and Important
o   Born on March 17, 1972
o   Born in Selma, Alabama
o   Still living
Early Childhood

o   Age 12 played football
o   Moved, Northern Virginia
o   Finished high school, Lake Braddock
    Secondary School
    Middle Childhood & Early
o   Attended the University of North
    Carolina at Chapel Hill
o   Went to the Woman's National team
o   Married a pro baseball player, Nomar
                   Family Life
o   One of four daughters of an Air Force Pilot
o   Lived in seven different places
o   Settled in Wichita Falls, Texas after seven times of
o   Today is pregnant with twin babies
o   had two adopted older brothers, one of the older brothers
    name was Garret
o   Garret was one of her main encouragements in sports
o   died from bone dieses in 1997
o   Was married but then got divorced in collage
o   Now has a husband named Nomar Garciaparra
      Obstacles They Had to Over
o    brother dying from disease
o   being youngest soccer player in
    Pro Woman Soccer
o   had a lot to prove to older
Accomplishments & Awards

o   won FIFA World Player of the Year
    twice, 2001 and 2002
o   MVP for the Woman’s Soccer Cup
o   youngest woman in the National
    Woman’s League
       Why are They a Hero

o   Brother died, still played soccer
o   Being the youngest woman soccer
    player in the woman’s soccer league
o   Trained very hard to become a great
    soccer player
          Why Do I Believe Mia Hamm is
                     a Hero
o   Brother died in 1997, still went
    on with soccer
o   Best woman soccer player in the
o   A inspiration to all young girls to
    play their hardest
               Extra Info

o   Nick name-”Jordan” (in college)
o   Having twin babies
o   Retired soccer for a while to have her
    baby twins

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