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					P.O. Box 39
Hinesburg, VT 05461

April 2011

                                  United Church of Hinesburg
                   An Open, Welcoming, Affirming and Reconciling Church

                         ROUTE 116 – PO BOX 39 – HINESBURG, VT 05461
             Office Information
             Telephone                  802-482-3352
             Office Hours               Tuesday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
             Parish Staff
             Interim Pastor             Rev. Michele Rogers Brigham
                                        Parsonage - 802-482-4898
             Secretary                  Penny Restuccia
                                                  PASTOR'S MESSAGE

Dear Friends,

        Greetings to each of you and my prayers that you are well. This April issue of our newsletter reminds us to
be in the church season of Lent and be ready, at end of the month, for Easter alleluias. As we move into “real”
spring, the snow is melting, the birds are building their nests and we are ready for warmer weather anticipating
the joys of newness upon the earth. Wherever I go these days, the topic of conversation is “hurry-up spring!”

         But, we know that patience is still in order. I was reminded about “patience” as I reread an article for the
Lenten season from a colleague in ministry (Keith Russell, The Living Pulpit, p. 1): “ In an age of quick fixes, fast
food, immediate gratification, and internet communications, the Lenten tradition seems like an ancient practice
that is out of step with the age. Lent promises no immediate result, no instant answer, no dazzling communication
from on high. Rather, Lent is a call to disciplined inquiry and patient searching after the presence of God.”

         Some people have inquired why we mark the church seasons and stay in the rhythm of the seasons of the
church year. For me, this is part of the answer. The church gives us permission and space to be in the call for
“disciplined inquiry and patient searching after the presence of God.”
You may be in a place of recovery from illness, from surgery or from deep heart-wrenching grief. You may be
worried about a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, a husband or wife, a parent or a friend. You may have
heavy grief as you read of those in Japan who have lost so much and are living from day to day in emergency
shelters. Your heart may be grieving for those in several Middle Eastern countries who have lost young people in a
fight for freedom.

        Whatever your grief, your worries, your pain, you know the need for God’s abiding presence and hope in
our world. Lent reminds us to prepare for the power and meaning of resurrection by avoiding the draw of the
“quick fix.” Yes, healing and recovery take energy and time and God’s gift to us at Easter is to allow the process of
time, God’s time, to give us what we need.

         I am also mindful of this gift of time, the interim time, for the United Church of Hinesburg and how we
utilize the opportunity to go slow as we walk the path of inquiry, dialogue and patient searching for God’s
presence in the search process. You’ll be hearing more from our Church Council regarding next steps in the move
toward the “Search”. I hope we will value our gift of time for inquiry and be patient as God prepares us, in the best
possible way, to be ready for each new step in calling a new pastor.

       In the meantime, my boots are ready at the door for the “mud” season and I am with you to minister in and
among you as best I can. It is my joy to serve as your interim pastor and my delight that Easter faith is about gifts
that God has in store. Thank you for your patience, faithfulness and anticipation as we share life together in Christ.
May our special worship services during the Lent and Easter seasons foster our growth and the blessing of
fellowship and care for our community and each other in God’s peace.

       In faith and promise of New Life, Christ’s Resurrection and joyous alleluias!

                                                       Pastor Michele
              Thank you to Judy Parker, Dot Blanck and Ellen Phelps for providing
           delicious desserts for the meeting of the United Church of Christ Chittenden
           Association Clergy on March 16. They prepared the meeting tables, drinks,
           fruit and desserts in a lovely welcoming way for our clergy guests. Thank
               you for the set-up and clean-up; you were a wonderful team, offering
                        generous hospitality and care.               I’m very grateful to you!

                                                     Pastor Michele

Lay Leadership Needed

  As our Lay leadership team begins to meet (Ellen Dooley, Sandy Robinson, Grace Farley and myself), we hope
you’ll let us know if you have interest in the following positions that are open for you to fill:

        United Methodist Representative, Communications, Stewardship, Staff-Parish Trustees, Lay Leadership
        (Nominating Committee), Spiritual Formation, and Evangelism.

The position descriptions are in the Church By-Laws. Please give prayerful consideration these areas of service. You
may contact anyone on our “team” if you have interest in knowing more and want to say “Yes” to service.

            About our “ New” Office Space
               Thank You, again, to all who helped move our offices in February and March and contributed to the needs
            of the office spaces (new desk, new phones, new heater, new pain)! When you enter Osborne Hall, you’ll see
            that our new church secretary, Penny Restuccia, will greet you Tuesday-Friday, 9 – 1 p.m. in what was the
            “old” pastor’s study. Pastor Michele’s office is now in the “old” secretary’s office. We are still in need of a
            small table and lamp for the Pastor’s office space. If you have a contribution to our space, please check with
            us first to see if the donation has been made or need is still there.

      Pastoral Visitation:
   Reminder to let Rev. Michele know if you are going into the hospital or are sick at home and would like to have a pastoral call. As
some of you may be aware, Rev. Michele must have your permission to visit you and call on you in the hospital or a nursing care
facility. Thanks for leaving her a message or a message with the church secretary regarding any special pastoral care needs. We
also have church members who are available to visit; they serve on our Membership Care Committee. Again, we want to offer you
support but must depend on you to alert us about needs.
Thank You,
Pastor Michele
                                     MEMBERSHIP CARE COMMITTEE

        On March 13 we shared a joyful New Member Sunday and there were eleven (11) new members received
into the congregation. We're planning to do this again later this year for anyone who was unable to join us at the
March event. If you have questions about membership and/or are thinking about joining the church please speak
to Pastor Michele or any one on the Membership Care Committee. All are welcome!

                                            Membership Sunday

                                       MEET OUR NEW MEMBERS!
The Rev. A. Wayne Schwab lives at 99 Pond Road in Hinesburg with his wife, Renate Parke. The Rev. Schwab has
four children, two sons, Stephen and Burton Schwab and two daughters, Catherine June and Elizabeth Hall. Renate
has two daughters, Laura and Kimberly McDowell. He is joining our church by reaffirmation of faith as an
Associate Ecumenical Member. Rev. Schwab a “lifelong” Episcopalian, grew up in Washington, D.C., was baptized
and confirmed at the All Souls Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C., was a parish priest for nineteen years in New
Jersey, and was on the Episcopal Church’s first-ever Evangelism staff. He moved to Essex, New York, in 1993 and
was the leader of a ministry in daily life group known as the Member Mission Network, Inc.
( We are delighted that Wayne will chair our Spiritual Formation team for UCH, and he
is willing to assist the Pastor with worship and the celebration of our sacramental life. His Sponsor is his wife,
Renate Parke.

Sara P. Thompson lives at 806 Texas Hill Road, in Hinesburg is becoming a full member as a United Methodist.
Sara is married to Arthur and has a married daughter, Mary (married to Joe). Mary and Joe have Sara’s
granddaughter, Sarah Lynne Hayes. Sara is retired. Her most recent job was as an administrator at The Arbors, a
residential facility for people with Alzheimer’s. She enjoys gardening, travel, whale watching and spending time
with her precious granddaughter, Sara. Sara was raised Baptist and became United Methodist in her twenties. She
has attend UCH for many years but wanted to get involved after retirement in 2006. She thanks Mary Eddy
Stewart for encouraging her involvement; Sara loves getting to know the people in our church! Her sponsor is
Mary Eddy Stewart.
Barbara Herrington lives at 439 Big Hollow Road in Starksboro. Barbara comes to us by transfer of letter from
First Presbyterian Church of Newark, CA. She is joining our church as a member of the United Church of Christ.
Barbara is currently the part-time office manager for Greensea Systems, Inc., a small engineering and software
company in Richmond. She worked many years as a software engineer, software development manager and
information systems manager. She has a Bachelor’s degree in music from St. Lawrence University and a Master’s
degree in Computer Science from Ohio State University. She has been active in church and especially church music
all her life. In addition to playing piano and choral music, she enjoys reading, cooking, gardening and knitting.
Barbara is married to Donald Griswold. We are grateful for Barbara’s gift of music to UCH. Her sponsor is Judy

Bonnie Bender Ayer and Russell Eldred Ayer lives at 2943 Hinesburg Road in Charlotte. They are both coming
by reaffirmation of faith and joining as full Ecumenical members. Bonnie was baptized in Baltimore, Maryland and
confirmed at the United Methodist Church in Rutland, Vermont. Russell, a native Vermonter, comes from the
United Methodist Church in Rutland as well. They have lived in this area for 23 years and are retired. They both
enjoy outdoor activities. Before retirement, Russ was an electricity utility manager and Bonnie was a school
principal. Russ currently owns and manages rental properties in the area. They have two adult children, Nathan
and Elizabeth and three grandchildren in our church (Nate and Jenny’s three precious ones!). They enjoy our
church “company” and our philosophy of being open and accepting as a church community. Sandy White is their

Dr. Ann Michele Rogers Brigham “Pastor Michele” comes to us as interim pastor (11-1-2010) and resides in the
United Church parsonage. A native Mississippian, she has been in ordained ministry for more than 30 years with
ordained ministerial standing as a UCC Minister since 1989 in the Metro Boston Association, Boston, MA. She is
delighted to be serving the United Church as Interim Pastor and appreciates the warm Vermont welcome. She
joins as a full member, United Church of Christ, transferring her membership letter from the Immanuel United
Church of Christ of Plymouth, Wisconsin. She will be receiving full ministerial standing in the Vermont Conference
with a transfer of standing from the Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ. Her adult children are Martha
Brigham and Paul Brigham. Her church sponsor is Paul Eddy.

Barbara O. Lyman lives at 357 Falls Road, Hinesburg, is received into our church as an Associate Ecumenical
Member by Reaffirmation of Faith. Barbara was baptized at St. James Episcopal church in Westernport, Maryland
and was confirmed at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Keyser, West Virginia. Her membership is with Grace
Episcopal Church in Yorktown, Virginia. Barbara has been active at UCH and says that we are the “most friendly
church”, have wonderful people and she is happy to belong with her best friend and husband, David Lyman, who
has always attended UCH. Barbara and David nurture a blended family of five children and eleven grandchildren.
Her sponsor is Nancy Bell.

Bonnie Farrow Rice and Lawrence Rice live at 48 Laurel Hill Drive in South Burlington. They are both joining our
church by reaffirmation of faith and desire to be full ecumenical members. Bonnie was baptized in the Protestant
tradition in Holland, Vermont and Larry was baptized in the Protestant tradition in Flint, Michigan. Bonnie and
Larry were married July 2009, at the Ellie Long Center in Colchester where they met in the English Country
Dancing program. They felt guided to be together to share life and love music and dance. Larry has three children
and three grandchildren and Bonnie has three children and two grandchildren. Larry enjoys music and
woodworking. He has agreed to serve UCH as a Trustee. Bonnie worked for many years with Dianne Hall and Judy
Parker as a nurse at The Arbors in Shelburne. Bonnie enjoys gardening and creating beautiful spaces with growing
things. Larry and Bonnie give generously of their time to support the music program at UCH. Bonnie’s sponsor is
Dianne Hall and Larry’s Sponsor is Bruce Cunningham.
Howard E. Russell lives at 10643 Route 116 in Hinesburg. Howard is joining our church as a full member, United
Church of Christ. He comes to us by reaffirmation of his faith. Howard shares that he is a single, gay man who grew
up in this community and the United Church. He has a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and Counseling
Psychology. He teaches in two therapeutic classrooms with two and three year olds who have social and
behavioral challenges. He has done this work for many years and loves it! His hobbies include volleyball,
gardening, raising chickens and peacocks, skiing, snowshoeing and much more. Howard was a member of the
Unitarian Universalist Society in Burlington for many years but had decided to be part of our caring faith
community closer to home. He shares that it matters a great deal to him that we are “Open and Affirming.” His
sponsor is Sharonlee Trefrey.

Karen Fuller Farnsworth lives at 1971 North Road in Hinesburg. She is coming as a full member, United Church
of Christ. Karen grew up in Ludlow, MA, where she was baptized and confirmed in First Church, (United Church of
Christ) Ludlow, MA. She comes to us by transfer of letter. Karen shares that she was raised in Ludlow by parents
and extended family and the church family of First Congregational Church. She is a nurse working with new
families, helping them begin to know each other. She has two brothers, Doug Fuller (in Ludlow) and Robert Fuller
(Lincoln, Vermont) and two daughters, Emily and Kelsey. We are grateful to Karen for her contributions to the
United Church as a Trustee and a member of the choir.

A Note from Pastor Michele . . .
        Welcome to our new members who joined UCH on Sunday, March 13, in our worship service. You are
welcome to become a new member of the United Church of Hinesburg at any time! Please contact Pastor Michele
or anyone on our Membership Care Committee if you are ready to become a member of our church. We are
delighted to “formally” welcome you to share life in our congregation and be an active member of our church. If
you are a “regular” visitor, we take joy in welcoming you each Sunday as well!

                                      We will be establishing a bulletin board with
                             Membership/Church Information. It will include pictures of
                            new members, info re: old (long time) and new members, and
                            info re: the current denominations we're involved with. This
                           new bulletin board will be separate from the community board.
                                         We'll have more on this as it develops.
                            We're continuing to work on the Church Registry and records.
                                     Progress is slow but, we are moving forward!

                                           Dianne Hall, Membership Chair

Membership Care Committee: Dianne Hall, Chair, Grace Farley, Sheri Hanlon, Eileen Ashe, Michelle Stidsen,
Sara Thompson, Dot Blanck, Heather Roberts and Barbara Lyman
                                   WORSHIP COMMITTEE

       Sunday, April 3, 10:00 a.m. Worship - Communion in Pews

      Palm Sunday, April 17, 10:00 a.m. Worship- Palms with children, youth and adult choirs
lead us in opening worship!

            Maundy Thursday, April 21, at Parish Hall
            6:00 p.m. – Share a simple meal of soup, bread, cheese and fruit. Please bring
                        something to share.
            7:00 p.m. – Tenebrae Service – A Service of Holy Communion and the reading of the
                       Passion. Thanks to Barbara Herrington for coordinating our music.
                       There will be no prayer vigil this year. Families are welcome!

          Good Friday, April 22, Ecumenical Service 12:00 p.m. at St. Jude’s
                   United Church of Hinesburg and St. Jude’s Roman Catholic Church join together
                   for worship at St. Jude’s. Those who are interested in singing in an ecumenical
                   choir may contact St. Jude’s (482-2290).

          Easter Sunday, April 24,
          6:00 a.m. – Sunrise Service at Hinesburg Community School parking lot by the gazebo.
          10:00 a.m. – Worship at United Church of Hinesburg.

                             The Worship Committee would like to thank
                             Ellen Phelps for laundering and ironing the
                             communion cloths so beautifully. They look
                                        lovely. Thanks, Ellen!

      Worship Committee—Judy Parker, Sandy White, Renate Parke, Ellen Phelps, Emma Mead,
      Barbara Forauer, Rufus Patrick, and Carrie Stirewalt
                    Easter Memorial Flowers

   Would you like to have a spring flower (tulip, lily or                                    LENTEN STUDY
   daffodil) displayed in memory of a loved one at the Easter                  OPPORTUNITIES WITH PASTOR
   Service? If so please fill out a form that will be in the
                                                                               Tuesdays at 12 noon in the Parish
   Sunday bulletins a few weeks before Easter. You can also                    Hall: April 5, and April 12—Brown
   send the information via email to                                           Bag Lunch/Meditation and
                                                                               Discussion. Dianne Hall and Judy or to the United Church, PO Box
                                                                               Parker lead the group on Tuesday,
   39, Hinesburg, VT. 05461. Please include your name,                                th
                                                                               April 5 please join them.
   phone number, email address and the name(s) of memory
                                                                               Meditation and Sharing
   person(s). The suggested donation is $6. Please make a                      Wednesday, April 13, at 7:00 p.m.
   check payable to United Church with “flowers” written in                    at the Parsonage

   the memo section of the check. You are welcome to take a
                                                                               LENTEN STUDY OPPORTUNITIES
   plant home after the Easter service                                         AT ST. JUDE’S
        Any questions please call Sandy White 482-2629.                        Study Opportunity with Bob
                                                                               Thiefels, St. Michael’s Professor
                                                                               Catholic Social Teaching: An
                                                                               Embodiment of Christ
                                                                               Through readings, video, and
                                                                               discussion participants will be
                                                                               introduced to the basic tenets of
                                                                               the Church’s Social Teaching and
                                                                               the relationship between living
                                                                               out this teaching and Christ
                                                                               Consciousness. These
                                                                               relationships will be viewed with
Prison Ministry at St. Jude                                                    a basic framework of our
                                                                               evolutionary journey and its
    St. Jude, the Catholic church in Hinesburg, is helping at the prison       invitation to be co-creators with
library in So. Burlington. They are looking for books, paperbacks              God.
most welcome, for that library. There are 40 male inmates using the            Wednesdays—March 23, 30;
library each week. The requested authors include: Grisham,                     April 6, 13; 7:00-9:00 p.m. St.
Patterson, Cuisser, S. King, Turrow, J. Sanford, Devers, R. Parker,            Jude’s Parish Hall. Please
Kootz, Steinbeck, S. Woods, A. Rice, Hamilton, A. Pierce, Joyce                register by calling Marie at 482-
Marshall. They also requested these topics: How-to-draw, Mayan                 2290
calendar and culture, Harry Potter, Foreign Language, Novels, Science
Fiction, Fantasy, Non-fiction, Sports, History, Biography, True Crime, Music Bios, Jimi Hendrix, Tolkein, Dresden
Files. Also magazines are much appreciated. You can drop them in a collection box in the entry at the church.
                                            YOUTH MINISTRY

                                          Sunday School Updates
                                   Eileen Ashe, Christian Education Chair

                                       Heifer International Project
       We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our Heifer mission project a
HUGE success! Through your generous donations of time, money, baked goods, cans and bottles, we have
far exceeded our goal of raising $120.00 to purchase a goat. Our official “total” is not available yet but we do
know that we have enough to buy a goat AND a few other smaller farm animals. The Sunday School children
and teachers will be deciding as a group how we want to spend the additional money. Again, thank you all
very much for supporting our children and this very worthy cause.

                                           April Sunday School Activities

                        Easter Baskets for Sunshine Folks – Sign-up begins on April 3rd

                        Palm Sunday – April 17th:
                           o Waving of Palms Procession and singing in church
                           o Deliver Easter baskets locally

                Easter Sunday – April 24th, No Sunday School or Nursery
                                               TRUSTEES UPDATE

         “Baby, it’s cold outside”…. and inside the Parish House, too! In an effort to find the right balance between
comfort and responsible fuel usage, the thermostat in the Parish House is programmed to bring the temperature up to
68° at times of the day when the hall is in use, based on the regular use schedule, and to drop when the hall is vacant.
Following up on complaints of the hall being cold, Doug Olufsen took some temperature measurements over a couple of
days. He found that there was a 5-7 degree difference between the indicated temperature and the actual temperature
of the hall. He has recalibrated the thermostat so that it corresponds to the actual temperature of the room. The
thermostat setting schedule is posted over the thermostat. If you have questions or need to know how to override a
setting in advance of a meeting, please see one of the members of the Trustees.

        The heat issue has also focused attention on the Parish House entryway as doors left open invite the cold air in.
Over the next couple of months the Trustees will be looking at options to heat the offices and to tighten up the
entryway and other steps to help to keep the warmth in so we’re ready for the next heating season. We are also
researching options to improve the hall acoustics.

        George Palmer plows the church parking lot but that’s only part of the snow removal job. Many thanks to the
snow shoveling team (Wes Ashe, David Eddy, Bob Lian, Doug Olufsen, Phil Pouech, Keith Roberts, Sandy and Reggie
Robinson, and Andy Seaton) for keeping the sidewalks and entryways to the church and the Parish House clear this
winter…and to Pastor Michele for taking care of the parsonage walks. Signs of spring mean we’ll be putting the snow
shovels away soon – and putting together the lawn mowing schedule.

                                                         Yvonne Whitaker, Chair
                   Justice & Witness Committee (aka Missions & Outreach)

        Our church community has recently donated $500.00 for humanitarian disaster relief aid for Japan following the recent
earthquake, tsunami and nuclear emergencies. If you would like to contribute individually, you can choose how to help by visiting:


          The Sunday school children are coordinating efforts to fund raise for their mission’s project to the Heifer Project for the
purchase of a goat. They have been learning that “(he) who changes one person, changes the world whole,” The Jewish Talmud.
April 9 , the youth group will have a work-day mission project with Habitat for Humanity in Charlotte; more to follow.

           The next meeting for the Missions Committee will follow worship services on Sunday April 3; we promise to keep you only 1
hour! Welcome to Barb Forauer who has just joined the committee and thank you and farewell to Marie Eddy who is stepping
‘Til next time………
Lori P. McKenna (chair)

     Thank you for your continued support to the Salvation Army.                       One Great Hour of Sharing Offering
                 We need volunteers for May 23!

                        March 28 – Boy Scouts
          April 25 – Mary Fortin, Audrey Horton and “Crew”
                                                                                                  During the month of April, you’ll
                  May 23 – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
                                                                                    see envelopes available for you to make a
            June 27 – United Church of Hinesburg Youth
                                                                                    gift to the One Great Hour of Sharing. This
                  July 25 – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
                                                                                    offering, administered by Wider Church
                 August 29 – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
                                                                                    Ministries of the United Church of Christ,
              September 26 – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
                                                                                    provides support to 80 countries. Our
                       October 31 – Boy Scouts
                                                                                    offerings help us become partners in the
               November 28 – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
                       December 19 – 4-H Club                                       refugee, disaster relief and community
                                                                                    development efforts of our UCC in the
      If you would like to prepare, deliver, serve or have a group                  United States and internationally. To learn
   that would like to take a particular month or have any questions,                more about this offering, you may to our
     please contact someone on the Justice & Witness Committee                      UCC web site www.uccorg/oghs.
       (aka Missions & Outreach) or Melissa Loretan (453-4951;
                              THANKS AND GRATITUDE

Greetings from Cairo!

Dear Church Family,

I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this difficult and
unsteady time of revolution. After arriving last month, I knew that I had made the right
decision to come back to school. My first impressions left me truly amazed of the impact the
transition is having on a local level. I felt so proud of the Egyptian people, as people of all ages
gathered on the streets of neighborhoods to clean up and repaint the roads. These were private
citizens who now felt proud to be part of what this country now stands for, and felt hopeful
that change really will happen and improve their lives. Furthermore, their perception of
foreigners has also changed significantly. No longer do I get hassled on the streets, now (if I am
greeted at all) I get the sense that people are genuinely happy to see me, and to know that not
all foreigners abandoned ship when the revolution began. The generosity and kindness of the
Egyptian people is truly perceptible now, and I am very honored to be here during this one of
a kind peaceful transition. With that in mind, there is still a long road ahead for this country.
Despite their amiable response thus far, many people are still wary of the military control
over the country. Yesterday was another important day for the country, as a strong majority
voted in favor of the referendum to the Constitution that was drawn. Among many of the
changes that will be made, was the amendment to article 189, which stipulates that the elected
parliament forms a committee to draft a new constitution within 60 days. The referendum
also agreed on parliamentary elections to take place in six months. Naysayers worry that this
time is not adequate for new political parties to form, and that the new election will be tainted
by a Muslim Brotherhood and National Democratic Party (NDP) majority, because they
remain more organized than those who lead the revolution. Only time will tell the outcome
for Egypt, but I am glad to be here and experience the transition first hand. Thanks again
to such wonderful support, and I look forward to seeing everyone when I return at
the end of May.

Meaghan McKenna
                                             COMMUNITY NEWS

        New England Conference Scholarship
                                                                Call to Prayer for Pacific Quake/Tsunami
            Application Packet Available
               Apply by May 1, 2011                         Bishop Peter D. Weaver of the New England Annual
                                                         Conference is calling all New England United
Graduating High School Seniors and College Students,     Methodist to prayer for the people of Japan and the
You may be eligible to apply for a scholarship award.    widespread surrounding regions in the wake of the
                                                         devastating earthquake and tsunami. Please pray for
Eligibility is limited to:                               all affected by this disaster, and all those responding
         Members of the UMC within the New England       and supporting the rescue and relief efforts.
         Conference                                              UMCOR Information on Quake Response
         Must be a high school graduate                         
         Must be seeking assistance for education
         beyond high school (undergraduate college,
         technical or trade school) but NOT a post-
         graduate level
The application consists of:
         Instructions for completion of the two            Vehicle Donation to Benefit Global Ministries
         required forms
                                                        Donate your Car, Boat, RV, Truck, Airplane,
         2011 New England Conference Scholarship        Motorcycle, or just about any other type of vehicle and
         Application Form                               turn it into your Critical Presence through Global
         2011 Local Scholarship Application             Ministries around the world! It is quick and easy, and
                                                        in addition to supporting the work of Global Ministries
         Recommendation Form                            it is tax-deductible. Global Ministries is working in
Packet is available on-line:                            conjunction with CARS (Charitable Auto ResourceS,                  Inc.), an organization that provides this service for
                                                        hundreds of non-profits, including church
If you would like more information contact:
                                                        organizations. Global Ministries will receive 70% of
Paul Carlotto, Chair Scholarship Committee              the proceeds but is not responsible for any of the or call 978-372-4374             costs. You will receive a tax receipt for the sale price
                                                        for your charitable contribution. Of the funds received,
                                                        50% will go to Wider Church Ministries of the UCC
               Don’t wait—Apply Now!                    and 50% will go to Division of Overseas Ministries of
                                                        the Disciples with 100% being used for the work of
                                                        the common Global Ministries.

                                                        Call 877-537-5277 for more details or fill out the form
                                                        global-ministries-christian-church.htm. Be sure to
                                                        identify "Global Ministries" as the charity you are
                                                        donating to. After you have called or filled out the
                                                        form, a Vehicle Donation Representative will schedule
                                                        a pickup that convenient for you, as well as provide
                                                        you with confirmation of your donation. The average
                                                        pickup time is usually 24-48 hours from the time you
                                                        contact them. Even if your car hasn’t run in years,
                                                        don’t worry... they are equipped for towing too.
                                                                        APRIL 2011
      April Birthdays & Anniversaries

April 2            Phillip Pouech                April 3 – Communion in the Pews
April 4            Ross Stirewalt                Greeters: Trinka Parker
                   Gregory Zengilowski           Ushers: Ellen Phelps and Carrie Stirewalt
April 5            Destiny MacDougal
April 6            Steve Utter
                                                 Reader: Mary Eddy
                   Kaitlin Francis
                   Lindsay Volk                  April 10
April 7            Martin Quatt                  Greeters: Youth
                   Reggie Robinson
                                                 Ushers: Youth
April 8            Ellen Dooley
                   Martha Quatt                  Reader: Youth
                   Taylor Danforth
April 10           David Newton                  April 17 – Palm Sunday
                   Meg Patrick                   Greeters: Melissa Loretan
                   Samantha Ducharme
April 13           Jacob Ashe
                                                 Ushers: Melissa Loretan and Colin McNaull
April 14           Amelie Lepple                 Reader: Earla Sue McNaull
                   Todd & Yvonne Whitaker
                   Connie Kendall & Don Taub     April 24 – Easter Sunday
April 15           Gary Carpenter
                                                 Greeters: Mabel Young
                   Aimee O’Brien-Babbot
                   Allison Zengilowski           Ushers: Paul Eddy and David Eddy
April 17           Trinka Parker                 Reader: Yvonne Whitaker
                   Jessica Utter
April 18           Jim & Anita Collins           April Coffee Hour Hosts—
April 19           Marie Eddie
                   Edward Sengle
                                                 Co-Chairs: Sally Mead and Laurie Place
                   Wes Volk                      Michelle Fischer, Nancy Goddard, Doreen Kendall, Doug
April 22           Pete & Judy Bissonette        Kendall, Lori McKenna, Kathy Newton, Jeff Pratt
April 23           Joey O’Brien-Babbot
                   Henry Sengle
                                                 Nursery Volunteers
April 24           Mike & Linda Quinn
April 25           Lana Benoit-Ouimet            April 3 – Sharonlee Trefry
                   Colleen French                April 10 – Sara Thompson
April 27           Randy Warren                  April 17 – Peg Pratt
                   Carolyn Wood                  April 24 – Easter Sunday the children will stay in the
                   James Dunshee
April 28           Dan & Valerie Spadaccini
                                                 church with their parents – no coverage
April 29           Brian Hanlon
                   Kari Mcleod-Bohlen            Snow Shovelers
                   Kevin Francis                 March 30 – April : Bob Lian
                   Damara Warren
                                                 April 6 - April 12: Keith Roberts
                   Gregory & Nancy Waples
                                                 April 13 – April 19: Wes Ashe
                                                 April 20 – April 26: Phil Pouech
                                                 April 27 – May 3: Dough Olufsen
           It’s Your Day, Celebrate!

                                                               Thank you for your service!

If we do not have your birthday or anniversary
listed, please e-mail it to us.
                                          April 2011

Sunday            April 3,    10:00 Worship     Communion in Pews
                              After Worship     Justice and Witness Committee Meeting
                              2:00 p.m.         Confirmation Study at Parish Hall
                              3:00 p.m.         UCH Youth Group
Tuesday           April 5,    12:00 p.m.        Lenten Study Group- Meditation/Sharing - Brown Bag Lunch
                              6:30-8:00 p.m.    Midnight Riders 4-H
Wednesday         April 6,    6:50 a.m.         Prayer and Sharing at Koval's
                              6:30 p.m.         Scouts
Thursday          April 7,    10:00 a.m.        Worship Committee Meeting
                              6:00 p.m.         Staff Parish Meeting
Saturday          April 9,    9:30-11:00 a.m.   UCH Auxiliary Meeting and Fellowship - All are Welcome!
Sunday            April 10,   10:00 a.m.        Worship Committee Meeting at Parish Hall
                              2:00 p.m.         Confirmation Study at Parish Hall
Tuesday           April 12,   12:00 p.m.        Lenten Study Group- Meditation/Sharing - Brown Bag Lunch
                              6:30-8:00 p.m.    Midnight Riders 4-H at Parish Hall
                              7:00 p.m.         Membership Care Committee at Parish Hall
                              7:00 p.m.         Hinesburg Communite Resource Center Meeting Parish Hall
Wednesday         Apil 13,    6:30 p.m.         Scouts
                              7:00 p.m.         Spirituality/Sharing Group at Parsonage
Palm Sunday       April 17,   10:00 a.m.        Palm Sunday - Worship
                              2:00 p.m.         Confirmation Study at Parish Hall
Maundy Thursday   April 21,   6:00 p.m.         Maundy Thursday Supper at Parish Hall
                              7:00 p.m.         Tenebrae Service at Parish Hall
Good Friday       April 22,   *******           UCH Office Closed
                              12:00 p.m.        Good Friday - Ecumenical Service at St. Jude's
Easter Sunday     April 24,   6:00 a.m.         Easter Sunrise Service - Hinesburg Community School Gazebo
                              10:00 a.m.        Easter Sunday Worship
Monday            April 25,   4:30 p.m.         Salvation Army Dinner (please consider volunteering for May)
Tuesday           April 26,   7:00 p.m.         UCH Trustees Meeting
                              7:30 p.m.         UCH Council Meeting

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