Understanding Corporate Social Media for Brand Engagement

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					Paul Harrison @CarveConsulting
   Why am I standing here?
   @CarveConsulting

   Reputation 2.0
   The Intention Web
   Getting a (serious) strategy together
   B2B & Social Media
Carve Consulting | The Directors Cut
   Open ID’s
   Mobile Internet
   UGC & EGC
   Fear / Power
   Future of the Social Web
    – Forrester
   Facebook, Twitter,
    Google, etc
   Engendering “web wide
   User Generated Content
   Expert Generated Content
1.   Get a strategy in place
2.   “Give your people the mic”
3.   Create the right choice architecture
4.   Integrate social tools
5.   Build advocacy programmes
6.   Be nice, be everywhere, be active
7.   Have a great offering....
Carve Consulting | The Directors Cut
   Engaging in the Intention Web requires a coherent listening / social
    media monitoring programme to be in place
   Effective adoption of Social CRM requires significant organisational
    buy-in, and some control is invariably lost
   Consider major impact of the Intention Web on online brand
    experience (as Realtime updates appear in first page of Google
   Emerging Social Tools designed for the enterprise help maximise
    productivity. Co-Tweet for example allows multiple users of multiple
    Twitter accounts, with the ability to ‘assign’ responses and messages.
    Some CRM packages integrate with listening tools (for example,
    Radian6 and Salesforce)
   Pilot programme recommended in the first instance
   Tomorrow: Customers / Self organised groups using the Intention
    Web to elicit / demand discounts or action.
Carve Consulting | The Directors Cut
Carve Consulting | The Directors Cut
   Over 90% B2B Buyers using social media tools
    (Forrester, Feb 09)
   3rd party recommendations
   Thought leadership
   Lessen complexity
   Internal Crowdsourcing / Employee Advocacy
   Smaller market size and increased value means CRM
    more important. Also lessen sales cycles.
   Manage reputational risk and IP leakage
   Insights, competitive advantage through active listening
   Build relationships with key partners