CURRICULUM VITAE of Mr Nait Daoud by zhangyun


									                           CURRICULUM VITAE of Mr Nait Daoud

1.     Family Name:            Nait Daoud

2.     First Names:            Mohamed

3.     Date of Birth:          01/10/1966

4.     Nationality :           Canadian & Moroccan

5.     Civil Status :          Married

6.     Education

 Institution                             Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
 [ Date from – Date to ]
 University of Quebec at Montreal        Master in Business Administration (MBA),
 “UQAM” Quebec, Canada                   Accounting sciences
 National Institute for economic and
 accounting techniques “INTEC”           Legal and Tax certificate.
 CNAM, Paris, France
 High Institute of Commerce and
 Management “ISCAE”,                     Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), in
 Casablanca, Morocco.                    Finance and Accounting option

7.     Language Skills:

         Language                Reading               Speaking               Writing
      Arabic                        1                     1                      1
      French                        1                     1                      1
      English                       1                     2                      1

8. Membership of professional bodies: No
9. Other Skills: - Word processing, spreadsheet software and PowerPoint

10. Present Position: Independent Expert available for short or long term assignments.

11. Years within the Firm: 9 years
12. Key Qualifications:
      Transferring banking know how (credit-granting and corporate client-
       management) into the local cultural setting by offering a suitable training program
       to cover :
           1. Risk rating and credit scoring methodologies ,
           2. MSME banking techniques and bank credit risk restructuring ,
           3. MSME Credit: Lending Techniques/ Loan Products/Loan Portfolio
           4. Lending best practices (Basel II , Cash flow based loan appraisal, the 5 Cs
           5. Internal risk management procedures, credit analysis and loan portfolio
           6. Budgeting and financial forecasting for SMEs
           7. Rural finance & rural supply chain
           8. Discussing (1) the particularities of SME entrepreneurship, (2) real-life
              examples of SME expansion and (3) real life loan applications from SME
           9. Assisting SMEs to understand the steps necessary for obtaining adequate
              sources of financing, Company needs  Business Plan development
              Suitable loan
      Institution Building
      Marketing and Sales Strategies
      Risk Management, developing appropriate MIS systems
      Credit Scoring for micro loans
      Loan Recoveries /techniques
      Staff Motivation
      Assessing the existing credit risk management system according to Basel II
       principles and review procedures in order to develop adjustments as necessary.
       Familiar with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision recommendations
      Evaluating and formulating the credit strategy for the banks and Identifying the
       best strategy for them taking into consideration its internal resources and
       capabilities, as well as external factors;
      Consultant experience in a variety of international development projects ,
       particularly in the fields related to the Central Bank policy and commercial bank
       restructuring/development, institutional capacity building and Bank Staff Training

   13. Specific experience in developing countries
                                Date: from (month / year) to (month / year)
Morocco                         June1991- August 2001
Senegal                         January 2004 - March 2004
Mali                            November 2004 - May 2005
Haiti                           June - September 2005
Philippines                      2005- 2006 (two separate assignments)
Egypt                           Mai 2007 - December 2007
Sudan                           October 2008- February 2009
Iraq                            November - December 2009
Cote d‟ivoire                   August 2010 -Present
                                   14. Professional experience
   Date         Location         Company              Position                                                         Description
  from -
  Date to
                           ShoreBank               Resident        IFC ,World Bank, AMSME Finance Project, West Africa
From          Cote
                           International Ltd,      Advisor ,       -primarily responsible for starting and overseeing all small business lending operations on the assignment for the
August 2010   d‟ivoire                                             assigned country for the contract period.
- present                                          SME business
                                                   financing       Duties and responsibilities include :
                                                                   - Assisting in organizing a new SME lending department, including design of its organizational structure, job
                                                                   descriptions, and incentive systems;
                                                   ,ECOBANK        - Developing and adapting the Credit Manual and Policies and Procedures to the country of residence;
                                                   cote d‟ivoire   - Helping to establish processes and mechanisms to evaluate loan applications, including loan documentation,
                                                                   approval policies and controls;
                                                                   - Supervising credit application, analysis, approval, disbursement, monitoring and recoveryprocesses, as
                                                                   - Driving the rollout of lending operations after project kick-off in country of residence;
                                                                   - Supporting product customization and marketing, which may include recommending new products, processes,
                                                                   marketing strategies and IT tools;
                                                                   - Overseeing the Bank‟s lending operations and monitoring loans, as well as implementing and overseeing the
                                                                   maintenance of a sound portfolio management system;
                                                                   Selecting and training SME Relationship Officers in the basic elements of the SME credit methodology, including
                                                                   balance sheet, P&L and cash-flow analysis; how to apply
                                                                   various interview techniques; and how to conduct due diligence and reference checks;
                                                                   - Developing in-house capacity for training ,training of trainers, mentoring and coaching new lending staff.
                                                                   - Support the rollout of lending activities in other Bank's affiliates regionally and support the successful
                                                                   implementation of the project overall
                           The Louis Berger        Rural Finance   USAID, Inma Agribusiness Program, Iraq
November-     Iraq         Group & Iraq / 4point                   Designing , implementing and conducting two separate three-day workshops (the first one in Baghdad and the
December                   solutions                               second one in Erbil), the workshop is to assist micro-finance institutions (MFIs) and larger commercial Banks in
2009                       Eric Nigh, CEO                          learning how to develop appropriate agricultural credit products and how to best utilize these products in lending to
                           4point solutions                        agribusinesses and micro-small and medium rural enterprises. The workshops aimed mainly at enhancing and
                           Baghdad, IRAQ                           improving Branch Managers, Credit Officers awareness about technical aspects of credit products for agricultural
                           Tel +964                                related enterprises. , topics that have been covered were , among other things , The nature and challenges of
                           7707892958                              Agricultural Sector in Iraq, Rural and agricultural Value Chain Finance, Agricultural loan cycle , Types of
                           E-mail :                                Agricultural Loan Products , Key components of credit granting, Criteria for positive loan evaluation (the 5 Cs for
                                       credit assessment), Cash flow based loan appraisal including adequate risk and cash flow analyses in order to
                                                               support the loan approval decision, Close loan monitoring and loan portfolio diversification, credit scoring,
                                                               recovery methods and techniques …etc
                                                                Review/Evaluation of Progress made by the Central Bank of Sudan Microfinance “CBOS MF Unit “in
October    Khartoum,   North south            Monitoring       implementing its Five-Year microfinance Strategy
2008-      Sudan       consultants exchange   and evaluation   Description: It has been over a year since the CBOS embarked upon the implementation of its five year strategy
February               Egypt & Unicons        Expert           for developing and expanding the microfinance sector in Sudan, In order to ensure the success of the strategy, the
                       consultancy LTD
2009                                                           Central Bank recognizes the importance of developing an appropriate Monitoring and Evaluation “M&E” plan
                                                               capable of measuring progress, identifying problems at an early stage and accordingly introducing corrective
                       Don Ross                                measures and solutions, promoting participation, ownership and accountability.
                       General Manager                         Duties and Responsibilities :
                       NSCE Tel: + 202 /                       -Analysing and reviewing the secondary sources provided by MFU „Microfinance unit‟ to assess the degree of
                       27351045, 2737 0673                     progress and the quality of implementation process used towards each component of COBS microfinance
                       E-mail :                                strategy.(1-creating a conducive legal and policy framework, 2- Enhancing the role and supporting the growth of
                       dross@nsce-                             MFIs,3- Establishing a supportive infrastructure)
                                            -Each of the interventions presented in the action plan has been analysed and reviewed to assess its adequacy and
                       Zohra Merabet                           appropriateness, particularly in the light of the generally acknowledged best practice in the microfinance industry,
                       Executive Director                      main objectives of the strategy but taking into consideration the special characteristics of Sudan. .
                       NSCE Tel: + 202 /                       -Specific recommendations have been made following the implementation evaluation and in accordance with the
                       27351045, 2737 0673                     sequence adopted in the Action Plan of the MF Strategy (chapter 1of the mission report : REPORT ON THE
                       E-mail :                                EVALUATION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE MICROFINANCE STRATEGY IN SUDAN).
                       zmerabet@nsce-                          -the purpose of the Progress Evaluation is set to determine the related benchmarks for future measuring of
                       /                              progress; i.e. formulating a detailed Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
                                                               - A more general discussion of important issues arising from the Implementation Evaluation and considered to be
                                                               of critical importance to the development of the MF sector have been tackled under chapter 2 , stress has been
                                                               placed particularly on the following aspects : The Relationship between the Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) and
                                                               Non-Bank Microfinance Institutions, The SMDF „The Sudanese Microfinance Development Facility‟ as an Apex
                                                               Organization & its Relation with the MFU, The creation and operationalization of a supportive Information base,
                                                               Motivation of banks to actively engage in MF operations, The Profit Margin Ceiling Applied to MF Operations
                                                               (Murabaha), CBOS/MFU Initiative to Provide Wholesale Finance to Banks…etc
                                                               -Developing a necessary foundations for the M&E system , practical steps have also been taken to set up the key
                                                               elements and fundamentals for having in place a comprehensive M&E Plan for the strategy (chapetr3 :
                                                               MONITORING & EVALUATION REFERENCE DOCUMENT)
                                                               -Designing and significantly contributing to the implementation of two-day workshop with the participation of
                                                               staff from the Micro-Finance Unit (MFU) as well as some of the partner banks and other non bank organisations
                                                               (NGOs, CBOs...etc)
                                                               -The workshop was structured to build up slowly towards a comprehensive M&E plan for the strategy. Through a
                                                               series of exercises and group work .each parts of the M&E Plan was tackled. Beginning with the SWOT analysis
                                                          where participants developed a situational analysis with regard to the Strategy and then proceeding to set the
                                                          Objectives/Project hierarchy for the Strategy. The Logical Framework was then developed and this paved the
                                                          way for identifying indicators and their feasibility. The indicators formed the cornerstone for the M&E plan where
                                                          each level of the Strategy‟ hierarchy was presented in a matrix/plan reflecting the M&E activities to be carried
                                                          out and their timeline. Finally the use and dissemination of results emerging from M&E activities as well as
                                                          results based monitoring requirements was addressed. Industry standard benchmarks for performance and impact
                                                          indicators were also introduced and explained to the participants.
Mai -      Cairo,   Vakakis               International
                                                          “Financial Investment & Sector Cooperation” (FISC-Rural) EuropeAid/119573/C/SV/EG
December   Egypt    International S.A &   Bank Training
2007                North south           Expert          Description: The Financial Investment & Sector Cooperation – Rural Component is a follow-on project to the
                    consultants                           MSSP (“Multi Sector Support Programme” ) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation funded by the
                    exchange , Egypt /                    EC. It was set up to provide loan facilities from a €16.0 million Credit Line for the development of small and
                    EU-MEDA                               medium scale private sector farms and rural enterprises. The Project‟s credit line fund is managed by an Agent
                    Don Ross                              Bank, working together with five commercial „Participating Banks‟ who receive and verify loan applications from
                    Directeur Général                     potential investors in the input supply, post harvest and marketing sectors before submitting them via the Project
                    NSCE E-mail :                         Secretariat to the Project‟s Board of Trustees for approval.
                    dross@nsce-                           While the central goal of the Project was the establishment of a credit system, on similar lines to the one developed
                                       for MSSP, the FISC-Rural Project was implemented to raise awareness and improve access to credit facilities by
                    Zohra Merabet                         enhancing the systems and procedures developed by MSSP while at the same time maintaining its own
                    NSCE                                  management and sub-sectors identity. This was achieved through training and capacity building within both the
                    E-mail :                              banking sector and relevant intermediary organisations to enable them to more actively support the Project‟s
                    zmerabet@nsce-                        target group. Specific activities were undertaken to assist small-scale entrepreneurs and women who presently do
                                       not have direct access to credit facilities. Duties and responsibilities included:
                    Tel:                                  -Contributing in the design of the Training Manual , as part of the implementation of pilot training courses, of local
                                                          counterpart bank experts (training of trainers) to deliver the intended courses;
                     + 202 / 27351045,
                                                          -Analysing observations and recommendations drawn back from The FISC-Rural Sub-sector Studies (In order to
                    2737 0673
                                                          assess the current bottlenecks and credit needs in the rural supply chain from farmer to customer) , as a basis for
                                                          the targeted financing of opportunities to strengthen individual links of the rural supply chain.
                                                          -Successfully participated in the design and implementation of five pilot training workshops that have been
                                                          conducted for the benefit of five participating banks and attended by Bank Branch Managers, Credit Officers and
                                                          potential Borrowers in different Governorates in Egypt. The workshops were mainly geared at sharing experience
                                                          of different participants in rural finance and agricultural lending, increasing their awareness to the lending best
                                                          practices (cash flow based lending appraisal, the 5 Cs …etc), ), identifying major constraints and impediments
                                                          along the value/supply chain ,and discussing (1) the particularities of rural entrepreneurship, (2) real-life examples
                                                          of rural SME expansion and (3) real life loan applications from rural SMEs. Subjects that are required for
                                                          successful bank lending were also examined such us: business planning, marketing strategies and feasibility study
                                                                     -Successfully contributing in the delivery of the training of trainers’ activities to three National Bank training
                                                                    Experts through the facilitation of activities that enabled them to improve their training skills.
                                                                    - Drafting and developing Pilot training courses and trainers‟ work document in Arabic to act as a prototype for
                                                                    standard training courses;
                                                                    -Participating in Different meetings with a variety of key actors involved in the FISC-Rural project and operate in
                                                                    different organizations(Banks, credit guarantee companies, cooperatives, potential borrowers, Ministry of
                                                                    Agriculture & Land Reclamation, donor representatives etc). for developing the most successful and realistic
                                                                    training strategy
                                                                    -Participating in nationwide meetings, awareness and training events to promote the use of the credit line;
                                                  SME lending       Asian Development Bank (ADB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Product development, credit risk
February -   Philippines   CIF Inc , Canada
                                                  and risk rating   management and training for Small Business Corporation (SBC) and partner banks,
November                   Mr Jaouad Berrada      system            Scope: SBC is a credit guarantee corporation helping local SMEs to get financing from commercial banks. The
2006                       President              specialist        mandate is to:
                           International Credit
                                                                         - Construct an appropriate SME strategy that will fit with and complement the existing SBC strategy
                           and Finance
                                                                         - Developed the business plan and feasibility study including detailed product recommendations
                           Consultants , E-mail
                                                                         - Adapt the bank‟s organization to serve SMEs
                                                 - Selected pilot provinces and conducted field trips to make a market assessment in coordination with local
                                                                         - Provided training to senior bank management and loan officers on SME Banking /lending techniques.
                                                                         - Identify areas in which underwriting processes, policies, procedures, and loan products can be streamlined
                                                                              or improved so as to lower risk while increasing volumes, based upon best practices developed in other
                                                                              markets, including SME lending markets that are appropriate to SBC.
                                                                         - Structure SBC‟s credit risk management
                                                                         - Develop a credit manual;
                                                                         - Develop a risk base lending system (in compliance with Basel II requirements)
                                                                         - Review SBC‟s credit guarantee products; underwriting parameters, policies and procedures
                                                                         - Testing the new risk rating system;
                                                                         - The design and implementation, including revision of policies and procedures, for loan origination and
                                                                              risk management.
                                                                         - SME product development
                                                                         - Evaluate the present staff skill levels and recommend specific areas in which additional staff training is
                                                                              needed, particularly in the areas of SME banking techniques, cash flow based lending ,underwriting,
                                                                              credit analysis, Market assessment, Market segmentation ,Product delivery, and product design
                                                                         - Participate in several meetings and workshops with various stakeholders, including credit guaranty
                                                                              institutions, and some beneficiaries whose loan application has received a bank guarantee
                                                                         - Organize strategic workshops for the bank‟s management and presentations to discuss and disseminate
                                                                 findings and recommendations.
                                                         The process:
                                                            - Market knowledge
                                                            - Segmentation
                                                            - Design the strategy
                                                            - Product development
                                                            - Design an SME finance organisation structure;
                                                            - Design a risk rating and Scoring system;
                                                            - Develop a credit manual
                                                            - Design a training strategy and plan.
                                                            - Training employees of SBC, Export Industry Bank and Bank of Philippines Island;
                                                            - Design and implement products for SBC, Export Industry Bank to finance SMEs
                                                            - Design a partnership between SBC and Export Industry Bank
                                                            - Create common product for the Bank and SBC.
                                                            - Design a development strategy for the partnership in terms of Industries, products, risk and SMEs that
                                                                  need help (mainly those with no or insufficient hard collateral but with good products and market
                                                            - Implement the strategy.
                                                         CIDA, Institutional Capacity Building. for Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP)
October   Manila,       CIF Inc , Canada   SME Banking
2005 –    Philippines                      Senior
                                                         Duties and responsibilities included:
January                                    Consultant
                                                             -   Define an SME-specific strategy and implementation plan
2006                                                         -   Design and implement a plan to help UBP build a high volume, cash flow based SME lending
                                                             -   integrate the practical and operational elements of the SME Program into the policies, procedures
                                                                 and organization through Buy-in and leadership of senior management
                                                             -   Based on the inception phase and market study, implement appropriate policies, systems and procedures
                                                                 to strengthen the general banking architecture of the ETI Group, with special focus on retail and MSME
                                                             -   Determine priority target segments allowing the bank to Offer a range of SME products, beyond lending
                                                             -   Design and Develop a new risk management approach according to Basel II principles
                                                             -   Revision of policies and procedures, for loan origination, risk management, and problem loan
                                                                 recoveries;(in compliance with Basel II requirements)
                                                             -   Train local managers and a large number of loan officers to implement MSME lending and banking.
                                                                 Training include various techniques not only for analyzing and granting loans, but also for utilizing
                                                                           different recovery methods, financial analysis, file‟s analysis;cash flow, market management; sales
                                                                           management, SME knowledge, and client service
                                                                     -     Implementing a new SME lending organization structure including lending division, risk management
                                                                           division and audit division;
                                                                     -     Implementing a new risk rating and scoring system;

                                                             CIDA ,Institutional Capacity Building for National Bank of Haiti (BNH)
June -       Port      au CIF Inc , Canada   Senior Bank
                                                             Scope: Technical assistance to strengthen the credit management system, credit policy and procedures,
September    prince                          restructuring
                                                             streamlining loan analysis and administration processes in compliance with Basel II recommendations
2005         Haiti                           advisor
                                                             -       SME financing;
                                                             -       A credit administration program;
                                                             -       Implementing a new organization structure including lending division, risk management division and audit
                                                             -       Implementing a new risk rating system;
                                                             -       Implementing a risk monitoring system;
                                                             -       Training BNH employees;
                                                             -       Writing a credit manual;
November     Bamako,       SAGEF             Trainer &       USAID, Mali finance project for support to finance institutions. Seminars and training workshops on
2004 - May   Mali          International     lecturer in     Project finance for credit specialists
2005                       Canada            finance
                                                             Training program mission consisted in developing and training the five largest institutions in the country. We
                                                             have developed and adapted an “Excel” based credit risk analysis template according to SYSCOA standards. The
                                                             highlights of project analysis are illustrated fore some sectors such as: Waste treatment, transportation, Hospitals
                                                             and other health infrastructure.
                                                             Program highlights
                                                                 -       Providing Key elements of a business plan model (executive summary, market and competition……)
                                                                 -       Designing some approaches and methods in order to formulate and validate general assumptions for
                                                                         realising realistic financial forecasts.(Revenues assumptions, Investment assumptions , …)
                                                                 -       Developing tools for Identifying investment project risk and proposing best strategies to manage identified
                                                                         risks that should arise during the life cycle project.(Risk avoidance, Risk reduction, Risk transfer/sharing,
                                                                         Risk retention.. etc)
                                                                 -       Proposing an Excel credit risk analysis template in order to standardize the credit an d lending analysis
                                                                         approach. This model was essentially focused on:
                                                                         - Sensitivity and risk projects analysis
                                                                    - Working capital calculation and financial ratios analysis
                                                                    - Cash flow statement preparation.
                                                                    - Financial statement interpretation and analysis
                                                                    - Evaluation of project performance.
                                                              CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency)
January -     Dakar,     SAGEF                 Financial
March         Senegal    International         analyst        Consulting mandate regarding feasibility study mission for the implementation of a wind park project for
2004                     Canada                               creating clean, efficient and renewable energy on a medium and a large scale .in Senegal.
                                                              Responsible for the preparation of expressions of interest, technical and financial proposals, tender documents and
October      Montréal, CIF Inc                 Business       the identification, selection and contracting of experts for donor funded projects & programmes.
2001         Quebec,                           development
December      Canada                           manager
February    101                                               -   Ensuring the compliance of budgeting, accounting and reporting of financial activities with tax, legal and
                         Crédit Populaire du   Management         internal requirements of the bank,
1998-       Boulevard
                         Maroc                 accountant     -   Providing periodical financial and economic analyses of the bank to business managers
August      Med
 2001       Zerktouni,                                        -   Establishing the operating costs methodology, especially in the lending activities services and the cheques
                                                                  processing centers
                                                              -   Setting up profitability measurement tools based on three axes: Customer axis, product axis, branch axis,
            Maroc                                                 market segment axis
                                                              -   Strengthening Corporate Internal Control via improving standards of accounting, auditing, and financial
                                                                  reporting systems,
                                                              -   Providing business performance analysis, accounting and financial reporting to the Bank director and the
                                                                  business units.
                                                              -   Closely participating in strategic and business planning, forecasts and trends analysis for different business
                                                              -   Verifying whether the system of internal controls is adequate to ensure well-ordered and prudent conduct
                                                                   of business according to corporate strategic orientations.
January     Idem                                              -   Provide intensive training to build up local staff capacity and ensure that a best-practice credit technology is in
                         Crédit Populaire du   Account            place.
1996-                    Maroc                 manager        -   conduct loan assessment to reduce risks of loan losses
January                                        (Agriculture   -   Set – up an appropriate credit rating system to develop common performance standards, and benchmarking
1998                                           and maritime   -   Developing various sources of international financing through suitable financing packages regarding
                                               area),             investment projects.
                                                              -   Oversee the management of the loan portfolio to ensure best use of funds and solvency of the loan portfolio
June 1991-    Idem                                            -   Designing and developing a financial model based on Excel template(according to the new Moroccan accounting
                          Crédit Populaire du   Credit Risk       plan) for improving financial analyses and assessing adequately the financial risks related to MSME lending
                          Maroc                 analyst.          applications
                                                              -   Elaborating a training program regarding this model, addressed to lending staff in order to improve credit risks
                                                                  quality analyses and encourage a strong credit culture throughout the bank.

                 15. Other relevant information
             Training manuals for seminars/workshops on credit granting and customer management
16. Referees:
   1. Eric Nigh,
     CEO 4point solutions
     Baghdad, IRAQ
     E-mail :
     Tel +964 7707892958
  2. Don Ross
     General Manager
     North south consultants exchange « NSCE »
     27 Yahia Ibrahim St., Apt. 4, Zamalek 11311,
     Cairo, Egypt
     Tel: + 202 / 27351045, Fax: + 202 / 27383091

  3. Zohra Merabet
     Executive Director
     North south consultants exchange « NSCE »
     27 Yahia Ibrahim St., Apt. 4, Zamalek, 11311,
     Cairo, Egypt
     Tel: + 202 / 27351045, 2737 0673, Fax: + 202 / 27383091

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