Transforming Croydon through technology by wulinqing


									Transforming Croydon
through technology

A five year ICT stategy
2009 - 2014

List of tables and figures                                                                                            4
Foreword by the chief executive                                                                                       5
1.    Executive summary                                                                                               6
2.    The wider context                                                                                               8
3.    The themes of the ICT strategy                                                                                 11
      3.1   Theme one: Excellence in customer service                                                                11
      3.2   Theme two: Improving access for citizens and communities                                                 15
      3.3   Theme three: Transforming services for children and young people                                         19
      3.4   Theme four: Increasing resources through efficiency                                                      23
      3.5   Theme five: Enabling a high performing organisation                                                      27

4.    Delivering and monitoring the ICT strategy                                                                     30
      4.1   Key principles                                                                                           30
      4.2   Governance arrangements                                                                                  33
      4.3   Funding the strategy                                                                                     35
      4.4   Service provision                                                                                        36
      4.5   ICT milestone plan                                                                                       38
      4.6   Risk analysis                                                                                            39

                                                                           Transforming Croydon through technology    3
List of tables and figures

Figure 1            Diagram of interdependencies between themes    7
Figure 2            Balanced scorecard for the ICT strategy        25
Table 1             Table of ICT strategy principles               31
Figure 3            Decision making flow-chart for managers        32
Figure 4            Gartner’s IS-Lite model                        33
Figure 5            LBC ICT governance structure                   34
Table 2             Detailed explanation of governance structure   34
Figure 6            Overview of service provision                  36
Figure 7            Overview of ICT journey 2009-11                37

4   Transforming Croydon through technology
Foreword by the chief executive

                      This five year strategy will help       This strategy also looks at how technology can be used
                      ensure we have the strongest            out amongst the communities we serve and in particular,
                      foundation possible on which to         how technology will help the Transforming Croydon
                      continue our journey from good to       Schools programme. As such, it sets out some huge
                      excellent. An effective ICT strategy    aspirations but that is what sets Croydon apart. A range
                      provides the essential link between     of well-defined technology-focused projects working to
                      the aims of the organisation and        a common strategic goal of innovation and sustainable
                      the information, communication          transformation will ensure these aspirations are met.
                      and technology needed to deliver
                      those aims.

This is not just about doing IT better but rather about
doing it differently – trying more innovative ways of
working, identifying funding streams and working more
with our partners across the LSP to ensure economies of
scale. To purely focus on this as an ‘IT strategy’ would be
a mistake. Technology has the ability to become a lever for
organisational and borough-wide change. Our customers
will reap the benefits of better technology enabling our
staff to work smarter not harder, to help them work better
in the partnerships we have across the borough and by
making what can be tough jobs that bit easier.

                                                                                      Transforming Croydon through technology   5
1. Executive summary

The five themes at the heart of this strategy focus          we enabling our customers to contact us but we’re also
both inside and outside the organisation. A continuing       providing them with the skills and confidence to make the
desire to provide the best services possible, in the best    most out of the technology available to them.
way possible is what drives these themes. The drivers
within this strategy have come from the organisation         A key focus is on services for children and young people,
– significant engagement has taken place with                part of this means further investment will be made in
departments, through workshops with staff and through        increasing the mobility of social workers. In addition,
interviews with many executive directors and directors.      strong links will be made to the Transforming Croydon
A balance of investment in infrastructure, mobility,         Schools programme, with the aim of creating a culture of
collaboration/engagement, self-service and automation        learning anytime, anywhere.
was a consistent message from all the workshops and          Creating a more agile workforce and a more responsive
interviews and this balance will be needed in order to       organisation means a focus on increasing mobile and
progress the organisational transformation journey.          flexible working, rolling-out an electronic document and
The diagram on the next page gives an outline of the         record management system (EDRMS) and putting in place
interdependencies between the themes.                        more modern equipment. Where, for education, it’s about
In line with best practice, the strategy has three strands   learning anytime, anywhere, in this context it is about
– demand, as outlined by the themes; control, as outlined    working anytime, anywhere.
by the governance, principles and budget; and supply, as      The future sourcing model for the Council is of prime
outlined by systems and architecture.                        importance. The contract with the current outsourced
The strategy proposes investment in CRM with a               partner, Capgemini, is due to expire in 2013. This means
particular focus on a single view of the customer. To        that significant time and effort is needed from autumn
achieve effective customer data integration a programme      2009 to get the council to a place where it has a clear
of system rationalisation will take place. In addition,      direction in relation to future sourcing arrangements and
further development of the web is emphasised. The web        a clear map of how to get there.
is split into two strands – transactional which includes     Better governance is the final key to transforming the
increasing bookings and payments and transformational        organisation through technology. A number of principles
which includes participation, engagement and                 have been developed which will enable the organisation
collaboration tools via the web. Building on this, is the    to better prioritise ICT projects and programmes. This
focus on finding different and more ways of enabling our     will result in a clearer focus and ensure the strategic
customers to contact and engage with us. Investment          direction of the council, in relation to ICT, is assured.
in access points across the borough as well as skills
development around technology will mean not only are

6    Transforming Croydon through technology
Excellence in customer service

Increasing resources                                                           Enabling a high
 through efficiency                                                              performing

                           Mobility                Automation



   Transforming                                                              Increasing access
services for children                                                         for citizens and
 and young people                                                              communities

                                                                  Transforming Croydon through technology   7
2. The wider context

Croydon is the largest town without city status in             Outside of Croydon, across London and the wider UK
Western Europe and constitutes a large local economy in        increasing emphasis is being placed on improvement
its own right. It’s a vibrant place with a distinct identity   and efficiency, transformation and social inclusion. The
and as such, both the organisation that is Croydon             Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships (RIEPs)
Council and the wider place needs technology that              have a role in supporting councils to deliver efficiency
enables it to not just meet but exceed its aspirations.        savings and improved outcomes. The London RIEP may
                                                               provide an opportunity for funding in relation to some of
These aspirations are delivered through the Local              our technology-related efficiency projects.
Strategic Partnership (LSP) a family of partnerships
between public sector agencies, the business sector            Delivering Digital Inclusion (2008) from the Department
and community and voluntary organisations. Their               of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) sets
aspiration is for Croydon to have safer, stronger and          out to ensure that all citizens, particularly those who
more sustainable communities, better outcomes for              are disadvantaged, realise both the direct and indirect
children and young people, increasing economic growth          benefits of digital technologies. The ethos of this has
and prosperity, improved health and wellbeing, a better        been included in theme two of this strategy (Increasing
environment and high quality public services with better       access for our citizens and communities). In addition,
value for money.                                               Communities in control: real people, real power (2008)
                                                               from the DCLG sets out the aim of passing power into
At the moment, work is apace on developing the Local           the hands of local communities and supporting people
Development Framework (LDF) which will provide a               to become more active citizens or volunteers. There are
spatial framework for land use and the development             strong links with the digital inclusion agenda. Therefore,
of the built environment. In addition, the Transforming        participation and other forms of engagement have also
Croydon Schools programme has begun which is                   been factored into this strategy.
part of the wider Building Schools for the Future
programme across the UK. This will see an investment
of £350million in new academies, federations and school
mergers hosted in a wave of new buildings across the
borough. Technology will also play a key part in the TCS
programme, ensuring that children have the skills they
need to see them succeed in an ever increasing global
and technology-focused job market.

8    Transforming Croydon through technology
Transforming Croydon through technology   9
“Customers expect simple access to services, with an
appropriate, efficient choice of consistent entry points
and with seamless handovers across channels…”
(Transformational government, enabled by technology, 2005)
3. The themes of the transformation strategy

Key projects
•	 CRM	development
•	 Development	of	a	single	customer	view
•	 Bookings	and	payments
•	 GIS	–	phase	two

3.1 Theme one: Excellence in customer service                At this point in time there are limited links between the
                                                             systems used across the various departments. Where
A large London borough such as Croydon, with a diverse       there are, these are mainly financial interfaces. There
range of customers, requires systems that enable it to       are also few links between the systems used by customer
instantly and accurately determine what a customer           facing services, such as adult services and housing and
needs, when they need it. At the heart of the new            the ‘back office’ functions, such as the customer contact
customer service strategy is the focus on understanding      centre. In other words, the various systems do not ‘talk’
our customers (gaining better insight), connecting           to each other as much or as well as they could do. With
with our customers (improving access) and serving our        the arrival of the new Geographic Information System
customers (enhancing the customer experience). These         (GIS) there is huge opportunity to understand more about
three pieces of the jigsaw come together as a way of         trends across the borough and link this to the disparate
providing great customer service and thereby, improving      systems across the organisation.
customer satisfaction.
                                                             To get to where we want to be, with that single view of
Technology plays a crucial role in this agenda. This         the customer, a comprehensive piece of work will take
requires us to create a single view of our customers         place which will review all the systems currently in place,
across the Council’s many systems and databases. This        how well they are used and whether they should be kept
means that we use our existing information a lot more        or not. Once we have a clearer idea of where we are
effectively in order to ensure our services meet the needs   and have reduced the number of systems currently in use,
of our different customers.                                  we will be able to start integrating these systems to our
                                                             customer relationship management (CRM) system. Part
Technology also plays a role in supporting the Council
                                                             of this will require the purchase of some ‘middleware’
to fulfil its role in emergency planning. With joined up
                                                             (software that connects software components or
and resilient systems, better telephony, better networks
                                                             applications). In parallel with all of this, will be a review
and better IT equipment we will be able to minimise the
                                                             of our current CRM system provision. At the moment, the
economic effects of emergencies. This will be through
                                                             customer services division believes they are not getting
the contribution of uninterrupted business via Internet
                                                             the best out of the system. This could be down to the
and telephone channels across the borough and possibly
                                                             system itself, a lack of business process improvement,
beyond. This means we will be able to use the technology
                                                             lack of investment or high integration costs or a
available to us to support our local communities in their
                                                             combination of all of these. That review will then help us
times of greatest need.
                                                             determine the best course of action, such as whether we
                                                             need to procure a new CRM system or not.

                                                                                       Transforming Croydon through technology   11
3.1.1 Case study: What does this mean for our                Veena is given a unique reference number and a password
customers and staff? A typical day in 2013...                to enable her to track the progress of the application
                                                             from her own PC at home. She is also given the number
Veena Bhatti calls into the Public Service Delivery Hub,     of the Contact Centre, should she prefer to telephone to
the new central office for Croydon Council, to pay her       check the application.
council tax. However, she is also looking for information
on whether she can place a skip outside her house as she     During the conversation, the customer adviser asks
is having a new kitchen fitted in a couple of weeks time.    Veena if she would like him to check that she is claiming
                                                             all the benefits that she is entitled to. Veena agrees
She asks the customer adviser, who explains that             and the advisor uses the CRM system to review Veena’s
Veena needs a permit and that this can be arranged           benefit status and alerts Veena to the fact that she is
immediately. He explains the process to Veena and            entitled to help with her council tax, as she has recently
advises that she can complete the application form on        become the only occupant of the house she owns.
the Internet using the computer located in the Internet
Cafe located directly behind her. Alternatively, she could
complete the form at home if she has her own computer
or the adviser could complete it on Veena’s behalf. Veena
decides to complete it there and then, in the Internet
cafe. The completed application is immediately routed
through, electronically, to the department responsible for
issuing the licenses.

12   Transforming Croydon through technology
Transforming Croydon through technology   13
“The ‘prize’ of digital inclusion is not the technology
itself but the capability of that technology to connect
individuals to new life-enhancing opportunities, to
develop stronger communities, and deliver better,
more efficient and effective services”
(Delivering digital inclusion, 2008)
3.2 Theme two: Improving access for
citizens and communities
Key projects
•	 Development	and	rollout	of	Croydon	mobile	web	(MOBI)
•	 Online	consultation	and	engagement
•	 Further	website	development
•	 Increased	access	points	across	borough
•	 Skills	development	for	citizens

This theme is about strengthening and improving our             particularly where a customer’s first language is not English.
current consultation, involvement and engagement methods        This is also true in relation to disability where there are
with voluntary and community groups to ensure the Council       now many assistive technologies which can ensure we are
delivers appropriate services and empowers communities.         helping people to participate equally in society, engage with
Pressure mounts for local authorities to provide a choice       the Council and others and receive equal levels of service.
of methods by which citizens can obtain information about       Examples of these assistive technologies include on-demand
and transact with their Council, at a time and place that       sign interpretation for deaf customers and software packages
suits them. Croydon takes this seriously, particularly in       that convert speech to text.
relation to the social inclusion agenda.
                                                                Further development of the web is at the heart of all of these
The Internet, in particular, offers many opportunities in       aspirations. Therefore, the web-site will undergo further
relation to this theme but we need to be mindful that           development, improving the look and feel and ultimately,
there is a sizeable correlation between social and digital      the user’s experience. There needs to be more user-testing,
exclusion. Therefore, this theme has three strands to           getting real people from across the borough to help us
it. The first is about increasing access by providing           test the updated web, meaning that we’re responding to
access points across the borough. The second relates to         the feedback of our customers. Once we have the basics
giving people the skills necessary to make better use of        right, such as an improved search engine, we can then
technology. The third relates to increasing citizens’ ability   move to using more online consultation and engagement
to participate and engage with the agendas that matter to       tools. Whilst we must always be mindful of reputation and
them and that are often led by the Council or its partners.     security, we cannot afford to ignore the fact that one of the
All of these strands mean that we will ensure all citizens      typical ways people engage with each other is via the social
and communities across Croydon can enjoy the benefits of        networking phenomena with Facebook, Twitter and Skype
the Internet and other methods of communication.                just a few options out of many. However, we are getting
                                                                the basics right first. All of this work maps directly into the
The white paper ‘Communities in control: real people, real
                                                                e-Communication Strategy (in development).
power’ (2009) aims to encourage every local authority to
use participatory budgeting mechanisms and to promote           One of the first visible ‘wins’ to emerge through this
more voting in elections. It also states the importance         strategy is the development and roll out of a mobile web
of every local authority having a system of accessible,         provision (Croydon MOBI) will enable more people to access
interactive contact for citizens to raise concerns.             the Council’s website whilst on the move. This provision
By looking more closely at the opportunities offered by         has already been successfully piloted with another London
technology we will be able to tackle the continuing problems    Borough with great success. The bulk of the funding comes
associated with social inequality. With a diverse population    from Transport for London which means that Croydon
in terms of ethnic background, we need to ensure that we use    is able to have a maximum impact through the web at a
technology in a way that enables two-way communication,         minimum cost.

                                                                                           Transforming Croydon through technology   15
3.2.1 Case study: What does this mean for our                 3.2.2. Case study: What does this mean for elected
customers? Pat’s story (Feb 2012)…                            members? A typical day in 2013...

Pat, 75, lives in New Addington and began learning how        The Council has been running an e-Consultation exercise
to use the Internet and email in 2010 by taking part in       on the Council’s website relating to a specific ward
Croydon Council’s Switch On project. Pat says, “My son        in Croydon. The Councillors for the ward receive an
had tried to show me how to use the computer but would        automated email informing them that the e-Consultation
get impatient with me when I couldn’t use the mouse           exercise has received over 1000 responses.
immediately, so I gave up. When a Switch On trainer
came to our local housing office, I shocked myself with       Using her high speed broadband connection from her
how quickly I could learn. I’m pretty stubborn and I just     home office, one of the Councillors logs in to the system
sat in front of the computer every opportunity I could        to learn more about the concerns of citizens in the
find, fiddling around.”                                       ward, establishing that the issues is the proposed re-
                                                              development of a brownfield site.
Pat then became a Switch On Ambassador to encourage
other housing tenants to use the computers. Her               The Councillor then uses the Council’s web based local
knowledge of IT has helped some of her friends and            information system to better understand the vicinity of
neighbours; in her own sheltered scheme she is the focal      the proposed development. Then, with a single click of
point of information and help. She has also participated      a mouse, the Councillor switches to the members’ portal
in four launches of Switch On events in other parts of        within the Tagish complaints system to review details of
the borough – Purley, Thornton Heath, Selsdon and             all the complaints which have originated from her ward in
South Norwood. She demonstrates the Internet, talks           the past month.
about what it can do and answers questions. “Most             She notices a lot of calls relate to the removal of a
people I speak to are often frightened of making fools        recycling point which covered a large part of the ward.
of themselves; they worry about breaking the computer,        She sends an email to the Head of Streetscene and asks
about the dangers of identity theft and dodgy sites. I just   for an explanation of the problem and how they propose
reassure them through my own experience and then say          to rectify the situation. Finally, she posts a Councillor
‘you know what, it’s your choice… you can’t break it, so      blog on her webpage telling people what she proposes to
have a go!”                                                   do to support the citizens with their concerns and how
                                                              she can be contacted about the matter.

16   Transforming Croydon through technology
Transforming Croydon through technology   17
“No barrier, no bureaucracy, no buck-passing should
ever get in the way of keeping children safe”
(Ed Balls, Children’s Secretary, 2009)
3.3 Theme three: Transforming services for
children and young people
Key projects
•	 Further	development	of	ContactPoint
•	 Improve	mobility	for	social	workers
•	 Develop	Croydon	Youth	Tube	using	Web	2.0
•	 Develop	transition	aspect	of	systems	between	CYPL	and	DASH
•	 Develop	integrated	children’s	IT	systems/	data
•	 Increase	use	of	technology	in	schools	(link	to	Transforming	Croydon’s	Schools)

In a recent document by the Children, Young People and          The other half of CYPL relates to Education. For a long time
Learner’s (CYPL) department (Reform and Refocus, 2009)          now, around one in three pupils leaving Croydon primary
it states that the majority of Local Area Agreement (LAA)       schools - including many of the most able - have not gone
targets fall within CYPL, with many specifically relating       on to a secondary school in the borough. The council
to services provided by social care. This coupled with the      wants to change that. It wants to see more emphasis on
Joint Area Review (JAR) comment that there was a lack of        achievement and discipline and an enhanced programme
consistency in social workers for many children who were        for gifted and talented children so that all parents have
looked after means that there is an unprecedented amount        the confidence to send their children to their local school.
of pressure on the department.                                  Technology is one of the factors that can help this agenda.

As such, the department is now working on a                     As technology evolves, it becomes ever more important that
transformation agenda which sees amongst it priorities          children and young people learn to take advantage of the
better use of technology to transform service delivery. The     benefits technology can offer. If young people are unable to
ultimate aim, however, is to maximise the face-to-face time     engage with new technology, for whatever reason, they risk
social workers spend with children and their families. This     falling behind their peers in education and will ultimately,
theme aims to support that agenda and in turn, ensure that      suffer in what is increasingly a technology-dependent
the department is successful in its aim to offer excellent      global job-market. The key in helping them achieve their
services for children and young people.                         maximum potential is enabling them to learn in their own
                                                                way and at their own pace. The Transforming Croydon
A key project will be to increase the mobility of social        Schools programme has technology at the heart of it. This
workers. This has links with the Information Management         is not just about the bricks and mortar of new schools but
strategy and in particular, investment in an electronic         also about the technology in place to support that learning.
document and records management system (EDRMS).                 Technology can also be used to help parents know more
Investment will also need to be made in the equipment           about their children’s progress and learning. Investment in
available to social workers, more tablets and light pens        video conferencing (multi-point access for schools), virtual
which enable the conversion of written notes into electronic    classrooms and more e-learning tools, including laptops for
format on the spot. Technology that enables security of         pupils, will see Croydon schools be the best in London. The
data, such as encryption is a must. The aim is to make a        aim is to help every school in Croydon to aspire to achieve
tough job slightly easier through technology. If less time is   the BECTA-accredited ICT Mark, a national accreditation
wasted on writing notes by hand then having to go back to       scheme which recognises schools for their achievements in
the office to type them up then it means more time can be       reaching a standard of maturity in their use of technology.
spent with children and their families.

                                                                                         Transforming Croydon through technology   19
3.3.1 Case study: What does this mean for young                 My mum is well chuffed with me. She’s seen my stuff
people? Elliot’s story (September 2011)…                        and talks to my aunties about it all the time. In fact, I’m
                                                                pretty chuffed with myself and I can see the direction I’m
A collaboration between Croydon’s Turnaround Centre             headed now.”
and Interplay Theatre aimed to help disadvantaged
and disaffected young people to realise their potential.        3.3.2 What does this mean for our staff, partners
Working together, they’re helping young people use              and children? A typical day in 2013
technology to explore and change their lives.
                                                                Jay, a children’s social worker arranges to meet with
Elliot, 16, has been going to the Turnaround Centre for         a colleague from the PCT to discuss a case they are
about a year and is working towards NOCN multi-media            working on. Jay goes online to book two adjacent hot-
qualifications. He explains, “I first got kicked out of         desks in the Public Service Delivery Hub.
school in Year 7. I used to get really angry and hit people,
including teachers. I don’t really know why. I never went       They both arrive in the hot-desk area, near to one of the
back ‘til Year 9. Secondary school scared me – it felt too      teams from CYPL, and connect their laptops. The Intelligent
big and I felt too small. To get through, I’d make sure         Network automatically checks that the laptops have the
people knew I was the hard man. It all came to a head           latest patches and virus definitions installed on them. It
when I ended up getting arrested for ABH. This is when I        then identifies which organisation each laptop belongs to
started coming to the Turnaround Centre. The centre is          and connects the users to their relevant systems (after they
great and I’ve had the chance to learn about multi-media        have supplied their personal security credentials).
and stuff like that. It’s hard work but that’s okay ‘cos it’s   As a result of their conversation, Jay needs to send some
really interesting. No-one makes me feel stupid.                information relating to the case to the colleague from
“At the moment I’m doing some DVing – putting visual            the PCT. He does this using secure, encrypted email sent
effects to a music track – like a music video. And there’s      over the Government Connect (GCSx) network. Once
all these computer programmes you do it on, and edit it         this is done, he then goes to visit the home of a foster
and stuff. I love it.                                           parent, in South Norwood, to check on the progress of a
                                                                child placed in their care. From there Jay is able to send
“Doing my music on the computers keeps me calm.                 a report on the child’s wellbeing, via the secure network,
If I hadn’t been given the opportunity to come here,            direct to the integrated children’s database. Because Jay
I reckoned I’d be banged up in some youth prison                no longer has to duplicate his effort by typing his notes
somewhere and I definitely wouldn’t be getting                  up when he goes back to the office, he can spend more
qualifications. I now feel like I’ve caught up with the         time with the foster family and the child placed in their
others I went to school with and turned things around.          care thereby building a stronger relationship with them.

20   Transforming Croydon through technology
Transforming Croydon through technology   21
“We need to rethink the very way that we organise
local services, particularly those with which the public
directly access. This could be the secret to finding
radical opportunities to increase efficiency and also
provide more customer-focused services”
Siobhan Coughlan, IDeA (2009)
3.4 Theme four: Increasing resources
through efficiency
Key projects
•	 Develop	sourcing	strategy
•	 Business	case	development	for	each	project	element	of	the	ICT	programme
•	 Benefits	Realisation	Management	(BRM)	put	in	place
•	 Business	process	improvement	programme	across	the	Council
•	 Implementation	of	information	management	strategy

This theme has several strands to it. The first relates to the   Ultimately, the development of a sourcing strategy
sourcing model Croydon Council needs to ensure its place         will be a comprehensive piece of work in itself with the
as one of the best local authorities in the UK. The contract     aim of identifying the best model for Croydon Council
with Capgemini ends in 2013, one year before the end             and one that is as future-proof as possible. Within
of this strategy. Therefore, it makes sense to include the       this, there is the opportunity to do more work with our
future sourcing model as part of this strategy document.         partners across the borough, such as the Primary Care
                                                                 Trust (PCT), the police and the voluntary and community
Multi-sourcing is one option, where internally and               sectors. This is the second strand.
externally delivered services are blended seamlessly,
governed closely and evaluated continuously for                  We need to develop appropriate technology solutions
effectiveness and efficiency. This could present an              and delivery models together. Not only does this provide
opportunity to set up an ICT shared service centre               better economies of scale and provide more options
providing ‘common’ ICT services such as help desk, email,        in relation to disaster recovery, more importantly it
infrastructure, server hosting and desktop support across        presents a united face to the people who live and work
several London boroughs.                                         in the borough, delivering seamless services to them.
                                                                 Therefore, we will strategically plan with our partners
To get us to a place where we are agile enough to take           across the borough about improving access points,
on something like this, the Council needs a common               network strategies, levels of kit and software and
infrastructure. Indeed, there is significant scope for           training. This makes particular sense where there is a
rationalising HR, finance and ICT by introducing standard        cross-over of responsibility amongst staff in the Council
systems and processes. Examples of possible systems              and others, such as the PCT. In addition, we will develop
include Oracle or Microsoft. If we have an infrastructure        a security and authentication approach which enables
that is common to some of the other local authorities            staff from partner organisations to utilise joint access,
in London there will be the opportunity to have joined-          infrastructures and platforms appropriately.
up solutions and therefore, leverage investments and
shorten any implementation timeframe for change.                 The current policy of one size fitting all, in relation to
                                                                 the allocation of PCs, laptops, PDAs etc. needs to be
                                                                 reviewed so that provision can be made in relation to the
                                                                 criticality of roles. For example, all social workers have
                                                                 their own equipment rather than sharing, unless they’re
                                                                 part time or job share. In addition, all lone workers
                                                                 should receive a PDA or a mobile.

                                                                                          Transforming Croydon through technology   23
The third and final strand relates to project and           Benefits will not just relate to cost-savings but also to the
programme management of technology and                      environment. As such, the Council aims to become carbon
transformation initiatives. The new structure of the        neutral where ICT is concerned. This is about lowering
service transformation division sees the creation           the power consumption of equipment used. ICT will also
of a relationship manager role. Each relationship           support the wider sustainability agenda by reducing
manager is responsible for ensuring all technology and      emissions through business process improvement,
transformation activities are aligned to their respective   minimising transport use through home working and
part of the ‘business’ and vice versa. As standard,         reducing waste through minimising paper use.
relationship managers will develop rigorous business
cases to support any project that comes out of this
strategy. These business cases will include thorough
investment appraisals and identify clear benefits, which
will then be tracked via benefits realisation management.
This will help us achieve more appropriate investment and
greater value for money from any partnership we are in.

24   Transforming Croydon through technology
An ICT strategy balanced scorecard

                                                                Customer perspective
                                                                                                  Est. increase
                                              Goal              Metrics
                                                                                                  in satisfaction
                                              Increase          - Speed up response time in       +3%
                                              customer            contact centre by 15%
                                              satisfaction      - Reduce number of
                                                                  complaints by 10%
                                              Increase        - Increase number of                +5%
                                              customer access   services available through
                                              to services       the web by 50%

                                                                                                            Internal Process perspective
             Environmental perspective
                                                                                                                                                   Est. cost
                                                  Est. impact                                 Goal                  Metrics
Goal             Metrics                                                                                                                           savings p.a.
                                                  (£ or %)
                                                                            Vision            Reduce                - Decrease in duplication of   £200k
Carbon neutral   - Reduce travel across the       -25% by 2014               and              duplication of          processes by 75%
organisation       borough for staff and                                                      effort
                 - Amount of paper used           -25% by 2014                                Effective             - 100% departments to          £500k p.a.
                   reduced                                                                    EDRMS in each           have a business case
                 - CO2 emissions reduced          -10% by 2014                                department              for EDRMS with clearly
                                                                                                                      defined benefits

                                                                 Financial perspective
                                              Goal               Metrics                          Est. cost savings
                                              Reduce             - Reduce occupancy of            £200k
                                              operating costs      central civic offices by 30%
                                                                 - Reduce number of staff by      £2.5m by 2014
                                                                   10% through automation

                                              Increase in        - Reduce admin costs by 20%      £200k p.a.
                                              efficiency         - All teams to have an           £500k p.a.
                                                                   objective that relates to      savings
                                                                   process improvements

                                                                                                                Transforming Croydon through technology    25
“A high performing organisation is one that builds
strong customer loyalty, increases customer
satisfaction year on year, attracts and retains skilled
staff, has a performance-oriented mindset amongst
its workforce, finds and develops talented leaders,
is flexible in responding to changing conditions,
manages risk effectively, deals with the regulatory
environment well, generates excellent value for money
from superior technology investment and encourages
innovation across the organisation”
People	Management	magazine,	CIPD	(2008)
3.5 Theme five: Enabling a high performing
Key projects
•	 EDRMS	implementation
•	 Roll	out	of	new	equipment
•	 Roll	out	of	new	security	framework	(GCSx)
•	 Mobile	working
•	 Skills	development	programme

The quote above may seem like a mountain to climb but          To support the roll out of new equipment the Council will
the Council is already well into its journey with regard       be looking to increase average server capacity utilisation
to become a high performing organisation. Whilst it has        to achieve a minimum of 50% where possible.
done excellent work in relation to developing its staff
and brining in better performance management, many             Many systems are designed as ‘islands’ with their own
systems and processes in the organisation are still paper-     data, infrastructure and security and identity procedures.
based and staff-intensive. This theme is about creating        This means it is difficult for departments to work with
a culture where processes are made easier and more             each other as easily as they could or for other sectors
streamlined. This is partly achieved through technology        to leverage our capability and delivery channels. By
but also through mind-set. Therefore, a programme of           embarking on an intensive programme of scanning,
skills development will take place across the organisation     storing and dumping records and documents, we will
where a percentage of staff will be trained in one of          be able to streamline everything we have through an
the belts of Six Sigma (black is advanced, green is            electronic document and record management system
intermediate and yellow is basic). The ultimate aim is         (EDRMS). There are already a couple of parts of the
to create critical mass to a point where the norm in the       organisation that use an EDRMS but the results are
organisation is for staff at all levels to not only look out   patchy and usage is not consistent. Indeed, EDRMS
for what process are not working but make suggestions          needs to become more visible and normalised across the
for how to improve these processes. To do that, however,       organisation. Ultimately, this will increase our speed
we need to give people the right tools and techniques.         of intervening with and on behalf of our customers
                                                               and reduce duplication of effort. This combined with a
 The move to the new Public Service Delivery Hub in 2012       product such as Microsoft Sharepoint will ensure that all
offers an additional opportunity to streamline how we          members of staff will have access to the information they
work and also to modernise. With less occupancy and            need to do their jobs at the time they need it.
less storage, the levers are already in place for moving
to new and better ways of working. Whilst this requires        With multi-agency working increasing, our staff need
significant investment, it has the benefit of feeding in       to be as mobile as possible and be able to access back-
to the green agenda. As we move to the new building            office systems from multiple locations. This means staff
and the opportunities it offers we will look to reduce the     can deliver services directly to customers in their home
overall number of desktops and increase the number of          and to capture and send back information on the move
more mobile technologies such as laptops and tablets. We       to front end customer information systems, in real-time.
will also rationalise the amount of printers used in the       This is about reducing administrative burden so that
organisation, replacing these with multi-functional devices    staff can focus on the customer and their needs, thereby
(printer, photocopier and scanner in one), using green         deliver consistently excellent service.
defaults such as double sided and multi page printing.

                                                                                        Transforming Croydon through technology   27
For some staff, home working will be the norm. This has          Information management is crucial to ensuring the Council
already been successfully trialled home working in Revs          meets its corporate priorities. By reducing the amount of
and Bens and this strategy will now seek to build on this        wastage from printing and unnecessary physical storage,
across other parts of the organisation. With the right           any savings can be put back into essential services. By
technology, the right management approach and clear              having a more effective way of managing information,
objectives, productivity can increase significantly through      staff will be able to access what they need much quicker,
home working. To support the home working agenda, more           thereby helping the customer in a more expedient
work will need to be done to improve the interface of the        manner. Examples of this include the introduction of
Virtual Private Network (VPN) which provides access to           CHRIS (the e-HR information system) and the corporate
the Council’s system. In particular, improve the interface for   GIS (geographic information system). On the horizon will
non-managed PCs.                                                 be an integrated children’s database and an enhanced
                                                                 CRM (customer relationship management) system. By
The Information Management Strategy for the Council has          further developing our CRM capability we will be able to
been compiled as a companion to this strategy. The two           rationalise systems across the Council which in turn means
strategies are complementary in that key ICT systems will        we will be able to determine the key data to feed into the
provide for better information management - this in turn         CRM system. Ultimately, without effective information
will create efficiencies in accommodation, better use of         management the five themes of the ICT strategy will be
technology by staff by providing flexible access to relevant     difficult to achieve.
information and the storage or destruction of irrelevant
information.                                                     Through the strategic deployment of technology, we will
                                                                 enable or staff to work in more effective, efficient and
                                                                 creative ways in order to consistently deliver excellent
                                                                 services to our customers. This is about providing both
                                                                 access and flexibility of working options for all our staff,
                                                                 including those who may span other organisations as
                                                                 well as our own. This strategy has to work in harmony
                                                                 with the Council’s People Strategy, Customer Strategy,
                                                                 Improvement & Efficiency Strategy and Communications
                                                                 Strategy. Together these strategies will ensure that
                                                                 Croydon Council is an outstanding local authority with
                                                                 regard to its customers and an employer of choice for
                                                                 future generations.

28   Transforming Croydon through technology
3.5.1 Case study: What does this mean for our staff?             Beatrice needs to refer to a paper document to inform
A typical day in 2013...                                         her report, so she accesses the Electronic Records
                                                                 Management System (Filenet) to retrieve it. The rollout
Beatrice works from her home in Thornton Heath this              of Filenet means that staff no longer need to be near
morning, finishing a report that needs to be in tomorrow.        traditional paper files, instead, all incoming records and
She connects to her email and various folders using his          documents are scanned (where necessary) and indexed.
Council laptop (the secure network and infrastructure            This is used in conjunction with Microsoft Sharepoint
means that Beatrice notices no difference at home                which acts as a collaborative tool for teams across
compared to working from a Council building).                    the organisation, as well as between partner agencies.
                                                                 Therefore, once Beatrice has finished her report she
Beatrice is able to use the same Internet link for her work
                                                                 highlights this via her team’s Sharepoint page, asking her
telephone calls using the Internet Protocol Telephony
                                                                 team to make any final contributions before she closes
(IPT) installed by BT across the Council a few years
                                                                 the report off. She then goes off to the video conference
previously. She checks the status of each of the people
                                                                 where none of the attendees needed to print off any
she needs to call and notices that her line manager is in
                                                                 papers as they can be seen on the large screen available
a meeting until after lunch. This means she knows to wait
                                                                 in the room. The video conference is multi-agency. As
until that time to make the call, rather than waste time
                                                                 Sharepoint is also being used in the videoconference, it
leaving a voicemail.
                                                                 means that any changes to the relevant documents can
After lunch, Beatrice has planned to call in to the Public       be made in real-time by all participants there and then.
Service Delivery Hub to join a video conference. Arriving
slightly earlier than she anticipated, Beatrice goes to the
cafe on the seventh floor, grabs a coffee and hooks her
laptop to one of the points around the venue. Here, she
is able to use the building’s wireless network to connect
securely to the Council’s network and finishes off her report.

                                                                                          Transforming Croydon through technology   29
4. Delivering and monitoring the
transformation strategy

4.1 Key principles                                            •	 Improve	how	we	work	with	our	outsource	partner,	
There needs to be more professionalism in terms of
                                                              •	 Better	plan	our	resource	needs	through	reliable	project	
planning, delivery, management, skills and governance
of IT enabled change in Croydon. This will result in more
successful outcomes and outputs, fewer costly delivery        •	 Monitor	and	report	on	performance,	improvement	and	
failures, and increased confidence by citizens, politicians       quality outputs
and staff in the delivery of change across the council.       •	 Quickly	identify	and	prevent	duplication	of	effort
                                                              •	 Remove	redundant	or	duplicate	systems
A set of principles have been developed which will:
                                                              •	 Demonstrate	how	technology	can	improve	efficiency	
•	 Better	align	our	technology	investments	with	key	              and value for money
   business needs, focusing on customer centred delivery
                                                              The principles are outlined on the next page (page 31)
•	 Better	prioritise	technology	investment	and	therefore,	
                                                              and a help guide for managers, in the form of a flow
   maximise the return on investment
                                                              chart, is on page 32.
•	 Minimise	risk

30   Transforming Croydon through technology
(1) Alignment with           (2) Alignment with           (3) A programme of           (4) A clear sourcing         (5) Closure and
strategic priorities         improvement and              system rationalisation       approach                     evaluation
                             efficiency agenda            and integration
Any ICT initiative           Any ICT initiative must      All parts of the             - Croydon will be a          - The governance model
must align with the          have a clear business        organisation must seek to:     Microsoft/Oracle ‘house’     will be used to close any
Transforming Our Space       case before starting         - Integrate their systems    - Any ICT partner will         ICT related projects and
programme and seek to:       which includes well            with other systems           have the prime focus of      programmes
- Address mobile/flexible    articulated:                   elsewhere in the             infrastructure provision   - Any ICT project or
  working                    - Financial investment and     organisation                 and support                  programme will be
- Be consistent with           benefits                   - Rationalise systems that   - Croydon will have            required to produce
  the information            - Customer benefits            are at odds with the         control of its own           clear evidence relating
  management strategy,       - Process improvements         integration agenda           network                      to return on investment
  including compliance       - Staff benefits             - Ensure adequate            - Croydon will have
- Enable electronic          - Environmental benefits       security is in place         a preferred supplier
  document and records                                      with all systems in          list in relation to
                             Any ICT initiative                                          transformation
  management                 must have a benefits           compliance with
- Be web enabled                                            Government Connect           programme and project
                             realisation map in place                                    support
- Integrate with any CRM     with:                          (GCSx)
  solution                                                - Demonstrate that a
                             - A clear baseline before      system risk assessment
Any ICT initiative must        project starts
align with the shared                                       has been carried out
                             - Realistic targets,         - Replace non web-based
services agenda and            either in terms of cost
seek to:                                                    systems with web-based
                               savings or percentage      - Ensure front-office and
- Be part of the shared        improvement                  back-office systems are
  ICT platform, whatever     - Agreed milestones for        aligned
  that might be                measuring benefits
- Enable data exchange
  and be Open Systems
  (XML) compliant
Any ICT initiative must
align with the integration
agenda and seek to:
- Enable data exchange
  and be Open Systems
  (XML) compliant
- Build joined-up services
  and improve customer

                                                                                                          Transforming Croydon through technology   31
ICT decision making tree

Has your ICT need come
from one or more of the                               Does your ICT need
                                                                                                                                              Does the business case
following:                                            tick at least one of the                    Do you have a clearly
                                       Yes            corporate objectives
                                                                                 Yes              defined business case
                                                                                                                              Yes             have a clear investment                  Yes
- Service improvement?                                                                                                                        appraisal with benefits
                                                      and ICT strategy                            for your ICT need?
- Statutory obligation?                                                                                                                       outlined?
- Risk register?
             No                                                       No                                       No                                        No
                                       Action taken

                                                                                 Action taken

                                                                                                                               Action taken
         Stop! - if                                            Stop! - if                                  Stop! -
      the need is not                                         the need is                               business case                              Stop! - clear
     derived from any                                       not aligned to                           needed with budget                          costs and benefits
                                                            the strategy it                             and business                               are needed to

                                                                                                                                                                        Action taken
      of the above it
       is unlikely to                                        is unlikely to                           sponsor in order                                progress
          progress                                              progress                                 to progress

                                                                                                  Have you
                                                                                                                               Have you
              Is your ICT need                               Is your ICT                          identified how
                                                                                                                               identified an
              purely about                            Yes    need available      Yes              your ICT need will   Yes     appropriate level
                                                                                                                                                             No       Are you bringing
              infrastructure and                             as a web based                       integrate with                                                      in a new system?
                                                                                                                               of security for
              support?                                       application?                         other systems in
                                                                                                                               your ICT need?
                                                                                                  the Council?

                 Yes                        No                         No                                 No                                    No                                      Yes






                          Don’t know

                                                                   Stop!                               Stop! -
                                                                                                                                       Stop!                                  Stop! -
                                                                 - Could it                                                         - you need                            can you justify
                                                                                                    look at other                 to demonstrate                        why a new system
Supplier must be                                                be available                        services that                 how you’ll meet                     is needed as opposed
ICT partner                                                   as a web-based                       you might share             statutory regulations                      to using a pre-
                                                               application in                     common agendas                   (Government                          existing systems in
                                                                 the future                             with                         Connect)                              the Council?

          Stop! - if
         you haven’t                                                                                                                Gateway one: Corporate priorities and
      already, speak to                                                            Internal resource                                transformation themes
      your department
      relationship mgr                                                                                                              Gateway two: Improvement and efficiency
                                                                                   External company

                                                      Sourcing                     Hybrid: Internal                                 Gateway three: Systems assessment
                                                      possibilities                and external mix
                                                                                   Partnership with                                 Gateway four: Sourcing
                                                                                   another council

32    Transforming Croydon through technology
4.2 Governance arrangements

Governance should not feel unnecessarily bureaucratic                   structure and the structures already in existence across
or unwieldy. An effective governance structure should                   the organisation can be used in a smart way, rather than
enable us to make timely and responsive decisions, based                create a governance model that is odds with how the
on sound business cases. The governance proposed                        organisation works.
below should act as a pipeline. As a proposal goes
through the chain it should become more refined so that                 The model shown on this page is recommended by
when it comes to final sign off all the right questions have            Gartner for helping to determine both governance but
already been asked (and answered). The governance will                  also future sourcing decisions.
also enable us to have a better relationship with our ICT               The governance model for Croydon Council is given on
partner. The new structure of the service transformation                the next page (page 34).
division offers strong foundations on which to take
forward a challenging and exciting agenda. This new

IS-Lite Model
                      Supply Side              Demand Side
                                           1              Driving innovation
1. IT leadership                                         in the business and
2. Architecture development            2                 aligning IT strategy
3. Business enhancement
4. Technology advancement          3
5. Sourcing management                     Embedded
                                                             Delivering change     The Three IT
                                           in the
                               4                               to the business     Macro-processes

                        Internal &                              Supplying and
                        External Service 5                         supporting
                        Providers                               infrastructure

                                                                                                Transforming Croydon through technology   33
LBC ICT Governance Structure

                                    Chair Chief Exec

                                      ICT Steering
                                     Chair Exec Dir

     Project Board        Project Board            Project Board
                                                                      Advisory Board
     Chair Project         Chair Project           Chair Project
                                                                       Chair Technical
       Sponsor               Sponsor                 Sponsor
                                                                      Design Authority

     Project Team          Project Team            Project Team
     Led by Project       Led by Project           Led by Project
       Manager              Manager                  Manager

Detailed explanation of governance structure

 Name of board             Chaired by                 Membership           Frequency            Purpose               Reports to      Authority
 ICT Steering              Executive Director         Directors or         Bi-Monthly           To oversee the        CMT             Delegated
 Group                                                Heads of Service                          development and                       authority to
                                                      from all service                          successful delivery                   approve business
                                                      departments                               of the Council’s                      cases up to £50k
                                                      and Cap Gemini                            ICT Strategy
                                                      Account Director
 Project Board/s           Project Sponsor            Project Sponsor,     Monthly or at        To oversee the        ICT Steering    Delegated
                                                      Project Manager,     each major project   successful delivery   Group           authority within
                                                      Senior Users,        decision stage       of the project                        approved project
                                                      Senior Suppliers,                         business case                         budget/s
                                                      Assurance                                 benefits
 Project Team/s            Project Manager            Project Manager,     Weekly or            To successfully       Project Board   Delegated
                                                      Project Team         fornightly as        deliver the project                   authority within
                                                      Members              required by each     to the agreed                         approved project
                                                                           project              time, budget,                         budget/s
                                                                                                scope and quality
 Technical                 Technical Design           LBC Technical        Monthly              To lead the           ICT Steering    As delegated by
 Advisory Board            Authority                  Design Authority,                         development of        Group           the ICT Steering
                                                      CapGemini                                 technical strategy,                   Group on a case-
                                                      Technical Design                          policy and                            by-case basis
                                                      Authority,                                standards
                                                      Technical Staff,                          To provide advice
                                                      others as required                        on technical and
                                                                                                design matters to
                                                                                                the ICT Steering
                                                                                                Group, Project
                                                                                                Boards and
                                                                                                Project Teams

34       Transforming Croydon through technology
4.3 Funding the strategy

The capital funding needed between 2010/11 and       The capital expenditure through our main ICT outsourced
2014/15 is put at £5m. This breaks down as:          provider is outlined below:

 Activity                       Estimated cost        Yearly                 Asset                    Total
 CRM                            £1,300,000            2008                   1,380,585.80             1,380,585.80

 Integrated children’s system   £500,000              2009                   3,069,901.45             3,069,901.45

 EDRMS                          £1,000,000            2010                   707,049.19               707,049.19

 Croydon MOBI (mobile web)      £50,000 (start-up)    2011                   744,612.00               744,612.00

 Social worker mobility         £250,000              2012                   744,738.82               744,738.82

 Mobile working (wider org)     £500,000              2013                   253,581.63               253,581.63

 Bookings and payments          £200,000              Total                  6,900,468.90             6,900,468.90

 GIS – phase two                £200,000
                                                     This is currently paid by the council through a unitary
 Borough-wide access points     £500,000             charge (revenue budget).
 Business process improvement   £500,000
 programme                                           The new role of technology, innovation and partnership
                                                     manager has been developed to focus on any gaps there
 Total                          £5,000,000           may be in funding. This could be through any of the

                                                     •	   RELEASE	bid
                                                     •	   Pump	priming
                                                     •	   Grant	funding
                                                     •	   RIEP	investment
                                                     •	   EU	funding
                                                     •	   Capital	Ambition

                                                                                  Transforming Croydon through technology   35
4.4 Service provision

Service transformation and support services management structure
Technology and transformation service provision

                                                                    Aiden McManus
                                                                     Director, service     Yvonne Watson
                                                                   transformation and       PA to director
                                                                     support services

Transformation programme                 Strategy and innovation team         ICT team responsible for:            ICT partners
office responsible for:                  responsible for:                     - Establishing and maintaining       (external to Croydon Council)
- The on going integrity of              - The development of the ICT           strategic supplier relationships
  business cases for projects              and Information management           with any other partner
  that have an impact across the           strategies and policies            - Operational and financial
  transformation portfolio               - Alignment of ICT with business       performance of the ICT function
- Forward planning and                     strategies                           and services provided
  visibility of business impact of       - Identification of technologies     - The definition and management
  programmes                               that can be used to support the      of operational service levels
- Definition of required IT                future enterprise architecture     - The interface for ICT and
  portfolio across ICT                     and business requirements            delivery of technology related
- Ensuring benefits realisation          - Technology direction                 solutions to the customer
  tracking occurs                          and contributing to the            - Custodian of technical architect
- Custodian of project                     transformation agenda of the         capability within ICT
  management capability                    Council                            - The definition of the enterprise
- Internal support to the division       - Development of Business Cases        architecture and technical
                                           for ‘proof of concept’               standards that are required to
TPMO consists of:                        - Benefits realisation mapping         deliver the Council’s objectives
                                         - Helping departments
Head of service x 1 FTE
                                           move forward with their            ICT consists of:
Programme management officers              transformation and
x 2 FTE                                                                       Head of service x 1
                                           improvement programmes
                                                                              Project delivery team - x 7 FTE
                                         Strategy and innovation              Service delivery team - x 24 FTE
                                         consists of:                         Contract team - x 3 FTE
                                         Head of service x 1 FTE              Enterprise & Info Architecture
                                         Technology, innovation and           team - x 4 FTE
                                         partnership manager x 1 FTE
                                                                                                                   Note: Parts of this structure may
                                         Relationship managers x 5 FTE                                             be subject to change as part of
                                                                                                                   phase three consultation

36   Transforming Croydon through technology
 The first two years: 2009-2011


                   Enquiries           Self Help                                  Progress              Engagement
                                                           & Payment
Front Office

                                                                                                                                        Tech Refresh

               Contact Centre (CC)                          The Web                                  One Stop Shop

                                                   Back Office Service Requests
Back Office

               Office/Home working                          Systems                                  Mobile working
Partners &

                 PCT                 Disability              Schools              Shared Services           External Agencies

                                                                                         Transforming Croydon through technology   37
4.5 ICT strategic plan – key milestones

Theme 1:    Excellence in customer service
Theme 2:    Increasing access for our citizens and communities
Theme 3:    Transforming services for children and young people
Theme 4:    Increasing resources through efficiency
Theme 5:    Enabling a high performing organisation



























 Technology refresh – new telephony and hardware                                                                              3        3
 Master data management phase one (system rationalisation)                                         3                          3        3
 Transition between CYPL and DASH systems                                                          3                 3        3        3
 Investment in schools technology                                                                                    3        3
 OHMS decommissioning – new system/supplier                                                                                   3        3


 Master data management phase two (systems integration/creating single
 view of customer)
                                                                                                   3                          3        3

 CRM system – development of current or procurement of new                                         3                          3        3
 Integrated children’s IT systems/data                                                             3                 3        3        3
 Roll-out of EDRMS across whole council                                                            3                          3        3


 Roll-out of Croydon MOBI                                                                          3        3                 3        3
 Social worker mobile working project                                                              3                 3        3        3
 Roll-out of information management strategy                                                       3                 3        3        3
 Government Connect (GCSx) roll-out including encryption of all devices                                                       3        3
 Mobile working for wider organisation                                                             3                          3        3


 Development of online consultation tool                                                           3        3                          3
 Further development of the Council’s main website                                                 3        3                          3
 Skills development for citizens                                                                   3        3                          3
 Development of Croydon Youth Tube                                                                 3        3        3                 3


 Development of bookings and payments systems                                                      3        3                 3        3
 Phase two of GIS                                                                                  3        3                          3
 Increased access points across the borough                                                        3        3                          3

 Performance and improvement

 Development of sourcing strategy                                                                                             3        3
 Business process improvement activities                                                           3        3        3        3        3
 Benefits realisation mapping for all projects                                                     3        3        3        3        3

38    Transforming Croydon through technology
4.6 Risk analysis

Risk                                          Likelihood (L)   Impact (I)   LxI   Proposed controls
Insufficient executive sponsorship            2                5            10    Ensure strategy has CMT approval and regular
                                                                                  progress reports are given to DMTs through
                                                                                  relationship managers.
Change in administration or business          2                5            10    Ensure strategy aligned to wider corporate
priorities means strategy no longer aligned                                       and community objectives – alignment with
with the Council’s focus                                                          community strategy and corporate plan
Insufficient staff resources to deliver the   4                5            20    Governance process must ensure consideration
strategy                                                                          of staffing issues for all new projects and
                                                                                  ensure a plan is in place. Projects should not be
                                                                                  approved if a staffing place is not in place.
Scale of change is too great                  4                5            20    Ensure that proposed programme is deliverable
                                                                                  and maps into other programmes such as
                                                                                  Transforming Our Space to ensure economies
                                                                                  of scale.
Insufficient finance to deliver               4                5            20    Governance process must ensure a budget is in
                                                                                  place which is part of a well developed business
                                                                                  case. All costs must be considered, including
                                                                                  ongoing maintenance and year on year costs.
                                                                                  Projects should not be approved if funding is
                                                                                  not in place.
Insufficient business involvement             2                5            10    Governance process must ensure that a clear
                                                                                  business sponsor is in place for all projects and
Poor project management/control               1                5            5     Ensure projects are managed in line with the
                                                                                  approved Council methodology (PRINCE2) and
                                                                                  that projects are managed by exception to
                                                                                  prevent projects stalling.
Sourcing strategy impacts on relationship     3                5            15    Ensure proper client management through
and quality of delivery from current ICT                                          contracts team. Governance process must
outsourced provider                                                               ensure that any issues are escalated as quickly
                                                                                  as possible, dependent on the severity of the

                                                                                          Transforming Croydon through technology     39

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