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					                                                                                                                    Item 10.5

Meeting           TRAFFORD SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN’S BOARD               Venue      ROOM 2 SWDC
Date              TUESDAY 9TH JUNE 2009                                Start Time 9.00AM    Finish Time 12.00NOON
Present           C BAKER-LONGSHAW,     R BACKHOUSE,                   C BARSON,         L CRABTREE,
                  G CURZON,             L DAVIES,                      C FLEMING,        D HANLEY,
                  DR JOHN,              L LLOYD,                       K McDONALD,       S MUSGRAVE,
                  W OWEN,               C PRATT,                        A RAZZAQ,        D ROSS-WAWRZYNSKI,
                  E SCROGGIE,           M SEED,                        M VASIC,          F WADDINGTON,
                  M WOODHOUSE
In Attendance     S DOHERTY
Not Present       M BOODHOO,            P CARROLL,                      M FERRY,                S WILDING

No.                 Item                                                 Action                                     By             By
                                                                                                                    When?       Whom?
1     Apologies                           •   B Jones                                                                              LC
                                          •   P Davis
                                          •   J George
                                          •   C Stallman
                                          •   M Monkford
2     Minutes of the Meeting held on 10   •   The Minutes were approved with the following matters arising:-
      March 2009 [attached] (9.05 a.m.)   •   Website – budget to be set up for 2009-10.
                                          •   Audit – Lily clarified that the Baby P audit is a separate audit to
      a.   To approve as an accurate          the Healthcare Commission audit
           record                         •   Linda detailed costings for advertising Independent Chair post in                    LC
      b.   Matters Arising                    Children and Young People Now Magazine- £2K for a week
                                              (quarter page advert); and Guardian - £3-4K approximately,
                                              awaiting full costing
                                          •   Agreed advert to be inserted in Guardian only                                        LC
                                          •   Chris to look at how Panel should proceed. Panel to consist of                       CP
                                              Chris, Abdul, Simon, Colin, Fiona
                                          •   Independent Chair for SCR – Colleen Murphy

No.                   Item                                                  Action                                     By            By
                                                                                                                       When?      Whom?
                                              •   Committee Meetings – papers available                                              LD
                                              •   Interviews for Independent Chair for CDOP to take place next
3     Manchester             Safeguarding                                                                                           FW

      a.   Update on Greater Manchester       •   SCR procedures and templates being drafted nationally adopting
           Partnership – report attached          Manchester’s procedures
      b.   Notes of Partnership Meeting, 24   •   Manchester have a package for authors and are providing
           April 2009                             training for managers of IMRs. Training to be held here in early
      c.   Nomination of a second Trafford        September
           representative                     •   Operation Quest – Police Officers recognising vulnerable
                                                  households with increased vulnerability in child cases. Appointing
                                                  4 GMP officers to look at all childcare incidents and where
                                                  undertake CAF
                                              •   Case Conferences – aim to attend 100%
                                              •   Miss from Care – Difficulty with children running away from
                                                  independent children’s homes and addressing the issues. Agreed
                                                  to adopt Stockport procedures
                                              •   GMSP Funding – provided £30K and will provide an
                                                  administrator. Trafford to contribute in kind
                                              •   Child Death Overview – Preventable death – looking for Greater
                                                  Manchester definition to be devised
                                              •   Preventing Violent Extremism – Dave Boulger to attend to look at
                                                  GM approach to look at strategic approach to safeguarding
                                                  children and young people who are vulnerable to becoming
4     Schedule of Meetings                    •   Linda to issue dates electronically                                                LC
       •   To approve a schedule of           •   All requested to notify Linda directly by the end of the week if      12.6.9.     ALL
           meetings of the Board and              they are struggling with attending any of the proposed meeting
           Committees in 2009/2010                dates as dates are to be finalised
                                              •   Noted Police had sent apologies prior to the meeting
                                              •   Linda to collect data on attendance analysis at these meetings                     LC

No.                  Item                                                      Action                                     By         By
                                                                                                                          When?   Whom?
                                                 •   Linda to reissue a list of Committee Members and each                           LC
                                                     Committee to agree is their membership is correct and provide an
                                                     analysis of attendance for review at the Board
5     Committee Meetings                     A                                                                                      FW
                                                 •   Part A distributed to all Partner agencies and networks
      To receive minutes/reports from the        •   Part B for consultation
      Committees of the Board:                                                                                                      MW
      a.         Guidelines and Procedures       •   LADO training – ensure representatives are undertaking training.
                 of 22 April 2009 (attached)         Additional training being provided for Headteachers
              i.     notification of approvals   •   New training developments are now brought together E-CAF etc
                     of        policies    and   •   Encouraging agencies to use online training for advice and
                     procedures                      training
                    • Procedures for Child       •   Level 1 – single agency
                         Protection Medicals     •   Level 2 – safeguarding unit to focus on providing support for
      b.         Training and Professional           online training
                      Development of 21 April C                                                                                     MV
                      2009 (attached)            •   Next meeting Thursday 11 June
      c.         Audit and Monitoring – next D                                                                                       LC
                 meeting 11 June 2009            •   Currently undertaking SCR of a child
      d.         Serious Case Review Panel       •   UK Borders involved
                 – oral report
                                                 •   Family known to 6 authorities since family arrived in UK
      e.         Child Death Overview Panel
                                                 •   IMR templates being completed
              i. 2 April 2009
             ii.     6 April 2009 (Joint         •   Difficulties with details on child as he may be older than assumed
                     meeting with Stockport          to be a child
                     and Tameside)               •   Plan in place which has gone off to GONW for extension due to                   LD
            iii.     13 May 2009                     complexities of case
      f.             Chairs Meeting            E
                                                 •   Review of processes of CDOPs remain debatable around
                                                     administrative issues
                                                 •   Returns sent to department around preventable deaths – Nought
                                                 •   Co-sleeping campaign – to be launched
                                                 •   Trafford Annual report to be written
No.                 Item                                                    Action                                   By         By
                                                                                                                     When?   Whom?
                                               •   One meeting of Joint CDOP held. Another to take place in July
                                               •   No further need for CDOP to take place
                                               •   Independent Chair of this panel with report to the CDOP
                                               •   Correction to minutes should read – ‘no babies born in Trafford              LD
                                                   General after 2009’
                                               •   Templates – Lily to forward Action Plan to Linda Crabtree
6     Business Plan Workshop               A                                                                                    CP
                                               •  10 Priorities
      a.    Follow up from ‘Stocktake’         •  Small group met to rationalise priorities relating to Role and
            Workshop of 23 March 2009             Operation of the Board and those Engaging and Holding
      b.    Safeguarding     Performance          Agencies to Account
            Indicators                         • The group felt that there were two actions above all the others
      c.    Trafford Safeguarding Board           that should be top priorities:
            budget and comparisons with
                                                 •       Produce and evidence based business plan with a risk
            Safeguarding Boards in other
                                                         management plan
                                                 •       Undertake Section 11 audits of all partner agencies;
      d.    Preparing the Business Plan
                                                         analyse and provide feedback on key issues for each
                                                         agency and for the Safeguarding Board. This to include an
                                                         audit of each agency’s safe recruitment policies
                                           B                                                                                    MV
                                               •   Focussed on numbers – demographics
                                               •   Numbers of CiC fewer requests
                                               •   Categories of abuse; sexual abuse smallest number (2)
                                               •   Learning difficulties – figures based on statements
                                               •   Areas of concern stability of CiC (OfSTED’s band)
                                               •   OfSTED’s figures based on TellUs Survey which Trafford’s
                                                   schools did not return. Mark Bailey to work with schools to
                                                   complete surveys and answer concerns. SAP system to be
                                                   replaced and new system implemented by September
                                               •   Road Traffic Accidents – increased from 9 to 10
                                               •   Conception rates – numbers increased last year (160 births in
                                                   Trafford approx 90 terminations)
No.              Item                                    Action                                    By           By
                                                                                                   When?     Whom?
                             •   CYPS Social care have commissioned Outcomes UK to carry out
                                 preparatory work for CYPS prior to inspection and the Team will                  FW
                                 be coming in from next Monday until end of July
                          •      Presentation to be given consideration through each agency                       CP
                          •      Using comparative data budget for 2009/10 to be agreed
                          •      Noted additional contribution from GMP and underspend last
                                 year and discussion involving SCRs this year which will impact
                                 heavily on this year’s budget
                             •   That the Board:
                             •   Agree that the new Business Plan cover the period 1st July
                                 2009 to 30 June 2010 with a revised and updated plan being
                                 in place for the period 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011
                             •   Approves the formats for the Business Plan set out in
                                 paragraph 3 of this report (6D) and the delivery plan
                             •   Participates in the workshop exercise, identifying key
                                 strategies and actions, described in paragraphs 6 and 7 of
                             •   Delegates authority to the Chair of the Safeguarding Board
                                 to complete and approve an interim business plan based on
                                 the conclusions from the workshop for consideration at the
                                 September Board meeting; and
                             •   Agree that planning for the 2010/11 Business Plan should
                                 start in January 2010 so that this is approved and in place
                                 for April 2010
      FEEDBACK               •   Reasons for Recommendation:                                       All to provide this
                             •   The Safeguarding Board urgently needs a new business                       written up
                                 plan. It is important that the Board as a whole is actively              response to
                                 involved in determining the contents of the plan and the                 Sarah today
                                 proposed format and workshop exercise to identify key
                                 strategies and actions, is aimed at doing this

No.                  Item                                                  Action                                     By         By
                                                                                                                      When?   Whom?
      IMPROVING THE EFFECTIVENESS          KEY STRATEGIES                                                                        CP
      OF SAFEGUARDING BOARD                  • Providing an analysis to the Board of children requiring a child
      David Hanley, Gethin Curzon, Linda        protection service and how effective multi-agency working was
      Crabtree, Chris Pratt, Richard            and what key actions were needed for safeguarding. Compile an
      Backhouse, Maxine Boodhoo                 analysis for next Board and which agencies should be
                                                accountable for April 2010
                                             • Undertake section 11 audits. Task A&M Committee to agree an
                                                easy to complete self-audit tool to ask agencies to complete and
                                                feedback and provide some analysis for across the borough for
                                                the business plan
                                             • Involvement strategy – Board to devote time to agree what
                                                benefits of an involvement strategy were for effectiveness. Group
                                                to be set up to agree benefits.
      IMPLEMENTING LORD LAMING’S           KEY STRATEGIES                                                                       FW
      RECOMMENDATIONS –                      • Centred on practice matters. To develop a multi-agency outcome
      LEADERSHIP AND                            based audit tool for safe practice and then feedback to
      ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT FOR               encompass recommendations
      CHILDREN, INTERAGENCY                  • Recommendations around mental health; referrals and
      WORKING                                   information sharing – getting actions from that review and feed
      Fiona Waddington, Carol Baker-            into Board
      Longshaw, Tony John, Will Owen,        • Link between Adult safeguarding Board and that business plan
      Eloise Scroggie, Margaret Seed,           and relationship to children and tie into this business plan. Noted
      Shirley Wilding                           difference between agency buy-in for children and sign-up for
                                                section 17 is less highlighted. Need to increase importance with
                                                actions and strategies
      IMPLEMENTING LORD LAMING’S           KEY STRATEGIES                                                                       MW
      RECOMMENDATIONS –                      • To produce and implement a comprehensive co-ordinated
      CHILDREN’S WORKFORCE,                     training and continued comprehensive training development
      IMPROVEMENT AND CHALLENGE,                strategy involving all stakeholders (CWDC)
      ORGANISATION AND FINANCE               • SCR – to implement an induction and training programme and
      Margaret Woodhouse, Simon                 monitoring of training programme in place
      Musgrave, Abdul Razzaq, Peter          • To clarify, develop and define the relationship between
      Carroll, Paul David, Colin Barson,        safeguarding board and CYP Trust relationship and members
      Margaret Ferry                            identify and membership; relationship
No.                  Item                                                 Action                                  By         By
                                                                                                                  When?   Whom?
      TACKLING KEY SAFEGUARDING           KEY STRATEGIES                                                                     CF
      ISSUES FOR TRAFFORD                   • Create a learning culture which takes account of the
      Mil Vasic, Lisa Davies, Lily Lloyd,      recommendations from SCR and good practice and building on
      Dana Ross-Wawrzynski, Catherine          action plans
      Fleming, Bernie Jones, Ken McDonald   • Threshold criteria – need to adopt CAF across all agencies
                                               consistently followed by an audit process
                                            • Creating and producing qualitative audit framework from work
                                               Fiona has commissioned
                                            • Hidden harm/domestic violence – communication strategy for
                                            • Sexual exploitation; Missing from home/missing from care -
                                            • Bullying – E-strategy
7     ANY OTHER BUSINESS                    • Website – setting up and design costs advised at £6K. Linda and             WO/LC
                                               Will to speak with Denise McGinty for more economic way of
                                               producing. All agreed to proceed with getting website set up for             ALL
                                               professional to receive advice and guidelines and executive
                                               summaries at a maximum cost of £6K
                                            • Meeting closed at 12.00 noon