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					                            Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services
                                                             TOPS                                                            winter 2007

TOPS Blog                       ~Director’s Notes

               When I look at my life, I      Some new staff members will join us
              count my blessings. And,        after the new year. Janelle Barbee, one of
              when I look at the TOPS         our recent U of A interns, will be our full
                     babies that have been    time Outreach Coordinator and, Nicky
                     born this year and all   Cogelja will work part time as a Case
                     those born throughout    Manager.
the 7                years since we began;
I count all “those” little blessings too.     Don’t miss our up-coming Holiday Open
For me, it is a heartfelt reminder of the     House in Tucson on the 15th and the
true meaning of this Christmas season.        Gaslight Theater fund raiser on Feb.
                                              2nd. There are still some tickets left so At the Achievement Awards. Some of the TOPS attendees:
Yes, the holidays are here again! It’s        call the office before they’re all gone!  (L to R) Laura Pedersen, RN (Executive Director);
the end of another great year for us-but I                                                  Adriana Ameen (Operations Director); Sharyn Chesser,
know the new year will bring much more                                                      RN (Educator); Cindy Ostander (Bookkeeping); Marcel
excitement then any one person can take                                                     Merrill & Baby (TOPS teen); Richard Pedersen (Board
in! That’s why I am forever grateful to                                                     Member)
all the TOPS people: staff, volunteers,
interns, board members and all the teens
who believe in our mission. Because
of all of you, TOPS is truly making a
difference in the community; in fact, we
just received the Community Foundation
for Southern Arizona “Impact”
Achievement Award for a small non-
profit organization! It was an honor
to accept this recognition for TOPS at
the awards luncheon last month. Mayor         To all who have contributed their time
Walkup personally came to our table to        and donated their resources, I humbly
congratulate us! Life is good!                thank you for making Teen Outreach
                                              Pregnancy Services successful. We’re
Our Avondale program is growing               off to another year! On behalf of TOPS,
faster then we could have imagined.           I wish you peace and joy, and continued
We’ll be celebrating our first Holiday        blessings always.
Season Party with the Avondale teens
on December 8th. Plans for a TOPS             	        Laura	Pedersen
expansion across Metro Phoenix are                     TOPS Executive Director
in the works too. I can’t express enough
how exciting it is for TOPS to be able to
serve many more teens in the near future!

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      a           TOr
 Laur ivE DirEc aS
       u T        n
  ExEc En chOSE On                                                                                     Teen, Mercedes Phillips and TOPS
         E       mEn
     S b
  ha        7 WO                                                                                       babies. “Little blessings”!
   a “
       200 aWarDS
         mOvE by yWca
     hOnO !
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     TucS O gO Lau
TOPS                                                                                                                            Winter 2007
                                    In The Spirit Of Giving-
                                    ToPs Graciously Acknowledges The Following For Their Generosity Throughout 2007:
 Mission                            Grants                                                       Cash Donations Cont.
 Teen OuTreach Pregnancy
                                    U.S. Department of Health and                                the Carl & Mabel e. Schurtz Foundation
 ServiceS will PrOvide Teen         Human Services Office of                                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles watson
 SPecific Pregnancy, childbirTh,    Population Affairs                                           Donation in memory of Herb and in Honor of
                                    Arizona Department of Health Services                         Martha Van Gorder
 and ParenTing educaTiOnal          City of Avondale                                             Brent Davis
                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Krzysik
 SuPPOrT SO The Teen and her        Cash Donations                                               John & nora Mitchell
 family can exPerience a POSiTive
                                                                                                 Dement Family Chiropractic
                                    Dave & Keira Pedersen                                        Vernon Pelz
 OuTcOme.                           Barbara Jean & Jeff Dupuis                                   Gifts in Kind
                                    Community Foundation For Southern Arizona
                                    Picor Charitable Foundation                                  Dove of Peace Lutheran Church
                                    Larry Dellheim                                               Donna K.
 bOard Of direcTOrS                 robyn Dafoe                                                  Deya’s Family Hair Studio
 PreSidenT                          Xi Gamma Zeta                                                tonii Brionnez
                                    Associates in women’s Healthcare                             Bob Conway
 DaviD Laszakovits, MBa             Mr. & Mrs. robert Mackay                                     Paula Jeffries
                                    John Kundrat                                                 JoAnne Jansen
 vice PreSidenT                     Barbara Lloyd                                                roberta Schadl
                                    Bryan & Janel Lloyd, MD                                      Dorothy Gerhard
 Deeann arroyo                      Catalina rotary Club                                         Mabel Boerger
 SecreTary                          Harry & Mary Hueston                                         Harold & Sharon Smith
                                    Charles Greenlee                                             Sunflower Market
 Doreen krzysik                     Life Point women’s Ministry                                  Arthur Muencker
                                    Community Foundation for Southern Arizona                    Melissa McCoy
 TreaSurer                           -the eugene C. and Gretchen w. edminster                    YwCA
 JaneL LLoyD, MD                       Family trust Fund                                         Ascension Lutheran Church
                                    David Laszakovits                                            Our Saviors Lutheran Church
                                    Mr. & Mrs. Sergio Arroyo                                     Heritage Highland Quilters
                                    Jeff Couchman & Leigh Burkey                                 American Lutheran Church
 execuTive direcTOr                 robyn Dafe                                                   Bubble Gum Ministry at St. Phillips
                                    william Couchman                                             Oro Valley Pediatrics
 Laura PeDersen, rn                 Margo Chavez/United way                                      Greg Lussky & Jeanne wilcoxson
                                    Debbie Pedersen                                              Greg’s Camera & One Hour Photo
 Leigh Burkey, MSw
 Brent Davis                        	          Behind	TOPS                                               Jensen’s Corner Donations
                                                                                                         tracie Powell
 Jennifer reinhart, MD
                                    The People Who Make it Happen                                        ichael Guy
                                                                                                         Jennifer Dillon
 memberS                                        For You...                                               emily Benedict
                                                                                                         tanya Bunner
                                                                                                         Sharyn Burt
 tonya Bunner, MPt                  “Our society has it wrong. It’s not that birth                       Arlene Hampert
 roByn Dafoe                        is hard, it’s that women are strong.” (Midwives                      ed & Susan Schwegler
                                                                                                         Joanna Cummings
 Patty DostaLek, CnM                Alliance of North America, MANA)                                     emma Bruss
                                                                       For TOPS Avondale Educator,       Pam Hector
 Diana honeBrink, MD                                                                                     Bobbi Lloyd
 hugh MiLLer, MD                    Kristina Calligan, RN, these words ring true. Having                 rick & Katia Gardner
                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Steven Gerhard
 richarD PeDersen                   grown up in a family with 12 siblings and a mother who is            Susan Jordan
                                                                                                         Joanne Holmes
                                                                       a midwife; Kris has viewed        Andy Johnson
 hOw TO reach uS:                                                                                        rebecca Minor
                                                                       firsthand, the strength that it   Lisa wedman
 39 n. tucson BLvD.                                                                                      Matthew taleck
                                                                       takes to give birth. With her     Sereti Venzin
 (north of BroaDway)                                                                                     Amy Bosco
 Phone: (520) 888-2881
                                                                       Mom as her mentor, she began      Linda Pedersen
                                                                                                         Amy Dombrowski
  avonDaLe 1-877-882-2881                                              teaching   childbirth   classes   Gabriella Santamaria
                                                                                                         Shannon Murphy
 fax: (520) 770-0035                                                   just out of high school. While    Jessica Odinsson
                                                                                                         Corinna Bacahui
 eMaiL                                                                           Jeanette Lugo
                                                                       enrolled in Grand Canyon
 weB:                                                                             Gila Silverman
                                            Kristina Calligan, RN      University’s Nursing program,     Debbie Keen
                                                                                                         Dana Powell
                                    Kris also worked with Young Lives, a mentoring program for           Paula Jeffries
 newSleTTer ediTOr                                                                                       Michelle Baller
                                    pregnant teens. She received her RN degree in 2006 and will          Adrienne Milburn
 PauLa Jeffries                                                                                          Stephanie Craine
 (         graduate with a dual Masters degree in Nursing Leadership/           Susan Jordan
                                                                                                         Pam Hector
                                                                                                         eric & Linda Sredzinski
                                    MBA in May of 2008. Her drive doesn’t stop there. She                eric and Lauren Pool
                                                                                                         A. Hanser
                                    has goals to continue on in medical school and become an             Ceila rich
                                                                                                         Kool Smiles
                                    Obstetrics Doctor. “Education and working with teens is my           Linda ramos
                                                                                                         Andreas & Michele Hansek
                                    passion,” Kristina says. She heard about the TOPS program            Leia rich
                                                                                                         Anne Jordan
                                    needing an educator in the Avondale area so she stepped up           Amy Dresher
                                                                                                         Donna Kobayashi
                                    to the plate and began working with our teens in April this          Angela Peterson
                                                                                                         Sarah Penisten
                                    year. Having so much going for her, and with her current             Leila Bich
                                    credentials and those she continues to pursue, Kris is a very
                                    welcomed member of the TOPS team!                                                                         2
                                             Health Watch
                                                                                                                                     Winter 2007

                   Sleeping With Your Child-CoSleeping; Safe or SorrY?                                                                           	

                 I’m guilty! I have two kids and each                       Another	fear	is	that	bed	sharing	will	take	a	heavy	toll	on	a	
       one has shared my bed with me. Being a                               marriage.		That	is	certainly	likely	if	the	parents	disagree	about	
       single mom, it’s nice to not have to sleep
                                                                            where	a	child	should	sleep.		But	in	cases	where	both	parents	
       alone. My 19 year old used to chastise me
                                                                            agree..parents	who	sleep	with	their	children	are	typically	as	
       for letting my now 7 year old sleep with
                                                                            happy	as	parents	of	solitary	sleepers.”
       me. The older one slept in my bed most of
                                                                                      While most children
       the time until she was about 12. She says
                                                                            don’t continue sleeping in
       it caused her to be afraid to stay over-
                                                                            their parents bed as long
       night anywhere without me until she was
                                                                            as mine-it comes down to
       in the 8th grade. After her last birthday,
                                                                            being a personal decision.
       my 7 year old decided to be a “big” girl
                                                                            If you do choose to have
       and started to sleep in her own bed.
                                                                            your infant sleep with you;
       Whew! No more wrath from her sister; on
                                                                            here are some precautions
       that subject anyway.
                                                                            from to
                 I started because I was working
                                                                            make cosleeping as safe as
       full time and breast feeding. I was always
       exhausted, so, I began bringing my baby to                           •    Always place your baby on his/her back to
       bed with me. She got fed and I was able                                   sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS.
       to sleep more. I had this huge bed-there                             •    Always leave your child’s head uncovered
       was plenty of room for both of us! Only,                                  while sleeping.
       as she grew, she wanted to continue to                               •    Make sure there are no openings around
       sleep with me-I still had the huge bed-                                   the frame of your bed that could trap baby’s
       still single-still nice not to sleep alone-it                             head.
       became a family thing.                                               •    Don’t drink or use medications or drugs that
                                                                                 may keep you from waking and may cause
                 Is it the right thing to do? Opinions
                                                                                 you to roll over onto, possibly suffocating,
       vary. In some cultures it is a common                                     your baby.
       practice. But cosleeping, or sharing                                 •    Don’t place your bed near draperies or
       a bed with your infant or toddler is a                                    blinds where your child could be strangled
       controversial subject in the United States.                               by cords.
       A recent New York Times article titled                               •    Don’t place baby to sleep in an adult bed
       “Shhh...My Child Is Sleeping (in My Bed,                                  alone.
       Um, With Me),” by Tara Parker-Pope,                                  •    Don’t use pillows, comforters, quilts, and
       touches on some pros and cons of “co-                                     other soft or plush items on the bed.
       sleeping:”                                                           Cosleeping supporters believe many
       	         “The	American	Academy	of	Pediatrics		has	said	babies	      benefits come from sharing bed with baby,
       should	sleep	close	to	their	parents	but	not	in	the	same	bed.		       such as: it encourages breast-feeding;
       The	concern	is	that	a	sleeping	parent	could	trap	a	baby	in	bed	      helps baby get more nighttime sleep;
       covers	or	in	the	space	between	the	bed	and	the	wall.		Although	      helps bonding, etc.
       some	studies	suggest	bed	sharing	puts	children	at	higher	risk	for	          As you weigh the pros and cons
       sudden	infant	death	syndrome,	the	data	are	not	conclusive.		And	     of cosleeping, you might consult your
       some	researchers	say	the	risk	is	higher	only	if	parents	smoke,	      child’s doctor about the risks and possible
       drink	too	much	alcohol	and	fail	to	take	proper	precautions	to	       benefits.
       make	sure	the	bed	is	safe.		                                                                                            By Paula Jeffries

 The WIC program at the TOPS
 office has been very helpful
                                                  TOPS Wishes you a very merry
 for our teens; offering services                  christmas and a happy and
 every Wednesday of each                               healthy new year!
 month, from 1-5pm. The NW

 Women’s Center WIC serves
 TOPS teens between 5 and 6
 pm every Wednesday as well.
TOPS                                                                                                        Winter 2007

                       Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services
                       (520) 888-2881/1-877-882-2881
                       39 n. tucson Blvd.
                       tucson, AZ 85716

  “Mary, did you know...When
  you kiss your little Baby you’ve
  kissed the face of God?” Song

                            Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services
  Lyrics “Mary, Did You Know,” by: Lowry,
  Mark, Greene & Buddy.

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    • new and gently used baby items;
         Clothes/Shoes (newborn thru 4t and                              Behind ToPs                    ...      2
         maternity)                                                      Profile on Kristina Calligan, RN
         new car seats                                                   in The spirit of Giving-2007
         Strollers                                                       Donations           ...   2
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         Diapers                                                         Board Members       ...   2
         Books, etc.                                                     ToPs Holiday Party...     3
    • Office Items:                                                      Zoo Lights (Tucson) ...   3
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         teaching materials
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    • Grant writers
    • newsletter                                        teen’s life.     Health Watch      ...                   5
    • reading Program                                 Call the TOPS      Sleeping With Your Child-Cosleeping;
    • Marketing/Fund-raising help, etc.
                                                    office to sign up    Safe or Sorry
                                                      for our Mentor     WiC services
                     YoU are ToPs
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