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									                                    Minutes of Meeting
                      Project Controls Operations Committee (ProVoc)
                                 Meeting No. ProVoc 03.05
                           IMechE Offices, Birdcage Walk, London
                              On Tuesday 27th September 2005

Present.      Nigel Hibberd           BNFL Chairman
              David Buxton                 Secretary
              Richard Dodd                 ECITB (Standards)
              Richard Plumb                TASC/A Cost E
              Peter Astley                    AMEC
              Steve Naylor                    British Energy
              Nick Martin                     BECECA

1     Introductions
      The Chairman welcomed Nick Martin from BECECA saying he knew pressure of Business
      made it difficult for him to attend. The Chairman outlined the programme for the meeting
      emphasising the topic. Structure & Responsibilities of ProVoc; the progress against the Short
      Term Plan; the ProVoc Website and expected representation on the ProVoc Meetings. The
      forecast uptake for the NVQ’s was beginning to be very encouraging following a slow
      gestation period after the launch.

2.    Apologies

      Nigel Spencer                   ECITB Awards
      Chris Day                       EC Harris
      Tim Feest                       OSCEng
      Howard Malleson                 TASC/Assessors
      Alan Barltrop                   ACostE President

2a    Additional Copies to;
      ACostE        Attention of Anne Fairless
      Stirling Wood QCA
      Shane Forth   Whessoe / BECECA

3.    Minutes of Last Meeting
      The previous minutes were agreed as a true record.

4     Matters Arising
      These Items would be addressed in the main body of the meeting under each topic.

5.    Correspondence
      OSCEng agreed to stay in contact with ProVoc as a specialist advisor on specific topics when
      requested, but would not attend meetings as a routine.

6     Actions arising from previous Meeting
      All Actions were taken during the “Body of the meeting” and are recorded under the
      appropriate section.

7-9.   Update, Progress on Launch & TASC.
       The formal Approval of the qualification by QCA had been expected mid-year, but had not yet
       materialised, this was of real concern. The matter will be taken up by Richard Dodd as some
       candidates were approaching the end of the “new” NVQ, and the opportunity to gain
       maximum publicity for the awards to the Candidates would be lost to TASC, ECITB, A Cost E
       and other bodies interested in promoting Project Controls in the Engineering industry.
       Until the formal completion of the new qualification, it will operate with the existing
       documentation/standards.                                                           Action RD

       The current status for the “New” NVQ is;
       10 candidates had signed-up and have paid for the Courses
       19 candidates had been identified as individuals who plan to take the NVQ and a further
       45 candidates have promised to take the NVQ

       In all the prospects are looking good with short term commitments within the capacity of
       Sandbach’s Administration, and the associated Assessors / Verifiers.
       There have been some typical “teething troubles” during the start-up but the routines are being
       established, and any concerns are being addressed.                           Action HM/RP

       The Stand at the Project Management Exhibition this year was a success, although attendance
       at the exhibition was generally down. It is intended that next years promotion will include a
       Seminar on NVQ’s (Details to be developed by RP / HM)

       The to raise the profile it would help if the progress on NVQ’s were mentioned at the
       International Cost Engineering Meeting to be attended by the A Cost E President. Action AB

       There was a discussion on the need and application of L2 NVQs for Project Control
       foundation. The use of L2 was seen as a stepping stone to L 3 for candidates who are moving
       from an trade/operations/clerical background. The Level is not directly aligned to any
       technical qualification obtained by candidates. There was seen to be a definite need for a
       supporting NVQ at the April 05 Launch. The main issue now is to secure funds for the
       development of the Standards and the Qualification. Much of the work has already been done
       by Howard and Richard as part of developing the South African L2 Qualification. Generally
       the client organisations attending ProVoc would have more use for this level, but it was felt
       many of the construction, rather than engineering organisations could make use of them

10     ECITB (by RD)
       A bid of £14k had been made by RD on behalf of ECITB to obtain funds for development of
       Level 2 NVQ’s for Project Control Foundation. The appropriate justification came from all
       areas of the UK (England / N. Ireland, Scotland & Wales), and included the following
       companies/organsiations KHG / AMEC / BECECA.

       ECITB would be the Standard Setting Body. The project would commence in January 2006
       and be completed by July 2006. The process would be the same as for the development of
       previous level new Level 3 & 4 NVQ’s. The practitioner Roles & Responsibilities for L2
       would be different to the L3 NVQ in Project Control. The Objective of this NVQ would be to
       bench mark the skills of people providing support to experienced Project Controllers.


11.   Short Term Plans.
           a.) Funding.      Funding for NVQ development and traning is complex and ECITB
                             have no funds directly available for this purpose. The ECITB Regional
                             Forum’s is one vehicle for influencing provision of Funding of NVQ’s
                             for “In-Scope” companies. As it is the key ECITB forum for
                             influencing ECITB policy. All BECECA members were asked to
                             attend these to raise the profile for funding NVQ Assessment
                             BECECA members
                             There are “Completion Grants” available via the National Skills
                             Development scheme. Some funding is in place for The B. Tech
                             Courses. BECECA members are urged to follow up to see if the same
                             route is available to fund the L2 for Project Control Foundation NVQ
                             Candidates.                                        BECECA members
                             See ECITB See details in last MoM (May ). Modern Apprenticeships
                             age for support has increased to 25 yrs (not Scotland). Learning &
                             Skills Council are the forum for support, it could be a source for
                             candidate funding for Level 2 and 3 candidates. Richard Dodd is
                             looking at this                                                     RD
           b.)Launch         Information has been sent to Sandbach for the formation of a database
                             on addresses for all members who attended the Spring Launch in
                             various parts of the country.                              Action RP
           c.) Marketing     Leaflets / Launch / Exhibition have highlighted the re-launch of the
                             NVQ. An ideal target of 50 candidates per yr. is required Strategy is
                             being developed to maintain interest and sustain support. The NVQ
                             brochure will be possibly be re-vamped and other publications
                             approached on the topic.
           d.) Articles      Support was promised from ECITB for an article on the person who
                             achieves the first L4 NVQ course. ACostE would also continue the
                             publicity of NVQ’s
           e.) Representation
                             The representation is outlined at Appendix 1. Essentially input is
                             required from: Awarding Body / BECECA / Clients / TASC / ACostE
                             / End Users.
           f.) Provoc Website
                             The ProVoc Website under the auspices of ACostE needs to be re-
                             visited, with a view of making it “timeless”, but with a section on
                             News. An interface with TASC needs to be established. (Action RP /
           g.) Awarding Body Involvement
                              It is hoped that by having the next meeting at Blue Court, the
                             Awarding body will attend. QCA also need to be engaged
           h.) Assessor Recruitment
                              A review of available Assessors / (Verifiers) with contributions from
                              around the table suggested that a capacity of 50 “Students” could be
                              accommodated with the existing registered contingent of Assessors &
                             Publicising the NVQ in Journals (ie Cost Engineer etc) ie “Route to
                             an Assessor” (no Progress)                                    RP/HM

12.0    Long Term Plans & Actions.
        This area is under development but 2 areas have so far been identified
                a.) Addition of “Risk” into the NVQ portfolio
                b.) Attempt to engage the “ACostE Manufacturing Group” into the NVQ mentality.
                c.) Raising the profile of the Qualification

13.0    Reminders

       The Mission of ProVoc is:
            To Promote;
                 -The use of project control standards and qualifications
                 -The gathering of: “user experience” and technical expertise for use in developing
                 standards, qualifications and delivery mechanisms.

       It was agreed that now the launch had been accomplished that the interest needed to be
       sustained by:
       Sending out a questionnaire with a covering letter to all attendees at the Launch Seminars.
       To include in Questions opinions on the usefulness of a Level 2 VQ               (RP/HM)
       Forum of PC Practitioners needed to be established by RP / HM.                    (RP/HM)

       Action RP / NH to prepare a letter to circulate to the above on the role of the representative
       body on the most effective way of contacting organisations and / or people to consolidate the
       membership and structure of ProVoc to meet its revised focus(no Progress)             RP/NH

       There is an aging profile of practitioners and there is a real need to capture the younger people
       entering at the bottom of the Project Control ladder and give them a career path, which retains
       them in the Professional Body. TASC should consider incorporating payment of the A. Cost E
       membership fee from the NVQ Registration fee.                                         RP/HM

14.     Dates for next two meetings.
        Thursday 1st December at 13 00 hrs at the ECITB Offices. Kings Langley (Blue Court) (Close
        to M25 / M1 Junction) NB: 30th November agreed at meeting ECITB could not attend that date
        Tuesday 21st February 2006 at I Mech E, 1 Birdcage Walk London

Appendix 1

Appendix 1 Future ProVoc Representation
       Key to representation
       a) A.Cost E
       b) Standard Setting Body - Liaison Role
       c) Awarding Bodies
       d) Approved Centres (All)/Assessment process
       e) Technical Experts
       f) Standards Expert
       g) Major End Users (Cross Sector)
       h) Trade Associations BECECA / Employers
       i) Trade Bodies (Computing & Professional)
       j) Liaison Bodies (QCA, OSCeng)

ProVoc member
                                          Standard Setting Body
                                          SettingBody Body

                                                                                                                                             Trade Association
                                                                  Approved Centres
                                                                                     Technical Experts
                                                                                                         Standards Expert
                                                                                                                            Major End User
                                          Awarding Body

                                                                                                                                                                                Liaison Bodies
                                                                                                                                                                 Trade Bodies
                               A.Cost E

Peter Astley                   x                                  x                                                         x                x
BECECA                                                                                                                      x
Alan Barltrop                  x                                  x
David Buxton                   x                                  x
Richard Dodd                              x                                                              x

Nigel Hibberd                  x                                                                                            x
Howard Malleson                x                                  x                                      x
Nick Martin                                                                                                                 x                x
Steve Naylor                                                                                                                x
Richard Plumb                  x                                  x
Nigel Spencer                                        x

Appendix 3 suggested current and new Names

End Users
a) British Energy                            Paul Clewes/Steve Naylor
b) Rolls Royce                               ?
c) MW Kellog                                 Ian Miller-Hall (B)
d) Brown and Root (Leatherhead)              Albert Allan/ Peter Wright (B) Name change?
e) Chicago Bridge International              Nick Martin (B)
f) F&A                                       Jon Jackson
g) F&G
h) T&T                                       Ashley Prail/Tony Reid
i) AMEC                                      Peter Astley (B)
j) Whessoe                                   Shane Forth (B)
k) B Nuclear Group                           New name required
l) Costain                                   RP to provide names (B)
m) Davy International                        RP to provide names (B)
n) Parsons                                   RP to provide names (B)
o) Kaverner International                    RP to provide names (B)
p) Stone and Webster                         John McGibbon

We should consider names from the Launch Seminar list

a) Occupational Standards Council in Engineering        Tim Feest
b) BCECA                                                Nick Martin?
c) QCA                                                  Stirling Wood

NB:             Names not in bold already attend ProVoc
                (B) member of BCECA


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