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                                    Number 05           : 17 June 2008

           Phone 3648204, fax 3645483; email: office@otakicollege.school.nz; www.otakicollege.school.nz
      Tena koutou me o tatou tini aitua kia tangihia, kia mihia. No reira kua ea te wahi ki a ratou.

                               Ensure programmes meet
                                                                           Improve academic performance
                                  the students’ needs.
     GOALS                    Increase students’ sense of
                                                                            of students at Year 11 – NCEA
                                                                             and alternative certificates.
                                 belonging at College.

                                                              We have printed the statements and the
                                                              questions for the next consultation round
The Principal, John Kane, is currently
                                                              below. Anyone who would like to respond to
completing his sabbatical that was interrupted
                                                              the questions, over and above the fifty families
in 2006. He will be away overseas from the 1st
                                                              who are being randomly selected to complete
of June to the 4th of July. During that time I will
                                                              the questions, is welcome to send their
be acting in his place.
                                                              responses in to the school office.
Since the last newsletter a lot has been
happening in the school as you will read in the               Vision Statements
entries below.
                                                              Our vision for our students is that they will:
Anne Powell                                                      acknowledge the bi-cultural nature of
Acting Principal                                                     the college and its community

                                                                     be creative, energetic and enterprising
             Strategic Planning
                                                                     enjoy a high quality learning
Following the consultation round with staff,                          environment where their individual
students and community of the school and                              needs are met
taking into account the vision and values
sections of the New Zealand Curriculum a                             leave school as confident, capable, life-
BOT working group came up with the following                          long learners
draft vision and values statements for the
school. The idea of the statements is that they                      leave school with the values, knowledge
form the basis of a further round of                                  and abilities to contribute to society and
consultation with targeted community, student                         live full and satisfying lives
and staff groups who will answer the questions
that follow the statements. From this feedback                       recognise and respect all cultures and
a final set of vision and values statements for                       the contributions that they bring to our
the school will be drawn up.                                          community

                                                                     take up opportunities offered by new
                                                                      knowledge and technologies
Value Statements                                             pass rates for Years 12 and 13 students
Core values embraced by our school                          For all students, to bring the percentage
community are:                                               of students achieving endorsed
                                                             certificates at the Merit and Excellence
      a sense of community and belonging                    levels to the national standard.

      genuine and persistent endeavour to            In order to do this the school has run two
       excel academically                             initiatives.

      recognition that cultural and sporting         First of all the Achievement Assembly
       activities support and enhance the             recognised all students who achieved the
       educational experience                         appropriate NCEA certificate in the first year of
                                                      trying, for example NCEA Level 1 in Year 11.
      Integrity which involves acting                Secondly it recognised those students who had
       responsibly and ethically                      achieved at the Merit and Excellence levels in
                                                      their assessments.
      Respect for self, others and the
       environment                                    Secondly the school is tracking the progress of
                                                      students in achieving credits and individually
      Social justice and fairness.                   following up students who have been falling
                                                      behind. These students have been offered the
Questions                                             opportunity to catch up their work after school
                                                      on Wednesdays and on Saturday mornings.
   1. Are there any vision and value
       statements that you disagree with?
   State them and explain why you disagree                          NQF Assembly
   with them.
                                                      Congratulations to:
   2. Are there any additional vision and
       value statements that you feel should          Caitlin Northern who performed outstandingly
       be included?                                   by achieving 72 credits at Excellence Level
   State them and explain why they should be          and 34 at Merit Level, thereby receiving an
   included.                                          NCEA Level 2 Excellence Endorsement
   3. Are there any vision and value
      statements that you think should be             and to the following students who received
      modified?                                       Merit Endorsement Certificates (i.e. achieved
   State how they should be modified and              at least 50 credits at Excellence or Merit level)
   explain the modification.
                                                      Juliet Kane, Level 2 with Merit
                                                      Jordan Housiaux, Level 1 with Merit
                   NCEA                               Bren Bowler, Level 1 with Merit
                                                      Tihema Baker, Level 1 with Merit
                                                      Rachel Barham, Level 2 with Merit
During this last month the school has focussed
                                                      Sophia Cataldo, Level 2 with Merit
on its students’ performance in the NCEA. The
                                                      Elise Cooper, Level 1 with Merit
curriculum leaders have set the following
                                                      Marian Clements, Levels 1 with Merit & Level 2
                                                      Kieran Putt, Level 2 with Merit
                                                      Tamara Hill, Level 1 with Merit
      To maintain the pass rate for Year 11
                                                      Natalie Benner, Level 1 with Merit
       students in NCEA Level One
                                                      Samuel Johnston, Level 2 with Merit
      For Years 12 and 13 students, to bring
                                                      Paris Pidduck, Level 1 with Merit
       the combined total of NCEA Level 2 and
                                                      Hayden Andrews, Level 1 with Merit
       Level 3 certificates and other NQF Level
                                                      Rameka Tamaki, Level 1 with Merit
       2 and 3 certificates to the combined
Congratulation also to the following students
who achieved a high number of credits at                Japanese Trip 2009 Fundraising
Excellence and Merit Levels:

Laura Bertelsen, Level 2                                    *** GARAGE SALE ***
Lexis Te Whatu, Level 1                                                     at
Dwayne Kyle, Level 2                                                 PENRAY GARDENS
Cecilia Cramp, Level 1                                                     on
Neill Jacob, Level 1
Natalie Bickerton, Level 1                               SATURDAY 28TH JUNE 9.00AM – 12 NOON
Hope Rawiri, Level 1
Rachael Cramp, Level 1                                  Furniture, bric-a-brac, sausage sizzle, bargains
Renee Grenville, Level 1                                                     galore
Samuel Gibson, Level 1
Madeline Marshall-Mcnabb, Level 2                        If you have goods you wish to donate please
Rebecca Page, Level 2                                      phone 364 5302 and leave a message for
Maarten Kuypers, Level 1                                  Jane or Brent or you can call the college on
Jordan Tuite, Level 1                                                      364 8204
Misti Muir, Level 1
Chelsea Dal Din, Level 1
Tereana Kent, Level 1                                                Peer Mediation
Dylan Cook, Level 1
Kelsi Robertson, Level 1                                Fifteen peer mediators have recently been
Lisa Dowie, Level 2                                     trained and are available every lunchtime to
                                                        assist students with resolving conflicts. Peer
The following students from Years 9&10                  mediation is seen as an alternative option for
gained NCEA Excellence and Merit credits:               students who at times prefer peer support
                                                        rather then teacher intervention. The mediators
Trent Rice, Te Reo                                      are coordinating the service and are supported
Piringakau Elkington, Te Reo                            by the school Guidance Counsellors.
Oriwa Davis, Te Reo                                     The trained mediators are: Meg Thorpe, Tyson
Nicholas Flaws, Mathematics                             Matthews, Michaela Housiaux-Andrews, Ata
                                                        Doctor, Leah Bate-Takiwa, Laura Fellows,
                                                        Caitlin Hedley, Milly Nikolaison, Toni Sims,
            Report Evening                              Jordan Housiaux, Elise Cooper, Tihema Baker,
                                                        Dylan Cook, Natalie Benner and Marion
A report evening will be held on Thursday
July 3rd from 3.30-7.00pm. Reports will be
available for collection when you arrive at
the hall foyer on Thursday 3rd.

Interviews will take place from 3.30pm until                        WINDSOR PARK
7.00pm – each will be approximately 5 minutes                        DOWNTOWN
long. Students will be bringing home an
appointments schedule for you to fill in so that              AOTAKI STREET, NEXT TO SUNLONG
you can indicate your preferred time to meet                FOR ALL YOUR FRUIT AND VEGETABLES
each teacher.                                                    DAILY SPECIALS AVAILABLE

I encourage you to come along and meet the               TRY OUR FULL RANGE OF FROZEN BERRIES
teachers and take this opportunity to talk about
                                                            WE ALSO HAVE A FULL RANGE OF
your child’s progress and learning needs to
                                                               ORGANIC GOODS AT OUR
If you cannot attend, your child’s report will be               TE HORO STORE AND OF
posted to you at the end of Term.                           COURSE FRUITS & VEGETABLES

                                                       Carlos Carter, Hayley Joe, Danielle
              2008 Senior Ball                         Kuresea, Freedom Frost, Heyden
                                                       Woodhouse, Mickey Pichot, Hayley
The Senior Ball will be held in the College Hall       Housiaux-Andrews, Tia Huia Stevenson, Toni
on Saturday 2nd August. It will run from               Simms and Keiran Welsby.
8.00pm to midnight.
                                                       There will be a further report on Project K in
This year’s theme is THE OSCARS – no doubt             the next Otaki Mail and on the Otaki College
the stars will be glamorous, gorgeous and              website www.otakicollege.school.nz
                                                           Rotary International Scholarship
Tickets will be on sale in July – details to be
advised. We wish everyone a starry, starry
night.                                                 Congratulations to Hoani Hakaraia who has
                                                       been selected from candidates throughout
             NCEA Information                          New Zealand to study overseas on a Rotary
                                                       International Scholarship. Hoani will be
                                                       leaving in January 2009 to study in France for
Invoices have been sent for all students               a year.
entered for National Qualifications in 2008.
The invoice includes a list of standards entered
and also includes results achieved to date for                  Meijo High School Visit
internal standards. The amount due (the
standard entry fee is $75) is shown on the             Meijo High School, Japan, is sending their
invoice and the due date is 9th August. Also           International Understanding Class to Otaki
included is Information about applying for             College this year, following the very successful
financial assistance.                                  visits in 2006 and 2007. This year there are 33
                                                       students coming. They will have an intensive
                                                       programme of English along with cultural,
                    Project K                          educational and sporting activities.
                                                       A feature of this visit is that the visiting
Project K comes to an end – congratulations to         students each stay with a student from Otaki
you all                                                College. This is a major fundraising event
                                                       for Otaki College and we are still seeking a
Last Thursday evening saw the end of three
                                                       few more hosts so would appreciate it if
years of Project K at Otaki College – the
                                                       any Otaki College families willing to provide
programme started by Graeme Dingle that has
                                                       board for a visiting student could contact
offered up to 12 Year 10 students each year
                                                       the Student Centre (364 8204) and leave
the opportunity to work on personal and social
                                                       your name and telephone number. The
development through a wilderness expedition
for three weeks, an examination of the local           board payment for each student is $300 for
community over two months and a year of                the period 28 July to 8 August.
being mentored by a trained adult from the
Otaki community.

On Thursday evening 10 students got up
before an audience of 60 to give speeches
outlining their personal journeys over the last
15 months of Project K. Each student was
accompanied by their mentor, who also
contributed by describing the progress they
had witnessed during the mentoring phase of
PK. The 10 students on the 2007/8
programme were:

               Variety Concert                                            Manu Korero
Variety Concert - Wednesday 7pm 25th June                  E nga mana, e nga reo, e nga karangatanga
in school Hall                                             maha tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou
We would like to extend a warm welcome to
parents, friends and family to attend the                  Nga Kura Tuarua (Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o
Variety Concert, Wednesday 25th June, 7pm                  Te Rito, Te Kura a Iwi o Whakatupuranga Rua
in the Otaki College hall. Tickets are $5.00               Mano and Te Kareti o Otaki) would like to
each or $10.00 for a family (2 adults and 2                sincerely thank the many hands that assisted
children), under 5 years old free admission.               with Nga Manu Korero-a-Rohe Speech
This is going to be a wonderful night where you            Competitions which were held on the 23rd
can experience our very talented and gifted                May. Without the fantastic support, and last
students performing.                                       minute run arounds, this event would not have
Come along and enjoy the evening. We look                  been so successful.
forward to your support and being a part of
celebrating the success of our students.                   We would also like to thank the many sponsors
Kia Kaha                                                   who so kindly shared their resources with us to
                                                           make our event complete.

                                                           To the judges who so willingly gave of their

      Otaki Lawnmowing
                                                           time, we would also like to thank.

                                                           We thank our very own contestants for
           Services                                        standing on our behalf and doing a wonderful
                                                           job of their presentations. He mihi nui rawa atu
                                                           ki a Trent Rice (3rd Junior Maori Section),
                Pat Hakaraia                               Wiremu Winitana (Junior English Speaker),
          021-144 0939 (any time)                          Hoani Hakaraia (Senior English Section) and
                or 364 5419                                Leon Tuheke (Senior Maori Section).

                                                           The winning contestants of each section will
                                                           travel through to Rotorua in September for the
                                                           National Speech Competitions.

      For all your residential, commercial
             and rural mowing and                          The winning contestants were:
            gardening requirements.
                                                           Pei Te Hurinui Jones - Senior Maori
                                                           1. Tokoaitua Winiata no Te Kura a Iwi o
                                                           Whakatupuranga Rua Mano

                                                           2. Keta Herbert no Nga Mokopuna
   Homework - Library open after
             school                                        3. Aroha Hiraka no Te Kura Maori o Porirua

As the result of a student initiative the library is       Korimako - Senior English
now open from 3.05 – 4.00pm on Tuesdays                    1. Tiakina Bevan-Manga no Te Kura Kaupapa
and Wednesdays to give students a pleasant                 Maori o Te Rito
environment at school in which to complete                 2. Matarena Ihakara no Nga Mokopuna
their homework. There will be two senior                   3. Ihakara Puketapu-Dentice no Te Kareti o
students available during these times to assist            Te Whanganui-a-Tara
students with their work.
Rawhiti Ihaka - Junior Maori                            The magazine is available from the
1. Ariana Reweti no Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o             Student Centre at a cost of $10.00.
Te Rito
2. Gracie Cullinan no Nga Mokopuna
3. Trent Rice no Te Kareti o Otaki                                 Sporting Highlights

Sir Turi Carroll - Junior English                       Winter sport is well under way. The college
1. Paora Smith no Te Kareti o Kapiti                    has had growth in many areas.
2. Anaru Tangataese no Te Hai Kura o Te                 Netball has 4 Yr 7&8 teams and 5 Yr 9-13
Whanganui-a-Tara                                        teams.
3. Bromwyn Davies no Te Kura Maori o
                                                        Rugby has 4 teams, 1st XV Boys, 1st XV Girls,
                                                        Under 15 Boys and Under 14 Boys.
                                                        Basketball has 9&10 Boys and 9&10 Girls and
Heoi ano ra te mihi ki a koutou katoa. Tena
                                                        Senior Boys and Senior Girls.
koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.
                                                        Hockey has 2 mixed Yr 7&8 teams and Boys
                                                        and Girls Senior Sides.
                                                        Football has Senior Boys and Senior Girls.
                                                        The U15 Boys rugby, the 9&10 Basketball
                                                        Boys and Girls and the Senior B netball team
University of Otago Sheila Winn Festival of
                                                        have all had a winning start to the season.
Shakespeare in Schools:
                                                        Congratulations to Mitchell Rutter who
The scene from Merry Wives of Windsor,
                                                        competed and came 4th in the NZ Secondary
directed by Y13 students Sophia Cataldo and
                                                        Schools Yr 7 Triathlon at Lake Karipiro and
Juliet Kane, was performed brilliantly at the
                                                        came 4th in the NZ Secondary Schools Y7
National Festival in Wellington at Queen's
                                                        Duathlon in Auckland.
Birthday weekend. As well as Sophia and
Juliet, cast members were: Tua Fa'avale,
                                                        Bradley Rutter, Harlan Te Wiata, Toni Sims
Caitlin Northern, Kieran Putt and Michael
                                                        and Bailey Te Wiata all from Otaki College
Kane. Sophia and Juliet won the Dale & Nina
                                                        competed in the West Coast North Island
Hendry Award for the Most Imaginative &
                                                        Teams Time Trial championships at Rongotea
Innovative Production, and got enthuastic and
                                                        under the Levin Cycling Club banner on 18
positive feedback from the adjudicators.
                                                        May. They rode 16km in the Under 17 Grade
                                                        with a time of 31.57 minutes and received a
Even better, we are thrilled that Juliet Kane
                                                        Bronze medal for their efforts
and Tua Fa'avale have been selected, and
Sophia Cataldo shortlisted, to take part in the
                                                        A group of college students are looking to
National Shakespeare Production in Wanganui
                                                        enter a college team in the Road Cycle
during the September school holidays.
                                                        Secondary School Nationals later in the year.
Approximately 50 students attend the week
                                                        If you have a son or daughter interested in
long workshop and performances, and from
                                                        getting involved contact John Heenan on 0274
this around 24 are chosen to go to the Globe
Theatre in London in 2009. Since Tua was
also on the shortlist for about 3 days (!) we are
hopeful that Sophia too will make it off the                        Curriculum Policy
shortlist to selection before the end of Term 3.
                                                        As part of its review cycle The Board of
Jess Wilson
                                                        Trustees is currently reviewing the school’s
Acting HOD Senior English
                                                        curriculum policy. This can be viewed on the
                                                        website – www.otakicollege.school.nz. If you
         School Magazine 2007                           have any comments or desired changes,
                                                        please contact either Anne Powell, Acting
                                                        Principal or Sue McMillan, Chair of the BoT.

                  IMPORTANT DATES
                                                                            TJ’S PROPERTY
  DATE                               EVENTS
                                                                          MAINTENANCE LAWN
             12 PE tramp 15th-17th
             Kapa Haka nationals Wlgtn;
                                                                             MOWING LTD
JUN 18TH     Kapa Haka nationals Wlgtn
JUN 19TH     Kapa Haka nationals Wlgtn                                      We do …
JUN 20TH     STARs community project day
JUN 24TH     Cross country – whole school                                    Lawn mowing
JUN 25TH     StARs community project day alternative if wet;                 Gardening
             Variety Concert pm in Hall
JUN 26TH     CPD - – School Starts at 9.45; StARs community                  Pruning
             project day alternative if wet                                  Free quotes
JUL 1ST      WELTEC Open Day
JUL 2ND      10 ODE camp 2nd-4th                                            … and more
JUL 4TH      Final Day of Term
                                                                                 Terama & Judy
JUL 21st     START OF TERM 3
                                                                                 Home: 06-364 0334
JUL 23rd     BoT Meeting 7.00pm Staffroom
JUL 28th     Meijo University Senior High Visit 28 – 9 August                   Mobile: 027-462 4697
                                                                           Email: tjs_lawns@yahoo.com.au

     Notices From the Community

organised school holiday workshops for Gifted & Talented
students Years 4-10 (approximately 8-15 yrs) 9th to 16th July
2008 at Selwyn College, Kohimarama, Auckland.

Workshops include:
COSMOS COLONY, DAZZLING DESIGNS, DEBATE ODD                         Otaki College approved footwear now
                                                                    available at Attitude Sports in Otaki.
MATHS MAGIC, MIND READING, MINI METROPOLIS,                         10% off NEW BALANCE 621 Cross
BOX TECHNOLOGY, VERSES FOR YOUNG VOICES, WEIRD &                    Up to 25% off all other footwear including:
                                                                    Netball shoes, Football Boots, Rugby Boots,
www.holidayseminars.co.nz for full workshop descriptions.           Tennis shoes, casual shoes and clothing.
                                                                    Shop 4, No 2, Arthur Street, OTAKI.
Tel: 09 585 0111, Mob: 021 389 448, Fax: 09 585 0144                Phone 06 3640364
email: info@holidayseminars.co.nz

      The Otaki Players need a rehearsal
      pianist for Jesus Christ Superstar. If
       you are interested, please contact
     Angela von Dadelszen on 364 8108 or
                   021 877 856.


 Are your Pet’s Vaccinations up to date?                    Need a dress made?
 It’s always frustrating when we struggle with a             If you have a picture and/or
 case knowing that all the heart ache and                   an idea I can make it for you.
 expense could have easily been prevented.
 An example was last week as we worked                               Nancy Carr
 through a very sad and expensive case of a dog
 with parvovirus. It was too late to say ‘if only’.
 This was a young dog, but not a puppy. She                         027 4491045
 had had one puppy vaccination but not the full                    (06) 364 6977
 course. Parvovirus is a disease that anyone who
 has seen it will tell you is unforgettable. The dog
 suffers from protracted vomiting and diarrhoea
 that is profuse and very bloody. Treatment is                        BE THE
 expensive and, as in this case, not always
 successful.                                                         BELLE
 Think of vaccinations like insurance. If your pet                    OF THE
 isn’t protected, these diseases may strike when
 you least expect it.                                                 BALL
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         The Levin Cycling Club Presents:                  Spa Horrobin and Hodge 362 6333
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                      Big Will

                      at the
             Levin Cosmopolitan Club
               Saturday 5 july 2008
                    7pm – 9pm

                    Be there,
                   be amazed
               laugh your socks off

                   Adults $10
            Children (under 13) $5
  10% Discount for Groups of 10 or more Adults

Tickets are available from Southend Cycles in Levin
  Contact Nick 027 474 3900 or Aroha 06 364 2064

 For the period Sat 21st June – Sat 05th July                    Iwama Aikido
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 50% Off all School Exercise Books,                  A Japanese martial art based on
                                                     sword, staff, and open handed
 Loose Leaf Refills and Glue Sticks.*                techniques. Classes available
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                                                     For all enquiries come to Otaki
                                                     College Small Gym Thursday nights
                                                     5.00pm. Beginners always welcomed.

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