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Davis Bacon Compliance (DOC)


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  Water System Data (includes    NEW! Public Water Supply Section Response to EPA/HHS Fluoride Announcement
       Sampling Status)

                                                     ARRA Web Site for Public Water Supply Systems
         Certified Labs
                                 Compliance Services                     Plan Review (Plans, Specs and
Area Wide Optimization Program   Lead and Copper; Public Notices;        WSMPs)
           (AWOP)                CCR; DBP;                               Plan Approval App: [pdf] [Word]; Forms; Plan
           Well Info             SOC; Groundwater Rule; more...          Tracking; Fees; Plan Review Process;
         Other Agencies
                                                                         WSMPs; *new*Engineering Planning and
                                 Capacity Development                    Development*new*; more...
  Operating Permits and Fees     Water System Management Plan;
                                 Summary Sheet; Management Plans and Rules, Regulations and Statutes
       PWS Employee Page
                                 Policies; more...                       Rules Governing Public Water Systems;
                                                                         N.C. Drinking Water Act; Senate Bill 1741;
                                 Forms, Reports and Publications PWS Reponse to EPA/HHS Fluoride
                                 Forms; Annual Compliance Reports; Announcement; more...
                                 Guides -- Transient Systems Sampling
                                 Guide; Daycares; NTNC systems; more...  Source Water Assessment and Protection
                                                                            Source Water Assessment; Source Water Protection;
                                                                            Surface Water Guidance; Wellhead Guidance; more...
                                 Loans and Grants
                                 Funding Agencies; Grant and Loan           Emergency Planning and Security
                                 Awards; News and Updates;                  Emergency Planning Resources; Hurricane Planning;
                                 American Recovery and                      Emergency Management Plans; more...
                                 Reinvestment Act of 2009; more...

                                 N.C. Water Treatment Facility Operators
                                 Certification Board
                                 Rules and Regulations, Forms, Update
                                 address, Approved certification schools,
                                 Approved professional growth courses,
                                 Exams, more...
Public Water Supply Section, 1634 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1634   919-733-2321   Fax 919-715-
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