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					California Polytechnic
State University,
San Luis Obispo

Fall 2007

Volume 4

Bringing together university, schools, community and other educational partners to prepare educational leaders for California.

                                                           New Digital Media Arts Magnet School
                                                           Cal Poly is bringing its learn-by-doing philosophy to a Central Coast elementary school this fall.
                                                           A partnership between Cal Poly’s College of Education and the San Luis Coastal Unified School
                                                           District has led to a groundbreaking new curriculum and a new name for CE Teach School, a
                                                           magnet elementary school for accelerated learners.
                                                           Now called CE Teach School, a Digital Media Arts Magnet Elementary, the school will team with
                                                           Education Technology Professor Louis Rosenberg and his graduate students to bring the latest
                                                           innovative technologies into Teach classrooms.
                                                           Elementary students will learn the basic principles of math, science, history, and language arts
                                                           through digital movie-making, claymation, stop-motion animation, and time-lapse video. School
                                                           assignments could be a short time-lapse film on plant growth, with music and narration, or
                                                           mapping the school site using hand-held GPS devices.
                                                           “Today’s kids were born into a world where digital media is the central communication medium,”
                                                           says Rosenberg. “The new school we’ve planned will help prepare kids for the future by treating
                                                           digital media as a fundamental aspect of modern literacy, teaching it alongside reading and
                                                           writing as a core curriculum element.”
                                                           Education Technology graduate students will teach innovative hi-tech lessons at the school.
                                                           One graduate student will be selected for the Educational Technology Fellowship and act as the
                                                           on-site coordinator for the school program.

      Editors: Carol S. Pendergast
      and Peggy Browneller Paradis
                                                    ELAP Partnership with Lucia Mar
      Designer: Passion 4 Design                    In response to the need to “grow their own” administrators within school districts, this fall the Educational
                                                    Leadership and Administration Program (ELAP) in the Department of Graduate Studies in Education
          In This Issue                             (DGSE) has rolled out another phase of the ELAP Fast-Track MA and Preliminary Administrative
 New Digital Media Arts ..............1             Services Credential. Designed for working professionals, the program is delivered in 15 weekends and
                                                    one intensive summer session. Electronic access to course materials, online discussion, and team
 ELAP Partnership ......................1
                                                    projects enable students to participate from a distance. Since its inception in 2005, the program has
 Dean’s Letter .............................2       graduated 50 MA students and placed over 12 school administrators.
 Outstanding Staff Award ...........2
                                                    Program faculty, George J. Petersen and James Gentilucci, worked with Sid Richison, Assistant
 PolyLink .....................................2
                                                    Superintendent of the Lucia Mar Unified School District, to establish a Fast-Track cohort for the Lucia
 Glen Casey ................................3       Mar School District. As a result, ELAP began two cohorts (at Cal Poly and Lucia Mar) during fall 2007,
 Ag Ed Student Teachers ............3               doubling its enrollment as well as strengthening an already well-established relationship with LMUSD.
 Magic .........................................4
 CESaME ....................................4
 COE Information Services .........5
 STEMLITES Project Year 2 ........5
 Faculty and Staff News .............6
 Winter Scholars’ Reception .......6
 New Faculty...............................7
 Alumni News .............................8
 Honored Alums..........................9
 Barnhart Scholarship.................9
 Honor Roll of Donors ...............10
 Continue Your Legacy .............11
 Hope Perez Scholarship ..........11
                                                                         Two cohorts of 2007-08 ELAP Fast Track students at fall orientation.
 Davidmans’ Retirement ...........12                                                                                                                         1
Defining the College of Education
Letter from the Dean
As part of strategic planning, faculty and staff have engaged in discussions around the
question: What does it mean to be a College of Education at a polytechnic university?
More specifically, what does it mean to support the major campus theme of promoting
STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education? These questions have
guided us as we prepare for a campus-wide academic program review in teacher
education this year and for state and national accreditation in 2 years.
In this issue of Mosaic, we highlight students, faculty, staff, and programs that
represent our commitment to the polytechnic mission of the university. For example,
we have several new partnerships with local schools and education organizations:
developing a digital media arts focus at an elementary school, offering our educational
leadership program via a hybrid of distance technology and on-site delivery at a
school district, and mentoring education and engineering students in design activities
for children-centered museums.
Our programs center on our students and our commitment to prepare them effectively
to help shape the next generation in an increasingly global, wired world. As we develop
our alignment with the university’s mission, we aim to expose our students to new
technologies, perspectives from other disciplines, and opportunities for professional
development while preserving the values of serving all learners.
The year 2007 was a busy and productive one for us all. We look forward to great                          Dean Bonnie Konopak

progress during the coming year as we continue to improve our programs and prepare
for national accreditation in 2010.

                                                        Cal Poly Outstanding Staff Award
                                                        At Cal Poly’s Fall Conference, held September 10th at the Performing Arts Center,
                                                        Peggy Smith Andersen was recognized as one of three persons at Cal Poly who
                                                        represent the best among all campus staff. As the lead credential analyst in the
                                                        College of Education, Peggy has over 31 years of experience at Cal Poly, including the
                                                        last 24 years with the COE. One nominee wrote of Peggy: “She goes beyond normal
                                                        expectations to make certain that every individual is well served.” Peggy says that the
                                                        best part of her job is watching students grow and mature through their programs.

                                                        Outside the COE, Peggy is the 2007-08 Vice President for Programs for the
                                                        Credential Counselors & Analysts of California (CCAC), the premier statewide
                                                        organization with nearly 1,000 members. When asked why she takes on this
                                                        extra work, Peggy responded: “This is how I stay current on credentialing issues
                                                        and develop professionally. I want a voice in how this important information is
                                                        shared, and I want to help new credential analysts learn about their profession.
                                                        It’s also important to be part of a network with others across the state
                                                        because our students come from and return to many areas across California.”

                 Watch for Your Password…Alumni Online Community Launched!
                    PolyLink is here! PolyLink is Cal Poly’s Online Community— a secure, free, private, protected Web site.
                                            Go to and sign on!
 PolyLink is free and open to all alumni – regardless of whether they are members of the Cal Poly Alumni Association. Once signed
 in to PolyLink, alumni from all decades, colleges, and majors will be able to look up old classmates, send private e-mails to catch up with
 old friends and contacts, view friends’ online photo galleries, and join PolyLink groups and message board discussions.

      Mosaic / Cal Poly College of Education
       An Interview with New Associate Dean Glen Casey
Glen Casey has been affiliated with the COE for many years while heading the Ag Ed program, including his 4-year role as the Single Subject
Coordinator. In September 2006, Glen became the COE’s new Associate Dean.

In a recent interview, Glen was asked                for nurseries and contractors while going to
these questions:                                     school. I got my AA in Ag from Ventura College
                                                     and my BA in Ag from Chico State.
When and why did you come to Cal Poly?
                                                     You seem very passionate about teaching.
I came here in 1966 to get a teaching credential
                                                     How do you best convey that passion
in Agriculture Education. At that time, the state
                                                     to students?
paid me $125/month to student teach…very
different from today. Then I set up an Ag Ed         If you’re excited…it rubs off. You’ve got to
program at El Capitan High School in Lakeside,       have the skills, but if you have no passion for
CA. I returned to Cal Poly to get my MA in 1979      the topic or the people, it doesn’t come off.
and joined the tenure-track faculty in 1982.         I like working with people…that helps.
In 1987, I earned my EdD from Oklahoma
State University at Stillwater. I was the head       In your position as Associate Dean, how do
of the Ag Ed Department for the next 14 years        you hope to make a difference?
(1988-2002).                                         We have challenges and opportunities from
                                                     a variety of agencies and organizations that
When did you first get interested in Ag?             somewhat control our destiny. I hope to move
I grew up in Ojai, where my parents were             faculty and candidates toward our common
weekend farmers and I learned to harvest             goals and to create opportunities for faculty
walnuts and raise rabbits and chickens.              and candidates to engage in the discussion
I became interested in landscaping and worked        and be part of the decision-making process.

                                                    Ag Ed Student Teachers as Leaders
                                                    On Saturday, May 5, 2007, Cal Poly hosted hundreds of Future Farmers of America who
                                                    were on campus for the annual FFA State Judging Finals. What made this event so special
                                                    was that it was primarily organized by students and student teachers from the Cal Poly
                                                    Agriculture Education (Ag Ed) program.
                                                    Cal Poly student teachers participated as judges in over 20 areas (from welding and dairy
                                                    products to floriculture, livestock, and marketing) and organized many of the competitions.
                                                    After 2 months of hard preparation, their efforts resulted in a successful event for all
                                                    who attended.
                                                    Today California has a great need for Ag teachers because of the high number of
                                                    teachers who are retiring and the rising number of new schools or new programs being
                                                    established. Tanya Salo, a student teacher and chair of the Results Book for this event,
                                                    stated, “There are more jobs than we have student teachers to fill the jobs, and there are
                                                    few colleges preparing good teachers to fill the need. It’s a hard job, and Ag teachers
                                                    must also participate in many activities, such as local, regional, and state competitions.
                                                    It’s a time-consuming job, and many new teachers just aren’t prepared for the workload
                                                    or commitment.”
                                                                                               The background for Ag Ed students varies
                                                                                               widely, from Jamie Sakugaw, who came
                                                                                               from Maui at her parents’ encouragement
  Photo above:                                                                                 because of Cal Poly’s reputation, to Heather
  FAA Guides (L to R): Jamie Sakugawa,                                                         Nursement, who was raised in Templeton
  Heather Nursement, and Tanya Salo                                                            amidst horses and cattle. What they had in
                                                                                               common was participating in 4H programs
  Photo right:                                                                                 while growing up. What they found at Cal
                                                                                               Poly was an intensive program that promoted
  Shannon Aguilar (left) and Kristine Hernandez
  (foreground) at judging event                                                                deductive reasoning outside the classroom,
                                                                                               team and individualized learning, competition,
                                                                                               critical thinking, and public speaking.
                                                                                                                               Fall 2007          
Technology + Imagination = Magic
“We want to create a magical experience,” says Professor
Louis Rosenberg of his proposed Center for Exhibit Design.
The proposed Center, in development for the last 2 years,
provides an arena in which groups of Cal Poly students and
faculty work together on interactive exhibits for museums that
combine education, engineering, and science.
“Our main goal is to get kids excited, inspire their creativity and
imagination, and create a memorable learning experience,”
says Rosenberg. With his dual appointment in the Colleges of
Education (tenure home) and Engineering, Rosenberg draws on
his professional experience as an engineer and his passion for
providing youngsters with hands-on experiences of the physical
world through educational technology.

                                                                                         Lou in the SLO Children's Museum.

                                                                            a “kid energy meter” measures children’s energy as they cavort
                                                                            through the exhibit.
                                                                            Another interdisciplinary project, called the “Magic Portal,”
                                                                            connects an exhibit at the SLO Children’s Museum with a related
                                                                            exhibit at the Avila Beach Marine Institute. Designed and built by
                                                                            three Mechanical Engineering students – Jason Shannon, John
                   Diagram of kid energy meter                              Paul Lara, and Derek Webb – as their senior project, this two-sided
                                                                            exhibit enables children at the museum to communicate in real time
                                                                            with children at the Marine Institute.
Participating students have produced exhibits for the SLO
Children’s Museum, the Avila Beach Marine Institute, and the                This fall, students in architecture, engineering, art, education, and
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium of Los Angeles. Funded by the museums              science also worked together to design other educational displays
and industry, including PG & E, projects at the Children’s Museum           on pertinent topics, such as sustainability, for the community
include the Volcano Claymation Exhibit and the 15-foot tall solar           with a focus on youth audiences. Professors Shirley Magnusson
sunflower that will stand outside the museum’s entry to help                from the College of Education and Kathy Chen from the Materials
youngsters understand how the sun creates energy. In addition,              Engineering Department are directing these efforts.

                                                                  New Director of CESaME
                                                        CESaME, the University Center for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education,
                                                        has a new full-time director, Dr. Susan Elrod. She holds a PhD in Genetics from the
                                                        University of California, Davis (1995) and a BS in Biological Sciences from California
                                                        State University, Chico (1986). She joined the faculty at Cal Poly in 1997, where she
                                                        is an associate professor in the Biological Sciences Department, with interests in
                                                        bioinformatics, biotechnology, and genetics.
                                                        Dr. Elrod is currently writing a genetics textbook based on a novel inquiry-based
                                                        teaching strategy. She has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant,
                                                        entitled "Literature-Based Scientific Learning in Genetics," to support education-
                                                        based research regarding this new approach for teaching undergraduate genetics.
                                                        During 2006-2007, Dr. Elrod completed an American Council on Education Fellowship
                                                        at The Colorado College, where she studied leadership issues regarding integrative
                                                        models of undergraduate education and STEM education reform.
                                                        In addition to her responsibilities as director of CESaME, Dr. Elrod is currently
                                                        serving as faculty chair of Cal Poly’s Western Association of Schools and Colleges
      Colorado College president Richard Celeste        reaccreditation effort.
                and Dr. Susan Elrod
                                                        Dr. Robert Cichowski, formerly the director of CESaME and retired Cal Poly faculty
                                                        member in Chemistry, will continue as CESaME’s associate director part-time.

      Mosaic / Cal Poly College of Education
 COE Information Services
The OFFICE OF INFORMATION SERVICES has become a vital link               credential and masters students. John left Cal Poly in 2007 after
for comprehensive assessments of all aspects of the COE. With            nearly 10 years to oversee the R&D division of a software company
an accreditation review scheduled for Spring 2010, the College           he helped found. Assuming the director’s position is Warren Watkins,
has adopted Tk20 as an electronic data management, portfolio             who has extensive experience on campus in network administration
assessment, and statistical reporting tool to systematically collect     as well as an engineering degree from Cal Poly. Warren oversees the
and analyze data on the success of our candidates and effectiveness      daily technical needs within the COE and works closely with our new
of our programs. This critical process was begun by John Pietsch,        Assessment and Evaluation Manager, Peggy Browneller Paradis,
former director of Information Services, who was instrumental in         who is responsible for assisting the COE in its systematic evaluation
establishing our connection to other campus entities to support our      processes and reporting to our local, state, and national agencies.

              John Pietsch                                Peggy Browneller Paradis                              Warren Watkins

        STEMLITES Project Continues with Bechtel Funding
Now in its second year, the STEMLITES (Science,        Atascadero and Lucia Mar unified school districts:
Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Literacy        Atascadero teachers are Melanie Snowdy, Teri
in the Elementary School) project — a partnership      Rogers, Stacey Cyester, Peg O’Malley, and Tess
between the colleges of Education, Engineering,        Harback; and Lucia Mar teachers are Cosima
Science and Mathematics, and the Center                Hopper, Andrea Jacobson, Stephanie Hart, and
for Excellence in Science and Mathematics              Sally Graybehl.
Education — continues to foster children’s interest    Activities will continue during the 2007-2008
in engineering. The project, funded by industry        academic year with both the 4th- and 5th-
leader and philanthropist Mr. S. D. Bechtel, Jr.,      grade projects. The project team has already
links engineering experiences to science, math,        completed work on the 4th-grade electricity and
and literacy standards at the 4th/5th grade levels.    magnetism units as well as provided professional
Dr. Shirley Magnusson, Elementary Science              development to additional teachers to tailor
faculty member in the COE, is the project’s lead,      the STEMLITES 4th-grade materials to their
while Dr. Lynne Slivovsky from the Computer            classroom context. At the 5th-grade level, faculty
Science and Electrical Engineering departments         and teachers are now developing the STEMLITES
has participated in the 4th-grade electricity and      materials in chemistry to pilot during winter and
magnetism units, and Dr. Kathy Chen, chair of the      spring of 2008 and to finalize those documents
Materials Science and Engineering Department,          next summer.
is collaborating on the 5th-grade chemistry units.     Teachers and students involved in the project
Participating classroom teachers at the 4th-grade      have responded enthusiastically, and the teachers
level from the Santa-Maria School District, which      have remarked that they feel professionally
has a high proportion of Hispanic youth, are           renewed and excited at new possibilities of
Therese Brady, Jessica Morris, Tami Ahern, and         helping students learn science.
Brett Bigger. Participating teachers involved in the
4th-grade Phase III scaling-up efforts are from the

                                                                                                                           Fall 2007       
Faculty and Staff News

Dr. Julian Crocker, Superintendent of the San Luis Obispo County         Dr. Michael Ruef, associate professor of Special Education,
Office of Education and Visiting Professor in the Educational            delivered a paper at the Office of Special Education Programs
Administration Program, was a recipient of the University Council        Project Director’s Conference in Washington, DC in July 2007.
for Educational Administration 2007 Excellence in Educational            Dr. Louis Rosenberg, Cotchett Professor of Science, Math, and
Leadership Award. Dr. Crocker was recognized for his commitment          Technology Education, was featured in The Tribune’s annual Twenty
to P-20 education and his role in the joint doctoral program in          Under Forty 2007 list of promising young professionals in the San
Educational Leadership and Administration at Cal Poly and the            Luis Obispo area. Rosenberg has been awarded more than 100
University of California, Santa Barbara.                                 patents, making him one of the youngest Americans to achieve
The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy recently accepted           such a milestone.
for publication an article by Regina G. Mc Keown (2004, MA)
and Dr. James L. Gentilucci, assistant professor of Educational
Leadership and Administration.

                                 Dr. Jodi Jacques, Counseling
                                 and Guidance, received tenure
                                 and was promoted to associate
                                 professor. She is the new chair of
                                 the Department of Graduate Studies
                                 in Education (DGSE) for 2007–2008.

                                                                         In the STUDENT INFORMATION CENTER, new credential analyst
Dr. Patricia Mulligan, Multiple Subject professor, presented a           Daniel Parsons (pictured above) joined the COE in January
paper at the Education Law Association 2006 Annual Conference.           2007, replacing Hope Perez. Daniel served in a similar role for the
Dr. George J. Petersen, professor of Educational Leadership              College of Education at San Diego State University. In addition,
and co-director of the Cal Poly/UCSB Joint Doctoral Program,             Tom Skelton, has moved to the Student Information Center to
co-authored Effective Communication for School Administrators:           serve as the first contact person for candidates, faculty, and staff.
A Necessity in an Information Age with Dr. Theodore Kowalski and         Alison Monteith, who joined our staff in 2007, is the new
Dr. Lance Fusarelli (Rowan & Littlefield, 2007).                         administrative coordinator for DGSE.

    Department of Graduate
    Studies Hosts Winter
    Scholars Reception
    On Friday, February 2, 2007, the College of Education, the
    Department of Graduate Studies in Education, and Cal Poly’s
    Career Services hosted the first annual Winter Scholars
    Reception, “Is a Bachelor’s Degree Enough?”
    Invited speakers included Provost William Durgin (pictured right);
    Dr. Susan Opava, Dean of Research and Graduate Programs;
    and Dr. Bonnie Konopak, Dean of the College of Education.
    Dr. George J. Petersen, former chair of DGSE, emceed
    the program.
    Provost Durgin, Dean Opava, and Dean Konopak provided
    insightful remarks about the importance of graduate education
    for all professions and highlighted the College of Education’s
    efforts to improve graduate education on the Cal Poly campus.

       Mosaic / Cal Poly College of Education
             New Faculty

                                                  Meet Steven Kane, New Associate Professor in Department of
                                                  Graduate Studies in Education, Counseling & Guidance
                                                  The first person in his family to graduate from college, Steve is proof that one
                                                  person can change your life. Based on placement test scores at a community
                                                  college, Steve was encouraged by a counselor to pursue a college degree rather
                                                  than a vocational certificate. That encouragement led to a BA from Cal Poly
                                                  Pomona and MA and PhD from UCLA, with a goal of becoming a professor and
                                                  counselor. Since coming to Cal Poly in 1994, Steve has worked in the Counseling
                                                  Department and Disability Resource Center and has now moved to a tenure-track
                                                  position in the Department of Graduate Studies in Education. When asked how
                                                  he hopes to make a difference in the COE, Steve replied: “I love teaching, and I
                                                  bring a lot of real-world experience as a counselor, administrator, psychologist,
                                                  and even as a manual laborer. I offer a practical approach that helps candidates
                                                  become better strategic thinkers who are also more flexible and resilient.”

Meet Elizabeth Meador, New Associate Professor in Teacher
Education Division
Liz has been in education for over 25 years as a teacher, administrator, and
professor. Having school teaching and administrative experience, she became an
assistant professor and director of the MA Education Program at CSU Monterey
Bay and then assistant professor of Education at Lewis & Clark College in
Oregon. She later moved to Colorado to become director of an alternative high
school that housed teen parents, youth with emotional disorders, and kids at
risk of dropping out. With a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from San Diego
State University, a master’s in curriculum and instruction from the University
of Denver, and a doctorate in multicultural foundations of education from the
University of Colorado at Boulder, her main areas of interest are multicultural
education, equity issues in schools, and education for immigrant students.

                                                  Meet Michael Sutliff, Interim Chair of Teacher Education Division
                                                  With a life-long interest in sports, Michael was influenced to become a Physical
                                                  Education (PE) teacher while in 10th grade because his teacher used innovative
                                                  techniques. Michael’s academic career resulted in a BA from Biola University, then
                                                  an MA from National University and DA from Middle Tennessee State University.
                                                  For the past 10 years, Michael has worked with content educators and PE student
                                                  teachers through the Kinesiology Department and Single Subject Program.
                                                  In January 2007, he took over as Single Subject Coordinator, followed by becoming
                                                  the Interim Chair for the Teacher Education Division last June. When asked how he
                                                  gets students at all levels to perform to their highest potential, Michael answered:
                                                  “Make it challenging. Have high standards and let kids know they are capable of
                                                  putting in the effort to meet those standards. Also be enthusiastic, and learn who
                                                  the students are as individuals.”

                                                                                                                     Fall 2007       
Alumni News

    Pioneering Women

    Several alumni — Joan Soares Bell (1958, Education); Jan Doting (1959, CSM/
    Elementary Math); Donna Kingsley (1971, Elementary Education); Barbara Day Liberto
    (1959, Education); Ruth Eddy Max (1960, Education); Elaine Lee Muller (1958, Education);
                                                                                                   L to R: Yola Hesser, George Hesser and Carol Pendergast
    Val De Gues Pilaria (1959, Elementary Education); and Helen (Peggy) Schuster (1960,
    CSM) — attended the first Pioneering Women reunion at Homecoming last year and met
                                                                                               George Hesser (1960, BA Education) and his wife Yola rented a home in Cayucos during
    with COE Dean Bonnie Konopak and Advancement Director Carol Pendergast to talk about
                                                                                               the month of January, a change from their activities in Florence, OR, where they are active
    their experiences as the first women at Cal Poly and their careers in education.
                                                                                               in literacy efforts and providing meals for the needy.
                                                                                               Megan Hazel (2005, BS, CLA; 2006, MA Special Education) is teaching a Special Day
                                                                                               class for grades 4-6 at Dana Elementary School.
Keri Collins (2006, MA Literacy & Reading) is a co-founder of Hearst Castle Press.             Jennifer Vega La Serna (1989, MA Counseling) has been made dean of Arts & Letters
Her first book, Faces of Hearst Castle, was written with Jana Seely and published in           at the College of the Sequoias, where she received a 2-year degree in Liberal Arts. She
September 2007 under that imprint. Keri has been writing for children since she started        received her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts at UCSB and two master’s degrees (one in
her graduate program.                                                                          Education Counseling from Cal Poly and the other working with English language learners
Linda Cordero (1997, MA) retired in June as principal of the Ontiveros Elementary              from the University of Southern California). In 2002, she earned a doctoral degree in
School in the Santa Maria-Bonita School District. Originally from Washington State, she        Education Policy, Planning and Administration, with a specialization in International and
received a secondary credential and a BA from the University of Washington. After moving       Intercultural Education from USC. La Serna, who is fluent in Spanish, lived in Peru for 2
to California, she received a Reading Specialist credential and an MA from Cal Poly in         years. More recently, she served as director of the Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate
Education and later an Administrative Services credential. She has been an educator for        Achievement Program at CSU Dominguez Hills, helping first-generation and under-
33 years.                                                                                      represented college students enter graduate programs.

Two former honored alumni, Jaime Cuello (1993, BA, CLA; 1998, credential COE) and              Regina G. Mc Keown (2004, MA) is currently an ESL instructor at Cuesta Community
Diana Barnhart (1968, BS CSM; 1984, MA CSM), participated in a panel discussion                College in San Luis Obispo. A native of SLO, she has been an ESL instructor, K-12 English
during Lt. Governor John Garamendi’s visit to Cal Poly in the spring of 2007. Cuello also      Learner specialist, coordinator of the English Learner Program for San Luis Coastal Unified
presented at the California Association for Bilingual Education Conference at Long Beach,      School District, and a secondary English teacher.
submitted his national board certification portfolio, and presented at the International       Sarah Pendergast Roos (2003, CLA; 2006, MA, Special Education) is a special day
Reading Association and at the University of Southern Indiana. (For more on Barnhart,          teacher at Grover Beach Elementary, where she works with children who have a variety of
see p.9)                                                                                       disabilities, from autism to developmental delay, communicatively handicapped disorders,
Colleen Francis (2006, Liberal Studies) and John Taylor (2004, Special Education               and autism. Sarah married Casey Roos, also a Cal Poly alum, in July 2007.
credential) were featured on the front page of The Tribune on July 30, 2007, for their         Marsha Trevisan (1975, Education), who works at Bank of America in Sunnyvale, recently
involvement at a Surf Camp for children with autism. Colleen is working with Cal Poly to       brought her son Todd and his friend, Paul Crotty, to visit Cal Poly, where both young men
support children with autism in the SLO community.                                             are interested in attending.

                                                                                                                                       In Focus:
                                                                                                                                      Shana Ogren
                                                                                                                             Shana (pictured center back row) graduated
                                                                                                                             with a Single Subject credential in English and
                                                                                                                             was the student speaker at the COE graduation
                                                                                                                             in June. After 3 months of training, she will
                                                                                                                             have a teaching internship to get to know the
                                                                                                                             students, teachers, and secondary schools with
                                                                                                                             whom she will be working during a 2-year stint
                                                                                                                             to the African country of Malawi. As part of her
                                                                                                                             training, Shana will receive intensive language
                                                                                                                             training in Chichewa (the national Bantu
                                                                                                                             language). Her job will include training teachers
                                                                                                                             in English, classroom management, and/or
                                                                                                                             curriculum development as well as organizing
                                                                                                                             workshops for teachers in small towns and
                                                                                                                             villages throughout Malawi.

         Mosaic / Cal Poly College of Education
       California Teachers of the Year: 2006 Honored Alums
In 2006, two of the five teachers selected as California’s Teacher of the Year graduated from Cal Poly. Both were named 2006 Honored Alumni
jointly by the College of Education and College of Science and Mathematics.

Diana Blake Barnhart earned her                                                                              Kenneth E. Dyar (1989, BS; 1991,
bachelor’s (1968) and master’s (1984)                                                                        credential) earned his bachelor’s
degrees from Cal Poly in Biological                                                                          degree in Physical Education and his
Sciences. As of 2007, 13 members                                                                             Single Subject credential from Cal
of the Blake extended family have                                                                            Poly. He teaches PE and Life Skills
graduated from Cal Poly.                                                                                     at Cecil Avenue Middle School in
                                                                                                             Delano. He was named one of two
For Diana, who has taught science
                                                                                                             Kern County Teachers of the Year for
at Los Osos Middle School since
                                                                                                             2004-2005 and one of five California
1983, “Science is a method of
                                                                                                             Teachers of the Year for 2004-2005.
answering questions that can be
applied throughout life when making                                                                          Dyar’s classes cover all subject areas,
intelligent decisions. We don’t just                                                                         involving students in writing essays,
study science; we do science. Every                                                                          reading articles, graphing growth in
student learns how the world works                                                                           speed, distance, and strength, and
through his or her own observations,                                                                         learning to participate in life. He
comparisons and discussions. I strive                                                                        strives to have every 8th-grader in
to change how they see the world,                                                                            his class graduate in better physical
increasing their wonder and curiosity                                                                        condition than when they entered,
about everything they encounter                                                                              saying, “We must address the whole
by enthusiastically sharing science                                                                          child – the physical, emotional and
in an entertaining, intriguing, and          L to R: President Warren J. Baker, Dean Phil Bailey (CSM),      social well-being of children, who
motivating way.”                                 Honored Alum Kenneth Dyar, Honored Alum Diana               have bodies as well as brains – and
                                                       Barnhart, Dean Bonnie Konopak (COE)                   we must continue to nurture the
Diana has a special interest in fostering
                                                                                                             development of both.”
a love of science in her female students
and encouraging them to consider                                                                              Dyar is a grateful for his educational
careers in science or in science teaching. Diana was one of four               experiences at Cal Poly, stating, “The instructors I had at Cal Poly
teachers to work with Cal Poly faculty on a Boeing Corporation-                were true innovators and leaders in the field of physical education.
funded project to include “girl friendly” pre-engineering activities in        They showed me the path to excellence, and I try every day to live
her 8th-grade physical science classes.                                        up to their example.”

     Scholarship Honors Barnhart and Extends Her Legacy
     In honor of her California 2007 Teacher of the Year
     award, Diana Barnhart and her husband John
     recently established The Diana Barnhart Excellence
     in Science Education Scholarship Endowment at
     Cal Poly. The scholarship will support graduates
     of Morro Bay High School who attend Cal Poly
     as science majors or science educators. Most
     of these students have been nurtured in Diana’s
     science courses at Los Osos Middle School,
     where she still teaches.
     Creating a scholarship to support students who
     share her love of science and teaching offers a
     way for Diana to extend her legacy to the next
     generation. Says Diana, “The satisfaction of
     watching a flood of understanding wash across a
     fresh young face is like no other.”

                                                                          Diana Barnhart at Los Osos Middle School Engineering Day event

                                                                                                                                Fall 2007       
                                                                 The Power of Giving
                                                                 Honor Roll of Donors to the College of Education
                                                                 July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007
                                                                 The College of Education recognizes donors whose generous
                                                                 contributions have supported programs, faculty and students.

                                                      President’s Circle                            President’s            Centennial Society                   COE Partners
                                                     $20,000 or more, or                           Round Table               $2,000 – 4,999                      $250 – 499
                                                       $200,000 or more                       $5,000 – $19,999 or          Dean’s Honor Roll                    COE Patrons
                                                        in lifetime gifts,                    $100,000 – $199,999            $1,000 – 1,999                      $100 – 249
                                                                                                  in lifetime gifts,
COE alum and donor Richard Equinoa with Advancement *lifetime membership                                                    Dean’s Council                      COE Friends
  Programs staff, Polly Harrigan (L) and Eileen Amaral.
                                                                                             **lifetime membership             $500 – 999                          To $99
President’s Circle                   Patricia A. Hayner and               Julie D. Cadena                     John F. Jeffers                       Nancy C. and Bruce Santoianni
Allyn E. and Concettina T. Arnold*    Adair J. Johnson                    Renoda G. Campbell-Monza           David E. Donati and Abigail Jewell     Peter Sarar
Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.              Patricia R. Johns                    Michael L. Castro                  Robert Jimenez                         Patti Schindler
Joseph W. Cotchett Jr.               Diane L. and Joseph J. Kablik        Jeffrey D. and Alicia Click        Katherine J. and Anthony D. Jones      Diana L. and Douglas V. Smith
John and June Rogers                 JoAnne M. and Lawrence Laird         Elizabeth P. Cooper                Steven T. Kane                         Francisco and Katrina S. Soto
President’s Round Table              Steven C. Lee                        Katrina L. Cope                    Andrea H. Kingman                      Jeannie M. Starnes
Diana B. and John D. Barnhart        Rich D. and Ruth E. Max              Paul M. Crafts and Bonita          Dina M. Knouse                         Lois M. and Robert W. Stevens
                                     Michael McCall and                    D. Zisla Crafts                   Mary E. Koop                           Elizabeth M. and Edward O. Stoffel
Dean’s Honor Roll                     Joyce Kamilar-McCall                Ernest R. Crook and                Jean S. Kopicki                        J. H. Taylor
Anonymous Donor                      Angela and Gregory M. McMillan        Peggy J. Rodriguez                Ann C. and Dennis J. Lane              Sheilah R. and William D. Tietje
Miriam J. and Roy C. House           Dennis M. Nulman                     Donald G. Cross                    William and Sonya                      Donna I. Todaro
Bonnie C. Konopak                    Anita L. and Randy A. Oudega         John W. and Mary DeGroot            Lanzen-Castellanos                    Matthew T. and Jennifer R.
Cheryl W. Messina                    G. F. Paap Jr.                       Donna J. Downey-Daily              Sally C. Brown-Lauruhn and              Trautman
Ralph A. Perez                       Carol S. and William R. Pendergast   Elaine M. Ramos Doyle and           Delbert W. Lauruhn                    Ramon R. True and Leslie L.
Mary E. Taylor                       David D. Perez                        John B. Doyle                     Teresa A. Lees                          Claytor True
Marsha L. and Paul M. Trevisan       Elaine K. and Larry N. Rasmussen     Ann A. Dreizler                    John Leo                               Dena L. Van Norman
Barbara and George Yrigollen         Charles Rekosh                       Terry S. and Susan Dyksinski       Emily I. LePage Wu                     Tiffany G. Weems
Daniel J. and Linda Yrigollen        Patricia L. and Dennis Repasi        Brenda E. and Michael              Susan M. Lima                          Barbara A. Wendt
Dean’s Council                       Diana C. and Frank O. Rheinisch       K. Edgington                      Katarina E. and Lee G. Lorance         Billye J. Wilcoxson
Darlene Cappellotti-Bowman and       Susan S. and Dwight Roper            Kimberly B. and Paul Ehrisman      Linda S. Lott                          Michele M. Williams
 Richard O. Bowman                   Donald R. and Nettie M. Rosburg      Victoria P. and Gordon English     Raymon L. Maas                         Nancy H. and V. E. Wolfe
Carl R. Brown and Laura Slaughter    Cindy Ruiz                           Lois B. and David E. Feleay        Kenneth S. and Judith E. Mallett       Lamont H. and Patricia D.
Glen R. and Nancy P. Casey           Frances and Locadio Santillan        Daniel and Sharon Ferguson         Lisa K. Manning                         Youngborg
Richard M. and Sally S. Equinoa      Beverly J. Shannon-Jameson           Christopher S. Forbes              Gerald W. and Patricia A. McGowan      Linda R. and Raymond F.
Robert A. and Sheryl E. Flores       Joseph Simone III                    Rose A. Fowler                     Susan M. McGraw                         Zeuschner
Maria L. and Wesley J. Gill          Carole H. and Jon R. Smoot           Andra A. and Charles Fox           Wendy A. McKeown
Susan L. Williams                    Jeanne M. and Ken B. Stone           Terry P. Frederick                 Donald D. and Peggy A. McMillan
                                     Kevin Taylor and                     Tracy J. and Raymond J. Gaskill    Monique McMillan                     Honor Roll of Corporations,
Greg and Sylvia Yrigollen
                                      Michelle L. Ritter-Taylor           Susanna L. Gill                    Barbara and Scott Meissner           Foundations & Organizations
College of Education Partners        Rosemary E. Thorne                   David A. and Anita F. Goodfield    Vicki Meissner                       Bank of America Corporation
Elizabeth C. Brownewell              Wen Y. Chou and Din I. Tsai          Larry S. and Ronda A. Greenslate   Patricia A. Mercer                   C. Hanretty Rehabilitation Services
Linda K. and Michael R. Cordero      Patrick W. Twiford                   Jack W. and Kathleen A. Greer      Gary L. Mickle and Lanie Steele      C’s Lakeview Vineyard
Leonard and Patricia Davidman        Christopher D. and Elyse B. Ungar    Lynette B. Grismore                Betty C. Miller                      Cal Poly Alumni Modesto Chapter
A. Frank and Janice L. Doting        Peggy A. Whiting                     Edward R. and Gloria H. Guhl       James L. Miller                      Cotchett, Pitre, Simon & McCarthy
Bradford T. Elliott                  Holly A. Williams                    Maria L. and Sean V. Halpin        John W. and Audrey G. Miller         Credential Counselors/Analysts of
Raymond W. and Virginia E. Ketzel    Danny and Linda Yrigollen            Linda F. Hancock                   Carole A. Morrow                        California
Terrie M. and Kevin W. Patterson     Arthur Zamora                        Connie Hanretty-Church             Angelica Nunez                       Delta Kappa Gamma-Alpha Mu Chapter
Sandra L. Perello                                                         Joanna L. Harris                   Nora A. O’Donnell
                                     College of Education Friends                                                                                 Ground Control
Lillian J. Swanson                                                        Gail T. Havens                     Margaret P. and Paul R. Ontiveros
                                     Garienn and Robert H. Bader                                                                                  Hanford Optimist Club
Andrea Yrigollen                                                          Leslie F. and William A. Haynes    Linda W. Orear
                                     Valerie M. and David M. Barboza                                                                              Laura E. Settle Scholarship Foundation
College of Education Patrons                                              Anthony F. and Mary L. Heacock     General and Judy M. Owens            Law Offices of Raymond J. Gaskill
                                     Regina C. Bazzola
Linda J. Alvord                                                           Margaret M. and Truman             Ruth Paschal                         Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation
                                     Mary G. Beatty
Maria Angulo                                                               Hedemark                          Barton C. and Lynn S. Pearson        Miscellaneous Friends Donors
                                     John G. and Marta S. Bechtol
Celia and Jesus Armendariz                                                Nancy E. Henderson and John M.     Ralph R. Perez                       Optimist Club of Van Nuys Airport
                                     Joseph R. and Patricia A. Bellin
Richard J. and Katy M. Atkinson                                            Nocero                            Helen M. and James P. Pitton         Port San Luis Marine Institute Inc.
                                     Beryl M. and Sidney S. Bennett
Harry F. Blankenburg                                                      Lindsay M. Henning                 Monique M. and Lance                 Richard A. Ciummo & Associates
                                     George I. and Marily A. Bentley
Brent A. Chancellor                                                       Gloria H. Hernandez                 M. Poldberg                         San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum
                                     Kenneth S. Betita
Elaine Y. Chin                                                            Leilani M. Hernandez               Mary Quodala                         Senna’s Services
                                     David A. and Naomi Blakely
Darrel H. Cox                                                             Arthur N. and Edith M. Hicks       Charlotte Ratzlaff                   The Blankenburg Family Trust
                                     Patricia B. and Thomas W. Bleier
Daniel D. and Dorothy J. Dias                                             Claudia C. and John F. Horn        Sean A. Reynolds                     The Boeing Company
                                     Deborah N. and David C. Bonnheim
Linda Barsanti Downing                                                    William H. Houston                 Amy C. and Ian C. Robbins            The Davidman Family Trust
                                     Carmen and Eddie L. Borelli
Larry L. and Theresa A. Erickson                                          Paula H. and Daniel R.             Emma J. and Frank G. Rodriguez
                                     Laura A. and Timothy R. Boyer
Jan E. and John W. Fetcho                                                  Howard-Greene                     Joanne S. and Jules E. Rogoff
                                     Linda S. Brady and F. M. Suddarth
Vera Gee                                                                  Homer E. and Jeanne S. Hoyt        Cinda A. and Joseph A. Rossi
                                     Victor N. Brancart
Evelyn R. and Harvey Greenwald                                            Takako Izumi                       Louella L. and Nazario Saldivar
                                     Hannah B. Bretz
                                                                          Sabrina B. Edelson-Jeffers and     Mary E. Sandoval

 10       Mosaic / Cal Poly College of Education
                                                                    As an educator, you have already created
                                                                        a lasting impact beyond your lifetime.

                                                                      By designating Cal Poly as one of the beneficiaries of your estate plan,
                                                                      you can allow your values to benefit future generations.

                                                                      Create a scholarship for first-generation students; fund a professorship
                                                                      to grow programs; and/or support Cooperating Teachers’ work with
                                                                      students. Engage your values and leave a legacy.

                                                                      Cal Poly’s Planned Giving staff will work with you and your advisors
                                                                      to develop a long-term gift plan that is best for your financial situation
                                                                      and personal commitments.

For more information, please contact:
Stacy Cannon, Director                    Phone: (805) 756-7125
Planned Giving and Endowments             Toll free: (800) 549-2666
Heron Hall, Building 117                  Fax: (805) 756-2711
California Polytechnic State University   Email:
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407                 Web site:

                                                                       Scholarship Honors
                                                                          Hope Perez
                                                                    Hope Perez, long-time credential analyst in the College of Education, passed
                                                                    away in January 2007 after a long battle with cancer. To honor and remember
                                                                    Hope, the COE and the Perez family have established an endowed scholarship
                                                                    in her name.
                                                                    Hope joined Cal Poly in 1992 as a clerical assistant in the Credential Office and
                                                                    became a credential analyst in 1996. Her work with candidates in the Multiple
                                                                    Subject credential and Master of Arts in Education programs was essential to
                                                                    the college. She was also well known and highly regarded across campus as a
                                                                    dedicated and passionate advocate of education and a supportive colleague.
                                                                    Hope served as a union steward and campus union president for her unit.
                                                                    She was also a driving force for the off-campus Latino Out-Reach Council.

               Contributions to this scholarship, which supports first-generation Multiple Subject students, may be sent to:
                              College of Education, Advancement Office, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo CA 93407-0389.

                                                                                                                                    Fall 2007       11
   Retirement Reception for
   Leonard and Patricia Davidman
   On June 8, 2007, more than 100 guests filled Vista Grande to celebrate
   over 50 years of collective service to the College of Education by
   Dr. Patricia Davidman and Dr. Leonard Davidman.
   Pat came to Cal Poly in 1980 to teach classes in Education and Ethnic
   Studies. Over the years, she taught courses in the Multiple Subject
   Program, supervised student teachers, and was the lead facilitator in
   the Cal Poly-Atascadero Partnership as well as the Multiple Subject
   Coordinator. Of her time at Cal Poly, Pat says, “I continue to enjoy
   supervising student teachers and working with so many wise and
   dedicated practitioners.”
   Since 1977, Len has taught many courses at Cal Poly, worked with
   colleagues in the National Network for Educational Renewal, and
   coordinated the Central Coast Coalition of Partner Schools. He is
   currently the Multiple Subject Coordinator and Co-Chair of the Teacher
   Education Division. Recently he stated, “I was fortunate to have a job
   at a university where life-long learning was not an empty phrase—quite
   the opposite was true.”
   Len and Pat are co-authors of Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective: a Practical Guide, which is now in its third edition and used in
   many college courses across the country.
   Len and Pat epitomize continual renewal and excellence in teacher education. They set a high bar in their ability to help students
   understand the importance of a multicultural perspective to teaching yet continually recognize that each student is a unique individual
   with limitless potential for success.

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