What Biotechnology Looks Like by wulinqing


									Bioscience Workforce Innovation
Biotechnology Program Objectives
• Create skilled workforce for South
  Florida’s emerging bioscience

• Provide innovative programming in
  technical education and promote
  careers in bioscience
• Be a leader in science education
• Support bioscience industry through
  partnerships, collaboration and
      Biotechnology Programs/Courses
Programs:                   Courses:
• AA and AS Degree          Intro to Biotech
• College Credit            Biotechnology I
  Certificate               Biotechology II
• Specialized Training      Tissue Culture
• Career Development        Bioinformatics
• Service Learning          Internship
                            Continuing Education
              Industry Collaboration
Curriculum Development
    Scripps Florida—Online and Laboratory Curriculum
    Cytonics Corporation—Tissue Culture and HPLC
    Dyadic International—FPLC, biofuels, and bioprocessing
    Sancilio & Company—HPLC and GC-MS Methods
    Oceanridge Biosciences—RT-PCR and microarray analysis
    Goodwin Biotechnology—Biomanufacturing
    Employ Florida Banner Center Biotechnology

Technology Incubator Program– Protix, Inc.
•   Provides access to common area equipment/incubator space
•   Student exposure to biotech start-ups
•   Hands-on experience
•   Internal internship projects
      • Palm Beach State’s Biotechnology laboratories are
        specifically designed to simulate the bioscience
      • Equipped with state-of-the art equipment and
      • Based on area institutions, industry
        collaboration and active participation with the
        Biotechnology Program Business Partnership
      • FPLC, HPLC, Bioreactors, GC-MS, RT-PCR,
        Automated DNA sequencer and more...
         Industry                                  Institutions
AppliChem               Ocean Ridge Biosciences    Scripps Florida
AssureImmune            PDR Chiral, Inc.           Max Planck
Akron Biotech           Perkin Elmer
ACAM Labs                                          TPIMS
                        R/S Tech-Prob Solutions
Bioheart, Inc.          Sancilio & Company         VGTI
Biotest                 TransDermal Technologies   Mann Center
BioTools, Inc.          ThermoFisher Scientific    Smithsonian Institute
CURNA                   Envoy Therapeutics         FAU
Cytonics                Protix, Inc.
Crystal Cube Labs                                  FAU HBOI
                        Micro Typing Systems
Dyadic International                               UF
DNA Labs International                             UM
Drug Study Institute
Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc.
Horizon Pharmaceuticals                            USDA NSF
Jupiter Environmental Labs                         PBC Sherriff’s Office
Palm Beach State Career
 •   New coursework in lectures
 •   Internship Seminars
 •   Poster Symposia
 •   Guest Lectures
 •   Field Trips
 •   Industry events
 •   Banner Center Training
 •   Service learning program
             Palm Beach State
            Technology Incubator
                          ACAM Laboratories, LLC was founded in 2008 through a
                          grant from the Jupiter Economic Development Board and the
                          Palm Beach State Biotechnology Program. ACAM resides at
                          the Palm Beach State College-Palm Beach Gardens campus
                          as an incubator company in the Bioscience Technology
                          Complex. ACAM acts as a consultant to the food industry,
                          providing both full service analytical testing and auditing
                          services and is seeking national accreditation for its
                          laboratory services. The goal of the company is to work with
                          local, domestic and international companies to ensure the
                          timely and safe distribution of food products and commodities
                          to the public. The company also seeks to add a research
                          branch for the development of novel biosensors to aid in the
                          detection of pathogens in food.

                          Dr. Jones contributes significantly to the Biotechnology
                          Program by providing internships and offering non-credit
                          courses including How to Start a Biotech Company,
Christine Campagnolo      Nanotechnology, and Mad Bad and Dangerous to Eat.
Jones, PhD
Director ACAM Labs, LLC
Student Success Stories
Camilo Rojas
Biotechnology Graduate
• Internship project in Dr. Jun-Li Luo’s
  laboratory studying the role of
  inflammation and cancer.
• Research Assistant in Department of
  Neuroscience under Dr. Gavin
• Learning and memory
• Presented at Biotechnology Industry
  Organization 2010
Julie Burford
Biotechnology Student

• Performed internship at Cytonics
• Characterized novel protein complex
   implicated in back pain
• Developed assays for therapeutic and
  diagnostic applications
• Full-time Research Assistant
                     CANCER BIOLOGY
                     AND IMMUNOLOGY

Michael Stefano
Biotechnology Graduate
Dr. Howard Petrie
T-Cell Development

Maria Pujantell
Biotechnology Graduate
Dr. Jun-Li Luo
Breast Cancer
     University of Miami
 Hussman Institute for Genetics

Dr. John Gilbert
Center for Genome Technology
Miami Institute for Human Genomics

                   Kimberly Carroll
                   Laboratory Assistant
John Schneider
Biotechnology Graduate
• Performed an internship at Dyadic International,
  Jupiter Florida.

• Responsible for performing Quality Control assays for
  Dyadic’s industrial enzyme products.

• Engaged in algae biofuels research project as
  part-time employee
Vesna Cvetkovic
Biotechnology Graduate
Performed an internship at Bioheart, Inc. developing cell
therapies for acute and chronic heart damage and second
project at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
studying embryonic stem cell markers under Paul C.
Schiller, Ph.D. , Director of Adult Stem Cell Research
Yiqun Ding learned key techniques in
instrumentation at Sancilio & Company under
the direction of Dr. Fred Sancilio. Her
internship project was performed at Scripps
Florida under Dr. Howard Petrie which
involved genotyping transgenic animals.
Yiqun is developing DNA storage
methodologies at Palm Beach County
Sherriff’s Office Forensic Laboratory.
Michael Spaargaren
Palm Beach State Biotechnology

• Performed internship project at
Scripps Florida in High Throughput
Screening under Dr. Peter Hodder,
Scientific Director of Lead
Identification of Translational
Research Institute.
• Michael designed high throughput
screening assays to detect novel
Scripps Research Assistant

Biotechnology Internship:             Scott Novick

 Antonio Amelio, Ph.D.
 (Michael Conkright, Ph.D.)
 Head of Cell Based Screening

 Full-time Employee:
 • Patrick Griffin, Ph.D.
 • Chairman, Molecular Therapeutics
 • Studies molecules and signaling
   pathways in inflammatory disease
Libby Handel, Ph.D.

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