The Year 2065

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					 The Year 2065

By: Mason Krahwinkel
• Aging will no longer be a problem for people in this age.
  No more worrying about crows feet, wrinkles, spots, or
  any other sign of aging. There will be a new type of
  technology called rejuvenation. This amazing technology
  can let you live your life to the fullest, but at the age that
  you would like to see yourself at. You could spend the
  rest of your life in a sixteen year olds body, and really be
  about 72, which is how old kids who are sixteen will be in
  the year 2065. there will also be new technology where
  lab technicians can actually grow human body parts from
  the tissues of other organs, which means that even the
  organs inside of your body will technically not age
  because they could be replaced by the lab grown body
  parts, so in theory we could live for the rest of eternity.
We have all heard that because of the carbon
 emissions that we are putting into the air,
 whether it be from cars, power plants, or even
 our yard tools, such as lawn mowers, ext. But
 that the emissions that these things put off, just
 sit in the atmosphere slowly but constantly
 heating up the earth, which is also slowly but
 constantly making the north and the south poles
 melt, which in time geographers have predicted
 that the whole world will eventually be
                   CLIMATE CHANGE
•   …so with the idea that the world could
    someday be under water, someone
    came up with the idea of “floating
    cities”. Which would be a far fetch of
    an idea, but someone put the idea to
    the test, and came up with and actual
    step towards a floating city. A man
    came up with the idea of making a
    concrete platform that was filled with
    massive foam blocks, which would be
    the part that would keep the house, or
    city, afloat. Also another idea they are
    shooting for is to have each house and
    or city detachable from the rest of the
    city so that it can drift to other cities,
    and end up attaching to the next city
    that it happens to float near.
Housing [Due to Global Warming].
• Time travel has been a hot topic discussed among
  scientist and even the common people all over the
  world for decades, the thought of being able to go
  back in time and being able to do something over, be
  able to see how some people lived, be able to stop an
  evil dictator from coming to power. Just the thought of
  this has had the minds of scientists boggled. Time
  travel in the year 2065 will be in my eyes what most
  people think of it today, but I think that it will just be
  more of the virtual reality type of thing. That you get to
  go back and you actually feel like your there and that
  your reliving, or living it for the first time, and so this
  way you can see how something would have been If
  you wanted to change something in your past, but its
  also very safe because this way…you don’t have to
  worry about altering the future just by one mistake
• Cloning is also one of the topics that has been buzzing on the lips of
  some doctors. This could mean that people with rare blood types
  could now have matches, and would not have to face death
  everyday from not being able to find a donor, a donor could be made
  by making a clone of that person, so they can live their life.
  Technology like this would change the world forever! But all of the
  attempts were failures, until…one day a doctor finally made a
  breakthrough in cloning. He had successfully cloned an exact copy
  of a sheep. This sent doctors into an upward spiral to find if cloning
  a human was possible, but being so inhumane testing a human
  even for scientific research would be unheard of. Also we have to
  think of the rights of the clone, because technically they are a
  human person, so they have the same rights as the person they
  were cloned from. All of this has to be kept in mind, for their to be a
  huge breakthrough in the area of cloning in science.
•   There has been a wide
    controversy on if extraterrestrial
    life exists other than ourselves in
    this universe, now some strongly
    believe that we are the only
    species that is living in the
    universe, but how could this be so.
    Out of the ENTIRE universe we
    are the only living organisms?
    Well the questions that all people
    have can be answered by one
    thing, where you find water, you
    will most likely find life. Not long
    ago they had found water on
    mars, which means that if their
    predictions about water and life
    are true, there could be known
    extraterrestrial life coming very
    soon to our knowledge.
• People have always wondered if there are other
  universes than our own. Its been a hot topic
  among all doctors everywhere. We have no idea
  how huge our universe is, there could be
  millions of alternate universes out there that are
  just waiting to be discovered, there are more
  solar systems, which in a way is sort of like a
  new universe, there are different planets,
  different rescources, and possibly even different
  forms of life.
•   The newest type of transportation
    that we think of when we think of
    the future would mostly be the
    flying car. This has been something
    that people have been trying to
    crack for decades. Trying to figure
    out how a flying or floating car
    would work. Some have thought
    about magnetism. Making the cars
    and the roads repel each other to
    get the floating effect of the car. But
    there are other forms of
    transportation that have been
    attempted, but have just been
    hollow dreams. But soon our world
    will be full of amazing machines that
    we would have never thought would
    be possible, but during this era,
    anything is possible!
• We already have the luxury of the world wide web, cells phones,
  music video, photo’s, and advertising. But what length can we
  take these things to? Some think that holograms will be used to
  send messages, or to have a phone conversation. The internet
  does not have to worry about going anywhere anytime soon.
  That, as of now, is the main source of communication, and
  information that we use today. Cell phones are a hot topic as
  well, what will happen to them? Will we still use them? I believe
  that we will still use cell phones, but only to a certain extent.
  Because soon there will be new ways to communicate over long
  distances. Because as wqe have seen in the past, new inventions
  could become obsolete in just a matter of years, for example the
  type writer became obsolete in just a matter of ten years due to
  the invention of the computer.
• So where will we be in the year 2065?
  What will we look like? Where will we live?
  How old will we be? There are a lot of
  questions that we could ask about the
  future. But we will never know exactly
  what the future will hold, but only time will

                THE END!

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