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Message                                  by President Robert J. King

PPA and
city sign                                                                                                                                                    Volume 37

tentative                                                                                                                                                    Number 3

agreement                                                                                                                                                    March 2006

                                                                            T h e P o r t l a n d P o l i c e A s s o c i a t i o n • M a i n t a i n i n g t h e v i g i l s i n c e 19 4 2
Board unanimously recommends ratification
In January the city made a proposal for a contract settlement.                                                                                                        from Force Science News
The proposal is a four year contract (2006-2010), 95-5 on
health insurance and 100% of the U.S. Consumer Price Index,
a minimum of 2% to a maximum of 5%. Also all other con-
tract language is protected and remains in force.
                                                                       PARC’s proposals
The Executive Board and the Bargaining Team unanimously
recommends a “yes” vote. This tentative agreement pre-
                                                                       based on attitude,
serves the critical 95-5 split on health insurance, maintains
our benefit level with benefits remaining locked in our con-
tract, and we retain Portland’s status as the highest-paying
                                                                       faulted by science
police agency in Oregon. This proposal also brings long term
                                                                           How do you think an officer          dation and based in Los Angeles,          departmental analyses, can be
stability — important to all of us in the face of rising health
                                                                       should be treated after he has           is called PARC (Police Assess-            downloaded from its website.)
care costs.                                                            shot and killed an offender:             ment Resource Center). Aiming                 Only PARC’s views on the
The Executive Board’s job is to protect benefit levels. In our             Like a suspect or a civilian wit-    to help departments “advance              proper treatment of officers
last negotiations with the city, our primary concern was cost          ness — required to give a state-         effective, respectful and publicly        after a shooting will be discussed
containment on health insurance for PPA families. Since our            ment ASAP... isolated for fear he’ll     accountable policing,” PARC has           in this article from Force Science
arbitration the city proposed to other bargaining units a for-         collude with others to concoct a         been engaged to investigate,              News, however, because effec-
                                                                       self-serving fairy tale of what hap-     monitor, advise and/or propose            tive interviewing techniques
mula that would have city employees paying more and more
                                                                       pened ... interrogated rather than       “reform” recommendations for              is an area currently being
over time. The PPA told the city we needed the 95-5 premium
                                                                       interviewed, with every discrep-         agencies and police oversight             explored at the Force Science
split to provide predictability for our members. People in both        ancy and hole in his version of          entities in California, New York,         Research Center, Minnesota
the private and public sector are paying much more than our            events regarded suspiciously as          Oregon, New Mexico, Louisiana,            State University-Mankato.
5% premium. Several local agencies have settled for a 90-10            probable evidence of deceit?             Michigan, Idaho, and elsewhere,               The propelling force behind
split. We are fortunate to have our benefit levels locked in our           Like a survivor of a critical        including at least one other              PARC is its founding director and
contract and increases tied to 5% of premiums.                         incident — given time to de-esca-        country (Greece).                         president, a 60ish attorney named
                                                                       late and mentally process the                According to its website              Merrick Bobb. Bobb has told
The wage proposal is 100% of the U.S. Consumer Price
                                                                       high-stress encounter before being       (, the organiza-            reporters that he was drawn to
Index. In each year of the contract the wage increase will             extensively questioned ... allowed       tion also works with journalists          changing police conduct after he
be a minimum of 2% to a maximum of 5%. The current                     to walk back through the confron-        to “improve” the “critical analy-         was accused (falsely, he insists)
index wage increase for July, 2006 is 2.8%. Since our arbi-            tation to clarify what took place ...    sis” of LE issues in the media.           of trying to drive his car into an
tration there have been ten public safety interest arbitra-            interviewed with techniques that         And lately some plaintiffs’ attor-        officer during his law school days
tions in Oregon. In six of the ten the union prevailed. In             enhance and effectively “mine”           neys have been citing policy              at the University of California’s
only one case did a union receive a wage increase above                memory ... regarded as truthful          principles advanced by PARC in            volatile Berkeley campus.
the index and the results on health insurance have been                and well-intentioned until reliable      police related lawsuits. “PARC                Bobb, who claims to be the
worse. Senate Bill 750 has made arbitration a much more                evidence suggests otherwise?             and its philosophy are surfacing          world’s “first police monitor,”
uncertain process for everyone.                                            According to the recommenda-         in a wide variety of venues,”             served as deputy general counsel
                                                                       tions of a nonprofit police over-        declares Dr. Bill Lewinski, one           to the Christopher Commission,
All other contract language is protected and remains in force.         sight and consulting organization        behavioral scientist who strong-          which investigated LAPD after
In the 2004 arbitration the city proposed deleting complete            that is dedicated to influencing LE      ly takes issue with the group’s           the Rodney King incident, and
articles of the contract. By winning arbitration we protected          policies and practices nationally        post-shooting proposals.                  also on the Kolts Commission
all past bargaining accomplishments. For example: secondary            and internationally, “A” is the pre-         PARC offers a wide range of           which investigated LASD. He
employment, which provides additional income for PPA mem-              ferred approach. And the foothold        suggestions for changing police           currently “reviews and moni-
bers; and Article 44, which requires the city to provide notice        this group is gaining is alarming        practices. After analyzing 32 offi-       tors” LASD on an on-going basis
when it intends to adjust shifts. This proposal also protects          some prominent police psycholo-          cer-involved shootings and 2 in-          as special counsel to the LA
other critical economic articles in the current contract such as       gists and other knowledgeable            custody deaths in Portland (OR),          Board of Supervisors.
                                                                       observers who have spent much of         for example, the group made 89                His board of trustees at PARC
the 4-for-6 and longevity pay. The PPA has continued to
                                                                       their careers trying to make             recommendations regarding Port-           includes, among others, a lawyer
improve our contract over the last 30 years. The result is a
                                                                       Approach “B” the standard after          land Police Bureau’s training, tac-       who has worked for the NAACP,
fundamentally sound contract. By accepting this proposal we            an officer-involved shooting.            tics, policies and procedures.            a representative of the Urban
have protected the agreement we fought hard for.                           The oversight group, launched        (PARC’s 266-page report of its
As a result of this proposal the PPA, the city, and the Bureau         with money from the Ford Foun-           findings, as well as other of its                 C o nt in ue d on pa g e 8
intend to enter into Joint Commitments. The city has asked
for our help in developing a                                           I n t his iss ue : Editor’s Statement p.2 | Traffic Enforcement p.4 | Miracle on Turf p.6 |
                                                                                         Lessons Learned p.7 | Arresting a Crime Wave p.10 | ROCN p.11 |
wellness program and a disease          C o nt in ue d on pa g e 4      Dee Gross honored p.13 | Schlegel p.14 | LoJack update p.15 | FPD&R Retirees p.16 |
Editor’s                                        by Detective Peter Simpson
                                                                               facility that they paid for in cash:
                                                                                                                         “This publication will be dedicated, therefore, to the principles of
                                                                               $4.1 million.
Statement                                      Tactical Operations Division        In the February 13th edition
                                                                                                                          objective reporting and freedom of expression which we believe
                                                                                                                          are both fundamental to the operation of a democratic organiza-
                                                                               of The Columbian, Battle Ground

                                                                                                                          tion and to the free society we are sworn to protect.”
                                                                               City Manager said, “We paid cash
                                                                                                                                                                               James Fleming,
                                                                               for it. We banked one-time rev-                                                                 former Rap Sheet editor

                                                                               enues and took some money from                                                                  December, 1970, Vol I, Issue I
                                                                               our reserve fund to completely
                                                                               pay for the new facility. It’s paid

on the                                                                         for free and clear.”
                                                                                   “Those things show that city

                                                                               leaders are committed to their police
                                                                               officers”, said Police Chief James
                                                                               McDaniel. What a novel idea.
                                                                                   The Bureau needs a commit-                                                                  Volume 37
After working on the last contract as a member                                 ment from the City Council that
                                                                               they are going to take care of                                                                  Number 3
of the PPA’s Bargaining Team, I was all geared up
                                                                               these facility and manpower                                                                     March, 2006
to fight again for months on end to help secure                                issues. Perhaps talking about a
a fair contract for police officers.                                           public safety levy, which address-            Portland Police Association                 President      Detective Robert King
                                                                               es their responsibility, instead of a                                                    Secretary-      Sergeant Mitch Copp
    It appears that the fight is       idea that a healthier employee          school tax levy, would find a rev-
                                                                                                                                Editor   Detective Peter Simpson     Subscriptions      Laurie Keller
already over.                          costs much less to insure.              enue stream to pay for all the                            503.225.9757                                   503.225.9755
    The City of Portland has              While police officers are gen-       things that are needed.                  Advertising      Kerri Simpson                    Design/       Susan Anderson
offered the PPA a four year con-       erally one of the healthier cate-           When “the big one” hits                 Director      503.225.9757                   Production      503.225.9758
tract that is essentially an exten-    gories in the insurance pool, we        (name your disaster or terrorist        The Rap Sheet is the official monthly publication of the Portland Police Association.
sion of our current contract.          can all do more to ensure that          attack) people will expect plenty       The Rap Sheet is the only publication of its kind that represents the interests of men and
Details will be coming to you          we live a good long time and            of police officers to help and safe     women working in law enforcement in Portland. Subscription rate is $20 per year.
                                                                                                                       Email copy submissions to the editor at The Rap Sheet office is
very soon at ratification meet-        enjoy our pensions.                     places to go. Right now, I’m not        located at 1313 NW 19th, Portland, OR 97209. Phone 503.225.9760. Articles appearing
ings to be held on March 8th              The PPA will be looking              sure that there is either.              under an author’s byline do not necessarily represent the opinion of the PPA. Advertis-
and 9th. If you have questions         for people to help with this                                                    ing and editorial submissions are due the first Friday of every month prior to publica-
about the proposal, ask your           committee and ideas to provide          PPB budget to increase?
                                                                                                                              e-mail             web page
PPA representative.                    incentive for police officers to           Chief Foxworth submitted
    Securing a sound contract for      be a part of the process.               the budget request for the 2006-         Advertising      503.225.1158                 Editorial fax     503.225.1158
the members is the single most                                                 07 fiscal year recently and it
important function of the PPA.         Minimum staffing not met                includes a request for more than         P P A o f f i c e r s t i tl e                                  p ho ne
The strength of the union is a             Recently I read that we are ten     a 4% increase to re-open the
big reason why this contract           officers short of full strength. This   precincts 24/7. The desks would                     Robert King          President                       503-323-6015
was offered without a fight, in        is something I can’t quite under-       be staffed by officers on limited                    Mitch Copp          Secretary-Treasurer             503-323-9349
my opinion.                            stand. Several precincts report         duty who are currently on LOS.
                                                                                                                             Scott Westerman            VP-Central Precinct             503-793-6850
    There are issues that need to be   they are running below mini-               Also, it appears that there
addressed within the current con-      mums routinely and aren’t able to       would be some cuts to ATTF.                        Kevin Warren          VP-Dets./Criminalists           503-795-2422
tract language, but they will be       backfill with overtime because of       Increases in fines, public records
                                                                                                                                       Bob Miller       VP-SE Precinct                  503-237-3534
addressed in joint labor-manage-       the budget cuts that are coming.        requests and tow fees would
ment meetings between the PPA              It’s hard to accept that we’re      help pay for the additional                        Craig Morgan          VP-East Precinct                503-237-3474
and the chief’s office. This arran-    only allowed to hire ten addi-          money to the Bureau coffers.                         Bob Foesch          VP-NE Precinct                  503-940-0098
gement seems much more benefi-         tional officers. As I have stated          At first glance, it looks like a
cial to everyone.                      before, the Bureau is severely          good proposal and I was glad to                     Doug Justus          VP-North Precinct               503-323-5053
    Of course there is still much      understaffed, regardless of what        see the chief go for the increase.                Bryan Parman           VP-Sergeants                    503-823-0348
work to be done on other issues of     the “authorized strength” num-          Everyone knows that we’ve
                                                                                                                                   Tom Perkins          VP-Services                     503-920-5430
concern for the members, with          ber might be. We need more              taken cuts for the last eight
the disability and pension system      cops, period.                           years running.                                   Peter Simpson           VP-Services                     503-237-1650
being the most important.                  If you read through the latest         Initial reports are that the             Mark Chamberlain             VP-Traffic Division             503-323-9363
    Defining a legislative agenda      budget update information from          mayor seems to like the plan. Let’s
is also on the horizon. It’s clear     the Office of Management and            hope that this plan makes actually                  Daryl Turner         VP-At Large                     503-940-0059
that the PPA’s involvement in          Finance (OMF), you’ll see cuts          makes it through the ringers and              Tony Christensen           Safety Committee                503-250-7887
Salem helped defeat the open           are coming everywhere. There            gets done.
grand jury legislation last ses-       are major expenses upcoming                                                            Gary Manougian            Safety Committee                503-250-5169
sion. Our PAC dollars and              with no way to pay for them.
efforts can have a positive effect     They include: replacing the             The Portland Police Association
in the legislature and can work        800mhz radio system entirely;           is affiliated with:
                                                                                                                          P .A.R.T.                 P o l i c e A l c o h o l R ec o v e r y T e a m
to change existing laws or create      building a training facility; mov-                                              P.A.R.T. is a group of officers who are recovering alcoholics in the Portland
new ones that help protect the         ing Central Precinct; adding two                                                Police Bureau. We are made up of various ranks and come from various divi-
rights of police officers and the      new precincts in deep SE and                                                    sions of the Bureau. Our mission is to help alcoholics in the law enforcement
overall safety of our work.            deep SW; moving the Property                                                    community and their families achieve and maintain sobriety. We adhere to an
    If there are laws that you         Room and the Traffic Division;                                                  ethical responsibility of confidentiality, which is a promise to an officer to
think need changing or legisla-        and potentially purchasing South-                                               reveal nothing about his or her circumstance to any other Bureau member.
tion that you would like to see        east Precinct from the county.
                                                                                                                       P.A.R.T. members
the PPA push in the next ses-              What’s really interesting is
sion, get that message to your         that these needs have been well                                                        Officer Ed Riddell        NE         503.920.6781 (pgr) 503.823.5700 (wk)
PPA representative and we’ll get       documented for years and no                                                        Officer Rob Hawkins           Tri-Met 503.920.1728 (pgr) 503.962.7566 (wk)
it on the agenda to discuss.           action has been taken.
    One of the things that the City        Contrast our situation with                                                     Sergeant Dave Grady          LOS        503.790.7929 (pgr)
of Portland wanted from the PPA        another city, Battle Ground,                                                      Captain Marty Rowley           ID         503.301.5033 (pgr) 503.823.0721 (wk)
is to work to improve the overall      Washington. Battle Ground just
                                                                                                                              Officer Jimmy Lee         SE         503.955.1229 (pgr) 503.823.3143 (wk)
health of police officers, with the    moved into a brand new police

   page 2                                                                                                                                                                the Rap Sheet| March 2006
& Shakers
Recent appointments, promo-
tions, resignations, retirements,
                                      Police Officer Kelvin KNUDSON
                                      (DPSST # 16989), North Precinct,
                                                                           Police Officer Mike STRAWN
                                                                           (DPSST # 33523), Drugs and
                                                                                                                 We’re proud to serve
terminations and transfers.
Police Officer William BLOOM-
                                      was placed on Leave of Service.
                                      Police Officer Wendi KRAUSE
                                                                           Vice Division, transferred to
                                                                           Southeast Precinct.                   Portland’s finest.
STROM (DPSST # 23689) has             (DPSST # 45681), North Precinct,     Sergeant Randy TEIG (DPSST #
                                                                                                                Madison’s Grill * 1109 SE Madison * Portland * 503-230-2471
been medically laid off.              transferred to East Precinct.        21689), Northeast Precinct, was
                                                                                                                Open every day of the week.
                                                                           placed on Leave of Service.
Police Officer Gregory BURN           Police Officer Edwin LOCK
(DPSST # 42554), North Precinct,      (DPSST # 18363), Southeast           Police Officer Matthew TOBEY
transferred to Southeast Precinct.    Precinct, was placed on Leave of     (DPSST # 34492), Northeast
                                      Service.                             Precinct, resigned from the
John COSTELLO (DPSST # 9161)
                                                                           Bureau effective January 24,
was appointed Temporary Public        Police Officer Thomas MACK
Safety Aide and assigned to East      (DPSST # 14015) was transferred
Precinct.                             to the Telephone Report Unit.        Sergeant John “Stu” WINN
                                                                           (DPSST # 17726), Detective
Police Officer Richard DODGE          Police Officer Jeffrey MC GUIRE
                                                                           Division, was placed on Leave
(DPSST # 31293) was terminated        (DPSST # 38994), North Precinct,
                                                                           of Service.
from the Bureau.                      transferred to the Drugs and Vice
                                      Division.                            The following Police Officer
Police Officer Scott DUNICK
                                                                           appointments were effective
(DPSST # 26973) returned to           Police Officer Paul PARK (DPSST
                                                                           January 5, 2006.
duty from a Leave of Service and      # 29512), East Precinct, trans-
was assigned to East Precinct.        ferred to Southeast Precinct.        OFFICER                   DPSST
Police Officer Nick FRANKUS           Police Officer Mark PIOMBO           CLARK, Bradley            46430
(DPSST # 37943), Southeast            (Temp. DPSST # 91628), Training
                                                                           CURTISS, Royce            46427
Precinct, transferred to the Drugs    Division, transferred to Southeast
and Vice Division.                    Precinct.                            LESOWSKI, Carrie          46433
Police Officer Barbara GLASS          Detective Daniel SLAUSON             MAUDSLEY, Patrick         46428
(DPSST # 22890), Drugs and            (DPSST # 17699), East Precinct,      MENDOZA, Jorge            46431
Vice Division, transferred to East    was assigned to the TOD/Air Sup-
Precinct.                             port Unit Chief Pilot – Detached     PIOMBO, Mark              91628
                                      Assignment.                          TAFOYA, Michelle          46432
Police Officer Melissa GRAY
(DPSST # 34495), East Precinct,                                            WALSH, Roger              46434
was placed on Leave of Service.

Sincere thanks to some good people                       PPA donation helps Cub Scouts
   Experience and integrity are two values that          To the members of the Portland Police Association,
most would agree make for a great police officer. I
have had the pleasure over the past four weeks of           I wanted to say thank you for donating $200.00
working with a set of officers in State v. Derrick Jay   toward the purchase of our new Pinewood Derby
and Deon Baker that personify experience and             track. We began the fund raising drive 2 months
integrity.                                               ago and were able to raise $780.00. This was accom-
   Officer Joe Santos, Officer Steve Staul, Sgt. David   plished through a can recycling project, concessions
Anderson, Sgt. Wayne Svilar, and Sgt. John Cordell;      at our Schools open house, and cash donations.
I have really appreciated each of you and all of your       Our Pinewood Derby race was held on January
hard work and dedication to a case that some may         28th, and as you can see in the picture, our Pack
have given up on a long time ago.                        was very appreciative of your assistance.
   Officer Mike Stradley, I want to send you a per-
sonal thank you for standing side by side with me        Thank you again,
day to day in the “rabbit hole”. Your experience,        Lane Warren
integrity, candor and sense of humor kept me             Cub Scout Pack 501
going. I respect the great person you are! I look for-
ward to working with you all in the future.

With admiration,
Kellie F. Johnson
Unit C. Gangs
Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney

Soccer players wanted
for police soccer tournament
   Members of the Portland Police Bureau,                will be a short informational meeting in the
Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department person-            Northeast Precinct roll call room at 6:30 pm, on
nel, and Police Activities League staff are working      March 15, 2006. There will be both Men’s and
hard to bring the North American Police Soccer           Women’s divisions.
Tournament to Portland September 6-9, 2006,                 If you cannot attend, but are interested in
at Delta Park. The hub hotel will be Jantzen             playing please contact either Det. Dan Slauson
Beach Doubletree.                                        ( or Ofc. Rick
   If you are interested in playing on a team dur-       Hascall ( for additional
ing the tournament (at any ability level) there          information.

read us online at www                                                                                                                                pag 3
                                                                                             by Officer Garrett Dow     citizen generated calls decreased            on areas with not only traffic prob-
                                                                                                 Southeast Precinct     6%, the part one crime index                 lems, but with overall crime prob-
                                                                                                                        decreased 12%, violent crime                 lems. There may be some debate

Traffic enforcement
                                                                                                                        decreased 10% and property                   on what impact traffic enforcement
                                                                                                                        crime decreased 12%.                         has on crime, but it is generally
                                                                                                                            To initiate the upswing in traf-         accepted than an officer engaged in

and community policing
                                                                                                                        fic activity, the superintendent             visible enforcement activities
                                                                                                                        re-emphasized traffic enforce-               affects criminal behavior.
                                                                                                                        ment as a primary function and a                 Peoria did not see the results
                                                                                                                        tool for all officers. Command               after running increased traffic
Community policing is now the preferred policing tactic of                       one of the most prevalent factors      and patrol alike were expected to            operations for only a few days,
the majority of law enforcement organizations. The mantra                        contributing to traffic crashes. In    conduct traffic enforcement.                 weeks, or months. It was years
                                                                                 2004, speeding was a contributing          A quota or expectancy system             when the full reality of their
is to reduce the crime and fear of crime in partnership with
                                                                                 factor in 30% of all fatal crashes,    is not the answer to increasing              efforts was realized. These efforts
the community. Thoughtful police officials discovered that                       and 13,192 lives were lost in          traffic enforcement. Instead, com-           must be continuous.
one important component of the police mission was being                          speeding-related crashes.              mand should lead by example and                  We cannot defer our responsi-
                                                                                     Motor vehicle crashes cost         request more emphasis on it from             bilities to traffic enforcement to
neglected — traffic enforcement.
                                                                                 society an estimated $7,300 per        all uniformed officers, whether              the Traffic Division. They do not
    In communities all over this              According to the International     second. The total economic cost        assigned to a precinct, specialty            have the manpower to be a con-
country when the police sur-              Association of Chiefs of Police        of crashes was estimated at $230.6     unit, or command position.                   sistent presence in neighborhoods
veyed citizens, they consistently         (IACP): “Law enforcement agen-         billion in 2000. The cost of speed-        A valid tool to harness the ener-        helping to reduce crime and the
told police that their first or sec-      cies can become preoccupied            ing-related crashes was estimated      gy of officers who enjoy traffic             fear of crime. Persistent presence
ond quality-of-life concern was           with general law enforcement           to be $40.4 billion — $76,865 per      enforcement is to empower them               and activity by patrol officers in
traffic. These concerns are reiter-       measures at the expense and neg-       minute or $1,281 per second.           with the ability to spend more time          neighborhoods will improve out
ated in community meetings,               lect of traffic safety programs.           Speeding reduces a driver’s        doing it. Missions can be focused            community policing efforts.
even as reporting on drug crimes          Because traffic safety is a viable     ability to steer safely around
by the media continues to rise.
    More people are killed and
                                          and important element of law
                                          enforcement, traffic safety pro-
                                                                                 curves or objects in the roadway,
                                                                                 extends the distance necessary to
                                                                                                                        Rear Window
injured, and the economic loss to         grams and personnel should             stop a vehicle, and increases the
society is greater from traffic           receive the executive’s full sup-      distance a vehicle travels while
crashes than that from crime.             port and attention.”                   the driver is reacting to a danger-
Police departments that are proac-            The IACP recommends:               ous situation. It also contributes
tive in traffic enforcement have          “Make traffic safety a core value.     to the majority of citizen livabili-
lower crime rates as well as lower        Integrate traffic safety throughout    ty complaints.
traffic crash statistics, because traf-   all operations of the department           In 2004, 21% of speeding driv-
fic enforcement leads to the dis-         [and] when feasible a traffic safe-    ers involved in fatal crashes had
covery of criminals and the recov-        ty unit should be established.         an invalid license at the time of
ery of drugs and weapons (looking         Provide necessary training,            the crash, compared with 10% of
beyond the stop). Studies show            equipment, and staff to fulfill the    nonspeeding drivers.
that more people die in this coun-        responsibility of providing traffic        Speeding was a factor in 29%
try as a result of a traffic related      safety to the public [and] empha-      of the fatal crashes that occurred
death than by any other means of          size the importance of traffic safe-   on dry roads in 2004 and in 34%
homicide.                                 ty during training and presenta-       of those that occurred on wet
    In the spirit of community            tions to all personnel.”               roads. 86% of speeding-related
policing, departments have cho-               According to the IACP, bene-       fatalities occurred on roads that
sen to establish small, community         fits include: “Improved morale         were not interstate highways.
police stations (contact offices) in      and motivation, important focus            There were 42,636 traffic fatal-   1935 Ford Rollout
shopping malls, storefronts and           and support for traffic safety,        ities involving 13,192 collisions in   In 1935, Ford Motor Company fulfilled a contract to supply Portland Police Bureau with
apartment buildings, to bring             reduced vehicle collisions and         the United States in 2004. Con-        patrol cars. Heaven only knows what that deal might have entailed, but this much is
police services into neighbor-            incidents and their related costs.     trast the total number of persons      known. The Portland Police Bureau was required to keep the cars in top shape with a
hoods. Often overlooked, howev-           Reduced vehicle crash injuries         killed in car crashes to the num-      constant shine. Photo courtesy of the Portland Police Historical Society.
er, is the presence of a marked           and fatalities and their related       ber of person killed in other will-
police cruiser parked in a strate-        costs. Reduced criminal activity       ful homicides and manslaughter                                                           C o nt in ue d fr om p ag e 1
gic location in a neighborhood
observing traffic.
                                          where active traffic enforcement
                                          takes place and increased efficien-
                                                                                 of 16,137 and it is clear that you
                                                                                 are three times more likely to be
                                                                                                                        PPA and city sign
    Referring to the mantra of            cy of traffic systems.”                killed by an automobile than by        tentative agreement
community policing, the goal is               The IACP also considers that:      any other homicidal means.
not only to reduce crime, but also        “Establishment of traffic safety           The Peoria, IL police depart-      management program that keeps PPA families healthy
to reduce the fear of crime and           units requires personnel resources,    ment stepped up its traffic law        and, where possible, reduces costs. Chief Foxworth and the
provide the public with a greater         additional training and funding.       enforcement resulting in lower         PPA have signed a Joint Commitment agreement which for-
sense of security and safety. Visi-       Manage-ment support is essential       crime rates. The superintendent        mally implements a labor management committee. We know
ble police presence in strategic          and specialized traffic units do not   of police initiated a proactive        improvements in working conditions are needed. We will work
locations observing stop signs,           nullify the traffic responsibilities   approach towards traffic enforce-      on issues such as special event staffing and court scheduling.
conducting speed enforcement,             of other units.”                       ment and coupled it with com-          This new committee with the chief allows the PPA to be your
or watching a crosswalk, can                  Law enforcement agencies           munity oriented policing. It
                                                                                                                        voice on working conditions.
enhance the public’s sense of             are often seen as reactive in          resulted in a significant improve-
security and well being. Many             nature, applying resources to a        ment of traffic and crime trends.      In early March we will attend roll calls and discuss the propos-
citizens will approach officers           problem only after is arises. Traf-        During a three year period, the    al. Our ratification meetings are Wednesday March 8th at 7:00
participating in this activity and        fic enforcement can address prob-      department increased the               p.m. and Thursday March 9th at 9:00 a.m. at the PPA office.
thank them.                               lems after they arise, but more        issuance of citations by 24%           Please call the union office at 503-225-9760 with any ques-
    These strategic enforcement           importantly should be utilized to      while officer initiated activity       tions, or speak to your PPA vice president.
locations should be identified            prevent problems before they           increased by 28%. Custodial
with the help of the community.           develop.                               arrests increased by 16% and           The PPA’s Executive Board believes a “yes” vote leads to
The community should also be                  According to the National          DUII arrests increased by 11%.         a ratification of a contract that acknowledges your hard
involved in the planning and              Highway Traffic Safety Admin-              Expectedly, traffic crashes        work and provides us with the predictability and stability
implementation of the solution.           istration (NHTSA), speeding is         decreased 21%, but interestingly,      we all need.
   page 4                                                                                                                                                               the Rap Sheet| March 2006
                                                                                                                   Sgt. Maj. Robert Foesch,
                                                                             to a rate increase of over three
                                                  by Secretary-Treasurer     percent for our checking
Report                                             Sergeant Mitch Copp
                                                                                                                   US Army, headed to Afghanistan
                                                                             accounts, resulting in an esti-
                                                                             mated dividend of approximate-

Contributions                                                                ly $15,000 over the next thirty-
                                                                             two months.                              Some of you may know that Officer Bob Foesch is heading to

of all kinds
                                                                             Thanks again                          Afghanistan after several weeks of training in Mississippi. Officer
                                                                                 A special thank you to all of     Jack Gillentine is also headed to Afganistan.
                                                                             the uniform officers out there.          Bob has been a dedicated member of the PPA Executive Board
                                                                             Day in and day out, you do this       for years while maintaining an active work schedule on night
By the time this issue goes to print, you will probably                      city’s dirty work. Despite the        shift at Northeast Precinct. He’s known as a staunch advocate
be well aware of the city’s recent offer to extend our                       negative aspects of your job          for PPA members and is well respected by the command staff at
                                                                             (shift adjustments, lack of jail      Northeast Precinct.
current contract.                                                                                                     I’d like to personally wish them the best as they head into hostile
                                                                             space, staffing shortages, con-
                                                                             stant scrutiny), you perform          territory and please keep them in your thoughts as they are away
   The proposal has been unani-           Members and retirees, please
                                                                             professionally and rarely com-        from their families.
mously endorsed by the PPA             participate in this event and
Executive Board. You have been         encourage others to join us at        plain (except at coffee among
or soon will be receiving more         Persimmon. Look for more details      one another). Though forgotten
information from the PPA detail-       in upcoming issues of The Rap         and unappreciated at times,
ing why we believe this contract       Sheet. This will be a first class     know that the PPA is proud of
extension is good for the PPA          event at a great golf course. Help    all you do and that we believe it
membership. The extension              us make it a huge success!            is a privilege to be in a position
calls for an annual wage increase                                            to assist you.
                                       Every little bit helps
of 100% of the U.S. Consumer           It’s never too early to contribute    We’re watching . . .
Price Index, and the continuation      to the PPA’s PAC, Keep Port-             Another great idea from the
of our current health care benefits.   land Safe. With FPD&R Fund            super-incredible Mike Stradley:
This is a four-year contract, which    reforms on the table and the          Let’s start keeping track of judges
ensures our health care benefits       upcoming 2006 elections, the          in Multnomah County. When
will not be reduced despite projec-    PAC will need your support.           victims and/or police officers are
tions of soaring increases.                Although historically the         treated consistently with disre-
Save the date                          PPA has requested contributions       spect by local magistrates, let’s
The PPA Golf Tournament will           near the end of the calendar          start logging this behavior, then
be held Monday, August 28th, at        year, early contributions are         weigh in at election time. Please
Persimmon Country Club in              encouraged. For additional            keep us informed.
Gresham. My sincere thanks to          details, please refer to the PPA’s    The final contribution
Sgt. Kraig McGlathery for his          web page,              Finally, congratulations to
assistance in securing this pre-       Thanks again to all members,          Detective Don Cook and Officer
mier location. Proceeds from the       retirees and PPA supporters for       Joe Hurley. Both recently
tournament will benefit the            your 2005 contributions, which        retired from Northeast Precinct.
Officer Assistance Fund and I’ll       doubled the total received in         These are two of the most solid
be contacting local businesses         previous years.                       guys I’ve worked around and
and corporations in the coming             Every little bit helps. The       they represented the Police
months seeking their support
and sponsorship.
                                       bank that handles the associa-
                                       tion’s accounts recently agreed
                                                                             Bureau well. Good luck to both,
                                                                             you will be missed.
                                                                                                                      PPA Members
                                                                                                                      Contract ratification meetings will be held

Chief Foxworth                                                               Criminal Justice, and served as a
                                                                             Security Police Officer in the
                                                                                                                      March 8, at 7:00 p.m. and March 9, at 9:00 a.m.
                                                                                                                      at the Portland Police Association offices.
chooses Detective                                                            United States Air Force.
                                                                                Prior to being hired as a Com-

Paul Dolbey as
                                                                             munity Policing Officer, Detec-
                                                                             tive Dolbey worked as Crime
                                                                             Prevention Specialist for the
                                                                                                                       The Wackenhut Corporation
next PIO                                                                     Office of Neighborhood Involve-
                                                                             ment (ONI). During his tenure
                                                                             with ONI, he learned firsthand
                                                                                                                       is seeking retired PPB Officers
                                                                                                                       to serve as Armed Security Officers
   Portland Police                                     Bureau’s Lead         how effective partnerships can be
Chief Derrick Fox-                                     Defensive Tactics     between citizens and members of           under the City of Portland contract.
worth has named 46-                                    Instructor. After     the PPB in improving the livabil-
year-old Detective                                     promoting to the      ity in the community. “Working                       M-F Day shifts - $17.50/hour
Paul Dolbey as the                                     rank of Detective,                                                         On-call/part-time are needed, as well.
                                                                             for ONI gave me the opportunity
Police Bureau’s new                                    he was assigned to    to empower citizens who would                        Fax resume to: (503) 291-1073
Public Information                                     the Afternoon         have otherwise felt overwhelmed                      EMail:
Officer (PIO). Detec-                                  Detail, which is      by the various problems affecting                    Benefit package available for full-time positions
tive Dolbey is an                                      responsible for       their lives,” said Dolbey of his                     (Kaiser HMO/Dental/Life Insurance)
eleven-year veteran of                                 Measure 11            experiences as a Crime Preven-
the Police Bureau.                                     Offenses. As a        tion Specialist.                                     Office address:
   As a patrol officer                                 detective, he has        Chief Foxworth stated that he                     5319 SW Westgate Dr., Suite 125
in Central Precinct,      PPB’s new Public Inormation  also processed        chose Detective Dolbey from a                        Portland, OR 97221
Detective Dolbey was Officer, Detective Paul Dolbey    homicide crime        group of several qualified candi-
awarded the Bureau’s                                   scenes and worked     dates because of his “demonstrated
Distinguished Service Medal for        as the Bias Crime Detective.          commitment to Community
his problem solving efforts. While          Detective Dolbey is a graduate   Policing” and “exceptional knowl-
in the Training Division, Detec-       of Beaverton High School, has a       edge of the Police Bureau’s Poli-
tive Dolbey worked as the              Bachelor of Science Degree in         cies and Procedures.”
read us online at www                                                                                                                                            page 5
                                                by Sergeant Kelly Krohn
                                                                           Sergeant of the Cold Case squad,       and suspicion was cast upon the                are playing the best soccer team
                                                Drugs and Vice Division
                                                                           disclosed to us his true life story.   Russian family. The Trechensky’s               in the Portland Police Bureau.
                                                                              Sgt. Svilar disclosed that his      could not survive as a young fam-              Well I’m sick and tired of hear-

Miracle on turf                                                            birth parents were Olga and
                                                                           Vladimir Trechensky, the famous
                                                                                                                  ily and Wayne was abandoned
                                                                                                                  on the streets in Portland’s Holly-
                                                                                                                                                                 ing about how dominant a team
                                                                                                                                                                 TOD is. Today you are the best

                                                                           Russian ice dancers. As you recall     wood District.                                 team in the Portland Police
                                                                           the Trechenskys were exiled to             Young Wayne’s luck changed                 Bureau. This is our time. Take
                                                                           America after losing the ice danc-     one day when he was begging                    advantage of them where they
                                                                           ing gold medal in the 1956 Win-        for a hamburger at Yaw’s Top                   are the weakest, above the
On a clear, blue, winter’s day in January of 2006,                         ter Olympics.                          Notch Restaurant and a cop                     shoulders. They are superior
                                                                              The Trechenskys, with               known as “Tootsie Roll Bob”                    athletes, but you are a superior
DVD shocked the world in its indoor soccer rematch                         young Wayne Trechensky in tow          Svilar took him in, eventually                 team. Beat them with your
victory over TOD. This victory was the culmination                         moved to the Gateway district          adopting him. Bob soon beat the                minds. Play our game!”
of a yearlong journey that began in early 2005, when                       of Portland, where they took up        ice dancer out of him and                         DVD started the game
                                                                           residence in a back room at Silver     Wayne became a pretty good                     with intensity and intelligence,
TOD humiliated DVD on the soccer floor.                                    Skate Ice Arena. The Trechensky’s      hockey player.                                 allowing TOD’s superior players

   The victory was not enough
for TOD, the humiliation contin-
ued well past that day. Officers of
DVD had to endure newspaper
headlines that mysteriously
appeared on bulletin boards in
DVD that read “Cold Case Squad
to investigate DVD slaughter!”
   It was on that day that the
DVD coach, Nate Shropshire,
instituted a rigorous fitness plan
that included daily workouts at
4:00 am, and a special diet of oat-
meal and raisins. The workouts
grew ever harder and the team
was on the verge of mutiny.
Wind sprint sessions that usually
ended with players vomiting on
the sidelines, always ended with
the same question from Coach,
“Who do you play for?” This
question always brought a variety        It was at that moment we          made it their life’s mission to turn   The DVD Team consisted of Coach Nate Shropshire, Captain Mike Reese, Sgt. Harry
of responses, such as, “I play for    became a team. We finally under-     young Wayne into the next great        Trimpler, Sgt Wayne Trechensky-Svilar, Sgt Kelly Krohn, Officer Chris Watts, Officer Lance
                                                                                                                  Tsukimura, Officer Jay Bates and our intern, 15 year old Scott Shropshire.
an over forty team in East Coun-      stood the coach’s message.           ice dancer.
ty.” “I play for a coed team in          Our new found spirit soon            By the age of seven, Wayne          The TOD team consisted of Commander Lynnae Berg and a bunch of young police officers.
Camas.” And “I don’t really play,     brought requests from other play-    was doing triple toe loops with
but I coach my six year old           ers to join the team. We turned      the best of them, but was con-
daughter’s team”. That is until       them down. This was to be a          stantly beat up by the hockey              DVD was touched by this                    to make their one-on-one runs
one morning when DVD Tech             DVD team effort and outsiders, as    players who resented his skating       story of hardship and survival,                through the defense, but when a
Officer Chris Watts, with vomit       talented as they may be, were not    skills. The family fell upon hard      but explained to Wayne that he                 DVD player fell, another always
dripping from his chin yelled, “I     welcome. That is until Wayne         times when the Zamboni at the          still did not qualify for the DVD              appeared to cover his back.
Play for DVD sir!”                    Svilar, a DVD alum and current       ice rink mysteriously disappeared      soccer team. Wayne explained                   DVD’s keen passing and com-
                                                                                                                  that he believed that his duel                 mitment to our team game soon
                                                                                                                  citizenship allowed him to play                produced a goal and by the end

Resolutions Northwest:
                                                                                                                  for any team in the Bureau and                 of the first half DVD led 3-0.
                                                                                                                  that he would apply to FIFA,                      The shock to the TOD
                                                                                                                  soccer’s governing body, to                    players was obvious and soon

Helping neighbors find                                                                                            affirm his belief. Wayne applied
                                                                                                                  to FIFA and to our shock and
                                                                                                                                                                 their superior footballers tried
                                                                                                                                                                 even harder to bring them back

solutions and support
                                                                                                                  amazement he was approved to                   into the game by attempting to
                                                                                                                  play for DVD.                                  juke their way through DVD’s
                                                                                                                      On game day, DVD arrived to                defense. But, DVD’s defense,
    City of Portland residents can        Parents or guardians and their   respectfully. The neighborhood         see a TOD team that looked                     anchored by goalkeeper, Brad
access free mediation services to     teenage children on improving        program handles about 600 dis-         more like greek gods then soccer               Ritschard, did not falter.
resolve their differences. Our        negative communication patterns,     putes a year in Portland.              players. Where the average age                    Early in the second half the
staff and volunteer mediators are     changes in family structure, trou-      Many neighbor disputes that         of the DVD team was 43 years-                  score was 4-1. TOD was pushing
highly skilled adults and teens       ble in school and running away;      have involved repeated calls to        old, the TOD players looked                    the ball forward. DVD’s keeper,
that help people break down con-          Divorced or separated parents    police have been successfully          more like a college coed team.                 Ritschard, admonished his
flicts into manageable parts and      on changes in parenting and          deescalated and resolved by refer-     The DVD uniforms were tight                    defense to stay out of the box,
say what they need to say in non-     communication status;                ring the parties to mediation.         due to years of weight gain; the               yelling “I can’t see, I can’t see!”
threatening ways. Mediation is            Neighborhoods building Good         RNW has small tear-off refer-       TOD uniforms were tight by                        TOD shot and scored making
available, at low or no cost, in      Neighbor Agreements with social      ral slips that officers can carry      design, to accentuate the muscle               the score 4-2. Ritschard reverted
English and Spanish and in other      services and businesses that         with them. They are printed in         tone of young men and women.                   to his former jedi-knight train-
languages with interpretation.        impact the neighborhood.             both English and Spanish.                  The intimidation had set in;               ing, shutting down his physical
We work with:                             Our mediation programs offer        If you would like further           DVD had lost the battle before                 senses and allowing the force to
    Neighbors who have difficul-      a personal and respectful way for    information on the services of         the start whistle for the game.                guide him, blanking TOD for
ties communicating over fences,       neighbors, landlords and tenants,    Resolutions Northwest or our           Coach saw our concern and lack                 the remainder of the game.
noise, neighborhood appearance,       and community members to set-        printed referral materials please      of confidence and called us                       The final score was 5-2. DO
and more;                             tle their disputes peacefully and    call us at (503) 595-4890.             together and said, “Today you                  YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!

   page 6                                                                                                                                                           the Rap Sheet| March 2006
Lessons                                                                         and appointed a man who had
                                                                                not participated in the testing.
Learned                                     by Captain Jim Harvey, Retired      Bruce Baker, Chief of Police in
                                                                                Berkeley, California became Port-

The effective                                                                   land’s new chief.
                                                                                    Although Goldschmidt was

police executive
                                                                                not a popular mayor among
                                                                                law enforcement people, his
                                                                                appointment of Baker did not
                                                                                trigger a series of retirements
The “Father of Modern Management,” Peter F. Drucker,                            among the Bureau staff. When
                                                                                President Jimmy Carter chose
died November 11, 2005 at the age of 95. Drucker, author                        Goldschmidt to be his Secretary
of over 35 books, actually had an impact on the Portland                        of Transportation, the Bureau
Police Bureau without ever personally visiting it.                              remained in steady mode under
                                                                                Commissioner Connie McCready
    He first appeared in a film            The mass exodus of command           as Acting Mayor. In the subse-
encouraging the use of effective        personnel from the chief’s office       quent election, Francis Ivancie
management techniques during a          was good news for many waiting          took over the reins of govern-
Commanding Officers’ Workshop           on promotion lists. But it also         ment, said goodbye to Bruce
in the late 1960’s. His book, The       resulted in the loss of normal          Baker, and appointed Ron Still,
Effective Executive, was on the         career development assignments          a career Portland Police officer
reading list when many of us            and evaluations that take place in      since 1954, as Chief of Police.
took promotional exams.                 normal attrition over a period of           Under Ivancie, a stable pat-
    Peter Drucker’s influence in        years. It was like an explosion         tern of leadership returned to
management development ulti-            within the headquarters of a            the city. He had confidence in
mately led to yearly in-service         military division.                      his appointed chief, and he let
Commanding Officers’ Seminars              Why? The years of Mayor              him do his job. His decision to
at the University of Portland’s         Terry D. Schrunk’s tenure were          not campaign to retain his office
School of Business. Most of the         characterized by stability as he        resulted in his defeat. Unfor-
Bureau’s command subsequently           made appointments to the office         tunately, subsequent mayors
completed degree programs, most         of Chief of Police of men known         used the Bureau as their person-
of them for advanced degrees at         for their integrity as well as pro-     al toy. Police chiefs came and
the university.
    Professional development
became a goal of the Bureau. As         “The reputation of a city will
the largest police department in         shape the people who elect to
the state, the Bureau offered
workshops conducted by nation-
                                         live there and subsequently vote
ally recognized experts in stress        there. An old axiom is that “the
management and setting goals             people get the political leaders
and objectives. Outside police
agencies were invited to join us
                                         they deserve.”
at no cost.
    By the time Ron Still became        fessional background. Chief             went during the Bud Clark years,
Chief of Police in 1980; his man-       William J. Hilbruner had just           to the great entertainment of the
agement team was the best quali-        returned to the Bureau from             press. And Vera Katz’s treatment
fied group of professionals the         service in the Army. When a             of Chief Mark Kroeker, a police
city had ever seen. Then the            sudden heart attack in 1960             professional from the LAPD, as
unthinkable happened.                   took Hilbruner’s life, Schrunk          her “token chief” was shameful.
    In just four years of effectively   appointed David H. Johnson,             Lessons Learned:
overseeing the operations of the        recently returned after World
Bureau, the top officers in the         War II from service in the FBI,         1. The influence of managerial
Bureau retired almost simultane-        as chief. When Johnson died of             visionaries like Peter Drucker
ously in the early days of 1985.        leukemia four years later, Don-            can continue on in organiza-
Mayor Francis Ivancie, a former         ald I. McNamara, a former                  tions long after they have left
city fireman and member of the          Bureau chief, took office.                 the scene.
City Council, lost his bid for              Neil Goldschmidt became             2. The reputation of a city will
reelection to one who can best be       mayor, and he eventually negoti-           shape the people who elect to
described as an eccentric tavern        ated a retirement supplement for           live there and subsequently
owner. Ivancie mistakenly               captains and above who met addi-           vote there. An old axiom is
assumed that there was no need          tional seniority requirements. This        that “the people get the politi-
to campaign against a man with          resulted in the retirement of three        cal leaders they deserve.”
no background in politics who           deputy chiefs. Chief McNamara           3. An electorate that votes sim-
ran for office as a joke after urg-     remained until Goldschmidt com-            ply to protest the “establish-
ing by his customers.                   pleted a nationwide search for a           ment” without understanding
    But Bud Clark’s victory in the      new police chief. He arranged for          the consequences votes blindly
election was no joke to the com-        examiners from the International           and at their own peril.
mand of the Bureau. Many saw a          Association of Chief’s of Police to     4. Notwithstanding temporary
troubled future for the department      conduct an assessment center for           organizational setbacks, the
as the city prepared to move under      six applicants. The rumor later cir-       Police Bureau’s hope for the
the direction of a man known for        culated that on the final list of the      future still rests with main-
his unpredictable behavior. Conse-      six candidates, the top three were         taining and developing the
quently, in a span of a few weeks       Bureau captains. Whatever his              present high quality of newly
senior commanding officers at all       motivation, Goldschmidt reached            appointed officers who enter
levels sought retirement.               outside his own selection process          the Bureau’s service.

read us online at www                                                                                    pag 7
Co nt i nu ed f ro m p a ge 1                                             expressed serious concerns about     ing that “when officers use deadly     It’s usually desirable to inter-
                                                                          PARC’s conclusions and the phi-      force, it’s not just another homi-  view potential suspects and
PARC’s proposals based on                                                 losophy they appear to reflect.      cide,” says John Hoag, an attorney  civilian witnesses as soon as pos-
attitude, faulted by science                                                 “PARC’s proposals are based
                                                                          on an attitude, not on scientific
                                                                                                               for multiple public safety labor
                                                                                                               organizations in Oregon who
                                                                                                                                                   sible after a violent event, Art-
                                                                                                                                                   wohl explains, because they may
League, the executive director of     fully interview them.” Police offi- foundation,” says Bill Lewinski,     estimates he has personally         disappear during a delay. “I’m
the Leadership Conference on          cers, PARC says, should be treat-   FSRC’s executive director, who       responded to some 40 LE shoot-      not aware of a single case where
Civil Rights, a former U.S. Asst.     ed no differently.                  has nearly 3 decades’ experience     ings. “The overwhelming majori-     that has happened with a police
Attorney General for civil rights,        PARC claims “there is no        in LE psychology. “This attitude     ty of homicide investigations are   officer,” she says. She also agrees
an executive with the Los Angeles empirical support” for the view         reflects a belief that cops are      for murders — killings that are     with others FSN interviewed
Times, the former U.S. Attorney       that conducting an interview        devious, that they engage in         unquestionably not justified and    that most officers will reliably
whose office prosecuted NYC offi- soon after a high-stress event          shootings out of their own will,     for which guilty persons need to    comply with a directive not to
cers in the Abner Louima case,        “necessarily produces unreliable    and that they should be handled      be arrested.                        discuss a shooting with anyone
and 2 former LE administrators.       testimony.” It dismisses as “not    with the same degree of suspicion       “In contrast, society employs    other than an attorney prior to
   In its Portland report, PARC       persuasive” arguments that a                                                                                 giving a statement. Thus the
explains what it considers “best      waiting period of up to 3 days                                                                               realistic risks of waiting to ques-
practices” for dealing with an        before extensive questioning is        “In virtually every police shoot-                                     tion an officer seem small com-
officer who has been involved in      fairer for the involved officer and      ing, officers did what they had                                     pared to considerable benefits.
a shooting or an in-custody death. produces more accurate accounts                                                                                    It’s well established that a sig-
Among its observations/ recom-        because of reduction of stress and       to do and what we hire them to do. nificant percentage of officers
mendations are these:                 enhancement of memory.                   They are not criminals nor are                                      experience perceptual distortions
   Just as it is “beyond dispute          PARC also objects to “infor-         they civilians, and they should                                     during the mental and physical
that witnesses should be inter-       mal, untaped ‘pre-interviews’                                                                                hyper-stress of a shooting, rang-
viewed as soon as possible” after     with officers.” Rather than seeing       not be treated as such.”                                            ing from auditory exclusion to
an occurrence, “best practice         these as contributing to more                                                      Dr. Bill Lewinski frustrating memory gaps. Con-
likewise dictates that officers”      complete and better quality                                                                                  cern about what will happen
should be questioned promptly         recall, PARC is concerned that       as any suspected criminal held in  officers to use deadly force when    afterward—the media scrutiny,
too, certainly “no later than sev-    they “might corrupt the integrity a shooting.                           necessary. It’s an essential job     the investigations, potential disci-
eral hours after” a shooting,         of statements eventually made for       “In theory PARC’s approach      requirement and they are trained plinary action, legal proceedings
PARC declares. “Contemporane-         the record.”                         will lessen distrust of the police to use it only when it is appropri- and job loss, the possibility of
ous interviews enhance the                As to significant research indi- by the public but in reality it    ate and legal to do so. In virtually becoming a political scapegoat—
integrity of the process by reduc- cating that officers’ perceptions       could lead to the opposite result  every police shooting, officers did only aggravate the alarm arousal.
ing the likelihood that the offi-     can be distorted during a deadly     because in many cases immedi-      what they had to do and what we         “Any time you are at a high
cers’ account of events will be       force incident, PARC asserts that    ate and aggressive questioning of hire them to do. They are not         level of stress and anxiety it can
deliberately contaminated (e.g.,      “waiting to interview the officer    the involved officer is guaran-    criminals nor are they civilians,    temporarily impair your ability to
by efforts to ‘get officers’ stories  will not affect these phenomena.” teed to produce discrepancies,        and they should not be treated as remember things accurately and
straight’) or accidentally contam-        What seems most to concern       unwarranted suspicion, and         such. Protecting their legitimate    completely,” Artwohl says. “Some
inated (i.e., where an officer’s      PARC is that delaying inter-         problems in court. Then, ulti-     interests will actually yield more   officers can calm down very
memory of the incident is sub-        views “increases the possibility     mately, when an unfounded          accurate statements.”                quickly” and may feel in satisfac-
consciously affected by what he       of officer collusion or inadver-     prosecution of an officer fails,      Dr. Alexis Artwohl, a promi-      tory condition to give a coherent
or she hears from others).”           tent contamination” of memory. the public won’t trust either its        nent researcher of critical inci-    statement promptly. But most
   “As a general rule, Homicide       “Once the involved officers          cops or the court system.          dent phenomena, a former police will benefit from “recovery time.”
investigators interview civilians     leave the crime scene, there is         “Every officer-involved shoot- psychologist in Portland and, like       Some researchers, she says,
involved in, or witnessing, a         no one to prevent them from          ing needs to be investigated thor- Hoag, a member of FSRC’s             have concluded that nearly 40 soon as possible,       ‘getting their stories straight.’”   oughly, but in a way that pro-     National Advisory Board, agrees.     percent of officers experience
regardless of their emotional             Although PARC’s recommen-        duces more factual disclosures        “PARC seems to think that         a return of “lost” details to their
state. Often these civilians are      dations seem to be finding favor     and, in the end, the best possible after a shooting, officers are basi- memories “just by waiting,”
taken from the head-       among some investigators and         representation of the truth.”      cally going to be liars, trying to   not only after shootings but after
quarters and persuaded to stay — administrators, sources contacted            Investigation of an officer-    cover up and elude” investigators physical-force altercations as well.
often for many hours — until          by FSN who are intimately            involved shooting needs to be      seeking a truthful reconstruction,      Also in Artwohl’s experience,
Homicide has an opportunity to        familiar with police shootings       approached with the understand- she says. She points out that in        confirmed by research done by
                                                                                                              the 21 pages of its Portland         LASD, it is common after a criti-
                                                                                                              report that relate to post-shoot-    cal incident “for all survivors,
              Portland Police Highland Guard                                                                  ing handling of officers, PARC 5
                                                                                                              times cites the need to prevent
                                                                                                                                                   including officers, to second
                                                                                                                                                   guess themselves and/or others.
                                                                                                              officers from colluding to “get      This second guessing is emotion-
                                                                                                              their story straight.”               ally based and almost invariably
                                                                                                                 “I am not so naive as to believe irrational. Insisting on immedi-
                                                                                                              that there are no police officers    ate statements from officers who
                                                                                                              who lie,” she says. “A small per-    are still experiencing high levels
                                                                                                              centage are unethical, immoral       of emotional arousal increases
                                                                                                              and corrupt. But in a democracy,     the risk that they will make
                                                                                                              we are not allowed to accuse         emotionally based statements
                                                                                                              everyone in a group of being dis-    fraught with second guessing
                                                                                                              honest just because a small per-     and perceptual distortions that
         The Portland Police Highland Guard is proud to serve the members of the PPB                          centage of the group may be.”        are not an accurate reflection of
       and our community with the provision of music in the tradition of Scottish military                       “The model should be              what really happened.”
          and police bands. Our organization is comprised of Portland Police officers,                        designed to fit the rule, not the       She points out that delaying an
                       firefighters, dispatchers and family members of the same.                              exception,” says Ofcr. Levi          officer’s questioning, even
         The Highland Guard seeks new members. Interested parties should contact the                          Bolton, a 31-year police veteran,    through a complete sleep cycle,
    Director of New Member Training, Officer Brian Kelly at East Precinct 503-823-4800.                       a former report writing instructor has been endorsed by the Psycho-
                                                                                                              and now a trustee with the           logical Services Section of the
      The Highland Guard is a 501-c3, not-for-profit, organization. Your contributions are                    Phoenix Law Enforcement Assn., IACP, which “reflects the collec-
                   our primary funding resource and they are greatly appreciated!                             the city’s police union. “Common tive wisdom of the most experi-
                     Please mail them to:PPHG, PO Box 4072, Portland, OR 97208                                practices shouldn’t be built
                                                                                                              around deviancy.”                            C on ti n ue d o n pa ge 9

   page 8                                                                                                                                              the Rap Sheet| March 2006
enced police psychologists.”            walk-through should be recog-                                                               by Sergeant Susan Grant        For example, on a SWAT
                                                                                                                                    Saskatoon Police Service   team there may be situations
These professionals have con-           nized as having a high potential
cluded that this delay will yield       for inaccuracies.”                                                                                                     when you may need to carry an
“more coherent and accurate
statements,” Artwohl says.
                                            Hoag’s experience has been
                                        that “officers who’ve had to use       Small boots, big                                                                injured colleague out of the line
                                                                                                                                                               of fire. It is unlikely someone

                                                                               hearts - Does size
    Hoag claims that an even            deadly force want to give the                                                                                          that is 125 lbs. could carry out a
longer delay may be best. “In           most accurate statement possible                                                                                       250 lbs. injured police officer.
most cases, the first night the offi-   explaining what they did and                                                                                           This indeed could be an issue of
cer won’t sleep well, if at all,” he
says, “and when the adrenaline
peak runs out he may be so tired
                                        why they did it. The investigative
                                        approach used by the department
                                        should be one that encourages the
                                                                               really matter?                                                                  officer safety. I would never
                                                                                                                                                               suggest that officer safety be
                                                                                                                                                               compromised to allow women
                                                                                                                                                               in non-traditional roles such as
that he won’t give the best state-      officer to cooperate fully, as that    I walked into the change room the other day at our
ment either. A 2-day delay allows       is in everyone’s best interest.”                                                                                       SWAT. Any woman or smaller
                                                                               police station and on the wall hung the police jackets                          man who wants to be a SWAT
for at least one good night’s sleep.        He sees “distrust implicit in
Rested, the officer can sort out        the PARC recommendations”              of the female police officers, mine included, our                               member must provide physical
                                                                                                                                                               proof of their capabilities. We
better what actually happened as        and observes: “If the officer is       boots sitting idle below them.
opposed to what may be his mis-         approached like a criminal by the                                                                                      have a female officer who is an
taken impressions.”                     very agency that employs him,              As I looked down the line of             The topic of women in policing     Olympic wrestler. She would
    This delay does not impede an       he’ll be encouraged to exercise        jackets and boots it was ever so          rarely comes up probably because      have no problem carrying/drag-
investigation. An involved officer      his right to remain silent. Society    evident that the size of the              I am there. I have no idea what       ging her male partner out of a
while still at the scene can advise     will not benefit from that. The        women in our police service was           they talk about when I am not         situation if need be.
as to injuries, location of offend-     agency will not benefit, and the       extremely varied. In fact, some of        there. But times have changed and         While day to day police work
ers, evidence that needs protec-        involved officer will pay a horri-     the jackets looked as if they             so have perceptions, both inside      may not require someone who is
tion and witnesses who should be        bly high price as well.                would fit my nine year old son,           the police service and outside.       200 lbs and can bench press at least
questioned. “This is NOT the                “You want the officer to come      rather than an adult.                        Does size matter? Many police      that much; specialized teams such
same as a full interview,” Art-         out of a shooting and a shooting           This got me thinking about            services have hired smaller men       as SWAT may. So, does size mat-
wohl emphasizes. “No transcript         investigation at peace with what       the sixty or seventy policewomen          as well, so this may very well be     ter? In some cases it just might.
is made, information is simply          happened, a stronger, better offi-     on our force that don the uni-            an issue that is not gender based.
verbally related to investigators.”     cer, not an embittered one. How        form every shift. Does it really          One officer in our organization       Susan Grant is a sergeant with
    Bolton says his department,         he’s treated is huge in the results    matter what size they are? I have         was 5 feet 5 inches and 120           the Saskatoon Police Service in
while preferring prompt full            you get.”                              mixed feelings about the issue.           pounds soaking wet. When he           Canada. She has 18 years service
interviews, has been flexible in            Lewinski notes: “There have            Policing has changed consider-        went out with his partner, who        and is presently the sergeant in
not insisting on a rigid timetable,     been tens of thousands of experi-      ably over the years. There is less        was 6 foot 4 inches and about 250     charge of the School Resource Sec-
and “nothing has been lost. Ideal-      ments and articles related to          and less hand to hand combat and          pounds, the drunks at the bar         tion. Sgt. Grant is also involved in
ly, the department and the              emotional intensity and its effect     more precautionary use of the             started laughing at them stating      Women in Policing and will be host-
involved officer should approach        on perception and memory.              weapons provided us. Fifty years          that the “big guy” brought his son    ing the International Association of
the post-shooting investigation as      These help us understand about         ago there were no canisters of pep-       with him to work and that he          Women Police Conference in
partners, all on the same team          the true ‘best practices’ for work-    per spray, no Tasers and the gun          dressed him up in a uniform just      Saskatoon in September 2006. Her
seeking the truth, not as adver-        ing with officers who have been        you were issued had to be loaded          like him. It was an ongoing joke      real passion is watching her son’s
saries at odds with each other.”        involved in deadly force encoun-       one bullet at a time, by hand, if you     for some time.                        hockey games and enjoying her
    As to timing, he says: “No          ters. They inform us of the types      had one at all. Often there was no           Regardless of gender, I believe    acreage with her cop-husband.
human psyche is the same. The           of information officers capture        choice but to “fight it out.”             size can be important.                Life is good in Canada.
dynamics depend on an officer’s         and don’t capture during a criti-          Today, our officers have a
experience, age, training, previous     cal incident and the best ways to      whole host of weaponry around
critical incidents, fatigue, what’s     mine the memories of an officer        their waist and immediately
going on in his or her personal         who has been in a life-threaten-       available to them; thus making
life – many factors. We let the         ing confrontation.                     the playing field more even for
officers make the call as to when           “FSRC will be conducting           both men and women cops.
they feel they’ve come back to          studies next summer funded by              Through my experience, I
Planet Earth.” Most, he says, end       the Constables Branch Board of         have found that bad guys that
up submitting to an interview           the London Metropolitan Police         want to prove something tend to
soon after the incident. “We’re         which will consolidate this            get aggressive with the large cops
not so rigid as to insist that you      research. The object of this           at the scene rather than the small
have to wait in all cases.”             study will be to examine and           female officer. It makes them
    Despite PARC’s caution              effects of stress on psychomotor       much tougher in front of their
against “pre-interview” recon-          skills, perception and memory          friends if they challenge the
structions, Hoag strongly favors        and then to investigate a variety      macho cop, rather than the
the officer informally revisiting       of methods for their effective-        female officer. Friends aren’t
the scene with his attorney — but       ness in tapping memories.              impressed when you beat on a
without an investigator or video            “In short, we’re going to          woman, but they are impressed
camera present — before submit-         explore what science has to say        when you take down that big
ting a statement.                       rather than relying on attitude        cop, or at least try to.
    “Walking through the scene          and opinion.”                              In fact, it has been said that hav-
under the same lighting condi-                                                 ing a female officer at the scene
tions and seeing how the physi-         (C) 2006: Force Science Research
                                                                               often de-escalates a situation. This
cal evidence jibes with what the        Center. Reprinted with permission.
                                                                               is true, for the most part, but I have
officer recalls helps identify how      The Force Science News is provid-
                                                                               to admit I have seen my share of
much perceptual distortion has          ed by The Force Science Research
                                                                               policewomen who have done
occurred and helps the officer          Center, a non-profit institution
                                                                               exactly the opposite.
remember more accurately and            based at Minnesota State Universi-
                                                                                   Recently I had coffee with
fully exactly what happened,”           ty, Mankato. Subscriptions are free
                                                                               some grumpy old timers who
Hoag says. “I’ve had many tell          and sent via e-mail. To register for
                                                                               had a belly full of war stories. In
me that without a walk through,         your free, direct-delivery subscrip-
                                                                               today’s world their actions would
there would have been many              tion, please visit www.force-
                                                                               have caused them to have been
errors in what they said. Any  and click on the
                                                                               fired on the spot, but in that era
statement given before rest and a       registration button.
                                                                               the behavior was innocuous.

read us online at www                                                                                                                                                     pag 9
                                                                                   by Officer Jack Dunphy, LAPD   Fleischman, a spokesman for the        incursions by armed drug run-
                                                                                                                  Sheriff’s Department. “Like with       ners crossing the border from

Arresting a crime wave -
                                                                                                                  any instrument that provides a         Mexico. Gonzalez is chairman of
                                                                                                                  resource to find criminals, depart-    the Border Sheriff’s Association,
                                                                                                                  ments are looking at this to see if    a group trying to bring legisla-

Southern California
                                                                                                                  this will help fight crime.”           tive attention to the problems
                                                                                                                      But the two top cops in Los        local law enforcement officers
                                                                                                                  Angeles County see it different-       face in confronting border-

cops take on the illegal
                                                                                                                  ly. “It’s not a matter of politics.    crossing criminals who are
                                                                                                                  It’s a matter of practical polic-      sometimes better armed than
                                                                                                                  ing,” said LAPD Assistant Chief        the officers themselves.

alien problem
                                                                                                                  George Gascon. “If an undocu-              The latest such incursion,
                                                                                                                  mented woman is raped and              Gonzalez told Ingraham, took
                                                                                                                  doesn’t report it, the suspect         place in Hudspeth County,
                                                                                                                  who raped that woman, remem-           Texas, southeast of El Paso,
Imagine the following: While out on patrol in one of L.A.’s less fashionable neighborhoods,                       ber, could be the suspect who          when three SUVs, all of them
I spot a man I recognize as someone I have previously arrested. I have personal knowledge                         rapes someone else’s sister,           apparently loaded with marijua-
that this man was convicted of an offense against the people of California, for which he                          mother or wife later.”                 na, were driven across a shallow
                                                                                                                      Surely it is politics as much as   section of the Rio Grande River.
was bundled off to serve a stretch in the penitentiary. I also have personal knowledge that                       practicality that motivates such       When one of them became
this man is an illegal alien, and that following his prison sentence he was turned over to                        talk. Gascon is of Cuban descent,      stuck on the U.S. side of the
federal authorities and deported to his country of origin. Yet, to my surprise, there he is                       and he hopes to become the             river, the other two turned back
                                                                                                                  city’s first Latino police chief       and returned to Mexico. When
enjoying the blessings of America as he strolls down the avenue just as boldly as you                             when William Bratton steps             Texas police officers arrived, they
please. And now the question: What am I to do next?                                                               down someday in the future.            watched from a distance as a mil-
                                                                                                                  But Bratton, for whom Gascon           itary-style Humvee approached
   Well, it depends whom you            In Los Angeles, 95 percent         places on its officers has trig-       was speaking, wants to be              from the Mexican side of the
ask. Even within the Los Ange-       of all outstanding warrants for       gered alarm in immigrants’-            appointed to a second five-year        river. The Humvee had what
les Police Department there is       homicide in the first half of         rights circles. “How do you            term as chief, and for this he         officers described as .50 caliber
a difference of opinion as to        2004 (which totaled 1,200 to          make sure that the policy does-        must remain in the good graces         machine gun mounted on it.
whether I should — or even can       1,500) targeted illegal aliens. Up    n’t spill into other abuses?” said     of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa,         Several men dressed in military
— detain the man unless I have       to two-thirds of all fugitive         Linton Joaquin of the National         currently a rising star in Democ-      fatigues unloaded the marijuana
reasonable suspicion of current      felony warrants (17,000) were         Immigration Law Center. “Our           ratic circles, and who, as an          from the stuck SUV and then set
criminal behavior. Mere suspi-       for illegal aliens.                   concerns are that the [LAPD]           ACLU lawyer before entering            the truck on fire. “These are inci-
cion that he has illegally reen-        The Los Angeles Police             not get into the business of           politics, was an outspoken advo-       dents that happen often on the
tered the country is not, some       Department arrests about 2500         immigration enforcement.”              cate for immigrants’ rights and a      border,” Gonzalez said.
would argue, sufficient cause for    criminally convicted deportees            In other words, because there      supporter of Special Order 40.             Add to this the news that yet
me, a local police officer, to       annually, reports the Los Ange-       is risk of abuse, why do anything          Sheriff Lee Baca, himself a        another trans-border tunnel was
detain him and inquire as to his     les Times.                            at all about the epidemic of           Latino, occupies an elected posi-      found, bringing the total to 21
business here in el norte.              Given such numbers, it             crimes committed by illegal            tion and knows where his votes         discovered since the 9/11 attacks.
   Since 1979, when the LAPD         should be unsurprising that law-      aliens? Such talk is falling on        are to be found. “The Orange           This latest one, leading from a
enacted Special Order 40, police     enforcement officials in South-                                                                                     warehouse in Tijuana to one in
officers in Los Angeles have         ern California are trying to                                                                                        Otay Mesa, was 2,400 feet long,
been prohibited from taking any      devise ways to combat this            “In other words, because there is                                             and was outfitted with electric
action “with the objective of dis-   crime wave. But with the state         risk of abuse, why do anything at                                            lights, a ventilation system, and
covering the alien status of a       of local politics being what it is,                                                                                 pumps for removing groundwa-
person,” and from detaining or       they are trying to walk the fine       all about the epidemic of crimes                                             ter. Some two tons of marijuana
arresting anyone based solely on     line of doing so without running       committed by illegal aliens?”                                                were found in the tunnel, pre-
the suspicion that he has illegal-   afoul of civil rights groups and                                                                                    sumably destined for the U.S.
ly entered the country. “Undoc-      immigrant advocates. For its                                                         Jack Dunphy, LAPD                  But violent crime and drug
umented alien status in itself is    part, the LAPD is set to issue a                                                                                    smuggling, as serious as they may
not a matter for police action,”     directive intended to clarify         increasingly deaf ears these days,     County talk is cheap,” Baca told       be, are far from the gravest
the policy states. “It is, there-    what its officers should and          especially in those cities hardest     the Times. “I want to see how          threats presented by our porous
fore, incumbent on all employ-       should not do when dealing            hit by the crime wave Mac Don-         arresting a young 18-year-old girl     border. “Our main concern,”
ees of [the LAPD] to make a          with criminal suspects believed       ald described in her House sub-        trying to get a job goes down          Sheriff Gonzalez told Laura
personal commitment to equal         to be in the country illegally.       committee testimony.                   when robbery and burglary calls        Ingraham, “is we don’t want to
enforcement of the law and           The measure was discussed last            In Orange County, California,      for service aren’t being responded     have a terrorist coming across our
service to the public, regardless    week at a meeting of the Los          just down the freeway from Los         to. The public will say, ‘We’ve        border and doing another 9/11.”
of alien status.”                    Angeles police commission, the        Angeles (and that much closer          had enough of this.’ Let the fed-          Indeed. Just imagine what
   Much has changed in Los           civilian panel that oversees the      to the border), two police agen-       eral government do its job.”           members of al Qaeda or some
Angeles since 1979. Among the        city’s police department.             cies are hoping that increased             But that, of course, is precise-   other terrorist group might
more notable of these changes           “This is one of those hot pota-    cooperation with immigration           ly the problem: The federal gov-       bring through that tunnel. If
has been what Manhattan Insti-       to issues,” said Commissioner         authorities will help reduce           ernment hasn’t done its job.           terrorists are able to exploit our
tute Fellow Heather Mac Don-         Alan Skobin. “There is tremen-        crime in their jurisdictions. The      Despite the efforts of an over-        border and bring off another
ald describes as an “illegal alien   dous confusion within the             Los Angeles Times reported last        whelmed Border Patrol, which           9/11 — or worse — it will have
crime wave.” Testifying last         department. If you talk to 20 offi-   week that the Orange County            continues to fight a battle our        us longing for the days when
April before the House Judiciary     cers and ask them about it, you’d     Sheriff’s Department and the           government seems less than             illegal immigrants merely killed
Subcommittee on Immigration,         get many different answers.           Costa Mesa Police Department           determined to win, the borders         people one or two at a time.
Border Security, and Claims,         There is confusion within the         are developing plans to have           remain as porous as ever, result-
Mac Donald cited some trou-          community and I think that com-       their officers train alongside fed-    ing in the frightening statistics      — Jack Dunphy is an officer
bling figures:                       munity confusion can foster a         eral immigration officers, with        cited by Mac Donald.                   in the Los Angeles Police Depart-
   The L.A. County Sheriff           lack of trust. So it’s important      the aim of dealing with criminal           On a January edition of the        ment. “Jack Dunphy” is the
reported in 2000 that 23 percent     that we have a clarification.”        illegal aliens more efficiently.       Laura Ingraham radio show,             author’s nom de cyber. The opin-
of inmates in county jails were         But the mere suggestion that           “Dozens of jurisdictions have      Sigifredo Gonzalez, Jr., sheriff       ions expressed are his own and
deportable, according to the         the LAPD may reexamine the            reached out to us and asked us         of Zapata County, Texas, told          almost certainly do not reflect
New York Times.                      constraints that Special Order 40     for copies of this policy,” said Jon   of the increase he has seen in         those of the LAPD management.

  page 10                                                                                                                                                  the Rap Sheet| March 2006
                                                                                     by Captain Frank Romanaggi     1988 in serving search warrants              from a local Portland jewelry
                                                                                                                    associated with these two indi-              store, valued at over $150,000,

Career Cops: 2                                                                                                      viduals, as they used metal fortifi-
                                                                                                                    cations in the past.) The other
                                                                                                                    two search warrants were served
                                                                                                                                                                 was recovered.
                                                                                                                                                                    Follow-up search warrants at
                                                                                                                                                                 four Portland banks associated

Career Criminals: 0                                                                                                 by the PPB NE Precinct Neigh-
                                                                                                                    borhood Response Team and the
                                                                                                                                                                 with Manning and Lockett
                                                                                                                                                                 yielded additional cash. More

The way it should be
                                                                                                                    PPB Drugs and Vice Division.                 than $300,000 in cash assets and
                                                                                                                        One of the primary subjects,             over 22,000 illegal prescription
                                                                                                                    Manning, was arrested on a fed-              pills have been seized to date.
                                                                                                                    eral indictment for illegal Distri-             Manning and Lockett have
Once again, Portland law enforcement has to deal with ongoing career drug criminals                                 bution of Oxycontin. Lockett                 recently been federally indicted
                                                                                                                    was also arrested and charged                on drug distribution charges and
in our community. In 1988, Portland Police Drug and Vice officers investigated Mar-                                 with the Distribution of Con-                are currently waiting for trial in
cella Manning and Bradford Lockett as the leaders of a large-scale cocaine distribu-                                trolled Substances.                          federal court. The coordination
tion network in the Portland community, supplying local crack houses with cocaine.                                      A search warrant was served              of the service of the four search
                                                                                                                    at their residence, which is locat-          warrants was possible due to the
   In 1988, members of the            bution of large quantities of pre-         On the morning of August 3,        ed across the street from Parkrose           interagency cooperation that
Portland Police Drugs and Vice        scription pills in the Portland         2005, four search warrants were       High School and thousands of                 ROCN received from several
Division, the PPB SERT Team,          Metro area, and the misuse of           served throughout the city of         prescription pills, including Oxy-           local law enforcement agencies
and officers from North and East      Oregon Trail Food Stamp bene-           Portland. Two of the search war-      contin and Methadone were                    that participated: Portland FBI,
Precincts assisted in serving six     fit debit cards.                        rants were served by the Portland     seized in wholesale containers               Portland ICE, Clackamas Co.
search warrants associated with           This DTO involves several           Police SERT Team and the Ore-         valued over $100,000.                        Sheriff’s Office, Multnomah Co.
this investigation and seized over    subjects who work together to           gon State Police SWAT Team due            More than $100,000 in cash               Sheriff’s SIU Team, OSP SWAT,
seven kilos of cocaine, $20,000 in    illegally possess and distribute        to metal gate fortifications at the   was also seized from the resi-               Portland Police SERT Team,
cash, and 10 vehicles. Marcella       large quantities of illegal prescrip-   entry points of the residences.       dence. And a diamond ring that               Portland Police Drugs and Vice,
Manning and Bradford Lockett          tion pills each month to cus-           (The SERT Team was also used in       had been previously stolen                   PPB NE Precinct, and Washing-
were convicted on federal drug        tomers who do not have an                                                                                                  ton Co. Sheriff’s WIN Team.
charges for the Distribution of       authorized prescription to possess                                                            (Far left and left) Just a   The U.S. Attorney’s Office has
                                                                                                                                    fraction of the cash and
Cocaine in the Portland commu-        these controlled substances, and                                                              illegal prescription pills
                                                                                                                                                                 supported this investigation and
nity, as then Drug & Vice investi-    who use the Oregon Trail Food                                                                 found as a result of         is moving forward on prosecu-
gators Lt. Dominick Jacobellis        Stamp debit cards to pay for the                                                              search warrants issued to    tions and forfeitures associated
and Sgt.Wayne Svilar pursued          illegal drugs. The ROCN Task                                                                  Manning and Lockett.         with this investigation.
them relentlessly.                    Force used undercover officers to                                                             Photos courtesy of ROCN.        Additional arrests and indict-
                                                                                                                                                                 ments are pending as ROCN
                                                                                                                                                                 investigators are continuing
                                                                                                                                                                 this investigation against these
                                                                                                                                                                 career drug criminals.

                                                                              PAL and Safeway make
                                                                              the perfect match
                                                                              Since 2003, the Police Activities League of Greater                                   “Safeway and PAL working
                                                                              Portland (PAL) has worked with Tournament Golf                                     together is a great example of
                                                                              Foundation Inc. to be the lead agency volunteering                                 community policing. It demon-
                                                                                                                                                                 strates what can happen when
                                                                              as security for the LPGA Safeway Classic.                                          the business world partners
                                                                                                                                                                 with community and how it
                                                                                 With over one hundred vol-         programs, Mr. Leach agreed that              benefits everyone,” said Chief
                                                                              unteers and great support from        Safeway and PAL were a perfect               Derrick Foxworth.
                                                                              the Portland Police Bureau and        fit. “We believe in giving kids the             For more information on
                                                                              Cadets, the event has become one      tools for a successful life and Safe-        the auction or to purchase tick-
    Well, once again 17 years         make direct purchases of the pills      of the largest annual fundraisers     way creates “Ingredients for Life,”          ets, please contact Megan Jolly
later, Manning and Lockett have       listed from the subjects involved       supporting PAL’s work with            said Maura White, PAL Execu-                 at 503-823-0017 or email
again tried to be successful drug     in this DTO and payment for the         needy youth. With the commit-         tive Director of PAL. “What a      
distributors in the Portland          pills was made by using the Ore-        ment and expertise of Bureau          great fit!”
community, as they have been          gon Trail Food Stamp benefit            personnel, Safeway and LPGA               PAL staff,
distributing large quantities of      debit cards issued by the U.S.          officials took notice of the team     volunteers and
illegal prescription pills in the     Department of Agriculture.              security approach PAL provides        Board of Direc-
Portland Metro area.                      The prescription pills being        in Portland, making the Portland      tors are really
    Investigators from the            illegally sold by this DTO are          event a national security model       pleased to have
Regional Organized Crime Nar-         Oxycontin (oxycodone/pain               for the LPGA.                         Safeway as the
cotics (ROCN) Task Force, led         reliever), a Schedule II controlled        An unexpected opportunity          title sponsor for
by case investigator PPB Officer      substance; Percocet (oxycodene/         also came to PAL through the          the 10th Annual
Doris Paisley, have been work-        pain reliever), a Schedule II           hard work of Officer Jerry Cioeta     “Blast from the
ing with the U.S. Department          controlled substance; Vicodin           and PAL Board member Joe              Past” PAL Auc-
of Agriculture for over nine          (hydrocedene/pain reliever),            Vaughn, who took it upon them-        tion, to be held
months investigating Manning          a Schedule III controlled sub-          selves to introduce PAL staff to      May 13th, 2006
and Lockett’s Drug Trafficking        stance; and Soma (carisoprodol/         Tom Leach, Director of special        and the Portland
Organization (DTO) that is            muscle relaxer), a Schedule IV          events for Safeway. After many        Airport Sheraton Safeway’s Director of Special Events, Tom Leach, and Portland
                                                                                                                                          Police Chief Derrick Foxworth. Safeway is the title sponsor for
responsible for the illegal distri-   controlled substance.                   conversations and visits to PAL       Hotel.                the PAL Auction on May 13, 2006.

read us online at www                                                                                                                                                          page 11
Retirees                                                                       national elections, through the       Kadar Shriners, and his wife as        ent table. As it turns out, the two
                                                                               United Nations. What a busy life.     Lady Kathy.                            strangers came in and took our
Corner                                 by Lieutenant Bob Roberts, Retired          We talked to Judy and John            It was held at the Wilsonville     table. It was interesting to watch
                                                                               Leckman recently and learned          Shriners Hall. It was a dark and       the confused look on each face as
Christmas has come and gone, and most of the leftovers                         that they went to Scotland and        stormy night, (I always wanted to      they came in. I think that Walt
should have been eaten by now, (or deep sixed). Now is                         Wales last year. John wanted to       say that) but many an elegant fin-     Wier was willing to try to kick
the time to deal with the aftermath. The weight goes on                        play the St. Andrew’s Golf course,    ery abounded.                          them out, but one guy was about
                                                                               but the weather would not coop-           The Portland Police Honor          6’6” and well over 300 lbs. Cooler
easier than it comes off. We didn’t make our usual                             erate. So he went and stood on        Guard posted the Colors, and then      heads prevailed and we took
excursion to the beach this year after Christmas, but fell                     the golf course so he could at        an invocation was given. Every-        other seats.
asleep in front of the TV on New Years Eve instead.                            least say he had been on it.          one then enjoyed a fine meal               Al Dean was in town for
                                                                                   I received a note from Ray Ter-   before the ceremonies started.         awhile and joined us. Dick Kuntz
    Bob LaGae became eligible for          We also got a quick note from       cek, and he said that for the first       The Portland Police High-land      was in the vicinity, so he dropped
Social Security on December 22,        Bev and Ivan Murphy, in Wichita         time since 1942, there are no Ter-    Guard looked very impressive as        in as well.
but wasn’t up for celebrating.         (KS). Ivan says his daughter-in         cek’s serving police agencies in      they performed, led by Drum                On January 13th, we had 14
    Betsy Foss is still recovering     law has returned from Iraq, so          the Portland area.                    Major, Robin Long. A Dixieland         present, plus, Lee Cromwell
from back surgery, and Aggie           they will be losing their baby-sit-         Frank Tercek joined July 25th,    band played throughout, and kept       brought his daughter who was vis-
O’Drane was in a rehab center,         ting duties with their grandkids.       1942, while still in the service.     the crowd’s toes tapping.              iting from the Seattle area. Kenny
recovering from hip surgery after      They expected to stay their             He retired in 1968. Carl was              There was a large contingency      Zapp was still hobbling around.
falling and breaking a hip. She        through Christmas, and then             hired June 27th, 1950, and retired    of police and retired police               We will continue to meet
should be home now after a brief       return to Arizona after the first of    in December 1975. Ray Sr. was         among the group. At our table          every Friday until they close it.
stay with Sally Bible.                 the year. He said it would take a       hired in 1950, and retired in         were Norm Rosenbloom and                   While breezing through the
    Also, Chris Christenson was        little getting used to with no little   1976. Ray served from 1971 to         Judy; Retired Port of Portland         Sunday paper, under weddings,
in King City rehab recovering          kids around.                            1997, and then worked for the         Police Bob Timm and his wife,          engagements and anniversaries,
from a broken hip after falling.           We received a nice note from        Gresham Police from 1997 to           Nora; Retired Clackamas County         one caught my eye. Robert F.
They put some pins in and he is        Kelly Scott recently, to update         2002. Galen served with the           Deputy Dave Besner, and his            Remillard and Eileen June Ryan
now home recovering.                   some of their info. Kelly and Erin      School Police 1978 to 1980, then      wife, Debbie. A solemn ceremo-         were married on January 13th,
    Linda had conversation with        have led an interesting life since      Gresham Police 1980 to 2005.          ny followed with the installation      1946 and are celebrating 60 years
Lucine Buhrmaster in Indio (CA)        their retirement in 2000. They          Galen, Ray’s brother, retired Jan-    of Bob, and other officers of the      of marriage. Congrats!
saying they were enjoying the          went to work for the State              uary 1st, 2006. If you add up all     organization. This was followed            The PPB’s Yearbook is now in
good weather. She also said that       Department, DynCorp, and                of those years, it makes a pretty     by a dance.                            full swing. Erica Hurley sent the
they had lunch with Bruce Sher-        worked in Bosnia for a year. They       impressive total.                         We received a note from            photographer’s schedule, howev-
man, and his friend, Betty. Lucine     traveled the world for quite                I finally got to wear my tux      Penny Harrington indicating she        er, things have changed. We will
said they are really enjoying their    awhile. Then he went to Kosovo          again, and Linda got to wear a        has a new book titled, “Investi-       keep you posted. He may not be
time down there, and she is trying     in 2003 and worked Organized            slinky evening gown. The occa-        gating Sexual Harassment in Law        here until early spring.
to get back into golfing, and Ray is   Crime for a year. Since their           sion was the installation of Bob      Enforcement.” It’s available on            Erica is also doing a history of
enjoying playing shuffleboard.         return they have observed inter-        Walliker as Potentate of the Al                            the Bureau by decade, so if you
                                                                                                                         The Retiree’s breakfast was        have stories or info about the 40s,
                                                                                                                     held January 9th at Denny’s on         50s etc. you can share them with

Reservation date                                                               no “surprise” costs and a fantastic
                                                                               tour guide who they have select-
                                                                                                                     SE 82nd. Randy Tucker and I
                                                                                                                     arrived at the ungodly hour of
                                                                                                                                                            Erica for the book.
                                                                                                                                                                Last month I was unable to get

extended for PPHS
                                                                               ed from a previous trip.              7:10am, to find several ahead of       complete information on the
                                                                                  Contact Lori Kuechler at the       us. Harry Swofford, Mace Flye,         passing of Dick McMullen for the
                                                                               museum and she will send you a        Bob LaGae, Randy Pulley, Gary          Taps section. My apologies to the

tour of Europe
                                                                               packet with all the details you       Fantz and Gene Thoming were            family of Dick.
                                                                               need (503) 823-0019. The dead-        already there. Since there was an
                                                                               line for reservations has been        abundance of goodies on the            Taps
                                                                               extended due to changes in travel     tables, we knew that “Tootsie-             Richard D. McMullen, born
   Travel England, Ireland,            admissions to museums, sites and        policies but will close by April      Roll Bob” was there too.               December 5th, 1924, died
Scotland and Wales with the            events, all breakfasts, and all but     30th or when the available seats          We walked in with Peter            November 25th, 2005 at age 80.
Portland Police Historical Soci-       3 dinners.                                                                    Bates, who was just arriving.          He joined the Portland Police
ety & Friends The tour is sched-           Depending                                                                 Monty Montgomery says he is all        Bureau March 24th, 1948, and
uled for September, 2006.              upon the                                                                      settled in his new residence. Ken      retired as a detective March 24th,
   The deadline to reserve your        final number                                                                  Zapp “hobbled” in, and Ray Ger-        1977. He is survived by his wife,
spot has been extended. Join sev-      of travelers,                                                                 icke joined us again. Bob Dorney,      Gertie; two sons, Stephen and
eral current and retired officers      the cost could                                                                Bob McPhail, Glen Griffitts and        David; three grandchildren, and
and their families on this unique      go down.                                                                      Dallas Taggart were also there.        three great-grandchildren.
tour. The Portland Police Histori-         Wayne                                                                         Howard Soumie was also                 Jeanne Pittenger, widow of
cal Society (PPHS) is hosting a        and Lori                                                                      among the attendee’s, and a sur-       John R. Pittenger, born February
tour of the England, Ireland,          Kuechler                                                                      prise visitor was Nolan Parrett. I     3rd, 1912 in Tacoma, died Janu-
Scotland and Wales. The tour           will be coor-                                                                 understand that Nolan and Carol        ary 3rd, 2006 at age 93. She was a
will be broad in content, packed       dinating the tour and the group is      are filled. Space is limited and      had a unique RV trip through           receptionist for Western Trans-
with all of the best of a typical      being recruited from within the         you will need to make your            Europe last summer, and may do         portation, and lived in Portland
tour with an additional focus          families and friends of the PPHS        deposit to hold your spot.            it again.                              until the mid-80s, when she and
upon sites that have to do with        and the PPB. This is a private,            The following is just a small          The Lydia’s Lunch Bunch is         John moved to Bend. She moved
those who were required to             personalized tour on a completely       sample of the itinerary: Cliffs of    thriving, but we hear rumors that      to Troutdale in 1992. She and
enforce the laws of the time,          private luxury tour coach with all      Moher; Ring of Kerry; Kilarney;       Lydia’s may be closing. Never-the-     John were married in 1952. John
whether they are Centurions of         luggage handling done by the            Waterford; Dublin; Garda Muse-        less, we will still continue meeting   died in 1998.
the Roman Empire or 19th cen-          tour company.                           um; Kilmainham Jail; Guinness         every Friday until they do.                Survivors include her son,
tury constables of England.                If you have traveled Europe,        Storehouse; Holyhead; Caernar-            The last one of the year,          Robert J. Morgan; daughter, Lynne
   The Tour will depart Septem-        you know that 14 days on the            forn Castle; Lake District;           December 30th, we had a group of       Lamb; step-daughters, Marlene
ber 7th for Shannon, Ireland, and      ground for this price is a good         Hadrian’s Wall; Edinburgh; Stir-      11. The first on of 2006, January      Fleishman, Barbara Essex and Julie
return from London September           deal. Lori and Wayne have               ling Castle; York; Coventry;          6th produced a lot of confused         Stanley; eight grandchildren and
22nd, 2006. The maximum cost           toured with Oren Travel before.         Stratford-Upon-Avon; Salisbury;       faces. As I walked in, I saw two       eight great-grandchildren.
of $3,999 and includes airfare, all    It is a “no-middleman” enterprise       Windsor; London; Cotswolds;           strange faces at our usual table,          Our condolences to the fami-
taxes and tips, first-class lodging,   with first class accommodations,        Bath; and Stonehenge.                 and Mel Nilsen sitting at a differ-    lies of these.

  page 12                                                                                                                                                    the Rap Sheet | March 2006
                                         by Sergeant Robert Gross, Retired

Pioneer female patrol
officer honored at                                                                                                                                                         Dee Gross in her decoy
                                                                                                                                                                           outfit (lower left)

2006 Portland Police                                                                                                                                                       ready to stroll the

Retirement Banquet                                                                                                                                                         Dee Gross smiles for
                                                                                                                                                                           the camera (left)
                                                                                                                                                                           before heading out on
Linda “Dee” Gross was one of the first female patrol                                                                                                                       patrol.

officers in the City of Portland. During her police                                                                                                                        Photos courtesy of
                                                                                                                                                                           Bob Gross.
career Dee had many interesting stories told by her,
and about her.
    The one I remember most            Dee had no idea how to fire the
occurred when Dee was a fresh          weapon, and it promptly became
faced, somewhat inexperienced          lost in the bottom of Dee’s purse.
recruit, right out of law enforce-         After going over the do’s and
ment classes at Portland State Uni-    don’ts of being a good prostitu-
versity, and a stint as an intern at   tion decoy and the signal for
the PPB Detective Division.            “come arrest this joker,” Dee and         Dee recognized a promoting         and a call for uniform cover          say hi. The uniform Dee picked
    The year was 1975, and the         her cover officers headed down-        prostitution charge when she          was requested.                        turned out to be me, her future
place was the St. Johns Police         town to hook some “johns”.             saw one and began signaling              Every patrol car on the            husband. Dee and I had been
Department, aka North Precinct         Business was good! Dee had four        her back-up officers to swoop         “Avenue” (MLK Blvd.) responded        secretly dating and the conversa-
of the Portland Police Bureau.         arrests in record time; the first      in to make the arrest. The sig-       with lights and siren. Shortly        tion started out on an embarrass-
Dee was working the night shift        being a 16 year-old kid, and           nal, which started out as Dee         thereafter the occupants of “MR       ing note when I didn’t recognize
and her seniority consisted of         then three business men from           just touching her “big-hair wig,”     BIG” were in cuffs and Williams       the friendly prostitute who
two months of on-the-job train-        Redmond, Oregon, who all               turned into a major bad hair          Avenue was deserted, with the         walked up to greet me. After a
ing, which began with a 50             wanted to participate, with a          event as the conversation             exception of police cars equipped     few seconds things started to click
round qualification course with        group discount. Dee’s street edu-      became heated and loud, and           with single, rotating, bubble-        in my brain and I finally got a
the first handgun Dee had ever         cation stepped into high-gear          traffic began to back up on           gum-blue, overhead lights.            clue. For better or worse, Dee and
touched or fired.                      when the decoy team moved to           Williams Avenue. Back-up                 Nothing was left but the high      I are still clicking, 31 years later.
    One day, a few weeks after         NE Portland, more specifically         officers finally saw Dee doing        fives, so Dee decided to sashay           Congratulations on a great
arriving at North Precinct, Dee        the intersection of N. Williams        the slam-dunk on her big-hair         over to one of the uniforms and       career.
got a call from Officer John Hren.     and Skidmore.
It seems that John and his part-           Putting Dee out on the cor-
ner, Ed May, were doing a prosti-
tution mission and they deter-
                                       ner of this once infamous inter-
                                       section was like bees swarming         Ride Connection ...                                                         unteers are among the best
                                                                                                                                                          trained, most committed volun-
mined Dee would be the perfect
“John decoy.” Before she knew it
Dee had volunteered for her first
                                       to honey. Cars began lining up
                                       as if a Starbucks had just opened
                                       the drive-up window and they
                                                                              the gift of mobility                                                        teers in the community. Daily,
                                                                                                                                                          they give the gift of mobility to
                                                                                                                                                          older adults and people with dis-
undercover mission. Dee                were giving away free lattes.          Learn more about Ride Connection’s work in your                             abilities in urban, suburban and
searched her closet and didn’t             One of Dee’s first customers       community. Ride Connection provides transportation to                       rural areas. Our drivers under-
have too much trouble finding          were two wanna-be pimps who                                                                                        stand the need for their riders to
the perfect “decoy” outfit; a curly    pulled up in a large black Cadil-      older adults and people with disabilities in Multnomah,                     get to their destinations safely.
                                       lac with a license plate insert        Clark, Clackamas and Washington counties. You can                           We appreciate their dedication
                                       that read “MR BIG.” The two            make a community connection. Please help give the                           and effort.
                                       wanna-bees had such comments                                                                                           To become a volunteer driver,
                                       as “you are one fine mama,” and        gift of mobility in your community.                                         you must be 23 years of age with
                                       “how would you like be my                  Our coalition of over 30 serv-    ally work on our good reputation      five or more years of driving expe-
                                       woman?” After the small talk           ice providers have come together      and good name by adhering to          rience, pass a criminal background
                                       Dee managed to convince the            to increase mobility and inde-        strict safety standards, while pro-   check, and have a DMV record
                                       wanna-bees that she was from           pendence for older adults and         viding top-of-the-line customer       with no more than two traffic vio-
                                       Seattle and not interested in          people with disabilities. We con-     service.                              lations or preventable collisions
                                       their proposal.                        tinue to build on this strength to        So many people have been          within the past three years.
                                           “MR BIG” disappeared around        create great opportunities in         served, and not just because we           Volunteers receive training
                                       the corner and returned a few          alternative transportation.           get them from point A to point B.     courses including Vehicle Orien-
                                       minutes later with a new job offer,        Ride Connection supports the      We’ve provided comfort, compas-       tation, Road Test, Safe at Any
                                       which the wanna-bees presented         programs of over 30 community         sion, and care for people whose       Age, Mobility Awareness, CPR
                                       in a different manner. Both soon-      based transportation provider         friends and family are far away,      and first aid training.
                                       to-be-arrested pimps jumped out        agencies. Ride Connection sup-        and for those who are dealing             I hope that you may be
brown “big-hair wig,” high heel        of the Cadi and accused Dee of         ports providers with vehicles,        with daily aches and pains or         inspired to volunteer as a driver
clunky shoes, silver dollar-size       being a police decoy and threat-       insurance, training for drivers and   struggling with life-threatening      with one of our community
medallion earrings and a short-        ened to kill her. Fast talking and     staff, service advocacy and tech-     illnesses. Never forget the enor-     providers. You can volunteer in
short skirt. Standard dress for the    quick thinking on Dee’s part con-      nical assistance.                     mity of these seemingly small         dividually, or form a “team” of
club scene of the 1970’s.              vinced the wanna-bees that she             Our community providers rep-      gestures. Remember that to the        drivers who volunteers one half
   Dee reported to work that           was not a police decoy. The            resent excellent organizations        world you may be one person,          day per week. Please contact Patty
night with butterflies in her          wanna-bees decided Dee would be        who believe in quality of service     but to one person, you may be         McNally at 503-528-1738 or
stomach. John Hren sought to           an excellent addition to their “sta-   and putting the rider first.          the world.                   for
calm her nerves by issuing Dee a       ble” and they requested, in no         Providers go above and beyond to          Without volunteers, Ride          further information. Ride Connec-
back-up gun in the form of a .25       uncertain terms, she join them         ensure passenger and driver safe-     Connection and its service part-      tion invites you to get involved!
caliber semi-auto pocket pistol.       inside “MR BIG.”                       ty. We are committed to continu-      ners could not survive. Our vol-

read us online at www                                                                                                                                                 page 13
Thoughts                                                                                                               Archie Fortner and Don                 We went to jail several times
                                                                                                                    Hochstein taught us to shoot.          each night, had coffee in strip
at the end                                                                          by Detective Dave Schlegel
                                                                                                                    “Old” Dave Koch taught us how          clubs, met cops who worked
of a career...                                                                                Central Precinct      to talk to people, and was also our    vice, and detectives who worked
                                                                                                                    babysitter. We learned how to          the afternoon shift.

What’s said
                                                                                                                    respond to “slumpers” in cars and         I learned how to investigate
                                                                                                                    riots in parking lots.                 deaths and shootings from a
                                                                                                                       After more than 20 years, we        detective who took the time to

in the car stays
                                                                                                                    were all still employed as Port-       teach street cops. Mike taught
                                                                                                                    land cops. I have fond memories        me to work cases and do follow-
                                                                                                                    of marching, of standing inspec-       up. He taught me a lot about

in the car
                                                                                                                    tion and passing handcuffs             what a cop does, both working,
                                                                                                                    around listening to a classmate        and partying after work.
                                                                                                                    get chewed out for wearing his            He introduced me to salty
                                                                                                                    state trooper pants; hearing Hec       sergeants with short sleeved
I saw my first suicide, (the father of a cop from another                                                           Harper sing Happy Birthday at          uniforms, bulging biceps and
city), and remember thinking what a strange spackle                                                                 the Sunnyside Inn; the “gas”           stubby cigars on the Avenue in
                                                                                                                    house at Camp Bonneville; driv-        NE Portland; to long haired
paint job the guy had in his living room. I learned what                                                            ing at PIR; one-handed shotgun         armed robbers in SE Portland
a high powered rifle does to the human head at close                        great partner. Once in a while          shooting at the range; and listen-     (who actually scared me less
range. When I walked out of the house I heard a click-                      I think I see her walking down-         ing with rapt attention to every       than those sergeants); to the
                                                                            town. One time I followed a             instructor who spoke to us while       P.P.A.A. and drunk cops from
ing noise and realized I had a piece of skull stuck in the                  lady for two blocks until she           one of my classmates flexed his        North Precinct; to the seediest
bottom of my duty tennis shoe.                                              turned, I saw her face, and I           pecs and flipped sunlight off his      strip clubs in the world catering
                                                                            realized it couldn’t be Sue. I love     badge into their eyes.                 to alcoholic denizens of the
    Once, a teenager held              consisting of helmets, and Magic     her and miss her every day.                About half of us took promo-        night; to high school kids smok-
Gwilliam and me off with a base-       Wand aluminum night sticks,             My next assignment was at            tional exams and made Sergeant,        ing marijuana in Laurelhurst
ball bat as we tried to talk to him.   and drove up to North Portland       the Advanced Academy at Camp            Detective, Criminalist, and            Park while naked guys preyed in
He would charge at Gwilliam            where we staged behind a             Withycombe in Clackamas.                even one current Commander.            the nearby bathrooms.
while I tried to come at him from      school, tried to stay out of the     There were 25 males, about half         The rest of us found niches               He taught me that the fight is
behind, then he would turn and         sun, played cards, smoked, and       with prior police experience            working all through the Bureau;        over when the handcuffs go on,
charge at me while Gwilliam            told stories all day while we        with the State Police, Washing-         drugs and vice, investigating for      and I saw him almost choke out
tried to take him from behind.         waited to be called into action to   ton County, Tigard, and Salem. I        the DA’s Office, working motor-        a cop who continued to beat a
    The kid’s Mom came out on                                                                                       cycles, or working the street.         guy after he was in custody.
the porch and sicced her little                                                                                     After leaving the academy one             He taught me that you can’t
yapper dog at us. I punted the         “He taught me that you can’t put                                             officer worked the same district       put the brakes on a police car
dog into the air and into the next      the brakes on a police car when                                             until he retired. Thanks to all        when you’re airborne, and that
yard, and as the kid watched the        you’re airborne, and that you’re                                            you guys.                              you’re always airborne going west
arc of the dog as it sailed through                                                                                    After Advanced Academy I            on Powell at SE 26th at 70 MPH.
the air like a living football, we      always airborne going west on                                               worked first Night shift at East          He taught me the usefulness
tackled him while his mom               Powell at SE 26th at 70 MPH.”                                               Precinct with Mike Larson in           of standing close to a suspect
screamed at us not to hurt him.                                                                                     670’s, SE 12th to SE 39th, Burn-       while interviewing him.
Gwilliam said she was lucky we                                                                                      side to Division. Most of our             He taught me about being
didn’t shoot him, which resulted       squelch disturbances over police     made some friends and we all            time was spent around lower            partners, how to take care of
in a complaint and a mild ass-         attitudes and tactics in the City    got along. I admired and looked         Belmont, which had a lot of ex-        each other, get home safe, and
chewing by Sgt. Murphy, who            of Portland. We didn’t see any-      up to our trainers, and the vet-        cons, bad drivers, drugs, assaults,    that what is said in the car stays
told Gwilliam he wasn’t working        body or do anything remotely         eran members of our class.              and robberies.                         in the car.
Graveyard Shift anymore, and           relating to police work the
had to watch what he said to peo-      whole time we were there . . .                                                                                        by Sergeant Karl McDade, Retired
ple in the daylight.                   but we were ready.

                                                                            “Polite” community policing taunts
    I was introduced to driving           As a trainee I started my sec-
fast by an officer who shall           ondary career, drinking after
remain un-named, who                   work. Gwilliam asked if I want-
screamed, “Onward Christian            ed to go out on a double date        On the job police officers daily face behavior that requires a less than pleasant response. Unfortunate-
Soldiers” while running Code 3 to      with him, his girlfriend who         ly, your duties require you to be “polite” at all times. This list of literary taunts from the internet is an
a bank robbery. Afterward, I took      was an officer in another            example of how famous people have dealt with the very real human occasional need to verbally react
the rest of the shift off on vaca-     precinct, and Sue Houk, an offi-     to obnoxious behavior.
tion. When I told my coach             cer who worked the next district     Great Literary Taunts
about my experience, he took me        in our precinct.
in for a conversation with the            We started at Charlie Brown’s       “I feel so miserable without you, it’s almost like having you here.”                       — Stephen Bishop
sergeant, and the un-named offi-       at SE 37th and Division and            “A modest little person, with much to be modest about.”            — Winston Churchill (about Clement Atlee)
cer soon took an early retirement.     ended up at her house where we
Later, we heard he had been            watched The Wizard of Oz. Sue,         “I’ve just learned about his illness. Let’s hope it’s nothing trivial.”                       — Irvin S. Cobb
going into other precincts on          a hard drinking, hard talking,         “I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.”          — Clarence Darrow
duty to perform exorcisms on           veteran with a tattoo was soon
houses that had a history of           promoted and I wouldn’t work           “He is not only dull himself, he is the cause of dullness in others.”                      — Samuel Johnson
domestic disturbance calls. Years      around her for another 13 years.       “He has delusions of adequacy.”                                                                — Walter Kerr
later I saw a flier on a phone pole       We worked as partners as
advertising a talk the un-named        Detectives assigned to the             “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn’t it.”                                — Groucho Marx
former officer, who was now a          Homicide Detail. After our first       “He loves nature in spite of what it did to him.”                                            — Forrest Tucker
preacher, was giving about the         date, and after she was promot-
“mean streets of Portland.”            ed, I left a rose on her car for       “I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.”               — Mark Twain
    We were assigned to 5 man          her birthday. She left me a note       “His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork!”                                    — Mae West
cars during the summer of 1982.        thanking me but said she was
We loaded up into our marked           more interested in the one who         “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”                              — Oscar Wilde
Chevy Malibu with riot gear            made it than in me. She was a          “He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.”                                 — Oscar Wilde
  page 14                                                                                                                                                        the Rap Sheet| March 2006
                                           by Sergeant Bob Gross, Retired    Gresham Police Dept.                    Lamphere: Beaverton Chrysler/                 to have a majority of police agen-
                                                                             Fairview Police Dept.                   Dodge, Newberg Dodge                          cies in the Salem area (Marion,

LoJack Update -                                                              Troutdale Police Dept.
                                                                             Multnomah County
                                                                                                                     Armstrong VW-Buick
                                                                                                                     Commercial LoJack Installers
                                                                                                                                                                   Polk and Yamhill Counties)
                                                                                                                                                                   equipped and trained with LoJack

Where are we now?
                                                                             Sheriffs Office                         Hertz Rentals: McMinnville/                   tracking computers.
                                                                             Portland Airport Police                 Newberg/Portland                                 I can always be reached for
                                                                                                                     Walker Interior Remodeling                    information, comments, questions
                                                                             Dept. of Homeland Security/                                                           or training on LoJack at (503)
Kudos to the following PD’s and officers on recovering                       US Customs                              Ingersoll-Rand Bobcat of Portland             631-8260 or (503) 209-9810.
LoJack equipped stolen vehicles in the past few months.                      Clackamas County                           In the next 3-4 months I hope                 Stay Focused and Stay Safe.
                                                                             Sheriffs Office
    ATTF officers Becker,              ton. Premier Nissan is one of sev-    Oregon City Police Dept.
Singh, Boedigheimer, Hall, Sgt.        eral metro dealerships currently      Canby Police Dept.
Wagenknecht, detectives Crock-         pre-loading (installing prior to      Milwaukie Police Dept.
ett and Snyder tracked and             sale) the majority of their inven-
                                                                             Sandy Police Dept.
recovered a 1995 Honda Accord,         tory with LoJack transceivers.
stolen in Portland and recovered           Gresham PD Officer Skeahan        Beaverton Police Dept.
in Milwaulkie.                         tracked and recovered a 1994          Forest Grove Police Dept.
    Vancouver PD and WSP Det.          Acura Integra, which was stolen       Hillsboro Police Dept.
Randy Hullinger tracked and            in Portland. Officer Skeahan          Tigard Police Dept.
located a stolen 1994 Honda            located the Acura, partially
                                                                             Yamhill County Sheriffs Office
Accord stolen in Portland, to a        stripped in Gresham.
                                                                             (Air Unit)
garage in Vancouver. The                   As you can see, the majority of
                                                                                The next major piece of the          In 1935 the Bureau utilized the Washing and Polishing Department of Ford Motor compa-
LoJack signal from the stolen          the stolen vehicles recovered over                                            ny, which boasted of “...hydraulic lifts, high pressure pumps...conditions ideal for wash-
Honda was pinpointed to the            the past 5 months have been           puzzle is convincing automobile
                                                                                                                     ing and polishing...” Photo courtesy of the Portland Police Historical Society.
garage, but no would answer a          older Honda products.                 dealerships that it is profitable and
knock at the door. Detective               Few of the current owners of      a worthwhile endeavor to sell
Hullinger wrote a search war-
rant based on the LoJack track.
                                       these vehicles knew their car was
                                       equipped with LoJack. This is
                                                                             LoJack to their customers. Ms.
                                                                             Pam Carrick is LoJack Sales and                PPA Membership Alert
Entry was gained to the garage         very common, in that most of          Marketing Manager in Oregon.
and the stolen Honda was locat-        these cars had the LoJack installed   Pam currently has the following
                                                                             dealerships signed up to sell
ed, partially stripped (Investiga-     when it was still new, at the deal-
                                                                             LoJack. Right now this includes
                                                                                                                            Have you been married, divorced
tion ongoing).                         ership. These vehicles have prob-
    PPB K-9 Officer Troy Grund-        ably changed hands at least once      car, truck (new and used) and               or had children since you filled out your
meyer, with help from Officers         before making their way to the        commercial dealerships. (Motor-
working SE and East Precincts,         great Northwest.                      cycle dealerships installing LoJack         Standard Insurance enrollment card?
                                                                             are in the near future)
and GET used the LoJack tracking
computer in his K-9 car to locate
                                           A positive piece of information
                                       about these recoveries is that the    Kuni: BMW, Cadillac/Saab,Lexus
                                                                                                                              Do you need to update your
a stolen 1998 Honda Civic. When        LoJack unit installed in the vehi-    Rasmussen: Mercedes of Port-                       beneficiary information?
Officer Grundmeyer located the         cle, which in most cases is more      land/Mercedes of Wilsonville
Honda, about an hour after it was      then ten years old, worked prop-      Ron Tonkin: All Dealerships
stolen, the four suspects in the car   erly, leading to a rapid recovery.    Russ: Beaverton Toyota/
                                                                                                                                    Make the effort to stop by
fled into the blocks on foot. A            The following police agencies
perimeter was established and          in the metro area currently have
                                                                             Saturn of Beaverton                                  the PPA office and make sure
                                                                             Suburban: Chevrolet/Ford
Officer Grundmeyer’s 4-legged          LoJack tracking computers
                                                                             Enterprise: Beaverton/Milwaukie
                                                                                                                                 your beneficiaries are current.
partner made short work of cap-        installed in a number of vehicles
turing all four suspects.              in their patrol fleet:                Gresham Nissan-Subaru
    SE Precinct Officer Teddy          Portland Police Bureau:               Landmark: Ford/Newberg Ford
Wilson tracked and recovered a         All Precincts, ATTF, K-9 Unit
                                                                                                                          This information will only be available to the
                                                                             Parker Johnson Wilsonville Honda                      insured member in person.
stolen 1996 Honda Accord.              PPB Air One (work in progress)        Premier: Nissan/Mazda/Ford
    Clackamas County (K-9)
                                       Tri-Met Police                        in Gladstone/Milwaukie                      PPA office is located at 1313 NW 19th Ave.
Deputy Sheriff Hillary Robinson                                                                                             Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm
tracked and located a 1998 Dodge
                                                                                 C o nt in ue d fr om p ag e 1
Ram P/U stolen from Woodburn.
Deputy Robinson located the Ram        Potter needs to help
P/U parked in Canby, next to
another CCSO stolen Dodge P/U.         FPD&R retirees
The motor of the LoJack equipped       appearing more and more likely        living in the city they worked
stolen Ram P/U was still warm,         that the FPD&R Fund may be            so long to protect. I call upon
but no suspects were located.          headed for limitation to existing     the FPD&R Fund Board to
    SE Precinct Officer Feist          employees and retirees, with          take up this issue as a follow-up
tracked and recovered a stolen         new hires being forced ironical-      to their previous March 2004
1998 Honda Civic, approximately        ly into PERS.                         Resolution No. 373, directing
18 minutes after the Honda had            Finally, there is no logical       this same resolution to the
been entered into NCIC, which          reason, why the FPD&R Fund            Portland City Council for their
automatically activated the hid-       retirees should not be given the      action prior to a vote being
den LoJack transponder.                same exemption from local             taken by the citizens of Port-
    Vancouver PD Officer Telford       taxes that is provided to PERS        land in May, 2006, concerning
tracked and recovered a 2005           retirees. The same rationale that     local tax initiatives of any
Nissan 350ZX which was stolen          provides this local tax exemp-        kind in the City of Portland or
from Premier Nissan in Glad-           tion for PERS in the statutes         Multnomah County.
stone. The 350ZX is equipped           applies to the FPD&R Fund as             Will our Mayor and City
with the newest LoJack transceiv-      well. It is the right thing to do,    Council support their retired
er, which is able to communicate       and can well make the differ-         employee’s right to equitable
with strategically placed LoJack       ence as to whether or not Fund        tax treatment to that of their
towers in Oregon and Washing-          retirees can afford to continue       PERS counterparts?

read us online at www                                                                                                                                                              page 15
                                                                                                                                                                                          by Officer Bob White, Retired
                                                            PRSRT STD
  The RapRap Sheet, Inc.
                                                                                                 Potter needs to help
                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
  Published by
  1313 NW 19th Ave.                                             PAID
  Portland, OR 97209                                         Portland,

                                                                                                 FPD&R retirees
                                                            Permit 5314

                                                                                                 We are sinking into the abyss of local taxes again. Although you may not be a retiree
                                                                                                 yet or even give the FPD&R Fund a second thought, it is important to realize that what
                                                                                                 happens to this retirement fund now will affect those who may retire in the years ahead
                                                                                                 and help determine whether or not you can afford to live in this county or city.
                                                                         Mayor Potter is proposing                                            the county Itax. Thus, the local      PERS recipients in Multnomah
                                                                     another local tax, this time for                                         county tax for one local measure      County, not to mention the other
                                                                     the City of Portland, and the                                            nearly erased the cost of living      two groups who were exempt
                                                                     FPD&R Fund faces the same                                                increase the FPD&R Fund               from the county Itax, namely the
                                       Volume 37                     inequity potential it experienced                                        retiree received while the PERS       Federal Employee’s Retirement
                                                                     with the Multnomah County                                                retiree received the cost of liv-     System (FERS) retirees and Social
                                       Number 3
                                                                     Itax. As an example, on a                                                ing in full, compounded over          Security recipients.
                                       March 2006                    FPD&R Fund pension of $3,000                                             the past three years.                    Now that the Multnomah
  The Portland Police Association • Maintaining the vigil since 1942
                                                                     per month, $450.00 was paid to                                               Imagine the effective, com-       County Itax has expired, and we
                                                                     Multnomah County for one tax                                             pounding difference in the ben-       FPD&R pensioners have paid
  The Rap Sheet is the official monthly publication of the Portland  year. This occurred for each of                                          efits of the two retirement sys-      this tax on our pensions for
  Police Association. The Rap Sheet is the only publication of its   the past three tax years, totaling                                       tems if Mayor Potter’s City of        three consecutive years, Mayor
  kind that represents the interests of men and women working in     around $1,350 on this example                                            Portland Itax for four more           Potter calls for another four year
  law enforcement in Portland.                                       income. An equivalent PERS                                               years is approved this spring,        local income tax, much like the
                                                                     pension of $3000 per month                                               along with who knows how              county Itax. Although we do not
                                                                     paid nothing to Multnomah                                                many other potential city or          yet know what final form this
  in this issue:       President’s Message p.1 |PARC p.1|            County for the Itax, because                                             county measures, like a Public        initiative will take, we do know
Editor’s Statement p.2|Traffic Enforcement p.4|                      their pension was exempt.                                                Safety Levy or Social Service         that PERS pensions will again be
Miracle on Turf p.6|Lessons Learned p.7|                                So, while the FPD&R retiree                                           Levy, etc.?                           exempt. Oregon State Statute
                                                                     in this example kept $2962 per                                               PERS is legally exempt from       ORS 238.445 states this and
Arresting a Crime Wave p.10| ROCN p.11|
                                                                     month, after federal, state and                                          “all state, county and municipal      County Chair Diane Linn, said
Retiree’s Corner p.12 |Dee Gross honored p.13|                       local Itax, the PERS retiree kept                                        taxation except for state person-     they must exempt PERS from
Schlegel p.14|LoJack update p.15|FPD&R Retirees p.16| $3,000 per month after federal                                                          al income taxation.” Multnomah        such local taxes. My guess is that
                                                                     and state taxes, the first year of                                       County has already decided the        FERS and Social Security recipi-
                                                                                                                                              FPD&R Fund is not exempt              ents will also be exempt from
                                                                                                                                              from county tax measures. What        Mayor Potter’s proposal, as they
                                                                                                                                              will the City of Portland do to       were from the county Itax. I’m
                                                                                                                                              protect its own?                      sure there is legal rationale for
                                                                                                                                                  A year ago, I wrote an article    such exemptions as well.
                                                                                                                                              for The Rap Sheet concerning             As a result, FPD&R Fund
                                                                                                                                              Multnomah County’s Chair,             pensioners who live in the City
                                                                                                                                              Diane Linn, refusing to exempt        of Portland will most likely be
                                                                                                                                              our FPD&R Fund pensioners             required to pay the local tax
                                                                                                                                              from the county Itax. I began         Mayor Potter is promoting for
                                                                                                                                              registering my impressions of         this May 2006, unless the
                                                                                                                                              the unfairness of unequal taxa-       FPD&R Fund is granted the
                                                                                                                                              tion of the two respective pen-       equivalent exemption given
                                                                                                                                              sion system benefits, via the         PERS, as the law requires.
                                                                                                                                              county Itax, just after Mult-            If the FPD&R Fund does not
                                                                                                                                              nomah County took this action         receive the equal taxation treat-

    qPOINT CLICK DRIVE                                                                                                                     in December of 2003.
                                                                                                                                                  In March of 2004, I was given
                                                                                                                                              the opportunity to present my
                                                                                                                                                                                    ment extended to PERS, then
                                                                                                                                                                                    we will see our benefits from
                                                                                                                                                                                    FPD&R falling further and fur-
                                                                                                                                              comments before the FPD&R             ther behind PERS recipients
       CONVENIENCE AND LOW RATES THATS THE POINT                                                                                           Board on the issue. Shortly after-    with each passing year.
                                                                                                                                              ward, the FPD&R Board approved           In conclusion, it doesn’t take
       3TART THE SEARCH FOR YOUR NEXT CAR AT WWWPOINTWESTCUCOM                                                                             Resolution #373, which stated by      too many years of this type of
                                                                                                                                              consensus that the FPD&R Fund         unequal taxation of benefits
       3EARCH VEHICLE INVENTORIES lND A LIST OF LOCAL #5$, DEALERS                                                                           Board believed that it was “appro-    before a significant difference in
       WHO GIVE YOU ACCESS TO A 0OINT 7EST LOAN WITHOUT LEAVING THE                                                                           priate and in the public interest     the two pension systems occurs
APPROVAL ONLINE                                                                                          that retired members of the           and the City of Portland finds
                                                                                                                                              FPD&R Fund be treated equally to      itself in trouble with ORS
                                                                                                                                              PERS retirees.” A formal request      237.620 and House Bill 3349,
                                                                                                                                              was then sent to the County           enacted in 1995 concerning
                                                                                                                                              Board of Commissioners seeking        equal to or better than systems.
                                                                                                                                              this equal taxation treatment.        However, since it now appears
                                                                                                                                  County Chair Diane Linn, wrote        likely that we will see another
                                                                                      WWWPOINTWESTCUCOM                                     back in June of 2004, refusing to     measure on the City of Portland
                                                                                                                                              further amend the county Itax,        ballot in the fall of 2006, target-
                                                                                                                                              thus denying the FPD&R Fund           ing the FPD&R Fund, it is
                                                                                                                                              retiree’s their right to an equiva-
                           DO NOT APPLY ON CURRENT 0OINT 7EST AUTO LOANS 
                                                                                                                                              lent exemption to that enjoyed by          C on ti n ue d o n pa ge 1 5

                                                                                                                                                                                      the Rap Sheet| March 2006

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